Four held for Cape Town cop’s murder

2013-07-12 11:34

Johannesburg - Four people have been arrested in Blue Downs, Cape Town, in connection with the murder last month of Sergeant Mthunzi Mbonjwa, Western Cape police said on Friday.

The suspects, aged 16, 17, 21, and 47, were arrested in an intelligence-driven operation on Thursday night, Lieutenant Colonel André Traut said.

Mbonjwa, 35, was off duty when he was shot dead in Putnam Road, Mfuleni, around 07:00 on 25 June.

The policeman was attached to the crime intelligence unit at the Khayelitsha police station.

Traut said an unlicensed gun and ammunition were recovered when the arrests were made.

The four suspects would appear in the Blue Downs Magistrate's Court on Monday.

  • Jones Malwela Mosima - 2013-07-12 11:49

    Oh my God,another minor involved, '16 and 17 years old', the next thing we going to hear,is that "They have been released into their parents custody,as they were MINORS." Plz don't release ths boys,lock them.

      Morris Macala - 2013-07-12 12:44

      15yr old up is not a minor anymore becz they are ruthless mercilles heartles killers so the word minor make wonder whether law is srys or ajoke

  • Christopher Mark V Lowe - 2013-07-12 11:54

    Hang the bastards.

  • Willem le Roux - 2013-07-12 11:56


      John Block - 2013-07-12 12:24

      idiot. really? birds and cats? that fu##ing irrelevant. I went hunting as a boy, still do, you don't see me running around pumping people full of lead!

  • Itumeleng Pitsoane - 2013-07-12 14:09

    Yah our beautiful SA is becoming a flood of blood river, the worse part is our young once are the once involved, is this what we actually voted -- freedom of blooded country??? where did our beautiful SA gone? someone please

      Hlayisani Mabaso - 2013-07-12 15:33

      S.a s so scary ds dys, s unlyk de past 10yrs, what hppnd to de lv dt w hd 2 each ada n unity, nw w r dispersed lyk houses in de old rurasl areas..sumthn shld b done to fix dis, cz w cnt live in top f blood everydy.

  • Rob Tubbs - 2013-07-12 16:16

    'Fry them'.......

  • De Gracio Adele - 2013-07-12 17:58

    Hope this bastards rot in jail for killing an innocent man,a father brother uncle,they must be locked up in pollsmor and die there.why isnt the gorvenment bringing back death penalty?

  • Florence Booi - 2013-07-30 11:38

    A cop is dead BIG DEAL!!!! cops kill ppl on daily basis no1 makes such fuss as if they are God or something they work with thugs and now Mapoe is dead the whole world must stop because he was a cop NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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