Friends trapped in snow for 20+ hours

2012-07-17 09:03

Maseru - An expedition to find some snow turned into a nightmare for four friends, when they were stranded in the wild winter weather for 20 hours.

The Star reported that Raymond Shepherd, his girlfriend Shani Coetzee and friends Jan Thuynsma and Anli Moller were among many others stranded in the mountains over the weekend.

The two couples took their Toyota 4x4s on Saturday and drove in tandem towards Lesotho but became stranded about 17km from the Kao Diamond Mine.

The four got into one car and kept the engine running to keep warm. After eight hours of waiting in the car, the car thermometer showed it was -10°C and the engine failed when the diesel inside froze.

They were found by mineworkers early on Sunday morning and soon afterwards the roads were cleared so they could go home.

“I think we’ve all had our fill of snow after this weekend,” said Shepherd.

Meanwhile, weather forecasters warned that the cold weather would remain for the rest of the week, said Another cold front was expected to hit the Western Cape and Eastern Cape over the weekend. 

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  • kevin.vanblerk - 2012-07-17 09:19

    "Another cold front was sent to hit the Western Cape and Eastern Cape over the weekend." - who sent it? LOL

      kim.mann.127 - 2012-07-17 09:42

      I'm a bit curious about that one too!! I hope they haven't sent any bad weather to Gauteng!!

  • Johann Enslin - 2012-07-17 09:29

    They should take a Land Rover next time ;)

      craig.probart - 2012-07-17 10:21

      Pushing the Landy would have kept them warm.

      CGHOBSON - 2012-07-17 11:32

      ... and then they would have broken down before they got to the snow. ;)

  • katjisoulfulsound - 2012-07-17 09:32

    this is very dangerous. we need to think of the convinient way of travelling especially while going in the mountains of every country this winter

  • nosiphom.mazibuko - 2012-07-17 09:42

    Why drive into snow without the correct tyres or snow chains - you were risking your lives - heads up though and keep snow chains handy for next time!

  • zambezi.river - 2012-07-17 09:46

    White miserable........................................................snow!

  • Pieter Janse van Rensburg - 2012-07-17 09:52

    I wonder if they had to do dirty tricks to stay warm mmmmm

  • atisang.mosepelovic - 2012-07-17 10:15

    White people always Running to jump on some Bulls***t

      daniele.zanato - 2012-07-17 11:20

      Yeah Atisang you are so right, but at least we run to BS and you guys always run FROM it.

  • atisang.mosepelovic - 2012-07-17 10:16

    White people always Running to jump on some Bulls***t

      candice.ridgway - 2012-07-17 10:38

      racits alert much?!

  • andre.burrows.92 - 2012-07-17 10:44

    This happens to japcrap when the going gets tough.Always take a Land Rover along when venturing off-road folks.

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