Govt contacting families of SA blast victims

2012-09-18 11:23

Johannesburg - The international relations and co-operation department has received the names of the several South Africans killed in a suicide attack in Afghanistan on Tuesday morning.

"We have received the names of the deceased and are working on establishing contact with families and next-of-kin," said spokesperson Nelson Kgwete.

Kgwete was quoted as saying the number of South Africans killed could be eight.

"They worked for a private aviation company operating in the country."

The SA High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan, was informed on Tuesday morning that eight South Africans were killed in the attack.

Kgwete said the department expressed its condolences to the friends and families of the deceased and that they would be given assistance.

Spokesperson Nelson Kgwete said "the exact number is yet to be verified." He was speaking on Talk Radio 702 which said the victims were believed to be employed by a South African aviation company based at Rand Airport in Johannesburg.

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  • naeem.essop - 2012-09-18 11:28

    So sad, really. I cannot begin to explain how this rustles my jimmies.

      Willie - 2012-09-18 12:19

      It seems to me that religion has a way of making people abandon logic. How can one kill innocent people for something(they have got nothing to do with) that happened thousands of miles away from them

      cameronrh1 - 2012-09-18 12:30

      Peace and tolerance strike again...

      UncleShep - 2012-09-18 12:32 sick man....

      JaredVN - 2012-09-18 12:34

      @Gladlad, stop embarrassing yourself with your utter ignorance, and go and Google "aisha 9 years old"

      mfrater - 2012-09-18 12:38

      They call themselves religious. What a joke, they are nothing more than low life scum of the earth. May the dead rest in peace and may those behind this attack be killed in the most agonising way!

      UncleShep - 2012-09-18 12:50

      @Jared...first of all am a proud muslim maself.....2nd of all... I know enough bout my prophet Muhammad (PEACE BE UPON HIM)and all his marriages and I certainly don need to google "aisha 9 years old", your words in your first comment are just insulting....finish/klaar....knock it off man!

      customdesign - 2012-09-18 12:51

      Sheesh a 9 year old- sounds like a serious cult vibe- along the lines of David Koresh et al. Poor people who follow it.

      JannieDeVos - 2012-09-18 13:18

      And the dark side of religion rears its ugly head once again... My sincerest condolences to the families.

      phillip.vercueil - 2012-09-18 13:56

      @ Gladlad - you should acually hang your head in shame and apologise for the killing of innocent people by your so called peaceful religion followers! It is a disgrace!!!

  • NERD - 2012-09-18 11:30

    :( damn this is just horrible news... RIP to all the victims and condolences to the families :(

      michael.a.devilliers - 2012-09-18 13:13

      90+% of are butchered by their own "brothers". What you say to that?

      rick.machiavelli.1 - 2012-09-18 13:20

      yakoobm - "millions the NATO forces butchered ". Gross over exaggeration,and most of the casualties in the afghan war theatre have been killed by your taliban buddys,not NATO. As for the pilots,likely find the aviation company was working with the UN

      yakoobm - 2012-09-18 14:15

      Sure the chaos is Afghanistan began with the entry of the NATO killers.

  • nun.chuck.7 - 2012-09-18 11:35

    Can't imagine knowing a family member is over there and just waiting for the phone to ring. RIP and condolences. Such a senseless tragedy.

  • infijar.ken - 2012-09-18 11:45

    Strange, early reports said they were Balmoral Pilots and ground crew. As far as I know they are based in Durban. although a Private Company, they are well know for supporting World Food Programme projects. I have flown with them many times, good times in Angola. One of the highlights of the week was Friday Night at the PAM Pilots house. Rest in Peace my friends.

      bndaliso - 2012-09-18 13:21

      @INFIJAR.KEN can you by any chance give me contact details of the family/ies in Durban. i'm a journalist for The Witness in Pietermaritzburg. you can email me on i'd very much appreciate your help.

  • adrian.hill.750 - 2012-09-18 11:45

    I know a South African pilot who flies for a private avaition company flying in Afganistan. He is due to return on the 20th of this month. I sure hope he's not one of the victims.

      lerato.mautlane - 2012-09-18 11:53

      For your sake i hope his not one of tehm also...but what are the chances??? May all who died rest in Peace!!!

  • lilian.caplen - 2012-09-18 11:53

    As an aviation family working in the Middle East, our greatest condolences goes to the families and friends of these men, just on their way to work... It leaves us cold and very sad..

  • richard.hipkin - 2012-09-18 11:54

    All this over a frigging movie...

      somikazi.pita - 2012-09-18 12:22

      It's sad that people had to die. People should also learn to respect other people's religion and beliefs, otherwise will keep on reading about these senseless killings.

      charmaine.rowlands - 2012-09-18 12:46

      the worst part is 99.9% of these marauding masses didn't EVEN see the "movie". Just goes to show how easy it is to rile people up. But blowing up innocents (who really had nothing whatsoever to do with this) is just insane!!

      lorain.maseko - 2012-09-18 14:51

      2 Somikazi disrespect should lead to murder? So if someone does not respect your culture/religion then they deserve to die? When people disrespect my religion (christianity) I just shake my head and call them ignorant,it never crosses my mind that they should die.

  • Antipoaching - 2012-09-18 12:04

    Jeez this is sad....... these people were on their way to work, were not part of the "Great Satan"........

  • kate.leshabane - 2012-09-18 12:10

    This is sad let their soul 'RIP'this people don't have a heart so cruel killing innocent people,why should they kill. I think this is the time for God to come in this horrible world to finishup this cruel people who are killing without any reason. Why if someone want to die,die alone without killing anyone. Please stop this nonsense.

  • sharleen.lategan - 2012-09-18 12:14

    My condonlences to all the families. May you find comfort in the Lord as He knows best. I have a special friend there and i pray day and night for him and all his colleagues that they may remain in the palm of God's Hands.

      charmaine.rowlands - 2012-09-18 12:47

      WHY would anyone "dislike" this comment... what the HELL??

  • negry.mabasa - 2012-09-18 12:19


  • charmaine.rowlands - 2012-09-18 12:20

    my deepest, deepest sympathy to the families of those killed in a totally senseless act of violence. May their souls Rest in Peace

  • nkululeko.ngubane.165 - 2012-09-18 12:29

    It really sad to learn of this saddened disturbing news and I will never understand the notion that if one is unhappy about something they should express themselves through violation of other innocent people and the perpetrators are viewed as martyrs in their sections and the victims as sacrifice “collateral damage”. I would like to convey my sincere condolences to the grieving families, ‘Alwehlanga lungehlanga!’

  • shaun.mcclelland.31 - 2012-09-18 12:40

    I say bring back the Crusaders and engage in battle with these warped minds and show them what real Christian warriors are.

      phae.rayden - 2012-09-18 12:46

      Fabulous, one stupid religion fighting another. That's just what the world needs, more hatred. Condolences to the family.

      jared.l.schultz.3 - 2012-09-18 12:57

      Yeap... in which case you are no better. Violence begets violence. Religious fanatics like you are no different from those who blow themselves up on the other side of the world.

      anakin.skyvader.9 - 2012-09-18 13:24

      Oh please just shut up!

      rick.machiavelli.1 - 2012-09-18 13:26

      Shaun. You don't take a sword where a nuclear weapon will do much ,much better. At least that way the islam crew will see the "light" just before they go

      dawood.timol - 2012-09-18 13:40


  • hannes.erwee.7 - 2012-09-18 12:44

    My condolences go out to my friends family

      bndaliso - 2012-09-18 13:26

      @hannes.erwee.7, ca you please help me out here. I'm trying to make contact with families, relatives or friends of the victim of the blast. I work for The Witness newspaper in Pietermaritzburg, KZN province. please email me on I'd appreciate your assistance.

      charmaine.rowlands - 2012-09-18 13:31

      my sympathy for your loss Hannes :(... and to the "person" who disliked his comment, I pray you never lose a loved one or friend! You're as sad as the people who perpetrated this horror!

  • yakoobm - 2012-09-18 12:54

    what were these people doing in Afghanistan NO DOUBT ON AMERICAN PAYROLL ? When you play with fire expect to get burnt ?

      sherine.camacho - 2012-09-18 13:24

      You can say what you want friend was not an American but an South African,we urned him money with respect and diginty and his company posted him there. so keep our comments to yourself,you must,be muslim,so do us a favour and blow your self-up

      nicky.lotter.3 - 2012-09-18 13:46

      its easy you idiot we work for a living since we are not allowed to work in our own country to look after our families!!!

  • sula.manouris - 2012-09-18 13:06

    R.I.P. Steven! You will be missed!

  • mazibukosc - 2012-09-18 13:29

    Imagine a world without religion...

      Raymon - 2012-09-18 13:34

      A world without religion would be much like the world we live in today because most people are not really religious anyway. Rather imagine a world without Islam.... Mmmm, no terrorists, suicide bombers, sharia law etc. The advantages are numerous.

      dawood.timol - 2012-09-18 15:23

      @ Raymon.. you are being duped by your own kind via the media. That makes you gullible. Thats what your brothers need,fools in the world. They enrich themselves with your with your illiterate support.Wake up,smell the coffee and be a self thinking man of honour..FOOL

  • Zzsm Moolla - 2012-09-18 14:20

    ramon stop wishing for no islam .it was is and will always be here people need to change

      Raymon - 2012-09-18 14:45

      Yea, one can only hope people change. Change their minds that it's a religion of peace, and realize it's a religion of death.

  • Raymon - 2012-09-18 14:51

    Why is there always a_sshats like dawood.timol that condones what happened ? Really boggles the mind... and he has the nerve to call others racists.. You're a sick little buffoon.

      dawood.timol - 2012-09-18 15:20

      a.ssh.le. Where do you see i condone what happened. I said that if you stand in the rain dont expect to remain dry. Your own brothers in America call this collateral damage when they murder innocent pplk in Iraq and Afghanistan or your brothers in Israel whom murder innocent civilians in Palestine. Your problem is hate against Islam and its followers.That makes you a hating racist. Fortunately for you and your kind, your brothers and sisters in the west are reverting to mIslam in the thousands every year.The dumb idiot you are, you'll probably never see the truth.RACIST

  • Madhi - 2012-09-18 16:59

    No innocent people need to die and certainly no one should die for other people's sin, that's true Islam. Now that was the sane me saying that. The crazy me, well let all those who decide to insult other people's religion should make their home addresses and telephone numbers available online to minimise collateral damage. After all they play brave enough to do what they do so I see no reason why they should go to hiding or under ground. For their bravery now we see collective punishment, that's against the Geneva convention, so I think.

  • - 2012-09-20 11:16

    Just really shocked and saddened-particularly as my husband knows the one victim from working at the SAAF (SA Air Force). He had reached retirement age and probably just trying to make a bit extra to get through the worrying pensionable years.

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