Go back to work, Lonmin workers told

2012-09-08 08:31

Johannesburg - Trade union Solidarity on Friday urged striking Lonmin workers to return to work on Monday, when wage talks were set to resume.

"Solidarity now appeals to the striking workers to comply with the requirements for the negotiations, namely to lay down their arms and to return to work by Monday, so that their demand could be addressed," general secretary Gideon du Plessis said in a statement.

Facilitators from the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration had confirmed that talks about a R12 500 salary demand would continue at noon on Monday, he said.

"All parties involved, including Amcu [Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union] and representatives of the striking workers, have been invited to the negotiations.

"Solidarity... appealed to Amcu and representatives of the striking workers to use the opportunity to show the world that they can function in a peaceful manner and within a legal framework," Du Plessis said.

  • larry.piggott1 - 2012-09-08 08:48

    Send them back to the Eastern Cape, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Hire on a new crew of locals, under a reasonable contract, based on productivity.

      chule.qalase - 2012-09-08 09:06

      So where is the eastern cape?

      glen.e.huysamer - 2012-09-08 10:20

      You actually sound like mine management, because this is what they have been doing for years, with the help of government and the Unions. Rotational rural exploitation of the poorest of Southern Africa's citizens.

      simon.sinimoni - 2012-09-08 10:22

      Dear sir-No Zimbabwean workers strike whilist working in a foreign country because they do not have the same rights as locals.Zimbabweans and Mozambicans are often hated by poor S.africans because they accept lower pay than S.African workers for the same job .Zimbabweans and Mozambicans also do not go around looking for trouble from police-check the casualty figures from Marikana shootings.Zimbabweans and Mozambicans went through a real shooting war and know for real that rabbit hair muti does not stop bullets

      simon.sinimoni - 2012-09-08 10:23

      Dear sir-No Zimbabwean workers strike whilist working in a foreign country because they do not have the same rights as locals.Zimbabweans and Mozambicans are often hated by poor S.africans because they accept lower pay than S.African workers for the same job .Zimbabweans and Mozambicans also do not go around looking for trouble from police-check the casualty figures from Marikana shootings.Zimbabweans and Mozambicans went through a real shooting war and know for real that rabbit hair muti does not stop bullets

      andile.vabasa - 2012-09-08 13:11

      Is R4500 a month really that bad? There are a lot of jobs where that is about the standard salary. All depends on how many people can do the job and are willing to do it.

  • mzuvukile.maswana - 2012-09-08 08:56

    Was this Amcu leadership informed of this new development? These guys have been crying foul since day 1 and remember the Amcu leadership didn't sign the peace accord.

  • lucky.ncube.5 - 2012-09-08 09:03

    Undermining the miners. They are not kids giv them money plz thy dsev it

      Econwald - 2012-09-08 10:53

      true people think just because the master gives the slaves food, slaves should bow for the rest of their lives, this country is going nowhere, blacks are not achieving and whites are trying to be rational, twisting our minds, if they don't need us they must leave, apparently they need us more than we need them...

  • thabani.dube.988 - 2012-09-08 09:14

    And the stupid miners are now penniless nd their union bosses continue to draw travel and subsistense allowances and full salary and some xtra incentives fm Malema and cronies. Plz dear workers go back to work for your kids are going hungry and the loan-sharks want their dues.

  • witwolf.digter - 2012-09-08 09:22

    Everybody's going on and on about no work no pay.... I'm sure somewhere in the employment act it is stated that should any employee not report for duty for 14 consecutive days he decided not to work for the company no more. I'm sure that type of law can be used against these idiots.... I will see if I can find where it is written in the acts....

      lacrimosewolf - 2012-09-08 10:12

      "if absent for more than 3 days ( in some cases 5 days ) may well find that he/she has been dismissed for desertion". "Willful and deliberate absence is a very serious offence because the employee has deliberately and willfully chosen to ignore his/her contractual duty to present himself/herself for work, and is therefore in breach of contract."

      brandon.mccutcheon.56 - 2012-09-08 11:04

      It is also referred to as 'Absconding' which applies after 5 days of unreported absence.

      thapelo.teleki - 2012-09-08 13:20

      that type of law in family

  • raymond.buis.3 - 2012-09-08 09:46

    Fire them all. These people have no sense. You go on an illegal strike, you murder ten people in cold blood, you threaten management with violence and death. Not to mention your genius idea to burn the mine down. So like I said fire them all.

      ignatiousmarekollemahlokwane - 2012-09-08 10:58

      Well spoken immoral criminal with no sense sympathy.....

      thapelo.teleki - 2012-09-08 13:09

      fire your wife she is useless

  • robert.dood.1 - 2012-09-08 09:58

    Not for R4500 per month. That is a disgrace.

      larry.piggott1 - 2012-09-08 10:22

      Everyone is going on about R4500 per month. Thats rubbish. They get R1800 per month housing allowance alone. The average miner gets more than R10,000. Also, it should be noted that the alternative is either no work, or worse, another Aurora, where they work for nothing and get ripped off.

      lacrimosewolf - 2012-09-08 10:29

      The R4500 myth was debunked two weeks ago but it is clever disinformation to keep people divided on sentiment instead of fact.

  • robert.dood.1 - 2012-09-08 10:03

    Raymond what do you expect when they are only paid R4500 per month. That's what miners earn per day overseas?

  • ruan.lacock - 2012-09-08 10:06

    ...let them starve !!

  • Esna Swart - 2012-09-08 10:24

    i dont think R4500 is unreasonable salary for the work they do. i know of many domestic workers as well as farm workers that earn less. we are competing with a global market and are dealing with unemployment and many more issues. we should appreciate every job opportunity and while there skill ourselves and aim for next level with higher salary.

      lacrimosewolf - 2012-09-08 10:36

      Rock Drill Operators (the people who were striking) earn circa R10500 EXCLUDING bonuses

      thapelo.teleki - 2012-09-08 13:02

      this is not farming

      mzuvukile.maswana - 2012-09-08 13:10

      Esna apologies to say this but its narrow minded people like you who at times cause so much havoc in this country. Comparing rock drillers with domestic and farm workers? Just because you exloit them then you think all others must follow your benchmark? No, what are the risk implications with these farm and domestic workers?

      ditoare.gypsy - 2012-09-08 18:08

      You started your statement very nice by saying ( I don't think) its clear for everyone that Esna Swart can't think, maybe you have degrees in global market related studies but for now start studying a word (Mining) and its contents like dangers involved including Falling rocks, Noxious gases, controlled and uncontrolled moving machineries, hygene matters, later then you study about sub-contents \occupations\ RDO, Panel operator, Winch operators, Miners. Maybe you will stop putting Farming, Domestic or any of Government jobs when we talk about MINING, is like we talk about surviving on animal hunting and you raise a point of carrots and cabbage harvesting (lost blond) I have been with government for 6years, and I'm with Mining for 5years now, I know what I'm talking about

  • Bra Tebzaah Sibilanga - 2012-09-08 10:36

    Solidarity should keep quiet,their input is not required.They should do what they know best like their buddies FF

      deon.duplessis.96 - 2012-09-08 13:25

      @Bra, there is absolutely no link between Solidarity and FF+

  • matthew.patrick.925 - 2012-09-08 10:56

    This is typical of what the unions do, drive up salaries for their members and squeeze company's margins tighter making them more reluctant to expand and hire new employees. How, exactly, are they helping create jobs?

  • Stewart Croucamp - 2012-09-08 11:14

    This country is full of lazy people who don't want to work so they go on strikes. Let them continue to sing and dance if that is what they want. Give their jobs to people who want to work.

      Goboza Mashaba - 2012-09-08 12:18

      This is 2 way! they dont want to work because employers dont want to pay the decent salaries! This people are digging the core of the earth risking their lives only to live in delapidted sharks while lonmin are smiling all the way to the world bank and you call them lazy? theres something very wrong with your brain!

      mzuvukile.maswana - 2012-09-08 13:05

      Deon I like the points you are raising on this issue.I for one was not aware of such developments. In all contractors are part of this equation and yet they have been quite all this time. Lonmin then must get all those contractors to be accountable for this situation and not bare the whole brunt alone.

      molaoa.lebohang - 2012-09-08 17:18

      Deon r u trying to tell the world that lonmin is using contractors to make much money on top of that it failing to pay its few workers a mere R12000?

      Mulalo Sadiki - 2012-09-09 13:42

      @Stewart only a white person can say that, people are not lazy its just its tough in the mining industry for black people, only uneducated white people get to do the nice jobs there, im privilege to be actively involved in SA mining industry n it one of those industries were apartheid still exists, ask yourself why only black people were killed and not white people, and also the intake system they use at the mine only favours white people. white people will never go on strike coz they are paid well.

  • mzuvukile.maswana - 2012-09-08 11:44

    Everyone is complaining abt the worker's absconding their work. Say is it not in the constitution that where there is mine at least the community and certain area around a certain radius should also benefit from the profits of that mine? In other cntries that is compulsary but here in Mzantsi the shareholders don't give a damn as long as the profits reflect in their bank accounts. Come on Mzantsi it should have been compulsary that those workers have a decent accomodation with necessary equiment to reflect the profits generated by this big company.

      deon.duplessis.96 - 2012-09-08 12:04

      Mzuvukile, you make a good point, but as per last week's Sunday Times, Lonmin paid R500m over to local authorities for infrastructure development, that did not materialise. Secondly large number of unemployed people move to mining areas with the hope of getting a job or feed off mine company spin offs. Lastly due to migrant worker situation, large number or workers have two households to look after, one at mining area and one back home and therefore forced to stay in informal settlement. Still sad, but harsh reality.

      lacrimosewolf - 2012-09-08 12:22

      @deon - yet we will not see people on a hill brandishing weapons, demanding an accounting of the R500m. I'm constantly amazed at the reports of what amounts to billions being embezzled or "misappropriated" without a murmur from the same organisations that are now climbing on the Marikana bandwagon

      mzuvukile.maswana - 2012-09-08 13:00

      Then good that R500M must be accountable and those who embezzeled it must be brought to book. I appreciate it Deon the acknowedgement of these workers having to take care of two households, wish all these mining companies could be aware of such situations and be able to meet with their workers halfway. Now its of no effort to point fingers at management and workers as the damage has been done. Now it is preventive action from all parties involved. Be it the government, shareholders, management,union leaders and workers.

  • deon.duplessis.96 - 2012-09-08 12:46

    Goboza, before you respond: get a payslip of a low paid employee, do research on Lonmin's fatality record and go and establish what serious finacial difficulty they find themselves in. Then you will realize how 2000 people are putting the safety and security of 26000 other workers and their 180000 dependents at risk.

  • polelo.phokwane - 2012-09-08 17:35

    It is amazing that Solidarity has a nerve to tell strikers to go back to work whereas they telling people to boycott Woolworth.What's the difference strikers and boycotters?

      deon.duplessis.96 - 2012-09-08 18:44

      Polelo, you forgot the part that it is an illegal strike and gathering, unless you don't believe in the rule of law. The illegal strikers brutaly killed 10 people, unless you don't believe in the right to life. They intimidated fellow workers who wish to earn a salary for their families, unless you don't believe in the freedom of association. They theatened to kill Lonmin managers, unless you believe it is freedom of speech and you clearly support carrying of murder weapons,war rituals, etc, etc

  • deon.duplessis.96 - 2012-09-08 18:57

    @Molaoa, Lonmin uses a very few contractors at marginalised mines, but I sure you will be delighted that those mines will very likely be closed after the unprotected strike and the contractors' services be terminated. Regarding the mere R12000 salary, it will only cost and additional mere R2.4 billion and lead to a mere retrenchmentbof a mere

  • ken.freeman.739 - 2012-09-08 19:05

    Their demands are justified.I bet that not one in mangement ever drilled even one hole underground because if they did theyd know just what a rock drill operator actualy does and goes through ever day,especially boxholes I know because I myself have drilled a few holes.In any other countries they would be paid much much more for a days work,only in S.A. we have this cheap labour so the big boys can collect big big salaries and dividends.No,they should pay them even more than the R12500

      deon.duplessis.96 - 2012-09-08 19:28

      Ken, totally agree RBOs deserve more, but remember Minister of DMR recently appointed tripartite task team to deal with crisis in platinum sector after closure of various mines and massive reduction in international platinum demand. Main focus of task team is prevention of job losses If your ideology can accomodate it, then rather half a loaf now, and push for more when industry is on an upwards curve and Mangaung belongs to the past.

  • - 2012-09-09 09:56

    Can someone upload a copy of a Marikana rock driller payslip? It will shed light on what we are talking about.

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