Govt blamed for Free State murders

2012-11-09 21:02

Johannesburg - The government is partly responsible for the murder of a cleric and his daughter's fiancé in Harrismith, in the Free State, the Freedom Front Plus said on Friday.

"These murders and many similar murders point a finger at a government that has lost its ability to ensure maximum safety for its citizens," FF Plus Free State leader Abrie Oosthuizen said in a statement.

"In effect, government is also partly responsible for murders of this nature."

The 60-year-old cleric was in the living room of his home with his wife, their son, and their daughter's fiancé when three intruders entered on Thursday night, said Sergeant Mmako Mophiring.

The 25-year-old fiancé was shot in the head and died at the scene. The reverend was wounded and was taken to hospital where he died on Friday morning.

A man covered in blood was later arrested by the police when they found him walking along the N3 highway.

He was found to be in possession of five cellphones and a firearm. One of the cellphones belonged to a member of the clergyman's family.

Oosthuizen said international organisations such as the United Nations had to take note of the "unacceptable situation" in South Africa.

"This situation in South Africa now needs international intervention. Even sanctions against the country may be justified to make the South African government accountable."

He said an "overtaxed" country like South Africa could afford better security for its people.

  • carolyn.dewrance - 2012-11-09 21:33

    Yes I agree with sanctions, have been saying it for a long time. But really what good would it do. The government is just that, and will continue aiding and abetting their followers until South Africans of all races are wiped out.

      LutherKingsley - 2012-11-10 12:42

      Crimes stats, there were 15940 murders in SA the past year. If we reduce the black African accountability to 80% then the black person in SA is accountable for committing 12752 murders.... call me a racist or a realist, but face the facts and do something about this if you fit into this group of people.

      hendrik.verwoerd.94 - 2012-11-10 15:59

      What is the police to do. Put a s a p in every house?

      henk63 - 2012-11-11 07:32

      Hendrik, we don't need policemen in every house. What we need is the right to defend ourselves with force, and not be proscecuted when doing so successfully. Second, we need the death penalty back. Any argument against the death penalty amount to tacit approval of murder. Every now and then someone says "would you like to be hanged when you are innocent?". Wel the answer is no, but if I am guilty of murder I would just have to accept my fate, wouldn't I?

  • hannah.p.mostert - 2012-11-09 21:44

    Things are out of hand here if Sanctions will help us then by all means do it! Because everyone knows that the police that are worth something their hands are tied they can't help us and the rest are useless, we need help people are dying like we are at war here

      jeremy.forbes.1293 - 2012-11-09 22:29

      How many more people have to die to violently and unneccesarily, condolences. Sanctions will only impoverish us all, it would be better to raise a local armed security company a bit like neighbourhood watch with guns. All my neighbours here in CT are armed when an alarm goes off we all rush out ready to protect. On the other hand you whites now are very close to having a strong case for claiming refugee status in Europe.

      henk63 - 2012-11-11 07:43

      Sanctions will hurt us all, and those already poor will get more desperate and more violent. Life never had much value on African soil, and that comes over centuries of an inbred resistance to development. We are in a Catch-22 here. If the Europeans withdraw in any way, the slant-eyed nations will step right into the void. The Chinese are already overrunning the country and while they ply the government with money, they have a terrible human rights record. My guess is they have even less respect for life than the Africans. So sanctions are the last thing we need. We need to change the hearts and minds of the people, but the resistance mentioned above makes that impossible. We are truly f$cked.

  • louis.frederick2 - 2012-11-09 21:54

    I agree govt is to be blamed for the death of the pastor family , there commard Malema is sitting behind al of the murders on our poeple , Malema and his youth leage is one big terorist organitation they are out there toe kill white people

  • achaava - 2012-11-09 23:42

    condolences to the famliy....i dont see whats ffp point here thou...murders, rape, robbery, drunken driving, poverty u name it...SA has it....pointing out a group of a certain race and blaming government wont do jack for your cause...i find it stupid that they asking united nations for sanctions to be brought against really now? south Africa has a crime problem...not just whites are affected...every one is effected...if they some how mange to get those sanctions...wat will that accomplish? Prices go up on everthing..and as for the people saying investors are gona leave...wher are they gona go to...the market is one is stupid enough to leave a cash cow thats here...peoples lives have nothing to do wit a concerned like someone with a please answer wat this sanction will achieve?

      charl.malan.12 - 2012-11-10 08:02

      The ANC has no deal in looking after anyone in this country, the FFP is looking after its people, they ANC sure as hell isn't! I'm a bit tired of reading, black man enters white mans house, shoots everyone execution style and steels 5 cellphones and then walks off into the sunset, WTF, every week and I know black people gets murdered too, but this must stop now, what has happended to peace and harmony!

      erns.kleynhans.3 - 2012-11-10 09:25

      I don not think a finger is pointed at a certain race, but rather the government of the day, which unfortunately represents a certain race.

  • danie.smit.587 - 2012-11-10 04:42

    SA kan bekostig om die land veilig te maak, maar kan ons met skelm polisie , en die drek van die land wat net werk het omdat hulle swart is. Al ons top polisie manne en vroue is nou top in ander lande, want hier sou hulle mos nie bevorder kon word nie, net skelm word bevorder

  • louis.langenhoven - 2012-11-10 08:00

    the blame Gov has to carry is that they are soft on crime- criminals should be locked up forever and if you commit serious crime you should be killed "finish and klaar". I read yesterday a judge of the appeal court (a white guy btw) said we shouldn't be punishing our lovely criminals harshly and rather rehabilitate them- with judges like this you just KNOW you are SO SCREWED

      jan.malherbe.5 - 2012-12-11 16:54

      Yes, crime punishment,the previous regime too hard, this regime to soft, but my question remains who's rights are the Police primarely suposed to be protecting , the criminal or the law abiding citizen?

  • mart.botha - 2012-11-10 09:22

    We harp on about it all the time, that our constitution and the bill of rights on the whole only seem to advantage the accused and the guilty in this country. We need to get innovative about it's application. I will even go as far as suggesting a çodicil to the constitution 'empowering' a magistrate to unilaterally suspend selected rights when an individual is accused of a serious offence. The kind of rights I am referring to for example is the right to apply for bail. Mandatory sentences can also be implemented. In my opinion the role of lawyer has mutated from a credo of defend your client at all costs TO defend your client to collect costs. The law profession's contribution to our crime statistics can just as equally be blamed'for there being 'poisen in the food chain that is society'.

      erns.kleynhans.3 - 2012-11-10 09:28

      I agree with you. My opinion is that a criminal, in this instance a murderer, takes away the right to live from someone else... why should the guilty party then have all the rights in the world?

  • zandi.yawazitumane - 2012-11-10 11:40

    How is the gvnt responsible here, someone please assist.

  • gail.hayesbean - 2012-11-10 19:20

    I'm not entirely sure whether this is the same cleric as referred to in another report however not every murder is perpetrated by ANC members on whites. According to the other report this is a white on white murder. The motive for the murder is not given and aside from the fact that the police found a blood spattered man why is the assumption that this is a racist thing. The man arrrested may or may not be black and the fact that he had possessions of the deceased does not make him the prime suspect. These may well be payment from the actual murderer who according to the other article was a family member. Money is often a motive in family killings but perhaps drugs were involved. Let's not jump to conclusions and inflame racial hatred for no reason.

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