Foundation: Please let Mandela rest

2010-11-11 15:35

Johannesburg - The Nelson Mandela Foundation has appealed to people worldwide to allow the former president to have a peaceful retirement as hundreds of requests for his time and signature continue to stream in.

Madiba received about 4 000 messages per month, many of them asking for his signature, a message of support, a public appearance or an interview, it said in a statement on Thursday.

There were also continued pleas for him to intervene in struggles around the world, and to endorse various causes.

"He no longer grants interviews nor does he respond to formal questions from the media, researchers or members of the public," the foundation said.

"Given the huge number of projects and causes he is asked to endorse and the impossibility of selecting a few among the many worthy requests, he no longer provides messages of support, written or audio visual.

"Because of the sheer volume of requests for his autographs, he no longer signs books, memorabilia (or) photographs."

Time for peace and tranquillity

The foundation appealed to the public not to send items for him to sign, as it could not guarantee the safe return of the material.

"The Nelson Mandela Foundation would like to ask people everywhere to help make Madiba's retirement a time of peace and tranquillity."

Mandela responded to these calls in 1999 by saying: "I don't want to reach 100 years whilst I am still trying to bring about a solution in some complicated international issue."

In 2004 he announced his intention to leave public life, and tasked three organisations, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and the Mandela Rhodes Foundation, with carrying on his humanitarian work.

Four years later during his 90th birthday celebrations, he called on people to pick up the baton of his leadership, saying: "It's in your hands to make the world a better place."

Mandela Day, on the former president's birthday, was later implemented in the hope it would lead to a global movement of 67 minutes of community service.

"Thank you for your continued support and your warm wishes to Mr Mandela," the foundation said.

  • CTScientist - 2010-11-11 16:07

    Who can honestly begrudge the man a little peace and quiet?

  • moshqueen - 2010-11-11 22:42

    Madiba The Great has done his work. He has shown and taught us all how to live and behave. In return, we must honour and respect him and act the way he showed us - I am sure that all he wants is to see that most people in the World, not only in Africa, follow his example and the World will be a wonderful, loving, peaceful place. Let us let Madiba rest and let us show him that we respect and love him so much that we are doing what he told us to do, that is to like, accept and help one another, no matter who we are.

      carrie.jepson - 2010-11-12 16:12

      Amen to that!

  • Nosisi - 2010-11-12 18:48

    It is with regret that, the public has to receive an appeal to let the South African icon rest. It is also a sign of lack of confidence on our abilities to continue the work he has started. We need to show him and give him hope that we can move forward and his efforts were fruitful. He needs to see his legacy.

  • Clive - 2010-11-14 10:26

    Bless him. Hope he can relax and let sanity prevail amongst the many issues this world is alway's going to bring about. Human nature will never change, as there is always too much greed brought about by corrupt power struggles the world over. He is well overdue for rest and relaxation after a lifetime doing more than most would even venture at.

  • Carl Muller - 2011-01-16 08:15

    Let us all follow his example. May God bless him and give him peace. He deserves every bit of it.

  • Carl Muller - 2011-01-16 08:20

    It is a shame that his Foundation cannot continue his work. I also send a request to support to stop the hanging of a women in Iran but they just did nothing. They just said he is retired. When I asked why they don't do anything they just ignored me. Getting fat cat salaries and they just stop working.

  • skollie - 2011-01-26 19:43

    Dont worry he will be resting very soon for a long time. Yes the Grimreaper is coming for him. Thank God. Every dog gets his day. Did he not blow up a lot of people in Pretoria many years ago. Funny nobody says anything about that. Gespuis.

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