Gauteng to launch hop-on hop-off buses

2012-06-09 08:24

Johannesburg - The world-renowned hop-on hop-off busses will be launched in Johannesburg, the Gauteng economic development department said on Friday.

MEC Qedani Mahlangu announced that Gauteng's first hop-on hop-off bus would be launched in January next year.

"Tourists will soon be able to jump on an iconic red open top bus and explore some of the most famous tourist locations in Johannesburg," she said in a statement.

On Friday, Mahlangu outlined some plans for tourism in the province for this year and next year and said the busses would make the city more tourists friendly.

"These buses will allow visitors to explore the city's history in a safe and convenient way, making the city more tourist friendly."

Mahlangu said the buses, which operate in 100 cities on six continents around the world, will offer commentary in 17 different languages."

  • Jessica - 2012-06-09 09:35

    And the criminals??? Are they also going hop on make a "killing" and hop off

      Saleé - 2012-06-09 10:47

      Can you imagine if everyone asked "And the criminals?" when contemplating a drive to the restaurant on Friday evening? Life would be great, wouldn't it?

      Saleé - 2012-06-09 10:51

      Man: "Let's catch a movie." Lady: "And the criminals?" Mom: "Where are you going, John?" John: "I'm going surfing, mom." Mom" "And the criminals, John?" Suzy: "I'm craving chocolate, James. Think you could pop down the store for me...?" James: "Hmmm..let me see, babe....and the criminals?"

      Henk - 2012-06-09 11:43

      Msindeni YEs I got a farm, a car and a couple of million from apartheid!

      Pt - 2012-06-09 20:55

      @ Msindeni Apartheid is dead - never to return. Thank God. Many of us (including Helen Zille) spoke out against apartheid and continue to speak out against injustices.

      merven.halo - 2012-06-11 12:33

      'And the real criminals are those that continue to thrive on the legacy of the system that was declared by the United Nations as a crime against humanity; APARTHEID.' So true Msindeni, the ANC is thriving on the legacy of Apartheid.

  • Pieriewaaier - 2012-06-09 10:22

    One wonders why this is seen as a priority? What is the economic model here? Who runs it? Who pays for it? Which routes have been identified? Is there a demand from tourists for this kind of service? International tourists spend most of their time & money in the northern suburbs in any case and gautrain now caters adequately for them. Just another white elephant soon to be put to rest, in the making.

      Saleé - 2012-06-09 10:43

      Strange. You have so many questions, which show that, like me, you do not completely understand this concept. Yet, you feel you can proceed to criticise it. Why don't your get your questions answered first, then...criticise? It looks like you are criticizing for the sake for criticising and that the questions you raise are just meant to project you as being objective, which you clearly aren't. In any case, that most tourists spend their time and money in the northern suburbs (your statement - yet to be verified), does not mean that attempts should not be made to get them to go to the other parts of the city. But then again, as you clearly point out, the article says nothing about routes and areas of operation. If everyone followed your thinking, we would not have the Gautrain that you seem to love so dearly.

      Luvhani - 2012-06-09 11:17

      Tx Saleè there is 3 kind of south africans, those who rily care about its well being

      Luvhani - 2012-06-09 11:18

      Tx Saleè there is 3 kind of south africans, those who rily care about its well being

  • Henk - 2012-06-09 11:09

    To go and Listen to the ANC's version of history? I think not!

      Andile - 2012-06-09 12:09

      You are welcome idiot. South Africa does not need persimist like you.

      Henk - 2012-06-09 12:27

      Oh I am an idiot for telling the truth!

      merven.halo - 2012-06-11 12:31

      So Andile, why do you think the ANC NEVER tells of the shopping centre and church bombings? You must catch a wake up call.

  • Justin Du Plessis - 2012-06-09 11:13

    There are famous tourist destinations? I hope they will provide security with automatic weapons.

  • James - 2012-06-09 11:39

    I for one think its a good idea! I just hope it is well run.

  • clifton.andrews - 2012-06-09 11:57

    Jhb has tourist attractions?

  • Tony - 2012-06-09 12:18

    Brilliant idea. It works extremely well in Cape Town and can in JHB. Don't be so pessimistic. These are exactly the sort of initiatives that force the politicians to focus on solving crime problems. You should therefore celebrate it and not be so negative. Furthermore, ask most tourists and they will tell you that there are many great tourist attractions in JHB.

  • Richard - 2012-06-09 12:19

    All my life I wanted to tour Johannesburg CBD in an open top

  • meiring.viljoen - 2012-06-09 13:09

    Great - thought when Jo'Burg is going to have the hop-on-hop-off when I was hopping-on-hopping off in Cape Town when last month....

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-06-09 13:45

    Its sorry how people harp on the past no wonder they are going nowhere except backwards.Why hide behind apartheid it must drive you crazy,leave it alone now its gone or should i say it works in reverse now.Unfortunately nothing has changed we are still dictated to and disrespected as normal people and yes taxpayers.Do you okes pay tax in those days??

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-06-09 13:46

    I hope that sank in Henk.

  • Kobus Steyn - 2012-06-09 13:57

    Msindeni, wena o kopa kopane. You do not know what you are talking about, rather worry about whom you are going to rob or kill next...

  • Keratilwe - 2012-06-09 15:31

    I wonder who is a silent tenderpreneur from the ANC in this one. You r more converned about tourists and not citizens. Jerk-up we need better houses than these poorly build so called RDP houses.

  • melanie.j.vanrensburg - 2012-06-09 21:05

    Why don't the government improve on our public transport instead of doing this. Try keeping the people who stay in SA, happy.

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