Girlfriend blackmailed with explicit pics

2012-09-28 10:19

Durban - A woman has turned to the courts to stop her abusive boyfriend from publishing explicit photographs and video footage of her on social networking sites and the internet.

The woman told the courts that her boyfriend had been physically and emotionally abusive towards her and that when she wanted to end the relationship, he threatened to post intimate photographs and of her, reported the Daily News.

The woman, who was not identified, said the man had assaulted her in front of other people, had verbally assaulted her ill mother, and had a string of criminal cases pending against him. She said she feared he may carry out his threat of killing her.

The man was ordered by the courts not to publish any intimate footage of her and was ordered to stay away from her. He also had to hand over all photographs and videos to the court.

The 22-year-old woman said she was desperate to end the relationship permanently.

“I am only in this relationship because I am afraid of the consequences if I end it,” she said.

Police said there has been a trend of women being threatened with explicit pictures, and warned women not to expose themselves to blackmail.

  • Tony Lapson - 2012-09-28 10:25

    NOTE TO ALL WOMAN... Please never allow your spouse/partner to take compromising photographs of you. Only do so if you are willing to show them to the world.

      nancy.kay.712 - 2012-09-28 10:48

      The girl was stupid to do this, and now she cries when the pictures get sent around for everyone to see.

      rbphiri - 2012-09-28 11:15

      But in most cases when there is a breakup people tend to expose naked pictures of their partners. Imagine if the president had to breakup with his wives...hell we will be seeing endless spears at certain art galleries, the media and the internet.

      susan.paul.330 - 2012-09-28 11:28

      When will they learn, don't make sex tapes, don't take sexual photo's..

      hallo.daar.56 - 2012-09-28 12:59

      Alicia - why do you always talk to the subjects in the articles as if they will read your usually extremely obvious advice?

      hallo.daar.56 - 2012-09-28 16:23

      get your head checked

      andre.joubert.37 - 2012-09-30 02:08

      Only scum stoop to this level. Good decision to report it & an epic win for justice. This shows other people in the same situation what help is available.@ Nancy, you may think the girl was stupid, but your comment is uncalled for.

      klas_goran - 2012-09-30 18:41

      @ Nancy, be careful now.You are blaming the victim. Isn´t this about trust and respect. Everybody has the human right to break up from a relation without beeing insulted afterwards.

      james.hurley.1401 - 2012-10-28 20:56

      @Nancy this from the supposed pious christian. Typical Christian, always judging others and reacting with gleeful spite when their 'immorality' results in hardship. How about some compassion?

  • christopher.m.lowe - 2012-09-28 10:40

    I hope she'll be a little more careful in selecting a partner in future. And in deciding to take her kit off for movies and photographs. What the hell was she thinking?

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-09-28 12:34

      To all those ladies out there who have allowed husband's and or anyone to film you naked here is some advice. 1. Look in the mirror and say 20 times "I'm an idiot". 2. Find them! 3. Delete them! Unless you want your teenage son to 'discover' them on the web, etc... Delete ladies, delete. No matter how many time he says its for private use only. What happens when the PC crashes and the techie gets to copy them, etc....

      laura.denys.14 - 2012-09-28 12:45

      @squeegee...'explicit'as it states in the article, doesnt always mean naked...

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-09-28 16:53

      I'll bet you it does... At the very least they are embarrassing - same result. "Explicit: graphically detailed, leaving little to the imagination sexually explicit scenes".

      hugh.robinson.56 - 2012-09-29 06:48

      But why does one need a picture of your wife or girlfriend naked in the first place when you can see her naked or in a provocative position anytime of the day? Unless of coarse the real truth be known is that these are pictures of group sex. If that is the case then lady you are a complete idiot.

      klas_goran - 2012-09-30 19:04

      From some of the comments I can just conclude that men are not to trust. To be honest and trustful and to respect the other partner, that doesn´t go with men. Is it what you mean? It seems most confusing to me...I guess the men acting like this are the ones who sholuld be blamed...

  • faizieishlah.shabalala - 2012-09-28 10:46

    Ho hum another porn victim. Wake up girls

  • frans.vanderpoll - 2012-09-28 10:48

    When you're in love you tend to do stupid things to please your partner. Let this be a lesson to her! I don't have words to describe the ex-boyfriend's actions other than disgusting and childish!

      goyougoodthing - 2012-09-28 16:52

      Doing things to please a partner is not a definition of love. It's misguided trust.

  • dieter.muller.942145 - 2012-09-28 11:11

    email it to me... i want to have a look!!!!

  • Mpotsiseng - 2012-09-28 11:16

    If you feel adventureous with your partner, remember to cover your butt and delete material after... Never trust anyone with these kinda things!! you will get screwed.. lol

      amico.amico.5 - 2012-09-28 11:48

      or you can just let him take the picture's of the 'merchandise' without exposing your face or anything that you may be identified with.

      godfried.kruger.9 - 2012-09-28 17:05

      Especially while getting screwed!

  • classwar.trotsky - 2012-09-28 11:26

    So where's the link to the pics then???

  • kitty.vanjaarsveld - 2012-09-28 11:33

    Om met so 'n "abusive" persoon te trou maak dit net nog erger en om dan nog kinders te kry - moenie sulke stupid raad gee, daar is nog vrouens wat dit sal oorweeg om te kyk of dit nie beter sal gaan nie.

  • frank.crane.180 - 2012-09-28 11:38

    Dam the man/Jody there you go again taking cheap shot and ambush marketing you hatred for all things Christian. Puts you out there with the tiny people .

  • vambozha.mutemi.9 - 2012-09-28 12:04

    She must chop my money, chop my money chop my money, cuz I don’t care Chop my money, chop my money chop my money, cuz I don’t care ...i like it for de photos

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-09-28 12:23

      you are a chop...

      sarel.brits - 2012-09-28 21:06

      You own me 8 seconds of my life back you chop I don't know what's worse this crap you wrote or me reading it or even worse me writing this comment.CHOP!

      fiona.s.ferris - 2012-09-28 22:45

      lol for quoting that song here... You are silly

  • valkyriaza - 2012-09-28 12:11

    Shame to anyone who got on their self-righteous high horse in commenting on the story! The story referred to this man being a physical and emotional abuser! It's possible that she didn't pose for those pictures willingly. He could have threatened her to pose for those pictures and present a sweet smile for the camera. If she didn't, she could have been beaten or even killed. What's more important then - one's life or a photo (no matter how embarrassing)?

  • John Peter Steyn - 2012-09-28 12:15

    What a loser. Now he will have new prison style relationship. Pappa wag vir jou!

  • mya.schultz.16 - 2012-09-28 12:18

    Blaming the victim again, judging by the comments below. The guy is a d&ick! Who knows how he got her to pose for the pictures, maybe even under duress or while she was sleeping. Abusive men are very resourceful and an abused woman will go to almost any lengths to keep them happy and calm. Even if she did willingly pose, who cares. He is still a d!ck. Full stop.

  • gerry.gee.39 - 2012-09-28 13:11

    For those of you who DO take pics and videos of intimate moments,WARNING: Deleting, or even formatting the drive will NOT work. There is a lot of free recovery software available to recover files, photo's, etc Get a good programme which will securely overwrite files on a disc or drive.

  • olivia.duplessis.1 - 2012-09-28 13:51

    Nancy, you are in idiot. If you haven't been in an abusive relationship you have no clue what these men do and threathen us with.

      koos.vandermerwe.75 - 2012-09-29 10:38

      Here is an idea. Don’t get involved with criminals and bad boys. As much as you would like to believe you can change them, you can’t. Naked pictures? Well now that is classy. Guess morality has got nothing to do with it. Tell me, how do you get “involved” with someone you don’t know? You supposed to know the person you chose to get “involved” with in the first place don’t you? Not the word “chose”... it is your “choice” after all.

  • seanne.koopman - 2012-09-28 16:29

    Everyone is so quick to judge her. Let's see.. When you meet a guy and he loves you and you love him, you don't ever think he will turn psycho on you! In that thinking, you'd happily "do what lovers do". You can only talk AFTER it's happened, but when you're IN that moment, it's another story.

      Anthea - 2012-09-28 16:51

      You are right nobody goes into a relationship thinking, gee what a creep, I think I'll go out with him anyway. Psycho's are usually very charming and persuasive. This one found out the hard way what jerks there are out there. I just hope that he goes away quietly and doesn't harm her. Explicit photo's are the least of her problems with a fruit&nut like that.

  • modiri.molosiwa - 2012-09-28 21:13

    this world

  • thabo.shaku - 2012-09-29 00:42

    This is a possible "hearsay story". Short on details: which courts, where area in Dbn are they from etc

  • znaude1 - 2012-09-29 07:51

    20/20 hindsight is wondeful. we all do stupid things now is not the time to rub it in. maturity is forgiveness and understanding.

  • samgaf - 2012-09-29 09:37

    tooo many women kiss frogs

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-09-29 12:52

      ...on camera.

  • The-madKing - 2012-09-29 20:34

    does any1 know when is the next neo-galactical strike is gonna be?

  • james.ndamba - 2012-09-30 09:01

    Some of these women have themselves to blame.I have seen girls dating known criminals who move around in cars with high radio volume and splashing money in tarvens.

  • thys.devilliers.94 - 2012-09-30 10:01

    Only one way to sort him out to stop. BLIKSEM HOM

  • trudiroos.potter - 2012-09-30 16:39

    Don't full stop do full stop it full stop.

  • pj.egolie - 2012-09-30 17:14

    For my eyes only leigh... Gr.... and thats how it should be ;}

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