Gauteng shuts down 33 shebeens

2012-12-23 12:13

Johannesburg - Thirty-three illegal shebeens across Gauteng have been shut down over the weekend, police said on Sunday.

"In an effort to deal with crimes mostly committed during the festive season including murder, rape, assaults, common robbery and domestic violence, police closed 33 illegal shebeens believed to be generators of crime," Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said.

"Liqour valued at thousands of rands, fridges, music systems and generators were seized in Krugersdorp, Kagiso, Randfontein, Thembisa and Ivory Park."

Nineteen shebeens were closed on the North Rand and 14 on the West Rand.

Dlamini said 162 people were also arrested for crimes relating to theft, possession of drugs, stolen and counterfeit goods, assault and dealing in liquor without a licence.

They will appear in court on Monday.

Police also seized 18 knives, 279 boxes of illegal cigarettes, eight handguns, 288 Mandrax tablets, 800 counterfeit DVDs and four kilograms of stolen copper cable.

  • moriri.mosweu - 2012-12-23 13:41

    Close all of them whether legal or illegal. They bring disgrace,shame and crime in our communities. Alcoholism equals hooliganism.

  • angelanair3 - 2012-12-23 13:43

    First before I comment - my mother had a shebeen back in the day! Yes we were raised by a single mother who had a shebeen and used the money to educate her kids. Strangely all of her kids were teetotallers! But if it makes a difference - kids did not drink in shebeens, look back at statistics then, rapes and murders were not as rife as it is now in fact crime is at its highest now then ever before! Today school children go to shebeens, young girl loiter around, they get raped - a lot of big robberies are planned in these dark dingy little hovels acting as shebeens. Men go home and abuse their wives and kids. Its not to say it wont happen were there no shebeens - but there will be some control over easy access to alcohol. Its the biggest downfall of this country - too much alcohol too freely available. And it creates a sense of dependancy on alcohol for people who cannot control themselves?

      jaydee - 2012-12-23 20:51

      Who's to blame for this collapse in social values? The ANC-government! Plainand simple: the abolishment of corporal punishment is one of the many "laws" they brought in and therefor allow children to disrespect their elders and parents; even giving the children the "licence" to take parents to court, if they feel they have been unjustly punished or reprimanded!!

  • marilyn.docherty.9 - 2012-12-23 15:31

    These shebeens will just pop up somewhere else!!!

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