Furore over Black Jesus cartoon

2012-06-08 09:27

Johannesburg - The Human Rights Commission has received a complaint about a cartoon animation which pokes fun at the Shangaan people and the Christian faith.

The complaint was laid by Pretoria resident Caroline Sithole, 32, who said the cartoon entitled Jesus is Shangaan is offensive and reminded her of the discrimination she suffered growing up because she was Shangaan, The Times reported.

Reverend Kenneth Meshoe, leader of the African Christian Democratic Party, agreed with her.

The two-minute animated video clip was created by Johannesburg company Mdu Comics and portrays a black man called Jesus consulting a doctor who diagnoses him as being a Shangaan and tells him to scrub himself with oranges to get rid of the “shangaan-ness”.

The animation has already been viewed more than 50 000 times.

Mdu Comics founder Mdu Ntuli explained the cartoon by saying: "It is purely fictional. Every nationality has a joke on each other and that's just how it is. For me, it is just ridiculous for any Tsonga person to take this personally."

  • jackal666.daniel - 2012-06-08 09:32

      Zambezi - 2012-06-08 09:53

      I always knew that God is black!

      Peter - 2012-06-08 09:54

      The complainant is exagerating her importance. I'm shangaan and I laugh at that cartoon like any other like-minded citizen. We are becoming a nation that is easily bruised.

      Jack - 2012-06-08 10:10

      @Peter...but this is South Africa...where the slightest provocation will erupt in many people crying. People in south Africa are so touchy at being called names or bring painted naked.

      poloyatonkim - 2012-06-08 10:11

      This is so stupid because the so called jesus never existed..

      Jack - 2012-06-08 10:16

      and the nandos ad was rejected>? WTF!??!? anyways... why dont the other bantu tribes take the shangaans seriously?

      Kala - 2012-06-08 10:30

      One complaint does not a furore make. Its one person complaining, what's the big story?

      Zambezi - 2012-06-08 10:34

      @Rob......Seems as if u have big problems mate, since God is also black!

      Nick - 2012-06-08 10:39

      Hi Zambezi .... God is whatever colour you wish Him to be !

      Rob - 2012-06-08 10:43

      @ Zambezi. Dont I know it. Who thought the " afterlife " could be so cruel ?

      poloyatonkim - 2012-06-08 11:49

      Nick.."God is whatever colour you wish Him to be" Really hahahahahahahaha ahahahahah ahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahah And you know this by how? Who created this god of yours?

      pvuuren - 2012-06-08 12:27

      Seems to me the complaint was not lodged because of the "Jesus" part...soon this too will be part of the load on the apartheid wagon, because every and all forms of discriminatory humor boils down to that. so I think I'll lodge a complaint because apparently "white men can't jump", we can't dance, and we don't have rhythm, o sorry i forgot its not discrimination if it's done to whites, dam the whites for building the that wagon so good and strong.

      Mark - 2012-06-08 13:32

      The irony is to jews is that history indicates that Jesus was probably Palistinian, there is strong evidence to support this...

      Schmee - 2012-06-08 13:42

      @Zambezi and Nick, you are both wrong. He is very much see through. Now we really have a major problem.

      Thabang - 2012-06-08 15:31

      @Peter, what is the difference between Tsonga and Shangaan? Anyone with an answer?:-)

      Oom - 2012-06-09 11:37

      Lets all take a day off and trash the country....that should fix everything....!!! Burn a tire or two, tip some cars.....all fixt..

      Sharon - 2012-06-09 23:52

      @thabang -the shangaans penis is shorter

  • heinerl - 2012-06-08 09:34

    Tweeter gets 10 years for prophet insult. What are these people going to get? Probably a congratulatory handshake.

      eil33nn - 2012-06-08 10:24

      Somehwere someone will get insulted by the actions of others.

  • Quantronium - 2012-06-08 09:35

    So what!

      Press - 2012-06-08 10:23

      Definitely not religiously intollerant or abusive - just extremely racist - hope the ANC march on the comic house . . . .

  • Mtk.the.poet - 2012-06-08 09:36

    Wat a shame on u bru,y did u adopt my surname? U are a disgrace to a Ntuli clan\r\nDnt ever make jokes about the Lord of Lords\r\nU piece of cake

      Taetjo - 2012-06-08 09:42

      Shame on you too... It is just a JOKE!

      dee.shabalala - 2012-06-08 09:42

      Seriously bra take a chill pill

      Felix - 2012-06-08 09:58

      I don't think 'piece of cake' means what you think it means.

      Mark - 2012-06-08 10:07

      @Felix: Inconceivable!

      jason.mcdonahugh - 2012-06-08 10:57

      News24 sould have an automatic delete function for people who type in slang / sms language.

      motsoka - 2012-06-08 12:56

      his sense of him died when he realised Jesus was not white

      Dee - 2012-06-08 17:29

      Don't worry Mtk - The Lord of Lords is actually a bi-sexual lesbian Afro-Anglo-Asian-Australasian-American with the name Murphy Van der Merwe - and blessed the majority of humanity with a sense of humour. In the absence of a God-given ability to laugh - perhaps dwell more on the commandment to love your neighbour than parochial tribalism and your own surname.

  • Taetjo - 2012-06-08 09:41

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... Come on people. This was just too funny. Give the poor guys a break. It is just a joke. A funny joke at that. I'm from Limpopo and they made a video about witchcraft in Limpopo. Who take offence for such? LOL! Come people. It is just jokes. Laugh it out.

      Sithembiso - 2012-06-08 11:43

      Taetjo I also saw that witch craft one.hahahahahaha, its funny. I think these guys should have a compilation of their cartoons because theyre damn good. I wonder where can I get more of what they do.

  • dee.shabalala - 2012-06-08 09:41

    I mean come on hahahhahahahahha I love it

  • Hermann - 2012-06-08 09:42

    Is that how we are maturing as a pluralistic nation that could be one. The race card is waring thin so now the next card from the stack - tribalism. We surely know how to rock the boat.

      Taetjo - 2012-06-08 09:45

      How is this tribalism? This is just a joke. LOL! A very funny joke that no one should take offence for. Most of South Africans believe in Jesus but took no offence in this.

      Hermann - 2012-06-08 12:49

      @Taetjo. You are missing the boat pal. If I was a Shangaan I would have been insulted. As a spiritual pagan I have peace with the person of Jesus. The authors of this sick quip should go study Afrikaner, Jewish, Irish and Italian jokes and get their act together then they can start making fun.

  • jackal666.daniel - 2012-06-08 09:46

    youtube Family guy - Black Jesus

  • livhuwani.tshisa - 2012-06-08 09:55

    Dissapointing! not everything u can poke fun about

  • William - 2012-06-08 09:56

    Wow! So it's OK for us to make fun of Shangaans now and say that thier DNA makes them less than other people in the country? Not fit for God's love? And there are people saying "Ah come on it's just a joke!" ... hmmmm. This is quite sick and disturbing. Rwanda anyone?

      Ted - 2012-06-08 10:08

      Ya its sick. People who find this funny are usually low-lives who are under-achievers of note. They try to highlight their tribe or race as a superior thing because they have nothing tangible to offer the world as individuals. There is nothing funny here at all.

      thomas.geza - 2012-06-08 10:27

      This is not funny at all, very sick joke, you can go to hell with such jokes, Mdu needs to repent

  • Lunga - 2012-06-08 09:57

    We all know Jesus is Venda.

      al.chemist.7106 - 2012-06-08 10:13

      If he was a venda, he would sell the oranges

      Azande - 2012-06-08 10:52

      He is coloured and drinks a lot of alcohol hahahahahaha

      Nicolaas - 2012-06-08 18:33

      @Azande, he is a darkey and forever stupid. Do not ever use the colored word again! We are sick and tired of your blacks coming into our country claiming it is yours and then come and think your superior to us!!!! Not long now when we will rid our country of rubbish like you and I am telling you, I am not making jokes your useless piece of rubbish!!!!

  • Henk - 2012-06-08 09:58

    Always the victim....Shame...

  • Rabble-Rouser - 2012-06-08 10:06

    Now that was extremely funny. I had a good laugh.

      Azande - 2012-06-08 10:44

      same here....still cant hold myself

  • sabelo.l.mthembu - 2012-06-08 10:06

    But I feel like not everything needs to be taken so seriously. On that note, people also need to chill and stop playing the victim. I mean seriously now. A lil humour won't hurt anybody right?

  • Joe - 2012-06-08 10:07

    complete lies! everyone knows Jesus is Mexican

      Joe - 2012-06-08 10:21

      @ Said (so you do know me) Lier noun a person or thing that lies, as in wait or in ambush. There were liers in a ambush against him. - Josh. viii. 14.

      Azande - 2012-06-08 10:44

      what if He is Xhosa?

      Joe - 2012-06-08 10:59

      @Azande being the cause of most religious wars doesn't make him a Xhosa

      Azande - 2012-06-08 11:08

      @Joe, u right there, He is a Puertorican.

      Faizie - 2012-06-08 18:52

      When you have a big spear you are Shangaan

  • James - 2012-06-08 10:08

    Well, at least he's not Jewish!

      James - 2012-06-08 10:30

      Erm, Shangaan? Did you watch the video?

      James - 2012-06-08 10:40

      Sorry, I was talking race not religion.

      Azande - 2012-06-08 10:53

      @Clinton, yes there are, good reminder. so scores settled here hahahahaha

      Melinda - 2012-06-08 11:14


  • fdalana - 2012-06-08 10:10

    South park parody gone bad.

  • festivalj - 2012-06-08 10:13

    Whats wrong with these people you siting there up waiting for people to make mistakes and you just wasting time for nothing people are hungry and cold without any help from you THIS IS JUST A JOKE AND FUN at least there are others who can make jokes for mzansi people to to lough do not look for problems just find solutions you don't have jokes for your selves cheer up

  • christian.denyschen - 2012-06-08 10:16

    Its a joke, not a d1ck. Don't take it so hard.

      sheila.legobye - 2012-06-08 11:27

      hahahaaaaaa..good 1

      ben.louw.5 - 2012-06-08 15:44

      That sir was funny as hell

  • Lasdome Kodisang - 2012-06-08 10:16

    Uyabheda lo she must get a life, what happened to sense of humor. Uhleli uScrutiniza konke okwenziwayo emhlabeni. Get a hobby man

  • Lasdome Kodisang - 2012-06-08 10:16

    I like the cartoons zaka Mdu

  • Bhekophilayo Ngobese - 2012-06-08 10:16

    uBhejane Some innocent jokes can be offensive indeed.

  • jaco.becker.94 - 2012-06-08 10:17

    2000 years on and people are still talking about Him. Jesus is many things to many people. Even the name Jesus continues to be quite common in many cultures. Free speech however should not include the bashing of anyone's religion or belief (within reason of course). It is very easy to say it is "just a joke" when it is not your religion being bashed. But hey let the bashing continue - like in the days of Noah...

      Dakey - 2012-06-10 00:48

      As a Christian its sometimes hard to get to grips with the doctrine of Hell. At least some posters here make it easier for me.

  • nobuhle.matolo - 2012-06-08 10:17

    whoa! guys u like taking rubbish personally

  • Kala - 2012-06-08 10:20

    So one person complains and it's a furore. God (white or black) help us if 5 people complain. News 24 headline might read " PANDEMONIUM OVER BLACK JESUS CARTOON!!!"

  • grant.hide - 2012-06-08 10:21

    I watched and thought it was quite korny. No animals or humans were killed in it's making. Human rights complaint makes no sense. Every human has the right to their own view and for you to stop this artist would infinge on his human right to draw or make anything he feels. It's so backwards to be complaining to human rights to limit his human rights, if you know what i mean. If he was creating something that would harm people, like um i dunno, a bomb or something. Then that bomb could infringe on the human rights of people by not letting them live their full life and you would have a leg to stand on.

  • Sechaba30 - 2012-06-08 10:21

    God and Jesus are Black men.

      Azande - 2012-06-08 10:56

      100% right, so whats the big deal here. just have sense of humour.

      Rob - 2012-06-08 12:19

      Lol, lol, lol....Joe. and Lol, again.

      Sharon - 2012-06-09 23:58

      god could be a woman

  • shalomkatekani - 2012-06-08 10:22

    very stupid 'joke' if u cn evn cl it dat. I kala xo huwa hixoho donkini!

  • laurice.cooperwilliamsletard - 2012-06-08 10:24

    Oh PLEASE common guys. To everybody that does believe in Jesus, and yes I am one of them. Does it really matter what colour he is. Were any of us around at the time of HE,S birth.? NO. I also believe that HE has a sense of humour too. Get over yourselves and stop always looking for reasons to talk nonsense just because you can.

  • gilbert.lefakane - 2012-06-08 10:24


  • charmaine.mcdonald2 - 2012-06-08 10:26

    This should remind Believers amongst Human Beings, that this is a sign that we are living in the End Times. Now, no one knows the color of Jesus Christ, nor the Prophets, nor God. It is wrong to Mock. We are all Human Beings and The Same Creator created all of us. Amen

  • Barefoot - 2012-06-08 10:28

    Ah that clip it was about a black chinese guy named Jesus from Shanghai

  • rplescia - 2012-06-08 10:29

    Outrage over this, outrage over that! SA has lost it's sense of humour!

  • Tari897 - 2012-06-08 10:29

    What happened to freedom of speech and a cartoon being just that a joke!! evrything is an issue nowadays

  • John - 2012-06-08 10:36

    People are becoming such sissies (Am I even allowed to use the word sissy anymore?). Very soon we won't be able to parody and poke fun at anything or anyone due to fear of insulting a group of people... Freedom of speech is a big fat JOKE!!!

  • Zamokwakhe - 2012-06-08 10:39

    Lol for god sake ppl ts just a joke,I guess the persn hu cmplaind tuk it persnal.

      Azande - 2012-06-08 10:57

      eish, we are turning to a serious jokeles society, how dull and boring.

  • Mbambo - 2012-06-08 10:39

    The bloody Zulu who insulted and disrepected Shangaans this must go to Limpopo and get circumcised.

      Philimsomi - 2012-06-08 10:54

      oh please, do you need some oranges too! Can't people tell jokes anymore!

      Azande - 2012-06-08 10:59

      @Phili, HAHAHAHAHAHA, I have a bag full and can him on credit. LOL

      kasamkelo - 2012-06-08 11:53

      Anyway Mdu is a Ndebele and not Zulu you are an ignorant tart

      Mbambo - 2012-06-08 20:11

      A tart is that fore-skin on your little spear. Mdu is just a coward Ndebele suffering from a zulu-syndrom. Should a Sotho artist drawn a zulu chap with an exposed fore-skin hanging on his dick, zulus would have started a civil wore, eliminating every Sotho-Speaking people. They are all suffering from ethnocentrism.

      Sharon - 2012-06-10 00:01

      if a zulu goes to limpopo to be circumsised the men there will no longer have women,they will all move to zululand

  • Azande - 2012-06-08 10:42

    Sense of humor people...hawu. We can no longer joke anymore. LOL

  • angela.monaghansandells - 2012-06-08 10:43

    A true Christian wouldn't care what colour Jesus was! A true Christian would not care about something as irrelevant as skin colour. But of course News24 posts these stories for their own entertainment - so they can sit back and watch all the racists have a go at each other.

      Nolitha - 2012-06-08 11:22

      Artist should have respect

      angela.monaghansandells - 2012-06-08 11:58

      We should ALL have respect for each other! A little respect would solve a lot of problems.

      CoronaSherona - 2012-06-10 20:55

      Kudos to you Angela! The only comment worth reading and a thumbs up. People on here are a bunch of puppets putting on a show for the rest of the world to laugh at as they attack each other, make statements that beggar belief and only serve to incite strife, hatred, racism and division in an already splintered and dysfunctional South Africa. Carry on Lemmings.

  • tricia.sutherland1 - 2012-06-08 10:44

    @poloyatimkim - whether you believe Jesus is the son of God or not, fact is he did exist as a human on this planet as a prophet - even the Jews, Hindus and Buddhists today accept that fact. He wasn't black or white but Middle Eastern (an Arab) he was a citizen of Rome, born in Bethlehem (Palestine) of Judea. Born to Jewish parents and a direct descendent of King David. He preached in synagogues and referred to 'rabbi' (old testament). Christians exist only because of him (new testament). Definitely Middle Eastern though LOL

  • Azande - 2012-06-08 10:45

    No Jesus is

      Siphiwo - 2012-06-08 10:50

      That is why the doctor says he should use oranges to scrub the "Shangaan-ness" off. Kuzovela ubuyena! hahaha I dnt know what the fussy is all about.

      Azande - 2012-06-08 11:00

      @Siphiwo, hay suka people are just too serious.

  • Bandi.KSC - 2012-06-08 10:52

    Well it was in bad taste, people are always sensitive when it comes to things like culture, tribe, race or religion. So the cartoonists should have tried to act responsibly by steering clear of those subjects. Its really not too much to ask, try to respect other people, simple, and that means always trying to do your best not to offend or hurt others, emotionally or physically. Now is that really too much to ask?

  • Duma - 2012-06-08 10:54

    Mr Ntuli! I love your cartoons they are very funny, as an African please approach this matter on a more humble note. Just apologize Nduna!

      Azande - 2012-06-08 11:04

      once he apologise he will have to withdraw his entertaining cartoons everytime he releases one and its critised.

      Philimsomi - 2012-06-08 11:19

      i think he should before ba muloya!LOL

  • Charmain - 2012-06-08 11:04

    I hope something gets done about this how can anyone say this crap about Jesus. Something was done about zuma who is a bloody fool leave Jesus alone

  • Charmain - 2012-06-08 11:05

    Zambezi what do you know with a name like you have you will say something so stupid

  • sharon.truebodyvice - 2012-06-08 11:07

    LOL ............oh this is more comedy in South Africa..........or is it

  • Ntsanwisi - 2012-06-08 11:10

    THERE IS NO exageration at all, shangaans are not only ridiculed in society but marginalized in a lot spheres of life. We cannot support such movies that undermine other nationalities

      Azande - 2012-06-08 11:17

      i guess we should then sideline them from participating in the entertainment, they might be offended....ooops, if we do sideline them they will complain about discrimination... what then? Eisshh mind boggled.

      Siyabonga Nkomo - 2012-06-08 11:37

      Please Mdu takes a swing at all Africans and he pries on common stereotypes and his videos just provide us with stupid humour I just love how he rapes the Zulu language lol people stop being so serious and live

  • Melinda - 2012-06-08 11:11

    that's the thing no one will ever know what race Jesus really is, so start praying for begin racist if you are. I have !!!

  • Phiwo - 2012-06-08 11:15

    Lol! Loved it. And in the words of my criminal law proffessor : we are all entitled to choose the way we go to hell

  • TheSuperC - 2012-06-08 11:16

    The story-line makes absolutely zero sense? The cartoonist has zero talent, but the animation wasn't too bad for amateurs. When joking with sensitive subject matter, the joke could be justified if the story had a punchline or lesson at the end. This is terrible man. Now you owe me two minutes of my life that I wasted. Uncool.