Get over it, Tambo's daughter tells Zuma

2012-05-21 08:05

Johannesburg - The daughter of the late ANC veteran Oliver Tambo showed little sympathy for President Jacob Zuma's complaint about a portrait of himself exposing his genitals, The Star reported on Monday.

Tselane Tambo posted the following message on a social networking site: "So the Pres JZ has had his portrait painted and he doesn't like it.

"Do the poor enjoy poverty? Do the unemployed enjoy hopelessness? Do those who can't get housing enjoy homelessness? He must get over it. No one is having a good time. He should inspire the reverence he craves. This portrait is what he inspired. Shame neh! [sic]"

The 1.85m-high painting titled The Spear is part of Brett Murray's Hail to the Thief II exhibition at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg.

The portrait has sparked debate about freedom of expression and the right to dignity and privacy.

The ANC was set to argue in court on Tuesday that the painting should be removed because it violated Zuma's right to dignity and made a mockery of his office.

  • Gregg - 2012-05-21 08:09

    couldn't agree more!

      John - 2012-05-21 08:34

      As we all agree on this lets debate: Why was not erected?

      Martin - 2012-05-21 09:49

      cos he is an impotent communist posing as lenin

      Raymond - 2012-05-21 11:05

      More to the point John, why was he elected?

  • Rabble-Rouser - 2012-05-21 08:10

    At last. Somebody with a bit of sense. Well said Tselane Tambo. Zuma and his irrational clan are just perpetuating the pain. Let it go and it blow over in a few days. The more noise they make about the longer it will hang around like a bad smell.

  • Charles-Bronson - 2012-05-21 08:10

    Tell the old man he is not the only god of africa. They are thiefs of goverment!

  • Christo - 2012-05-21 08:10

    Say it like it is! :) Talking 100% sense.

      Jean - 2012-05-21 09:12

      I actually do think the painting must be removed cos in a sense it is degrading cos if it was zille we all would have thrown a bitch fit and a half (and you anc supporters should shut up cos you would have hailed the painting) but I do agree with tambo that zuma brought it upon himself hence the exhibition's name. The artist could have depicted zuma in a more harsher way that could have made more sense of the way he runs the country and the lack of leadership than exposing him in way that was quite generous.

      antoinette.jordaan - 2012-05-21 12:32

      No Jean........ Zille can take critism, no matter it's format. That's a part of their job description. Sure, their might have been other ways, but let's face sure as hell got the topic NOTICED, SPOKEN about's out there now. No matter what they do, it's already out in the public eye.

      gemmaleigh.evans.3 - 2012-05-21 13:29

      @Jean, I beg to differ, I may be a DA supporter, but even I wouldn't go to such lengths as to go all up in arms over an insulting portrait of Zille. She's a big girl...she can fight her own's only one artist. And yes, the artist didn't have to go about his statement in quite the manner he did...but that's what art is about...freedom of expression. Musicians are equally guilty of using their medium to express their opinions as freely as they do.

  • John - 2012-05-21 08:11

    Tslane is right. He should grow a pair and get over it. They artist should pay JZ and the rest for all the media publicity.

  • denis.delaport - 2012-05-21 08:13

    It is not clear, is it that portion of the body below the belt or that portion above the belt that makes a mockery of his office.????????

      gailcarolynhayes - 2012-05-21 10:05

      The part above the belt is firmly situated in the part depicted below the belt including the shower attachment.

      Ec - 2012-05-21 14:16

      Waaaaahahahaaha! Denis - well said!

      Muriel Buchanan - 2014-08-03 07:30

      No its the portion above his neck

  • Christopher Zoony De Croes - 2012-05-21 08:14

    give this lady a BELLs !!!

      munenenneku - 2012-05-21 13:48

      yeah! true

  • Sibusiso - 2012-05-21 08:15

    Well zuma deserves it, his pair is always outside, he has kids outside of marriage, he confessed in court that he sleeps around (get it? His pair is always outside) the artist just put what he does in a drawing form. I would pay the artist to draw something about his brains

      Koos - 2012-05-21 08:19

      He has a blank canvas in the backroom.

      Sibusiso - 2012-05-21 08:32

      Hahaha koos that's a good one, but you must draw some bright brains around him, like brains of the public prosecutor so that you don't give the retards that always racialize everything something to chew on. If you don't do that trust me in this South Africa, you will be labelled a racist not a truth teller

      Sibusiso - 2012-05-21 08:33

      Hahaha koos that's a good one, but you must draw some bright brains around him, like brains of the public prosecutor so that you don't give the retards that always racialize everything something to chew on. If you don't do that trust me in this South Africa, you will be labelled a racist not a truth teller

      Nicolaas - 2012-05-21 18:48

      Hi Sibu, really because it will be a waste of the artist time. Why, how can you draw something that does not exist. That canvas will stay blank permanently, indicating Zoomer's brains!

      Raymond - 2012-05-22 19:50

      There are NO brains.The artist will have to draw a balloon.A big red balloon filled with hot air.

  • juanita.nysschen - 2012-05-21 08:17

    @bmntwaphi - Respect must be earned..........

  • Herman - 2012-05-21 08:17

    I just love infighting in the anc......

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-05-21 09:43

      Herman, Yes, but unfortunatelly Tokyo Sexwale and Julius Malema will have the last laugh ! And than we are all f.cked !!!

  • calvin.ndlovu1 - 2012-05-21 08:18

    eish with genitals it wasnt right but it also potrays wat msholozi with so many wives!!

      Marion - 2012-05-21 09:44

      @calvin - the same constitution that allows for 'freedom of expression' allows for more than one wife. My only real issue with his many wives and children is that the taxpayer supports them and we shouldn't be asked to pay for more than one wife and x number of children. This painting portrays him as much worse than just having many wives. And everyone, male and female, who is saying that this painting depicts him as he really is should look back into their own lives and think about all the times they have had multiple sex partners, unprotected sex, extramarital sex, some even having deserted their children etc., They are all holier than thou now and the president has become easy game, both in his public and private life. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I believe this painting, and our response to it, says more about the citizens of South Africa than it does about JZ.

      Vicker - 2012-05-21 10:24

      Difference is Marion, that Zoomer is a public figure who holds the highest office in the country, and who should lead by example, but fails dismally at it. For this reason alone he is fair game...

      Marion - 2012-05-21 11:26

      @Vicker - when JZ became president he became so despite what many here consider to be his culture and his failings, including the rape and corruption debacles. And the vast majority of people who voted him in accept that culture, as is their right. I disagree that we should pay for all those marriages and offspring over and above what a monogamous relationship would have produced. @kenny - I am happy to hear that you don't have multiple sex partners (please note though that I said 'have had' in my comment) and that you haven't deserted your children. Very few people these days can boast about being virgins when they eventually get married - multiple sex partners. A large portion of marriages end in divorce resulting in more sex outside of marriage. Children are ripped apart psychologically during and after a divorce. Yet that sort of behaviour is okay because it isn't the president of the country doing it and it isn't african culture. The freedom of the press has ensured that we hear about anything they can uncover in the corridors of power. We constantly debate news items and we debate behaviours online, in conversations with our friends etc., across race groups. In my opinion, this painting has not achieved anything other than to increase anger in SA. I, for instance, am angry that so many see this vulgarity as being nothing less than what the president deserves when their own lives are unlikely to pass moral scrutiny in many respects. Hypocrites.

      nkululeko.gcwensa - 2012-05-21 20:01

      Lost black generation...mmmmm!!! shame on you with shallow understanding. Imagine if this was your father.@Marion your point is clear and matured well done!!!

  • Don.Tandy - 2012-05-21 08:18

    Showerhead by his mere presence makes a mockery of the presidency. He needs to understand that respect is something one has to earn, and he has earned nothing in that regard.

  • gregory.jurgens - 2012-05-21 08:19

    Well said lady Tambo. It's time Zuma realized being president is not just fancy suits, ladies and large aircraft.

      nkululeko.gcwensa - 2012-05-21 20:02

      mmmmmmm!!!!! Jealous

  • hein.helmand - 2012-05-21 08:20

    HEITA JZ HEITA. Nobody offered to buy it.Any bids,where shall we start,i have R100 R100,do i hear R150

      Mewik - 2012-05-21 08:28

      Um it was sold before any of these stories made it to the papers for R136 000? Clearly you missed the boat.

      William - 2012-05-21 08:29

      Some German guy bought it for R130k. Maybe the artist should buy JZ a bottle of Johnny blue 7 a thank you note!

      Martin - 2012-05-21 08:32

      aaaah man, i would have loved it in my dining room

      Mhinkie - 2012-05-21 13:43

      the portrait with his genitals hanging has been bought allready......some oversees state!

      John - 2012-05-22 03:29

      I hope the German donates it to the Louvre in Paris on condition it has a plaque explaining exactly what it depicts and hangs in the hall of the infamous. A copy of it already hangs in my local pub in Thailand with a picture of Obama along side. Obama's portrait reads "President of the USA" Zuma's says "President of South Africa, a banana republic"

  • Breinlekkasie - 2012-05-21 08:22

    Maybe Jacob's compliant is that The Spear doesn't have as much substance as a spear should have.

      lownabester - 2012-05-21 08:43

      hahahaha With all his wifes it might just be possible that its getting a wee bit smaller

  • Ziyaad - 2012-05-21 08:23

    Dear Tselani Tambo, i am what they call a Muslim Black Foreign National :) I am in your contry south africa simply because to live under rulers & like here in your home town was the net result why i fled.

      Don.Tandy - 2012-05-21 08:27


      mosale.magwele - 2012-05-21 08:37

      Hehehehe!flee some more

      Sibusiso - 2012-05-21 08:37

      If you are legal and skilled you are welcome, I will give you a bells. But if you are a criminal we don't need you. Our lawyers and insurance companies have a lot of people that bring business to them. I assume you are legal, so welcome to S.A, I hope your profession and skills will help build a better S.A

      Sam - 2012-05-21 08:47


      lmadikwe - 2012-05-21 09:35

      En nou???????

      Maredi - 2012-05-21 12:54

      Why are you a Muslim anyway?

      Chrissie - 2012-05-22 15:57

      Most probably from Nigeria.. come to the land of milk and honey!

  • MyThoughtsToo - 2012-05-21 08:26

    Give this woman a Bell's!

      gemmaleigh.evans.3 - 2012-05-21 13:41

      @Poloyatonki...she has more balls than our president if she's able to see our president for what he is.

  • Christopher Zoony De Croes - 2012-05-21 08:26

    lol a german buyer brought the painting hein

      hein.helmand - 2012-05-21 08:31

      Now we need a lady painting to match. The German buyer will loooove it

      Werner - 2012-05-22 11:15

      Hahaha @ Hein: Maybe one of Thuli Madonsela with bigger balls than JZ... Cause she definitely has them! Respect to her!!!

  • johannes.ramara - 2012-05-21 08:27

    If the Government or the Anc is not happy with the portrait so are the masses about the services provided by the Anc and their goverment. t is the taste of their own medicine. Get over it and start doing good and people will do you good. Continue to fumble and zapiro would come out with a suitable portrait.

  • Carol - 2012-05-21 08:28

    Oh, well said ... aside from the painting itself, her comment is probably the most intelligent thing to come from this ...

  • Aristar - 2012-05-21 08:29

    Good on ya girl. See No one has kicked up a fuss about Ayanda Mabula's painting. But then she is black and she is allowed to say what she likes. But yes, thank you for that link. Maybe she will sell it for an absolute fortune, like Brett.

      Martin - 2012-05-21 08:36

      hahahahah classic painting, is that one sold?

      phathiswa.magopeni - 2012-05-21 12:42

      Ayanda is a man and the painting WAS sold long before Brett painted his.

  • LuMi2810 - 2012-05-21 08:30

    I thought JZ would have been happy that they finally found his 'machine'..

      Cristina - 2012-05-21 12:19


  • Tugwana - 2012-05-21 08:31

    Painting JZ in a derogatory fashion will create jobs, give ppl food & housing, stop corruption in govmnt & in municipalities, make govmnt scrape e-tolls, get his sons out of business deals, divorce his wives etc. Is JZ the ANC? Did he put himself up there? Why single out the individual for the sins of the ANC & its policies?

      Koos - 2012-05-21 08:38

      You want to tell me his women are anc prostitutes? Did the anc forced him to be corrupt? or is corruption anc policy?

      Tugwana - 2012-05-21 09:50

      Attacking the man personally smacks of shortsightedness, or a kind of scaperoute. Problems in this country are bigger than Zuma but not the anc. Zuma does nothing outside of the anc culture of doing things. Insulting Zuma will never change anything, Pres come and go but problems will remain beause its roots are still alive & potent.

      sven.gohre - 2012-05-21 10:13

      Marion, just because he has not been found guilty by a court of law does not mean he is innocent. He is presumed innocent, which is not the same thing as been innocent. One day he will get his day in court and then I am sure he will be joining Shabby Shake on a golf course somewhere with some life threatening disease.

      ChronicDJ - 2012-05-21 11:48

      Point taken. But the image that is being complained about is just one of a whole range of works on the current government and abuses of power. If JZ and the ANC where more clued they would realise that this one is the least challenging of the ANC and the president compared to the others.

      wo0two0t - 2012-05-22 13:31

      Tugwana - we all know SA has its problems but what we saying is that Zuma isnt helping whatsoever in fact he seems to promote a racist SA which in turn helps the ANC. Anyone can see the ANC rely on racism to survive. Just ask any ANC supporter why they support the ANC. Just my 2 cents.

  • Marion - 2012-05-21 08:32

    What I am really interested in hearing is the opinions of leaders of other political parties on this e.g. DA, FF+, COPE, religion-based political parties. Disappointingly, the silence from within their ranks is deafening. Unless I missed their comments over the weekend.

      Koos - 2012-05-21 08:39

      DA will say it is not acceptable. You can guess why.

      Eye's Que - 2012-05-21 10:30

      No Marion, I don't agree. The sutle silence is deafening. I love it! If they DID agree with Zuma throwing his toys out of his cot over his true to life portrait, they would make themselves heard BUT the fact that the other parties are all keeping 'mum', is very clever indeed!!! They also think he is a BIG PRICK!!!

      Bambanani - 2012-05-21 12:18

      u probable the only person who speak sense in this article,i think they silent because they cant think,they dont have guts to say anything,they waiting for the courts to think for them.

      Henry.E.S.Moorcroft - 2012-05-21 12:32

      Marion they have to keep quiet because the ANC always tell us all that it is an internal problem that they must solve. So I think they are just doing that...

      Merven - 2012-05-21 12:52

      Why must the other political parties comment? It got nothing to do with them.

  • SirFGrumpy - 2012-05-21 08:33

    At last a lady with some sense. and you're spot on. Zuma went to great "length's" to discredit himself. He deserves the ridicule, with great power comes great responsibility - quote Francois-Marie Arouet aka Voltaire. Be aware that when you sit in the presidential suite, you can't just whip out your member, look where that got Bill Clinton!

      William - 2012-05-21 08:34

      Wasn't it Louis the 14th that said that?

      Jones.Jacq - 2012-05-21 13:28

      I thought it was spidermans uncle ;)

  • Brad.Kopping - 2012-05-21 08:34

    Oy! Give that girl a bells!

  • Dianne - 2012-05-21 08:34

    I completely agree! While I agree that the painting was in very poor taste, enough has been reported and written about it now.

  • James - 2012-05-21 08:34

    cool story bro :)

  • Letjiela - 2012-05-21 08:37


      Phae - 2012-05-21 08:42

      What DA drawing? Not everything we do is connected to a political party. Many of us live in freedom from sports team mentality.

      Iceberg - 2012-05-21 09:19

      Phae, she ment "the" drawing as in There is nothing wrong with "the" drawing :D

  • Sipho - 2012-05-21 08:38

    If u can't respect me as a person, the least you can do is respect my position. Not that I promote what our president stands for, but this is taking things a bit further. Wether we like it or not, he is STILL the president of SA.

      FooFunk - 2012-05-21 09:49

      Absolutely a person in that sort of position has to be respected.....Madiba was/is respected but respect is only given where it is due....he has not given us any reason to respect him, he certainly doesnt seem to have respect for us....we live in a democracy, we have the right to give him/them our opinion of them and as it shows its not a good one.

      rita.dutoit1 - 2012-05-21 09:51

      Sipho if you want respect you should respect others, because he is the president he cannot do what he wants, he is a high tree and catches wind!

      Edward - 2012-05-21 10:44

      Sadly yes, he is still the President!

      Maredi - 2012-05-21 12:58

      Prsident of what, South Africa? We don't have a president!

      lebogang.molefo - 2012-05-21 15:13

      What do you say about this painting???

  • solomontja - 2012-05-21 08:40

    That's jst being disrespectful u lil brat, I mean wud she told dat 2 her father if dey dd da same? Nxa

      Phae - 2012-05-21 08:45

      Lil brat? She's probably older than you.

      Sagren - 2012-05-21 08:50

      you must be a prevaliged one neh..... how many tenders did you get.

      Tinky - 2012-05-21 10:44

      Please write in a language that is universally accepted as one, the gibberish that you spew is intelligible. It is an insult to everyone who tries to comment in an intelligent manner, including yourself.

  • lownabester - 2012-05-21 08:41

    Way to go, Ms Tselane Tambo. Agree 100%

  • elkita.robbertse - 2012-05-21 08:44

    Tselane are great and clever.Take 5.You say what you see and feel.That i call brains

  • Paul - 2012-05-21 08:44

    Good for you Tselane!

  • netswera.livhuwani - 2012-05-21 08:45

    This sister is good,JZ just have too much sh...t to talk about.

  • Norman - 2012-05-21 08:45

    The painting doesn't make a mockery of President Zuma's Office, he does that all by himself.

  • Sagren - 2012-05-21 08:47

    "mockery of his office" pah, he is mocking our country - the dare he claim that. Great for OT's kid to stick it to him - her father was (no.... IS) a great man - even in death he stands head and shoulders above us all.

  • Keith - 2012-05-21 08:47

    This is a true african woman who can lead a country I feel comrade Tselane Tambo should get a chance to be given a platform and who knows to lead the country out of shame .Long live the spirit of Tambo

  • Pieter Mulder - 2012-05-21 08:48

    Hail this lady. She calls a spade a spade!!!!!!! Well done!!!!

      Molefi - 2012-05-21 12:16

      correction; she calls a spear, a spear!

  • Jacques - 2012-05-21 08:52

    You can see she's got the genes! Respect, sisi.

  • elkita.robbertse - 2012-05-21 08:52

    Polodonki.I thougt you would be on the field under some player galloping your heart out.....Your hate will consume you.Just wait.................

  • JohnnoBfree - 2012-05-21 08:53

    If JZ and the ANC had just made a joke of the whole thing and said for an example \ it's not big enough so obviously the artist knows nothing about me\ then the whole debacle would have gone away in a flash. Instead we have a huge \maraka\ about nothing when there are more important things to deal with. It's almost a week of this nonsense over a painting but still the people have no jobs, house etc. Get with the program, chaps, or burn.

  • butiomkhulu - 2012-05-21 08:54

    100% corect Ms Tambo he must lead by xampl,many r sufering but busy with dis polgamy thing,he must respect himself b4 we cn respect him(wat image does he bring 2 us as de curent youth of dis country)is he teaching us 2 hv many partners

  • elkita.robbertse - 2012-05-21 08:54

    Ndira;Oliver Tambo was not a pervert.

  • Paul - 2012-05-21 08:55

    hat off to you Ms. Tambo!!! well done, i salute you!

  • Bomb - 2012-05-21 08:55

    Why does no black on this forum condone the painting done by Ayanda Mbulu??????? Or is it only because this painting was done by a white? Double standards I would say.

      Molefi - 2012-05-21 12:18

      this is not about race, you stupid oaf!

  • Loo - 2012-05-21 08:55

    bwahahahaah .. you tell him girl

  • - 2012-05-21 08:58

    His office is a mockery, well said, Tselane Tambo you speak like a true democrat. i can just imagine the sickening feeling he must of experienced when he saw it for the first time " Oh damn, the people have figured me out, what now" Viva Brett Murray you hit the nail between the legs

  • Jason - 2012-05-21 08:59

    Just wonder how many people would have taken offence to their leader been shown in this way... e.g. Zille, ET and so-on. Think ET supporters would have had a massive issue with a painting like this. Zille supporters, I'm one and personally I wouldn't have been offended but I'm sure many of her supporters would have been. When you can truly put yourself in that position the Zuma supporters find themselves in now and say if it was my leader it wouldn't be an issue then you can judge. I think too often double standards exist on all sides.

      phalane.queen - 2012-05-21 09:02

      If Zille goes around sleeping with every man she comes across and take a shower to cure HIV, I\ll be very happy to see her painting with her legs wide open.

      abenathi.mzazi - 2012-05-21 09:13

      I just want to say to the last comment: The shower thing WAS taken out of context.I know many in our society who are even educated have come to accept it as truth although it is an obvious lie but Zuma took a shower after having sex, it is perhaps not so smart to assume that a man who takes a shower after having sex is trying to cure an HIV which he has not even been tested for :/.

      Jason - 2012-05-21 18:53

      Phalane that wasn't my statement... fact is if someone expressed an artistic view of Zille from a point of view you didn't agree with would you be outraged.. I guessing probably yes remember double standards judging by the responses in general on news24 its full of Hippocrates. Many like to dish out criticism but can't take if that might be you your leader your religion. They all like to show flaws in others but can't see the fault in themselves.

  • Sérgio - 2012-05-21 08:59

    Point well taken,'s a pity that the entourage of "President Penis" can't see the truth in it!