Fire at Kings Park Stadium in Durban

2012-07-19 08:10

Durban - Firefighters were called to the scene of a blaze at Mr Price Kings Park Stadium early on Thursday morning, a report said.

East Coast Radio reported that emergency workers were called out to the scene just after 06:30 on Thursday.  

It is thought that the blaze started on one of the stands, although it is uncertain what started it.  

Metro police closed off Jacko Jackson Drive between the old NMR Avenue and Goble Road, ECR said.

A witness told ECR that she saw flames rising about a metre into the sky.

The fire has been brought under control, the radio station reported.

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  • daryn.varney - 2012-07-19 08:19

    Forcing the move to the stadium accross the road?

      Preshen - 2012-07-19 08:51

      The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire, The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire

      dhirshan.gobind - 2012-07-19 08:59

      its a sign that the sharks are gonna be on firrrre tomorrow!

      charlesdumbwin.dumbwin - 2012-07-19 09:09

      Or the Sharks are toast

      gieljam.gomtor - 2012-07-19 09:16

      Reminds of a song which reads something like this; Ike a suma suma suma, burn them down you Suma Worrier burn them down tralala..

      rob.baggaley - 2012-07-19 09:54

      Drunk Man U supporters obviously !

      klippies.coke.7 - 2012-07-19 10:26

      The Sharks are going down in flames tomorrow

      ann.murray.9279 - 2012-07-19 12:15

      PASSOP! Charles - that's my team you are talking about!!!

      Sunshine- - 2012-07-19 18:46

      I drove past earlier, smelt like burnt kangaroo to me.

  • tatsee - 2012-07-19 08:20

    I bet it was started by a Blue Bull!

      procold2 - 2012-07-19 08:32

      the sharks are on fire hopefully on the weekend aswell

      jonmark.olivier - 2012-07-19 08:49

      As a Bull, I wish I'd thought of it.

  • monique.jackson0 - 2012-07-19 08:21

    I bet it was the Stomers... or the Pink Bulls.

      marni.van.emmenis - 2012-07-19 08:27

      What on earth is a "Stomer"?

  • musamuskid - 2012-07-19 08:22

    running out cash??? start a fire,then u claim from insurance

      Ettiene - 2012-07-19 08:48

      a warm round of applause for beefkoeksister for working at Mr Price where clothes lasts 2 washes.

      tony.kirby1 - 2012-07-19 08:54

      Beefcake, Mr Price own the naming rights not the stadium. Once their contract runs out somebody can pay to name the stadium.

      martin.ferguson.7311 - 2012-07-19 08:56

      @ WTF. YOU SOUND LIKE AN AHOL!!!!!!!

      Ettiene - 2012-07-19 09:06

      @janine i dont make them last 2 washes it is the poor quality that does.

      fussed.anderson - 2012-07-19 09:21

      @ 031beefcake - Now you can see what we mean by EDUCATION It makes for stronger BUBBLES that dont burst

  • michelle.katzke - 2012-07-19 08:23

    Hopefully there wont be too much damage....coincidence that there was a big game across the road last night?!?!

      shanleigh.sewsanker - 2012-07-19 08:34

      how was that a coincidence?? when the world cup was around why didnt absa burn down then???

  • blane.blandon - 2012-07-19 08:40

    Squatters living on the roof?

  • tseliso.molukanele - 2012-07-19 08:55

    is Jacko Jackson Drive named after Michael Jackson?

      clive.kihn - 2012-07-19 09:18

      Knowing Mike Sutcliffe's propensity for naming roads after some strange people, probably, Tseliso! (Tongue in cheek, guys; seem to recall from my youth that he was a city councillor at some stage.)

      manny.dasilva.334 - 2012-07-19 09:49

      No, he was actually Wacko Jackson . . .slight difference

      tseliso.molukanele - 2012-07-19 10:09

      Hey CliveK, do you mean Michael Jackson was a city councilor for Durban at some stage? lol

      clive.kihn - 2012-07-19 21:10

      No Tseliso. I think Jacko was a councillor before Wacko was even born. Gives my age away, I guess! Regards.

  • daniel.schotter - 2012-07-19 08:58

    Government trying to get us to leave Kings Park??

  • Alan - 2012-07-19 08:59

    It's a good thing the Sharks are playing the Reds away, followed by the Stormers away and then the Crusaders away. Gives them time to repair the stadium for the 2012 S15 and Currie Cup champions.

      Ettiene - 2012-07-19 09:07

      2012 S15???? Oh Currie Cup champions like last year ne???

      clive.kihn - 2012-07-19 09:19

      @WTF: No, the year before, actually, and two years before that.

  • moeketsi.rangaka - 2012-07-19 08:59

    Nooooo!!! Our beloved Shark Tank! Hmm I agree with Daryn i smell a rat. They needed to do something drastic since the Sharks flatly refused to make the Moses stadium home. And now a mysterious fire...

  • bruno.d.gouveia.3 - 2012-07-19 09:00

    olympic flame burning bright in durban ahead of the London games :)

  • - 2012-07-20 07:21

    Flames rising a meter into the sky is not too much fire.

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