Fire destroys 2000 hectares of fynbos

2012-12-29 12:01

Johannesburg - Two thousand hectares of fynbos have been burnt as fires continue to rage in the Overstrand area in the Western Cape, the municipality said on Saturday.

"A cottage has burnt down on a farm and there has been damage to a building," said municipal spokesperson Fanie Krige.

He said helicopters were being used to put out the fire.

The fire was also burning on the road between Hermanus and Stanford and had cut electricity in the area after burning down electricity poles.

As a result there were many power disruptions in the Gansbaai and Stanford areas, with the R43 road also being closed.

Krige said the fire had already been put out three times, but at each occasion had flared up again.

He said south easterly wind conditions and the mountainous terrain made it difficult for fires-fighters to contain the blaze.

There was no immediate danger to the residential parts of Hermanus or Voelklip.

  • chaze.damonze - 2012-12-29 12:39

    I was taught that the occasional fire is good for fynbos. It promotes growth.

      andre.ernstzen - 2012-12-29 12:55

      That's right, especially if there wasn't a fire in that area for many years. After which usually find species that has been dormant for years. So I've been told..

      frangelico.paizes - 2012-12-29 12:55

      chaze.damone yes it is, but unfortunately animals die,i.e buck,tortoises snakes,scorpions etc,not fond of the last two.Then also damage to property & vines ,olive trees etc.It is really only good for the fynbos.

  • frangelico.paizes - 2012-12-29 12:50

    bosepa.bjampja spoken/written like a TRUE AFRICAN,no regard for anything anyone but yourself,your kind find nothing attractive in anything worth looking at or protecting.That giant condom on your head speaks volumes your brains have moved to you know where.

      torstein.riiber - 2012-12-30 07:26

      Animals don't usually die in a Fynbos fire. The heat doesn't reach down deep enough to kill this species. Where alien plants grow, fire kill most such animals.

  • obadia.segwape - 2012-12-29 13:40

    jz is behind this trying to sabotage helen zile

  • godwin.symons - 2012-12-30 09:11

    In Natal there are seldom fires and they have forrests which are a big hazzard. The reason is, they burn fire breaks. In the Cape where this fire is they rarely burn brakes. Even in Australia, those numb skulls also don't burn brakes. Can't say I have much sympathy. Fire brakes in rural areas should be mandatory. From Godwin.

  • hermanandyvonne - 2013-01-02 14:14

    The total is almost 20,000 hectares and not 2000. Approx. during 24 hrs no power; 36 hrs no wireless internet and since this morning (Telkom ...oh.... Telkom) there is some reception of cellphones and at last Telkom made a slow start with repairing the damaged 12 km phone-line between Hermanus and Stanford. All this time no landline tel.calls and internet connections available; no creditcard machines working and ATM's didn't work either. As journalist never believe PR-people of a municipality or other governmental institute/organisation and never/ever believe politicians. These were saying that the fire was under control last Friday; just before hell broke loose.

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