Gauteng turned off by toll tags

2012-04-12 22:37

Johannesburg - Gauteng's e-toll registration outlets were empty on Thursday with virtually no one registering for e-tags, despite the looming April 30 deadline, when the tolls go live.

The bright orange e-toll registration outlets, operated by the SA National Roads Agency Ltd (Sanral), are in shopping malls and alongside highways across Gauteng for motorists to register for discount toll fees.

Yet, despite being staffed with between three to five cashiers and a branch supervisor, outlets had no customers. At one, a cashier was painting her nails while another was reading a magazine.

Some outlets also had self-help computers for those who didn't need direct help, flat screen televisions sets and comfortable chairs in anticipation of the queues.

At Maponya mall in Soweto, human resources consultant Tshepo Tsotetsi was the only registration in an hour.

Not in good faith

"I registered my wife and myself with a heavy heart. I don't want to break the law and I use the highways all the time getting around for work," he said.

"But I didn't do it in good faith."

At the same mall Bafana Mkhabela took an e-toll registration brochure.

"I use my mom's car to get to college in Centurion and, although I don't want to register, she thinks I should," the third-year computer student said.

"It's going to cost our family a lot though, because I go through four tolls just to get to college."

At Cresta centre in Randburg, the e-toll outlet was empty, despite three cashiers waiting for customers. Businessman Tertius Barnardt, who uses the post office next door daily, said he had never seen anyone inside.

"Yesterday I took a pamphlet from a woman handing them out at a traffic light," he said, "she was so delighted and surprised that I was even prepared to take one."

Up to our necks in fees and taxes

Barnardt said he was still unsure if he would register.

"In Gauteng, we are up to our necks in fees and taxes," he said, "and where is the money for this going to go?"

Lwando Malotana, a training consultant from Randpark Ridge, said he was hoping the whole project would be scrapped before he had to register.

"I watched what happened with the national strike in March and I have been following the debate with interest," he said, referring to the protest against e-tolling by trade union federation Cosatu.

"I will wait and see and maybe register just before the tolls go online."

San Ridge Square in Midrand was busy on Thursday, the parking area full, but the e-toll outlet empty. This area would be heavily affected by the e-tolls on the N1, which links the area with Johannesburg and Pretoria. At this e-toll outlet, five staff chatted with each other to pass the time.

Why would I give them access to my bank account?

Stephen Maupi, a credit controller for a cellphone company, said he commuted from Randburg to his office in Midrand, and constantly moved around Gauteng visiting stores.

"In South Africa these things are proposed and then we just have to pay. I would like to know more about this Austrian company that has been involved with the e-tolls and where the money from all of this is going to go."

Michael Mafagane, a maintenance worker commuting weekly from Pretoria to Midrand, said he welcomed the move to exempt public transport from e-tolls.

"There are a lot of cars with just one person in them driving on this highway. Maybe it's time people started using public transport to save on e-toll fees. This is one way of cutting down the traffic on our roads."

At Benmore shopping centre, three cashiers watched the clock until going-home time. The mall was busy but no one was at the e-toll outlet.

Douglasdale retiree Robin James had no intention to register for the e-toll.

"If the authorities can't get an electricity bill right, why would I give them access to my bank account for the e-toll?" he asked.

"No, we have had enough. They [Sanral] can send me a bill. If they can find me."

  • clinton.bowden1 - 2012-04-12 22:57

    All valid points why not to. All invalid points why to. DON'T GET E-TAGGED.

      Press - 2012-04-12 23:43

      Tshepo Tsotetsi you sell-out

      champ.bopape - 2012-04-13 00:22

      Just stay away from these e-toll outlets. DO NOT BUY ANY!!Together we stand and divided we fall. It happened with apartheid and we can still do it again against e-tolling system. STAY AWAY GOOD SOUTH AFRICANS! STAY AWAY!!

      Jessica - 2012-04-13 04:12

      If we don't get etags then think of all the bills they have send out. It will cost them a fortune. And then trying to track down motorists. They are trying to intimidate us because they know it will be a logistical nightmare to track people. I will NOT register! We are already paying 70 cents in a rand on various taxes and then corrupt officials steals it.

      Oscar - 2012-04-13 04:34

      So what happened to the whole Vavi/e-toll documentation issue. A big hoha was made about the documentation that was blanked out etc. and then comical Ali would have provided the correct documentation. Cosatu keeping quite now only indicates one thing....there are allot of tender/crony/ANC etc. fingers in this cookie jar.

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-04-13 05:24

      Let's be honest; We all enjoyed the 2010 SWC, But it is hard to swallow, that we were all taken for a massive ride!! Multi billion rand White Elephant STADIUMS scattered accros the country. Multi billion rand White Elephant King Chaka International AIRPORT Multi billion rand TOLL ROADS We allowed FIFA and the organisers to suck us into this MADNESS Now we have; ### Stadiums we cannot even pay for its upkeep! ### An airport which has to be paid for, so Acsa has increased its fees to such an extend, that it actually HURTS the tourist industry!! ### Toll roads no one wants to pay for!!! 2010 SWC====The largest HOAX ever to hit Africa!!!!!

      Mattewis - 2012-04-13 07:09

      Come now, ANC kleptocracy! The "people" are "speaking" and you aren't listening!

      Leon - 2012-04-13 07:28

      The government pension funds are heavily invested in this sanral scheme, which only gets paid for by the middle class. its a scheme to transfer money from the middle class to governments retirement. DONT REGISTER FOR TOLL FEES. BUY A MOTORCYCLE AND TAKE THE BACK ROADS or at least avoid as many gantries as you can

      clinton.bowden1 - 2012-04-13 07:31

      @Oscar, Turns out that the investment arm of COSATU earned R24m from the GFIP. So really they when they were reminded of this, they very quickly kept quite. COSATU are the biggest sell outs. Notice they have been mute since their "fruitful" meetings with the ANC.

      Luviwe - 2012-04-13 08:35

      The less said about Cosatu the better. They had been selling workers all along. I hope people can see them for who they are, SELLOUTS.

      Scouter - 2012-04-13 08:41

      Spot on AnthonyfromAfrica - you sum up the madness, well

      Rudolph - 2012-04-13 09:16

      BOYCOTT sanral..

      Leslie - 2012-04-13 10:28

      even us in the western cape is supporting you guys in no e tolling

      Nina - 2012-04-13 12:47

      ME(&FELLOW MOTORIST) + E-TAG = NEVER I can't wait to see how they get themselves out of this one. Could they simply increase the already ridiculous petrol price in a panic to make it up? *thinking* I really hope not....civil war!!

      Press - 2012-04-13 13:10

      Ha ha .... the first time the middle classess are going to actively join a public disobedience campaign - once compromised it will be come so much easier in future to withhold taxes and things where percieved injustices occur - and who to thank . . . SANRAL . . .

      Hugh - 2012-04-13 18:33

      Before registering for etoll ask, 1] Why you are forced to pay an almost set tax over and above your PAYE. 2] Why are Busses and Taxis Toll free when they are supposed to be registered businesses and are entitled to tax back on opperational costs. 3] Is item 2 an admission from Government that taxis and Busses do not pay taxes and are not registered businesses. 4]Why must we pay taxes and taxis not when they are a multi billion industry. 5]Consider that If you register for etoll you are earning far too much money and definately have never had to do a real days work.

      Tuco - 2012-04-14 15:22

      The way I see it. whoever bought an e-tag from SCUMral should be considered a traitor to the cause. the govt has forced us into a corner and civil disobedience is the only option we have. united we will defeat these thieves from ANC govt and that Austrian company.

  • Sharon - 2012-04-12 22:58

    :-)--- I stick out my tongue and thumb my nose at SANRAL. They can go and boil their heads!

      Johnathon - 2012-04-13 00:15

      I have never read such good news Was so scared honest SA motorists would be bullied and threatened by SANRAL to buy e-tags. With no e-tag sales, consumers are showing SANRAL that all posted e toll accounts will just be thrown in the dustbin. 15 million individual defaults i.e. each motorists crosses say 10 booms per day) and SANRAL will be absolutely powerless to recover money due. Country wide mass disobedience and SANRAL goes down the tube. Why give government more money to lose in high living ministers. Government managers, all family hangers on, corruption, bribery, stealing from public funds, endless flights overseas staying in 5 star hotels and getting blind drunk on Johnny Walker blue label. Remember tax budget was 1 trillion rand this year. Probably 300 billion of that will be misappropriated by Government and its massive band of colluding thieves. Did you know, our totally bloated Civil Service being best paid officials with best perks ever in SA’s history, already consume 50% of budget to pay salaries and perks. ie. 500 billion per year on all those fat, lazy, incompetent, corrupt useless examples of humanity. If no more taxes screwed out of population, force them to fire 50% of these oxygen thieves. Then more money freed to develop skills in populations poorest sectors. Let them stick e-tolling up where the sun never shines. NO E-TAGS EVER - NEVER PAY E TOLL INVOICES EVER. SA, KEEP IT UP. SANRAL is crumbling very fast. Go into retirement quietly, big bad Ali.

      Thando - 2012-04-13 08:25

      I want to know how much in kickbacks the Austrians paid Ali ? We demand to know

      QuintSch - 2012-04-13 08:42

      If you look very carefully ... you will see that I am one of those NOT in the queue to get an e-tag.

      Rudolph - 2012-04-13 09:15

      I say BOYCOTT sanral..

  • Cornelius - 2012-04-12 23:12

    I say this is another arms deal corruption saga. Just waiting to see which politicion go which piece of the pie.

      Aaron - 2012-04-13 08:51

      Yes, this deal and the costs were highly suspicious. The total cost of the E-Toll system is R15 billion over three years!! This is almost as much as the cost of the so-called freeway "improvements" that have been going on for years. Most suspicious of all, is the fact that merely the feasibility study cost R2 billion!!! Think about it, that's R2000000000 just for planning it. The cost is outrageous and just doesn't make sense. How can each toll gantry work out costing many hundreds of millions of rands?? These are some metal poles with RFID sensors connected to a computerised billing system - how can this cost so much???

      Johnathon - 2012-04-14 00:04

      South Africans Unite. Together we stand - divided we fall. Let’s make a vow, never stop for these "Peace Officer" thugs. All police go to College for extensive and thorough law enforcement training, for a number of years I would imagine, before they get the right to act as law officers. Why should we ever obey this hastily assembled bunch of SANRAL scum, intent on terrorizing the taxpaying citizens of this country. Ignore any attempts they make to stop you on the road. If they try to corner you at an off ramps, keep doors locked and windows up. What are they going to do? Use spark plugs to smash your windows, or metal spikes across the road to stop you. Let’s show SANRAL & Government that no pseudo, hastily formed, untrained, poorly educated, para military thugs, are going to intimidate those precious tax payers, who actually keep the Government living in the extravagant, self serving opulence, they now seem to regard as their undisputed right. No e-tags, never pay any invoices, ask for photo for each gantry pass, never ever stop for any of SANRALS putrid thugs. UNITE PEOPLE UNITE. Let Government get the message that democracy is the rule of the people, by the people. Purpose of democracy is not to make the opinionated few, rich beyond their wildest dreams. They regard themselves as gods looking over a miserable, cringing, cowered, defeated population, who shiver at their every new bit of legislation.Are we all mouse or men? It is for each of us to answer this question.

      Leon - 2012-04-23 18:19

      Corneluis and Aaron. All the billions paid to oversea's companies is the goverments fault. The goverment made them accustomed to steeling (just like the ANC) huge amounts and the goverment just pays and pays and pays. Why could SA not benefit from these amounts already pai to forign companies?

  • Ntombi - 2012-04-12 23:26

    I wish this e tolling system can be srapped for good its a daylight robbery

      Sheik - 2012-04-13 00:25

      Toll gantries should be used as monuments to reflect ANC stupidity.

      CharlesDumbwin - 2012-04-13 06:32

      Just tell EVERYONE Ntombi, DON'T GET TAGGED !!!

  • phathuchicos - 2012-04-12 23:28

    Splendid...lesson learned, well thanks Government for decorating our freeways with cameras(its a fact that those cameras aren't accurate in taking cars number plates). Unity of people will ensure that this system comes crashing...just wait when government spend another sets of billions on legal against every driver in Gauteng but for how long will they do that.

      Aaron - 2012-04-13 08:54

      I agree. I strongly suspect that there is no way the system would be able to even identify properly, let alone bill, millions of motorists daily if nobody gets the E-Tag. Apparently, the number plate recognition system is not perfect and is supposed to require a human to check it - you work out the logistics of checking 800 000 motorists daily across 29 gantries and then manually billing them.

      Arthur - 2012-04-13 11:24

      If everyone stands together and aren't tagged then they will collapse and have to make some other plan. It's great to see SA standing together for once and fighting corrupt injustice like this. Makes me feel like a proud SA citizen again!

      Aaron - 2012-04-13 11:55

      Yes, and then, if you do get a bill, dispute it and demand to see the photographic evidence!! Since there are so many fake license plates in circulation already, you would have every right to ask for proof. And then imagine if EVERYONE did that. This how a similar system in Germany collapsed - they refused to use the E-Tags and queried every single bill, to the point where the administration had to give up as they couldn't handle millions upon millions of queries.

  • Brad.Kopping - 2012-04-12 23:28

    xD i'm actually gonna walk into an E-tag outlet...say "Hello"........AND LEAVE!!!! XD IT'S GONNA BE HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Joanita - 2012-04-13 05:54

      LMFAO!!! Yeah! Imagine u could even end up having to wait in the queue....coz its 'lunchtime'

  • maseratifittipaldi - 2012-04-12 23:33

    Another possible angle : If toll roads are funded on the "user pays" principle, it is skewed in at least two ways (a) The Fiscus (which includes the tax contributions from non-users in other provinces) is contributing R5bn to Gauteng toll roads in order to alleviate cost per kilometre for the user and (b) All users already pay via fuel levies and other taxes. These Toll roads are an abomination and a blatant rip-off of the South African citizen. It should be funded as originally planned - via the fuel levy already milked from the motorist.

  • IcemanGP - 2012-04-13 00:03

    And I'm one of them that will not register either. Government needs to get it through their thick skulls, we the citizens are tired of it's Crap and ripping us off.

  • champ.bopape - 2012-04-13 00:21

    Just stay away from these e-toll outlets. DO NOT BUY ANY!!Together we stand and divided we fall. It happened with apartheid and we can still do it again against e-tolling system. STAY AWAY GOOD SOUTH AFRICANS! STAY AWAY!!

  • ThaboShakuNews24 - 2012-04-13 00:56

    I am reliably informed that the eTolls scheme has been scrapped!

      Garry - 2012-04-13 09:40

      I'm not sure that your information is correct, Thabo. The draft SANRAL Regulations are out for comment, and they propose (Among other things) a special SANRAL police force to ensure payment compliance on the roads. It is proposed that that they have the right to stop and search vehicles, and that they have the power to confiscate property. Read the AA's comments about the legislation.

      Gert - 2012-04-13 11:22

      And to add to Garry--this new law will also bring trouble-They want to stop and search for 'things' that you can use to get out of paying the toll fees, like number plate infra red led lights etc. Maybe they decide that your fire arm may be used to shoot at the cameras and they confiscate that also.?? Now they want us to buy etags and use the e-roads to get stopped and humiliated and searched and to waste our time, and/or to pay another bribe or two if something is not "ok" with the car. Parliament will be very busy making new laws on new laws for a long time still and the parliamentarians will start complaining that they must 'work' too hard and they want extra pay for that---ha -ha--!!

      Arthur - 2012-04-13 11:28

      Garry I think that would be completely illegal and unconstitutional! Police are "Peace Officers" not corporate army, and have no right to confiscate people's cars if no crime has been committed. I'm pretty sure that could be fought in a constitutional court. Bunch of thugs!!

  • Futura - 2012-04-13 01:01

    I am pretty sure that the feet of this country should continue by not going to these outlets to purchase tags as it will be of great concern to sanral, but great joy to us. In doing so it will cause them logistical chaos and an implosion in their admin work, as sanral would have to bill the users manually. WooHoo!!! we will bury them with Unwanted paperwork just like they want to bury us with an Unwanted System. NO TO TAGS, NO TO TOLLS!!! Ps. as the A-TEAM would say "I love it when a plan comes together"

  • Judy Judeel Heyns - 2012-04-13 01:14

    No way am I going to put more money in the bank for the government! Just fraud alone cost us over R2b - was it? - in 2011... Why would I give them more spending money? I'd rather find alternative routes! Stand together and they can shove the e-tags!

      Michael - 2012-04-13 07:34


  • Gregory - 2012-04-13 01:25

    Great stuff keep it up. Don't register f***k sanral and their thieving e tags.

  • Gerald Jordaan - 2012-04-13 01:26

    NICE!! ANC turkeys...get the message? If not you are as thick as horse manure!!

  • James - 2012-04-13 01:44


  • Eban - 2012-04-13 01:50

    get the majority to pay their taxes legitimately (starting with taxi drivers) then stop looking at kinky ways to extract money,

      zamom - 2012-04-13 13:06

      Taxi Drivers actually do pay tax. They are registered employees for the most part....

      Jacqui - 2012-04-14 12:17

      Now if we can get everyone to be so determined about banning everything Chinese and boycotting Vietnames outlets, the Rhino also stand a good chance to survive.

  • Gregory - 2012-04-13 02:25

    You can steal from some people some time , but you can't steal from all the people all the time .

  • Lionel - 2012-04-13 04:34

    South Africans tend to be too docile when it comes to so-called authority - I'm hoping this will reverse that trend - the Govt must realize the WE are its employer - even the poor, who still pay VAT.

      Bobby - 2012-04-13 21:27

      Good you mention that. Poor people should remember that they pay tax, a hefty 14% on almost EVERYTHING they purchase. There's no such thing as a non-tax payer in this country.

      Jacqui - 2012-04-14 12:17

      I so agree with you on this. Lord they are beyond docile.

  • Gemma-Leigh - 2012-04-13 05:17

    I don't frequently make use of the highway, but even I feel strongly opposed to the proposed toll road system.1. The fact that they went ahead with the construction of the tolls despite not having the appropriate go ahead is not our fault and we should not be penalized for it. 2. People are already struggling with the latest petrol hike and upcoming electricity hike, what makes anyone think that everyone will be able to even afford this tolling system? 3. Food and consumables prices are bound to sky rocket once the tolling system is implemented. Those who currently live month to month on their salaries will now struggle to make ends meet. 4. Why should Gauteng alone be forced to undergo such a system?! This is extortion!! South Africa is one of the highest taxed countries in the much more does government want to steal from the impoverished and working class whilst having no true concern for their welfare?!

  • Victor - 2012-04-13 05:28

    I am not registering either, they can send me a bill.

      Joan Lovatt - 2012-04-13 05:41

      good idea goverment will take their time to find a relative who can head up chasing the non registered eeish

  • Lauden Kirk - 2012-04-13 05:31

    A perfect example of first world law in third world earning zone. Trying to mix oil and water. Sickening

  • braamc - 2012-04-13 06:24

    Nothing but more theft from Joe Public

  • KenB - 2012-04-13 06:38

    I am so proud of you people standing together on this thieving ANC govt. Please dont buy an e-tag. You will get an increase almost immediately and at regular intervals. Who wants half the Gauteng government getting their fat tingers in your bank account

      Jacqui - 2012-04-14 12:20

      Yes, me too, I am really proud that finally people are standing up and fighting for what they believe in. Who knows where it may lead. Yahoooooo.

  • Dumisani - 2012-04-13 06:41

    I say BURN!!!!!! e-toll!!!

  • Warwick - 2012-04-13 06:53

    sanral, when I get buried, I want it to be under your toll plaza so that you can kiss my backside for eternity. We will not get tagged for your corrupt cronies. We have nothing left to take anyway, you clowns stole it all - remember?

  • Muhammed - 2012-04-13 07:01

    Great news! If we all unite we can defeat this e-toll claptrap.

      Jacqui - 2012-04-14 12:21

      If we all unite, we can defeat anything. It is called the power of the people.

  • Steve - 2012-04-13 07:01

    I bought three ..... it will happen

      Thando - 2012-04-13 07:42

      You're an idiot

      Heiku - 2012-04-13 08:05

      You suck.

      Warwick - 2012-04-13 08:51

      Steve.............bad things happen when good people do nothing. You condone the corruption, pure & simple.

      Zing - 2012-04-13 08:52

      Make sure you put all three in the same car. Just incase one doesn't work. Because you deserve to get robbed by SANRAL.

      Snoopy - 2012-04-13 08:56


      betsy.compaan - 2012-04-13 09:01 your bank account belongs to Government

      IcemanGP - 2012-04-13 09:07

      So you agree to the new plan of screwing Joe citizen. What they use on you? KY or blossom? Or you like it rough?

      thinga - 2012-04-13 09:08

      The three you bought are for those three thumbs-up, idiot.

      Keith - 2012-04-13 09:10

      Zing, you are mad. 3 e-tags in one car - you'll be charged 3 times as you pass each gantry!

      Nicholas - 2012-04-13 09:16

      and when the rest of us get this thing stopped you will benefit from it!

      Nina - 2012-04-13 09:28

      Hang your head in shame Steve!

      Ian - 2012-04-13 09:36

      I will NOT be registering, however my wife works for a corporate ( Nedbank ) and has been told by her boss that she will have to register when the come round to the offices, perhaps it would also be an idea to either flood the corporate web pages with comments or to boycott the companies seen to support it.

      Rob - 2012-04-13 09:49

      Steve, what does an etag look like. what is it`s size? Does one have to have it fitted or do you fit it yourself? Where is it placed? What is it made of?

      Irene - 2012-04-13 10:55

      OMG You make me ill.

      Aaron - 2012-04-13 11:58

      @Ian Tell your wife that no company can legally force you to buy an E-Tag and if they take any action based on her refusal to do so that she should go directly to the CCMA. Alternatively, if she feels she has no choice, just microwave it for a few minutes.

      Nirosha - 2012-04-13 12:42

      Steve, are you for real?

      Scouter - 2012-04-13 12:49

      @Steve - Anybody who gives this government carte blanche access to their personal or company bank account is in need of serious psychiatric evaluation

      KenB - 2012-04-13 16:40

      Sell out

      William - 2012-04-14 06:46

      are you mad

      Thomas - 2012-04-14 09:00

      Hey Steve do you miss your ward in Weskoppies? Maybe you must go back there!!!!!!!!

  • sbmaphumulo - 2012-04-13 07:09

    ...use public transport to cut-out on the e-toll bills? I bought a car to run away from the damn wanna send me back?

  • Carry - 2012-04-13 07:15


      Koos - 2012-04-13 07:48

      There is no doubt that the tax payer will fit the bill e-tag or not. Government WILL let it go ahead. It’s just becoming too expensive to be called a South African.

  • elenor.besteman - 2012-04-13 07:23

    Ok goverment maybe you do not understand let us try again: WHERE are we going to get the money from to pay?WHERE are we going to get the money from to pay?WHERE are we going to get the money from to pay?WHERE are we going to get the money from to pay?WHERE are we going to get the money from to pay?WHERE are we going to get the money from to pay? Do you not understand our question?

      Johnnie - 2012-04-13 09:10

      They will not be able to understand the question because they have not yet been taught how to read.When the ANC took over in 1994 they started breaking everything down, now they are trying to invent the wheel, and they have not even invented a splitpin yet.

  • Martin - 2012-04-13 07:31

    all major projects i.e. arms procurement was riddled with corruption. Why would this be any different? especially since, the cash is being collected by a foreign company with kickbacks to who knows where. This whole concept is fishy from start to finish. I am not paying for more corruption

  • Chantelle - 2012-04-13 07:37

    Hope that this country has FINALLY learnt its lesson by constantly voting for ANC. Think its time for a change!! So proud of us all standing against this. Just goes to show that no matter what your colour or tax bracket, we all deal with the same issues. None of us want to keep funding the Governments lifestyle!!

      ryan.macdougall - 2012-04-13 08:17

      please no leason has been learnt. Next Year the dumb and ignorent will still deemand a frreee house and deemand joobs. No it will take years and years to get rid of his anc cancer. I hope JZ burn now with this suprem court case. Coruption starts at the top and FYI I have it on good athority that nelson mandela was involved in the arms deal.

  • Leon - 2012-04-13 07:38

    This might yet become the government scandal know as Tollgate!

  • revaro.winkler - 2012-04-13 07:39

    people should not go register it wil be dump stop being so afraid of governmant

  • Neville - 2012-04-13 07:40

    It is NOT ILLEGAL to drive on the freeways without an E-Tag.

  • akerrgraham - 2012-04-13 07:44

    DON'T REGISTER!!!! I will not do it!

  • Koos - 2012-04-13 07:44

    Just remember guys, once they have you, your details and your bank account they can pretty much do as they please. In one year they can put up the tolls 300% and you won’t be able to stop them taking the money. They “have given discount” but be careful, government has spent a lot of pension money here so just be careful.

  • Deon - 2012-04-13 07:46

    and still at every election the majority votes for this corrupt government

      ronzaled - 2012-04-13 08:53

      Who do you really think votes the anc in power? its not the Black Middle class who pays taxes, its the people who the government is still able to manipulate by promising them that doomsday(Apartheid) will come if they don't. i for one don't give a rat's ass about the government

  • sjg7373 - 2012-04-13 07:47


  • Jneerasingh - 2012-04-13 07:52

    One senses that there's going to be a lot more to this than just what can be seen at the surface. Where did the Government get the money to pay for this? A similar debate ranged previously with Provident Funds being misused for selfish gain. Watch this space. Public Servants are going to be shocked!

  • Gisela - 2012-04-13 07:52

    Imagine the chaos if we all changed our number plates to government - GAB123G or Military - R12345 or Diplomatic - 001D000D. The e-toll bills would go back to our unbeloved Pres or his cronies. LOL. Fraud and corruption opportunities are endless

  • Sazi - 2012-04-13 07:53

    I'm very proud of you people!!! LET'S SHOW THEM!!! They cant arrest all of us!!!!!

  • apepler1 - 2012-04-13 07:55

    Any attempt to part us and the little money we earn after TAXES......... I will NOT be registering!

  • eugene.meyer1980 - 2012-04-13 07:56

    Okay, so lets register for these e-tags, and make a success of this system. And when government realize that theres so many others stealing money from it, and theres nothing left to steal, whats to stop them from coming up with another stupid tax to steal money from us??? I say, lets not allow for this new gravy train to leave the station, because if we do its going to be hard de-railing it, and there will be another one coming up really soon.

      Bless Boswell - 2012-04-13 08:28

      It's there already - when they run outta money, they put the petrol price up.

  • WigzellRM - 2012-04-13 08:05

    I have no intention of driving on those roads.

  • Trevor - 2012-04-13 08:06

    I'm too scared to give them access to my bank account. Send me the bill in the post rather. I would love to see how they are going control the billing procedure and police it for non-payers. There is no way they can! I will never get E-Tagged!

      Keith - 2012-04-13 09:20

      It's simple really. If Sanral does not collect enough money the government will give them powers to impound any vehicle whose owner owes toll fees. Sanral will then impound so many vehicles that business comes to a halt. There will be so many impounded vehicles that the road will be clogged and closed. When the roads are cleared government will then make it an offence NOT to drive on the tolled road. I'm all right, Jack, I never go to the Transvaal.

      KenB - 2012-04-13 16:44

      Brave soul. That Steve should have your balls

  • Rob - 2012-04-13 08:07

    Well, they (the government) certainly played this intelligently!!!!! The tolls have become a rallying point for everything that is wrong with the anc and the current administration. Keep it up, don't register, don't pay....maybe even don't use but rather conjest untolled roads. In other words keep sending the message that you are not happy with the corruption and screwed up country.

  • Morama - 2012-04-13 08:12

    ANC's welss are running dry,they are now looking for the new way of milking it.Am tired with this "Gravy Brigade".

  • wikus.schalkwyk - 2012-04-13 08:15

    Getting this E-Tag is like getting the Mark of the Beast, next thing we will all have to get micro chipped just to buy food. Stop this nonsense. If overall taxes were lifted, then yes, maybe fair use policy on roads for maintenance is a good idea. Not this E-Tolling $h!t...

  • wayne.kukard - 2012-04-13 08:17

    Oh yes use public transport so we can die in a taxi or Putco bus or be shot at in a Gautrain bus. Woman raped and men mugged!!!! IF THERE WAS A GOOD PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM we could've used it but the money goes to the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Instead of building a well oiled public transport system Malema's house gets built and ministers goes on lavish trips around the world. Drive Mercedes Benz's and live like kings! I wish South African can wake up for a change!!! YOU ARE BEING ROBBED AND YOU ARE KEEPING THE PEOPLE WHO ROBS YOU IN POWER! Idiots!