Four armed robbers arrested after tipoff

2011-12-10 17:02

Johannesburg - Four alleged armed robbers were arrested after being caught entering the premises of a major retail supermarket in Pinetown, KwaZulu Natal police said on Saturday.

The group, aged between 27 and 36, was arrested at about 05:30 on Saturday after police received information that they allegedly intended to rob the store, Colonel Jay Naicker said.

They were caught as they entered the parking lot of the store and found in possession of two revolvers - of which one was licensed to one of the men.

Naicker said the vehicle that the men were travelling in was suspected to have been stolen.

He said the men had also been captured on video footage at two other shops in the Pinetown area earlier in the week.

"It's quiet obvious that they were scouting these shops with the intention to rob them," Naicker said.

"This is one of many robberies that have been prevented by police due to information supplied by Crime intelligence.

"We want to send a clear message to criminals out there that we will curtail their Christmas shopping and we will treat them to Christmas lunch in our cells," Naicker said.

The men were expected to appear in the Pinetown Magistrate's Court soon.

  • Bob - 2011-12-10 17:26

    Stores do not open until earliest 7:00am, so therefore if it was 5:30am they could not rob it, only burgle it by breaking and entering. So, was it 5:30am or 5:30pm or 05h30...please be more specific News24, because it cannot be 5:30pm Saturday as it is now 5:21pm Saturday. Hell I’m confusing myself

      Ettiene - 2011-12-10 17:57

      Oh BOB..Shut up you twat!

      Peter - 2011-12-10 18:10

      Who cares what time it was. Glad they got them. Four crims. in jail, hope they can keep them there. Job well done--- congrats to the informers as the police couldn't have done it on their own. By the way quite not "quiet" News24

      Paul - 2011-12-10 18:22

      Bob most retail chains have night packers who finnish work at 06h00. Your confusion emanates from your inability to move with the times.

      Bob - 2011-12-10 19:02

      @Ettiene, at least a twat is useful, unlike a prick!

      Andy - 2011-12-10 19:41

      wake up Bob, they were going to hold up the opening Manager. If you want to argue over minor details then you are a petty minded idiot. Well done to the Police on a well handled case, all credit due

      Rodney - 2011-12-10 19:51

      Bob, you obviously never use the 24 hour clock, the article specifically states "05:30" ergo it's morning. As has been stated, many stores have night workers in to stack shelves etc. besies, if they were going to burgle the place as you seem to suggest, why have guns? As has also been stated, shut up you confused pettyminded twat/prick. Good for the police for stopping this before someone was shot.

      des.maartens - 2011-12-17 22:54

      Hey Bob, have you heard of 24 hour time. 5.30 means 5 and a 1/2 hours after midnight. I think you still had a barbie from a drinking spree that got you home at 23.59 on friday. LOL for the bakery team on the morning shift. These 4 wanted some dough, kneadless to say they were lucky they were not toasted. At least you admit confusing yourself.

  • Ian - 2011-12-10 18:01

    Agreed Ettiene...

  • Thozi - 2011-12-10 18:24

    Well done SAPS. As long as you fight crime successfully, you're my heroes. It does not matter what time you do it. By the way, as a bonus, kill one or two please.

  • Smanga Zwane - 2011-12-10 18:41

    I have noticed the lack of comments when police notch a few successes... Goes to show that news24 arm chair critics only respond well to doom and gloom... Bunch of idiots...

      Paul - 2011-12-10 19:14

      Leonard well then take a stance.

  • Esperanca - 2011-12-11 00:17

    Well done to the police. I sure hope these were not off duty security guards *flashback on east gate shopping centre bomb or should I say wires"

  • Dewdawn - 2011-12-11 07:33

    The simple fact is that should you want to know to facts about SAPS you must become part of your local Community Police Forum. In our area we now have a neighbourhood watch command center based in one of our police stations. The police have done a fantastic job to ensure that the neighbourhood watch members are trained and support all to the extent that patrolling members now have police radios when on duty. The task these policeman undertake is to keep us all safe and off course a few dirty ones will emerge. This is so in all organisations just look around you at your place of employment. It is a honour for me to work with these guys as they are who I am.

      Rob - 2011-12-11 11:56

      Sounds like a war zone, a civil war zone at that. I know, it is not just your suburb, it is everywhere. Whatever the compensations I am begining to think that it is too demoralising and degrading to live in a society that is at war with itself. I don't see any way that this war on crime can be won without addressing the factors that lead to individuals commiting crimes, it just escalates or is shifted to somebody/somewhere else. Too little is being done to address the primary factors such as immigration, overcrowding, education, moral development, health, and most of all THE ESTABLISHMENT OF GUIDING LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES THAT SET EXAMPLES FOR ORDINARY PEOPLE TO FOLLOW.

  • Rob - 2011-12-11 10:29

    Having become 'qualified' to comment as a result of being tied-up and robbed three weeks ago I have done a great deal of thinking about crime in SA. Here is a small observation Start by considering my reflections on a comment by Poirot (Agatha Cristie). The police are not there to prevent crime, but to deal with it when it happens. If the police were to be responsible for crime prevention there would need to be a policeman in everyone's home. Crime prevention is done by the policeman inside each and every one's head. Even if you do not entirely agree, you surely can see that there is validity here. Now consider what is going on in South Africa, and of course many other places. How many policeman do we need, or is it simply about making it easier for crime to happen next door by increasing your own security....Scary!

  • munyaradzi.ncube - 2011-12-11 14:15

  • Susan - 2012-01-13 09:40

    I'm just glad the police caught them. Great work

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