Four to appear for fake suicide

2011-03-21 20:50

Musina - Four men will appear in court on Tuesday on charges of killing a fellow Zimbabwean national, possibly for muti purposes, and making it look like suicide.

Innocent Muvembi, 26, Johannes Chikukuta, 31, Ngonijasi Mafumo, 22, and Blessing Hove, 17, were not asked to plead when they previously appeared in the Musina Magistrate’s Court on charges of murder.

The four are accused of killing Munyaradzi Muthethwa, whose body was found hanging on a tree in a bush near the Matombo Lodge outside Musina on March 11.

"It was made to look like suicide but the victim had blood on his clothes. His eyes, as well as private parts, had been removed,” provincial police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Ronel Otto told African Eye News Service.

She said that further police investigations revealed that the deceased had also been stabbed in the chest.

She said the family told police that Muthethwa was last seen on March 8.

“Following a thorough investigation by police, we managed to arrest four men in connection with the crime,” Otto said.

The four men were arrested and charged with the murder in Musina on March 14.

Otto added that police had strong leads on the whereabouts of other suspects who may be involved in trading in human body parts.

  • Ndivhuwo - 2011-03-21 22:12

    Musina is turning into a crime zone, not to mention corruption thanks to the current municipality, illegal immigrants there are doing anything and I mean anything to survive. house breaking, something which we never used to hear about is now happening daily and no one is doing anything about it

  • CDS - 2011-03-21 22:18

    This cannot be tolerated. Where has normal human behaviour gone?

  • Roger 01 - 2011-03-21 22:29

    Enlighten me! It was supposed to look like a suicide after he cut out his own eyes and bollocks before he hung himself? Where the hell is Sherlock or Clouseau? Personally I would also take myslf out after that but I wouldn't expect anyone to buy the story.

  • Vincedust - 2011-03-22 13:31

    do unto them what they have done unto this man who's now dead with body parts missing, i strongly believe the death penalty should be brouhgt back! hard prison sentences should be inforced. i mean they go to jail they come back as lawyers, doctors, IT specialists and etc etc. all our tax paying money are funding there education and for what! they get parole and get out to do the same thing. i say eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth.

  • Barry - 2011-04-28 09:35

    Body parts????? hugh.... bring me a bucket

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