Gauteng health dept underperforming - DA

2012-10-23 14:28

Johannesburg - The Gauteng department of health has missed nearly 60% of the targets it set out to complete in the last financial year, the DA said on Tuesday.

Democratic Alliance Gauteng health spokesperson Jack Bloom said the department's annual report for 2011/12 revealed that it missed 117 of 210 targets.

"It's an abysmal performance, but no surprise to patients who get poor treatment at Gauteng hospitals and clinics," he said in a statement.

"Poor management is to blame, particularly in areas where the budget was actually not fully spent."

The Gauteng department of health was not immediately available for comment.

Bloom said ambulances had responded to 33% of priority one emergencies within 15 minutes, instead of its 65% target.
More than R90m of the emergency services' R788m budget was not spent.

With the machinery and equipment budget, R257m of the R419m budget was not spent, while R132m of the R722m set aside for building costs was not utilised.

"This shows incredible incompetence that needs to be rooted out from this failing department," Bloom said.

  • Willie - 2012-10-23 14:43

    what's new and this are people who are keen in running mines

  • luke.dekoker - 2012-10-23 14:53

    The anc (from jacob zuma down to the lowest deployed cadre) must take the blame for this very poor service. It is just a pitty that the poor people who suffer due to this almost no-service health department (and all other departments) do not get to read about the CancER failures, because if they do, they will never vote for the "movement" again.. VOTE DA, they will sort it out..

  • sean.odonnell.1466126 - 2012-10-23 15:37 well as every other department which this ANC government mismanages. SARS could be the only exception.

  • merven.halo - 2012-10-23 16:30

    Is there any department that actually performs?

      bevan.carpenter.1 - 2012-10-23 16:38

      that would be a very short list indeed

      michael.a.devilliers - 2012-10-23 16:50

      SARS seems to work - but I guess you have to keep the gravy flowing.

  • John - 2012-10-23 16:44

    Lets hold a bet: let's see if the ANC ministers will a) take cognisance and address the issue with a proposed plan, or b) come up with a half baked excuse, whilst calling DA racist, say everything is ok and carry on as per usual. Any takers?

      wonky.donky.589 - 2012-12-14 09:58

      Or C) They will do sweet jack about even addressing the media, uneducated bafoons!!!!

  • juju.malema.792 - 2012-10-23 17:26

    Underperforming? Understatement of 2012.

      sandra.j.rennie - 2012-10-24 11:47

      Goodness and they only discovered this when ?

  • sam.ntshangase - 2012-10-23 17:36

    shame desperate attempts

      John - 2012-10-23 19:07

      I agree with the desperate part - desperate to get service achieving set goals. Would be nice for a change. Not certain what else could be meant by 'desperate'?

  • ngoako.mathekga - 2012-10-24 08:24

    This is nothing as compared to Limpopo, I was in one state hospital at Seshego over the weekend, mentally disturbed men are used to carry dirty linens and patients don't have enough blankets when it is cold and still they refuse their families to get them extra blankets from home. Their wards are not clean and catering service is extremely poor in such a way that more than half of the people admitted there refuse to eat their food. Funny the only friendly people there are security guards.

  • irma.white.9 - 2012-10-24 10:25

    Pity this. A friend of mine works for a doctor who does a lot of work at a government hospital and there is apparently such a backlog of patients needing surgery. If the equipment was working, the ceilings weren't about to collapse and there was actually gas in the theatres, lots more people would be helped.

  • wonky.donky.589 - 2012-12-14 09:55

    That is because the management probibally havnt passed Grade8 yet. How do you expect them to do their work properly when they sit at home all day scratching their privates???

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