Five die in Heidelberg crash

2013-07-21 16:05

Johannesburg - Five people died and 10 were seriously injured when their minibus taxi overturned near Heidelberg on Sunday, paramedics said.

The injured included three children who were treated on the scene before being taken to hospital, said Netcare 911 spokesperson Santi Steinmann.

The accident happened on the N3, near the De Hoek toll plaza, she said.

The cause of the accident was not known.

Police were investigating.

  • Rob Tubbs - 2013-07-21 16:52


  • Stussy Ngoepe - 2013-07-21 16:56

    Will the government pay full attention like blue lights?let's wait and see.

  • MornĂ© Lotriet - 2013-07-21 17:00

    Always a taxi involved in major accidents???

  • Flynn Govender - 2013-07-21 18:07

    Another taxi accident. Why can't the government see that the taxi industry is destroying the population of SA, oops, most government officials own taxi.

  • Elkita Robbertse - 2013-07-21 18:32

    Taxi murderers.Lots of them on the road.Pity that Zuma sleeps his whole life through.Zuma does not care for a life lost.

  • Paul Lenix - 2013-07-22 06:28

    Taxi drivers should be taken off the road .Who are using them almost no one !The country should invest into normal transport and CCTV with buses .Country is not poor !

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