Gauteng man in court for raping 34 minors

2013-07-25 07:39

Johannesburg - A man accused of raping 34 minors and two women will appear in the South Gauteng High Court sitting in the Palm Ridge Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

The 42-year-old man was expected to plead to 122 charges against him, the National Prosecuting Authority said.

The charges ranged from rape, kidnapping, murder, and robbery to attempted murder through HIV-infection.

The crimes took place in Kathorus, east of Johannesburg, between 2006 and 2011, when the man was arrested.

  • PilgrimX - 2013-07-25 07:50

    Strange how the word "castration" suddenly came to mind while reading this.

      Alwyn van der Merwe - 2013-07-25 13:41

      Complete removal of all external equipment sounds about right.

  • Petro Jahnel - 2013-07-25 07:54

    Put him in jail with a big pot of vaseline around his neck!

      Kevin Gordon - 2013-07-25 08:01

      The vaseline would have been a good idea except that he has hiv.Rather remove his murder weapon.

      Soraya Asmal - 2013-07-25 08:11

      I think he would enjoy that

  • Bri - 2013-07-25 07:55

    With this lot, and I say this lot meaning these monsters and there are so many of them, not implying race, why is there no DEATH PENALTY! Instead they will get a psych evaluation and then a trial, maybe a slap on the wrist, or even if there is a harsh sentence they get released (thank you Mr President), our prisons are too full. They should be exterminated, why should we pay for them. Our taxes could go to feed, house and educate the truly deserving poor instead of these savage monsters! If it were a dog who simply bit someone it is put to sleep, so why not this lot who destroy everything. No, we keep them alive, so dumb!

  • Clint Mawing - 2013-07-25 08:01

    Just kill this evil man. Do it on live public TV.

  • Scott Gething - 2013-07-25 08:01

    This is horrific....this is why we need death penalty.some say that the death penalty is not fair, this man does not deserve the same oxygen we breathe. so many victims, he had time to think about what he was doing. sentance him to death!

  • LĂ©viter Au-dessus des Montagnes-Bleues - 2013-07-25 08:03


      Bheki Dladla - 2013-07-25 08:48

      Lyndah, im also still trying to figure that one out too!!!!!!

  • Arthur Salvado - 2013-07-25 08:06

    Public stoning perhaps ? I know it's barbaric but not as barbaric as his criminal actions. What's it going to take to stop this crime wave in SA ?

  • Charlie Quest Moserwa Ntshudisane - 2013-07-25 08:20

    Castrait him and bring his balls here.

  • Israel - 2013-07-25 08:24

    South Africa is the most DIGUSTING country in the entire world FOR RAPE!!! Is the RETARDED GOVERNMENT EVER GOING TO DO SOMETHING SERIOUS ABOUT IT????????

      Bheki Dladla - 2013-07-25 08:47

      oh DISGUSTING is what you meant!! anyway we really understand your frustration Israel and you can tone down a bit there and have a cup of coffee. The article stated that "A man accused of raping 34 minors and two women will appear in the South Gauteng High Court...." now at least something is being done about it wouldnt you agree?? rest assured he will be found guilty.

  • Gia Harris - 2013-07-25 08:25

    Y gve hm the death penalty,gve hm 2 the women in mitchells cpt well strip hm of hs dignity as he did wit tht poor kds he wl b made 2 suffer a ver...y slow n painful death

  • Mira Sturmair - 2013-07-25 08:30

    cut off his manhood, send to prison with no food and water, sick jackass

  • Martin Willemse - 2013-07-25 08:32

    scratch around his fb and other profles to see what type of person he is. he raped 34 minors...yet the story gets 12 lines....two fools utter some stupid words get 5 full blown stories written about them....priorities eish

  • Justin Louvain Van Niekerk - 2013-07-25 08:34

    The way I see it is there is nothing for these guys to fear, instead we are fearing them. We are running scared locking ourselves up in our own houses with steel burglar guards and locked gates, it's all back to front. It should be the other way around! it should be the criminals fleeing and locking themselves up from the public in fear for their own lives! We need to deliver fear into the hearts of these guys, and by that I mean let's turn the tables and start fighting back, offer our own brand of justice and punishment! I don't care what it is, stoning, hanging, castration for rapists, let's start taking our rights back and send them RUNNING!!!!!!!!

  • Chantel Norris - 2013-07-25 08:37

    That is flipping disgusting, they must freaking chop his wonka off. I hope when he goes to Jail he will feel what it feels like to be raped!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nosiphiwo Matsalo - 2013-07-25 08:37

    its time the death penalty come bck

  • Hemlock - 2013-07-25 08:40

    Hand the w*nker......filth of the earth!!!!

  • Erick Vogel - 2013-07-25 08:40

    Cosas, there is a client for you.

  • Sipho Simon Mogale - 2013-07-25 08:44

    This is satanism how can normal person do such evil he has no value over peoples life rot in hell

  • Teboho Mokotjomela - 2013-07-25 08:47

    Just butcher this beast in public,finish n klaar!

  • Frank C Cruz - 2013-07-25 08:57

    Eish!... I just don't get it, with the level of deadly crime this man has committed yet the law will protect him. Wasting tax payers hard earned cash to take him to court and making the victims see this devil again in court *so sad* Where I come from, by now this excuse of a man wud have been standing at the gate of hell waiting to be burnt the second time!

  • Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg - 2013-07-25 09:03

    Bloody savage.

  • Neil Lazarus - 2013-07-25 09:11

    and he will get bail

  • Marius de Vos - 2013-07-25 09:21

    Can we perhaps hang him in public???

  • Lulu Rudo Shezi - 2013-07-25 09:22

    sies man..lock him up for life.

  • Don Master - 2013-07-25 09:22

    SA government really needs to consider the options of castration, hanging, gas chambers or lethal injection for these monsters. Prison will be never rehabilitate a rapist.

  • Keith Kido Sons - 2013-07-25 09:27

    Many people's calling for the Death penalty and they all RIGHT. It's one Life lost which is a bad thing but if these Monsters remain alive changces are they will Kill, Rape, Steal and Rob again. They need to be hung. Execution has been used since biblical times so there's nothing wrong with in.

  • Perter Damingo - 2013-07-25 09:33

    I hear everybody's comments but my concern is the last sentence that states "between 2006 and 2011, when the man was arrested." now if he was arrested in 2011 where has he been the last two years in prison or continuing with his evil deeds while on bail

  • Abigail Nobubele Mhlanga - 2013-07-25 09:36


  • Adiel De Villiers - 2013-07-25 09:37

    A man? what's his name?

      Adiel De Villiers - 2013-07-25 11:50

      Actually, its the other way around.

  • Sam Mayihlome - 2013-07-25 09:38

    he contracted HIV while having nice time then after that went on a rampage spreading it even to young people, he must get the severest punishment ever.

  • Marc Anthony Webb - 2013-07-25 09:50

    There is no effective deterrent for criminals in SA rapists,paedophiles,murderers,fraudsters have free reign.Introduce labour camps similar to Gulags in former USSR work them to death slowly while geting some contribution towards our countries infrastructure...

  • edgar.m.nkadimeng - 2013-07-25 09:51

    He desv 2 lock 4 de rest off hs lif

  • Mabina Maledu - 2013-07-25 09:54


  • Lisette Angelique Abell - 2013-07-25 11:03

    He committed suicide:

  • Barbara Munster - 2013-07-25 11:32

    He is dead in anyway!!!!!!!

  • Dimakatso Tumahole - 2013-07-25 11:42

    he has saved himself

  • Dagga Movement - 2013-07-25 15:13

    How is it possible for people to get away with things like this but dagga bust happens on a daily basis!? SICK!

  • Brashimmy Motau - 2013-07-25 15:34

    why they took to court,he is an wild animal they where supposed to cut his 4 '5 and paste it on his face

  • Curtis Maimela - 2013-07-25 21:10

    Im yet to be as shocked as i am today, his a good enough reason to reintroduce the death penalty !!

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