Girl in all-night vigil over dead dad

2010-09-30 08:11

Johannesburg - A 6-year-old girl from Vereeniging spent more than ten hours watching over her father's body after he was murdered by robbers.

Christo Mouton, 54, an accountant and head of Child Welfare in Vereeniging, was shot in the heart in their house in Three Rivers just before 22:00 on Tuesday.

Three robbers fled with a TV and computers.

Mouton's wife, Coral - also an accountant - was in Durban for business at the time of the attack.

Monay Mouton spent the whole night next to her father's body until their domestic worker arrived at about 07:30 on Wednesday and called the police.

Carina Huntly said on Tuesday through her tears that her only brother was "murdered for nothing".

"I spoke to them at 21:00 when they were watching something on TV. When I phoned again at 21:30, he said they were going to bed. By 22:00 he was dead."

A fright

According to Huntly, Monay woke up with a fright caused by a light and voices.

"The robbers asked her where the safe keys were but she couldn't tell them. We suspect Christo had already been shot by then. After they fled, she ran to her father's bedroom and found his body."

At first Monay apparently tried to wake her father. "She sat by his body the whole night, falling asleep and waking up with a fright over and over again.

"I think she realises that he's dead now, because she later told me: 'My daddy is with my granny now.'"

Monay was not injured but received trauma counselling. "She's the spitting image of her dad, a lovely child."

According to Vereeniging police spokesperson Shado Mashobane, no-one has been arrested in connection with the murder yet. The robbers are suspected to have gained entry to the house by breaking a window in the Moutons' home office.

"It is not yet clear exactly what was stolen and whether the robbers fled on foot or with a getaway car. The case is being investigated."