Gay men killers may have been found

2012-11-15 11:40

Johannesburg - Gauteng police believe a gang may be responsible for the killing of eight gay men, The Star reported on Thursday.

Police told the newspaper it identified a common suspect in four cases, and believed a gang was responsible for the serial gay murders.

Major-General Norman Taioe, head of Gauteng's police detective branch, said a team of detectives was assessing all eight cases in search of other suspects.

The gang's members apparently gained the trust of their victims. Once invited to their homes, they killed and robbed them.

Three men were arrested at the weekend for involvement in the murder of Barney van Heerden, a year after his death.

The trio appeared in the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court on Monday.

  • Andrea - 2012-11-15 11:55

    The headline needs to be changed. It sound like the "man killers" are gay.

      rbphiri - 2012-11-15 12:02

      These HomoCides need to come to an end. When the gang is arrested they will forcefully be gay in prison.

      simphiwe - 2012-11-15 13:06

      You have poor grasp of the English language

      john.kirkwood.9619 - 2012-11-15 13:26

      never thougt if it like that RPiri but what a story well done the the investigating team.

  • PrettyUsefulArt - 2012-11-15 11:55

    Good grief! I've heard of serial killers operating in pairs, but in groups? Sheesh. Ku Klux Klan kinda behaviour. Flipping hell. In this day and age?

  • wesley.bischoff - 2012-11-15 11:58

    Well done. If it was them, i hope they are convicted. Hopefully they will be sentenced to more than 10 years.

  • briana.scott - 2012-11-15 12:00

    I would say that I hope they suffer the full wrath of the law but our justice system isn't much to go on. Where is the Death Penalty? This is clearly a 'Hate Crime', which nobody cares to admit happens in this country so full of hate.

  • irene.buthelezi.1 - 2012-11-15 12:15

    Good news. Bring back the death penalty.

  • amy.payne.5648 - 2012-11-15 12:21

    Seriously what with this gay phobia/hatred wasn't their a story awhile back where security guards stood by while violence against homosexuals in a university took place .I was asked or tag questioned that men are made for woman ,sure biologically it is a means of reproduction not that any more children need to be born into this sick twisted world.So some people are gay ,if they're happy let them be ,the people who should be murdered are child molesters rapists .

  • Willie Olivier - 2012-11-15 12:46

    So, the gay witch-hunt has started in South Africa. Well, lets identified these people's place of employment or their business and boycott them! They will stop if its affecting their pockets or they lose their jobs!

      irene.buthelezi.1 - 2012-11-15 16:10

      Huh? Homophobic twit or what?

  • michael.taylorw - 2012-11-15 12:46

    The scary thing is, these guys are up there with the worst serial killers who ever roamed the earth. What is even more scary, is the shear amount of serial killers who walk the streets of South Africa!

  • Michel Lafon - 2012-11-15 13:14

    girls better - they may only go with yr cellphone.

  • etienne.shardlow - 2012-11-15 13:16

    So now the men were murdered and robbed? All reports prior to this have claimed that nothing of any value was taken. Is this an attempt by the cops to deny that these are hate crimes?

      briana.scott - 2012-11-15 14:08

      i have no doubt.

  • lieliecooper - 2012-11-15 13:47

    took long, but finally something positive

  • sicelo.brukwe.9 - 2012-11-15 14:50

    Please don't waste time hang them quickly before they poison other people!

  • - 2012-11-15 15:31

    bad thinks brings wicked action, if da law is not strngthed mor bad tink wil occur.the law maker should b guided by da holy bok an not from wat thy tink is ryt

      irene.buthelezi.1 - 2012-11-15 16:11

      Your sad thought patterns are as bizarre as your spelling and grammar.

  • jungleboy - 2013-03-06 16:29

    I guess we see them next week, sipping cappuccinos at Sandton City, once they pay the R10 bail.

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