Goldin, Bloom's last hours ...

2006-05-29 22:20

Cape Town - The pieces of the puzzle about the last hours of actor Brett Goldin and his friend Richard Bloom started falling into place on Monday.

Details emerged from the plea bargains of Jade Wyngaard, 19, and Nurshad David, 18, which were handed in at the Wynberg magistrate's court.

The victims' families supported the plea bargains.

According to statements, the men were overpowered in front of a mansion in Camps Bay and forced into a car before being taken to the cable-car station road on Table Mountain, where they were made to undress and bundled into the boot.

According to the statements of Wyngaard and David, it was not known where they were murdered.

As part of the plea bargain, which reached the State on Friday, Wyngaard and David will testify for the State against the remaining two accused, Clinton Davids, 22, and Shavaan Marlie, 25.

Second plea bargain

Wyngaard and David pleaded guilty to robbery with extenuating circumstances, kidnapping, the possession of a firearm and ammunition and the possession of a dangerous weapon.

They were sentenced to 15 years' imprisonment, of which three years were suspended for five years.

Sapa reports the State announced another plea bargain in the case on Monday.

Radio station Cape Talk reported that Zubair Davids and Yazeed Eyssen were sentenced to two years' jail each on charges of vehicle theft, and possession of stolen goods and an unlicensed gun and ammunition.

They were warned that the plea bargain was conditional on their giving evidence against Clinton Davids and Marlie, who will appear in court again on August 18.

It is not yet known whether they intend to apply for bail.

Wyngaard's statement said he and Clinton Davids, Marlie, and David left the city centre and towards Camps Bay in Marlie's BMW on the night of April 15.

Camps Bay

According to court documents they were on their way to steal a vehicle.

Wyngaard and Marlie both had 9mm CZ 75 semi-automatics.

Between midnight and 00:15 the four men noticed Bloom and Goldin in Victoria Road, Camps Bay.

Clinton Davids apparently ordered the other three to rob Bloom and Goldin. They all got out of the car and Clinton Davids threatened the victims with a gun.

Wyngaard searched one of the men, while Clinton Davids and Marlie searched the other one.

They took the men's personal belongings, including cellphones, keys and Bloom's car.

Forced to strip near cable station

They left in Bloom's car as well as the BMW. The victims were in the BMW driven by Marlie.

On the way to the cable station, they pulled both vehicles off the road.

Clinton Davids ordered the men to undress.

"They were wearing only their socks and most of their clothes were thrown off the mountain side," the statement said.

Wyngaard said Clinton Davids asked him to help tie up the victims, but Wyngaard's cellphone started ringing and a shot went off by accident.

The gun was handed to Clinton Davids.

The victims' hands were tied by Clinton Davids, and the victims were forced into the boot of Bloom's car, before the suspects drove to Kilda Street in Crawford, the statement said.

That was the last time they referred to Goldin and Bloom.