Funds raised for hungry students

2012-03-26 13:03

Bloemfontein - An estimated 10% of the University of the Free State's 30 000 students go without regular meals, the university said on Monday.

Bloemfontein - An estimated 10% of the University of the Free State's 30 000 students go without regular meals, the university said on Monday.

An event was held at the UFS at the weekend to raise funds for a food bursary which would help students have a daily balanced meal, said spokesperson Lacea Loader.

"These students do not ask [for] red meat; just something to be able to study," UFS Rector Jonathan Jansen said at the fundraiser for the NoStudentHungry-campaign (NSH).


He donated R100 000 - the royalties from sales of his book We need to talk.

Jansen said the students who were helped often had strong academic records, but not enough money to sustain themselves with a regular meal.

Loader said needy students normally did not have much cash left over from their bursaries or sponsorships for basics such as food.

She said the NSH was established in January 2011 and now funded about 100 students. It was hoped even more could be helped as support for the project grew.

The first 100 students awarded the food bursary started using their student cards for daily meals on campus on April 1 2011.

Loader said students had to apply for the NSH bursary and were selected on the basis of their financial needs, academic results, active participation in student life programmes, and commitment to give back to the community.

She said at the end of the year the process would be reviewed and students who still qualified would be re-instated on the programme.

  • Marion - 2012-03-26 13:13

    This is so sad. Hope that some rich philanthropists will help towards feeding schemes for the poor at all universities.

      jpstrauss - 2012-03-27 09:16

      Or, you know, the government stops having parties and uses THAT money to feed these students.

      sean.redmond3 - 2012-03-27 12:57

      It is a cruel world out there.

  • bluzulu - 2012-03-26 13:18

    aahhh...Finally some good news from this institution, Keep it up.

      Sechaba - 2012-03-26 14:18

      i think there's always good things coming from this institution, but most of that campuses students (both black and whites) are stuck in the past, they still use color as a barrier, but so far i think Prof Jansen is doing a good job, now i can proudly say the campus represents "a rainbow nation"

  • Peter - 2012-03-26 13:30

    If only the SRC leadership could focus on such pressing needs than mere politicking in the campuses.

  • Jenny - 2012-03-26 14:09

    Thank you, Jonathan Jansen, for leading by example...

  • Sechaba - 2012-03-26 14:10

    thanks Prof Jansen, now can the fees remain the same for atlist 3 years to come? fees keeps going up yet about 10 000 students go without food

      bluzulu - 2012-03-26 14:31

      Ever heard of a phenomenon called "Inflation" ?

      marnusmnorval - 2012-03-29 00:20

      BTW 10% of 30 000 = 3000 not 10 000

  • Mduduzi - 2012-03-26 14:11

    Nice one!! perhaps if the youth league focused on such...

  • elizabethann.auld - 2012-03-26 14:21

    I discovered over the years that a hungry child (not at total malnutrition stage) is a naughty child. A child that has reguklar meals at set times behaves better and works better at schooling. If we can erradicate unemployment we will erradicate hunger then this countryb has a chance to do a complete turn around. Thank you Prof for being a leading light in ths! Hope others follow siut - unfortunately I am a penniless person - not quite yet at 'on the street level', by the will of God / Allah whatever so I cannot help. WHAT ABOUT STARTING A BANK ACCOUNT FOR SCHOOL/VARSITYFEEDING - HAVE A BIG PHONATHON AND COLLECTION POINTS THROUGHOUT SA - THEN EVEN A WIDOWS MITE WILL HELP!

  • Khutso Rele Mokgosi - 2012-03-26 14:24

    i wish they could do this at the University of Pretoria. i have a friend who goes for days without food. his bursary pays only for tuition, books and accommodation. i even help him by giving him money for food or cooking for the both of us. its really sad because sometimes he cant even concentrate in lectures or even study.

      jmaritz - 2012-03-26 17:14

      Khotso, the University of Pretoria offers a similar programme through the Office of the Dean of Students. Criteria is similar to that of UFS. It has been running for a number of years already.

  • Julie - 2012-03-26 14:44

    R12-m spent on crap and these students go hungry....DISGUSTING

  • Paul - 2012-03-26 23:32

    The education pipeline needs to be well respected internationally, and well oiled to ensure all starters finish with a sound education.I would have expected at primary school level our ANC people would have incentivised the children with free meals. At University level, if there are people from poor backgrounds, then this is the minimum they should also be treated to. The story irks me, as land reform, and constitutional changes for the benefit of the few, is all the ANC seem to take on board

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