Good deeds roll in on Mandela Day

2012-07-18 15:23

Johannesburg - Charities, NGOs, impoverished schools and orphanages were awash with offers of help from corporates and the public, in the spirit of the call to volunteer 67 minutes' community service in honour of Nelson Mandela.

The ANC Youth League said it would spend its 67 minutes on Madiba’s birthday at the SA Vrouefederasie's children's shelter in Khutsong, Carletonville.

The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund promised extra money to some organisations over and above their usual grants.

The Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in SA asked the government to use the 67 minutes to reconsider the closure of refugee reception offices.

"We ask them not to close refugee reception offices!" Cormsa said.

‘The whole nation loves you dearly’

Meanwhile, President Jacob Zuma joined others around the world on Wednesday in wishing the country's first democratically elected president a happy 94th birthday.

"Happy birthday, Madiba. The whole nation loves you dearly," Zuma said in a video message sent as he travelled on business to China.

"Sikufisela okuhle kodwa ngosuku lwakho lokuzalwa Tata. Ukhule njalo. Sithi unwele olude Madiba [We wish you the best on your birthday Tata. May you see many more]," he said in the message, who was spending the day at home in Qunu in the Eastern Cape.

Zuma urged people to do good deeds as called upon by Mandela to make South Africa and the world a better place for all.

Government spokesperson Jimmy Manyi said: "Madiba is special to South Africa in many ways, having dedicated his entire adult life to the relentless fight for freedom, democracy, peace and stability in our country.

"As the first president of a democratic South Africa, Nelson Mandela immediately led the nation on a path of unity, transformation, forgiveness and reconciliation."

Working towards his vision

The government called on all South Africans to become part of the process of "social cohesion", a movement started in Kliptown, Soweto recently.

Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille said the best honour of all would be "to work towards his vision of a better life for all South Africans, to build on his dream, and to vigilantly and consistently protect the Constitution, which he called a 'sacred covenant'.

"We wish you a happy birthday Madiba," said Zille.

Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Mulder said Mandela's personal attempts at reconciliation were his biggest contribution.

The ANC only did this when it suited them, he said.

"May the celebration of Mr Mandela's birthday bring about that we once again look at his views on harmony and co-operation in this country, and not only talk about it but also do something concrete about it."

Status updates

The Pan Africanist Youth Congress said no amount of words could ever be enough to thank Mandela for his contribution in preaching and practising humanity, forgiveness, peace and equality.

"You remain a great inspiration!" said Payco.

"Celebrity" messages include good wishes from US president Barack Obama and golfer Tiger Woods.

Mandela received a visit from former US president Bill Clinton on Tuesday and was pictured smiling with Clinton in a sunny room, seated in a wingback chair with a blanket over his knees and wearing a cardigan.

On Facebook, many added a favourite Mandela quote to their status update or posted a picture of how they were marking the day. Some people spent "67 minutes knitting".

Many schoolchildren were allowed to skip wearing their school uniforms and dress up in "South African" clothes to take part in a nationwide campaign to sing happy birthday to Madiba at 08:00.

Promoted by lobby group LeadSA, people were encouraged to sing happy birthday to him at this time wherever they were.

  • Lourenzo - 2012-07-18 15:36

    Lets all support Madiba's Birthday and buy his kids airtime on 073 912 9152

      ditshegobt - 2012-07-18 15:58

      Hahaha!You think so?

      Lennon Chenga - 2012-07-18 17:00

      Lol!! I hope that's not your real no. dude!! Lol

  • Zeezoh - 2012-07-18 15:44

    @lourenzo u crazie dude, this a joke to u, wish u get alot of crazzy calls

      ditshegobt - 2012-07-18 16:01

      Lourenzo is asking for please call me's,lol

  • Billy - 2012-07-18 15:45

    i truely hope that these good deeds get to their destination, instead of disapeering into "maladministration" and "incompetence"

  • ditshegobt - 2012-07-18 15:55


  • sandy.langenstrass - 2012-07-18 16:47

    I wish we could convert 67 min, into 67 hours..where all, commit to not being racist to one another...and where All treat each other with respect and dignity.

      Lennon Chenga - 2012-07-18 16:57

      Wish it was like that everyday Sandra!! 18yrs on and we still have harsh words for each other!!! There seem to be a couple of culprits that always incite this nonsense and everyone is then swayed one way or the other!!

      sandy.langenstrass - 2012-07-18 17:39

      Lennon...the day we can stop name calling and the day we can let the past be the past and look forward to the the day this country starts to grow.

  • lulama.mbelwa - 2012-07-18 17:46

    God bless you Tata, happy birthday soldier, my hero.

  • Gus - 2012-07-18 19:54

    Mandela,Mandela,Mandela. Very soon it will be Mandela the father,Mandela the son and Mandela the holy ghost. Enough Mandela !

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