German man rescues UCT student

2010-11-17 10:05

Camps Bay - A German citizen on Tuesday saved the life of a University of Cape Town student who was swept out to sea while swimming at Camp's Bay.

Marks Mhlafu, 19, a first-year student, went swimming with Bright Mahlangu, 21, from Mpumalanga and Stephen Mokhua, 19, from Bloemfontein, at Maiden's Cove in Camp's Bay.

But strong sea currents and a wind of about 40 knots swept them away in the direction of Glen Beach.

Christoph Mueller, 34, a German citizen who has been in the country since January and is currently doing his master's degree in international trade at the University of the Western Cape, saw the men were in trouble and rushed to help them.


"I sat on the beach when I saw how they were struggling in the water. I ran into the water and swam around a big rock to reach them.

"It was very difficult because the sea was powerful and the wind was very strong," said Mueller.

"When I reached him (Mhlafu), he was lying on his stomach in the water. I turned him around and swam with him to the rocks.

"He wasn't breathing."

Mueller struggled to reach the rocks but once he did, he pulled Mhlafu out of the sea.

"Foam was coming out of his mouth and he started breathing."

Two people came to help Mueller, who was shaking and full of scratches and bruises, and informed the authorities of the incident.

Mhlangu and Mokhua were able to get out of the water themselves.

Mhlafu was taken to Somerset Hospital. He is in a serious but stable condition.

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  • Valkerie - 2010-11-17 10:08

    Well done that man!!!

  • Goldfish - 2010-11-17 10:54

    Congratulations to Christoph Mueller on saving a life. I hope Marks gets well soon.

  • Crispy_Duck - 2010-11-17 10:56

    Nice work, Christoph!

  • Superdude - 2010-11-17 10:58

    Give that man a Bells! Seriously though, good job.

      colafantacervezabeer - 2010-11-17 20:04

      I second the Bells, a deserving fellow

  • Stollie - 2010-11-17 11:03

    South African takes the life of a tourist... days later tourist saves the life of a South African...

  • ta.maximus - 2010-11-17 11:25

    Christoph Mueller is a hero. Great to see there are still people like him around!

  • v3 - 2010-11-17 11:27

    Well done, Christoph Mueller! Every Capetonian will tell you that upcountry visitors do not respect the Mountain, the Wind or the sea. Fortunately this incident ended well, but, please, upcountry visitors, respect Nature - she is more powerful than you can imagine. Oh, and do not be careless with fire.

  • ta.maximus - 2010-11-17 11:28

    Christoph Mueller is a hero, great to see people like him still exists!

  • Peter - 2010-11-17 11:38

    Christoph Mueller is a hero, glad to see there are still people like him around.

  • gilliansan - 2010-11-17 12:41

    Good person in the right place at the right time - hats off dude!

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