Fires still burning in Western Cape

2012-01-30 16:41

.Cape Town - Fires are still burning in Slangkop Valley, near Bainskloof, and in Stanford, near Hermanus, Working on Fire (WoF) said on Monday.

Hundreds of people had to be evacuated from their homes as the blazes, fanned by strong winds, spread over the mountains in the Cape Winelands. 

Two houses were damaged and 2 500ha were destroyed by the fires at the weekend, the Cape Winelands Municipality station commander Roysten Harris told News24.

However, Harris said that the fire was “stable” on Monday afternoon as the weather had become quite overcast and firefighters were making their way up the mountain to put it out completely before the wind picked up again.

He said his team was almost on top of the mountain.

A family that went hiking up the mountain on Sunday had to be rescued, WoF said.

Three Working on Fire teams were at work on the Slangkop blaze while two WoF teams were fighting the fire in Stanford, spokesperson Leanne McKrill said.

McKrill said that temperatures are expected to rise on Tuesday and the wind is also expected to pick up.

There have been no reports of animals being harmed in the fires.

Are you there? Send us your eyewitness accounts.

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  • Stan - 2012-01-30 16:48

    Ag shame. Poor W/Cape. These fires are unconstitutional.

      Hallo - 2012-01-30 16:53

      lol yeah - must be outsiders because the in the WC their s**t doesn't stink

      Andres - 2012-01-30 17:12

      @Hallo, no it don't... we burn our sh*t beyond recognition and spray "aroma of Protea" on it to mask the smell.

      Jeff - 2012-01-31 06:33

      Tell that to the small animals the complete mountains burnt, the scorched vineyards,the guys fighting these fires, you dumb pratt

  • Grimmister - 2012-01-30 16:48

    I have been to many fires in that region...unless you know what you are doing you are putting your own life at risk and those communities you to swore to protect...Keep battling will get there.

  • Anneleen - 2012-01-30 16:51

    sterkte vir die brandbestryders en dankie!

  • Andres - 2012-01-30 17:14

    I must add on a serious note: These guys from Working on Fire and Cape Winelands Fire Services are absolute heroes. They arrive quickly, put their lives on the line to protect person and property in the face of 5m high flames. They saved my house just last Tuesday when a fire-fighter lost his life in the blaze, not hours before it reached our property. WELL DONE GUYS!

  • Charmaine - 2012-01-30 17:32

    WOW! So many negative comments, Have Mercy Lord, For They Mercy Endureth Forever. Amen

  • wendy.parris - 2012-01-30 22:29

    Dear Hello, I hope you never have to watch a fire take your home, we in the Western Cape have to live with life threatening fires each and ever year. Unlike you, it is not a joke. Thank goodness your home and farm are still standing Andres. We watched the smoke from this side of the valley and had you all in our prayers.

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