Govt ignoring xenophobia, says ADF

2015-01-25 11:08

Johannesburg - Government continues to deny that there is xenophobia in South Africa, the African Diaspora Forum (ADF) wrote in an open letter to President Jacob Zuma.

"Despite the escalation of violence over the past 6 years causing numerous deaths, the government has denied that there is xenophobia... always questioning the nature of this violence and attributing it to ‘crime’, instead of recognising it for what it is - xenophobic violence," ADF chairperson Marc Gbaffou said in the letter received on Sunday.

"This attitude, from our perspective, has condoned the violence and allowed it to reach institutional heights making things even more difficult for foreign nationals living in South Africa, but also for South Africans wishing for social peace and integration."

The letter, dated 24 January, was also addressed to Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba and Police Minister Nkosinathi Nhleko.

Unrest and looting

This week saw unrest and looting of foreign-owned shops in Soweto, which began on Monday when a foreign shop owner allegedly shot dead a 14-year-old boy who he believed was trying to forcefully gain entry to his shop.

The looting had spread to Diepsloot in the north of Johannesburg and Kagiso on the West Rand.

The ADF is leading a march for social cohesion in Yeoville, Johannesburg, on Sunday following the looting and the deaths.

In its letter the ADF made a number of requests to government.

It wanted government to strongly and unequivocally condemn xenophobic violence in all its forms and wanted public officials and politicians making xenophobic statements to be held accountable.

ADF also wanted government to focus on combating crime for social cohesion through job creation but also allow migrants to contribute in the formal and informal sector.

In its letter it called for reconsideration of migration policy, which would stop criminalising foreigners.

  • Lew Skannen - 2015-01-25 11:12

    We know that! Typical bad governance by the anc and why people around the world should not listed to any anc lies!

      Johan Arno Cilliers - 2015-01-25 11:30

      Ignoring the xenophobia like they do the Farm murders.

      Wessel Cronje - 2015-01-25 11:33

      Ditto Johan

      Nikki Downes - 2015-01-25 11:38

      This government will ignore the xenophobia because it's suits them that this is happening. They imported so many from other countries and gave them the right to vote. Now that Zuma think the end is near and he will be able to change the legislations that he becomes president for life, it's ok if these voters get killed off. Saves him from future crimes against humanity charges. Ditto the farmers. He doesn't need to lift a finger for his cleansing to happen. All he does is stir the pot now and then by naming and blaming whites for all the ailments this country has developed. That too is genocide talk

      Secrecy Bill - 2015-01-25 11:49

      Zuma : "No wise businessperson should skip SA !" .. (Zanc luuvs foreign businesspeople ! . Just love them to death ! He-He-He ! ) ..... It started with Somalian Spaza shops and will end with copycat Zim seizures of 51% of foreign owned investments ! ... I can just see Western corporate giants eagerly queuing up to have Zanc seize 51% of their investments ! .... "NKANDLA DAY DREAMS ! " ... ( Prof. Dilly-Day-Dreamer ) .... Eish !

      Motho Fela - 2015-01-25 11:54

      John, l was going to say the same thing, this government deny everything, they always tell people what they want them to hear not the truth. Farm murders is more that a crime so is this attacks on foreigners. Police needs to use real bullets and shoot and kill this people harassing foreigners, we all know that people especially Blacks are becoming like animals since ANC come to power because instead of reducing poverty they are increasing it. But still masses can't see this.

      Secrecy Bill - 2015-01-25 12:18

      Why state funerals for soccer players but not for farmers ? .... Who does the most for SA ??? !!!!!!! ??????????? !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! ((((((( CRRREEEEEP ! )))))))

      Secrecy Bill - 2015-01-25 12:40

      @Anthony "troll droll" - The answer is actually a 'no brainer' ... so even you can work it out ! ... But admitting it defeat is not one of your or Zuma's finer points ! ... (Pls don't reply)

      Tony De Wijn - 2015-01-25 13:20

      The government ignores all crime and even treats heads of police convicted of crime as heroes.

  • Sharon-E - 2015-01-25 11:17

    "Despite the escalation of violence over the past 6 years causing numerous deaths, the government has denied that there is xenophobia... always questioning the nature of this violence and attributing it to ‘crime’ Seems to be their standard reply! That is what they call farm murders as well. Opportunistic crime my foot. They know the truth but they are unwilling to stop it.

      Jurgen Hartmann - 2015-01-25 15:51

      The anc gutterment ignores most things which dont fit in with its idea of anc noddyland. They cannot face up to it that their own followers are indulging in ETHIC CLEANSING, yes that's the correct word not xenophobia. And pillaging and behaving like barbarians in the process, including killing babies. They are truly the most disgusting people.

  • Chris Bothma - 2015-01-25 11:18

    The ANC will disguise, minimize, deny or rationalize everything in line with their political agenda. As long as we deny that xenophobia in South Africa is alive and well, we will see flare ups like this every now and then.

  • Patrick Fonseca - 2015-01-25 11:19

    Call it what it is! It's simple and straight forward racism. Making up names to make it sound less ignorant won't help. Jealousy, greed and ignorance are going to destroy this beautiful place

  • Russell Travers - 2015-01-25 11:21

    What government?

      Genet Joobs - 2015-01-25 13:30


  • Bertus Pretorius - 2015-01-25 11:22

    ..they have been ignoring other things also like water supply concerns, the electricity crisis and other collapsing amenities like our education system and heath care. They have however NOT ignored lining their own pockets through blatant corrupt actions like nkandla and other unpunished scandals. The majority voter deserves the dirt they will be forced to eat when food security dissappears, to die of feminine when our state hospitals can only hand out panados and live in mud huts with no electricity or running water. After all, before Jan arrived that was the status quo.

  • Ernest Rapatsa - 2015-01-25 11:24

    Let those foreigners rent registered business in cbd look at oriental plaza for Indians and China city for Chinese etc but why Somalians and parkistan looking for townships if they continue to go to townships therefore let it be their own risk and if Anc doesn't protect residents then I don't see any reason they should won elections anymore because each and every year Somalians and parkistan are killing young boys for something less than 100 I say enough is enough and towmship community should strongly deny foreigners shops in townships to avoid all the consequences of violence if needs be any civilians attempting to rent their own properties to foreigners should be chased away from such areas in order to restore peace

      Jaco Coetzee - 2015-01-25 11:39

      Jaco Coetzee - Just postedReport commentComments Policy Typical black mentality! You are condoning anarchy. You will justify the looting of malls and offices when these lazy youths get hungrier and decide to take their looting to the next level. Let all condemn what happened in Soweto in the strongest unequivocal term!

      Gudani Gudiie - 2015-01-25 12:23

      True dat enerst, the foreigners are doing business at their own risk. And why should our government protects foreigners when they are failing to protect their own citizens. These foreigners come to our communities armed illegally as if they r going to war and given their expectation war is what they get. Our constitution doesn't allow us to take the law in our own hands but report the crime to necessary institution. It is not the first time a SA kid is shot by foreigners and it's time we as a community to show that it's either you follow the law or get out, we won't tolerate such an act

      Nikki Downes - 2015-01-25 12:35

      In a way Ernest is right. What is the government thinking when they cannot control crime as it is? job opportunities are far from sufficient too. I think Ernest is saying that these people have come into their communities and have exploited the hand of friendship by going into competition with them. I try to imagine how I would react and I don't think I would be happy either. This really requires better intervention from government level as they created this in the first place. Telling people to * stop* is hardly the right response. Looting and murder isn't either

  • Lynda Tyrer - 2015-01-25 11:25

    This govt will deny anything that rocks their boat.

  • Charl-Bradford Stringer - 2015-01-25 11:29

    Xenophobic attacks is nothing more then Racism.. Get the human rights commission involved

      Wessel Cronje - 2015-01-25 11:34

      You mean like farm murders?

  • Chris Mostert - 2015-01-25 11:34

    It does not matter what we all say.If no1 is out of control who do the masses look up to. Pity they are keeping him in power. Africa will always be on the dark side.

  • Mario Williams - 2015-01-25 11:35

    Bertus i agree with u let them pay levies and taxes and all that but even better dont let them in our resources are already low just look at load shedding for example. They just put more strain on our already weak economy

  • Klaar Nou - 2015-01-25 11:37

    Citizens taking over government responsibility. Well done.

  • Emone Nomore - 2015-01-25 11:51

    ANC = denial. This is howthey see things: High crime rate - no way. Aids - no way. Corruption - no way. Xenophobia - never. Nepotism - not. No qualifications - you must be joking. etolls is bad for the economy - no way. In a nutsehll. the ANC don't have a clue as to what is real and what is not. They are living in cuckooland.

  • Vongani Gesther Khosa - 2015-01-25 11:54

    Those people are the ones affected by the presence of foreigners in their communities, a foreigner must add value not compete for the already limited resources

      Nelly Goba - 2015-01-25 12:53

      True Vongani

      ceejay - 2015-01-25 13:15

      Then why support the foreigners?.You dont have to!!!!.No reason kill and loot.

      jorra8 - 2015-01-25 16:17

      Ag jirrr, seems that you guys are threatend by everyone... Bunch of lazy. heartless, stealing, corrupt, killing fools.

      Cynic Martian - 2015-01-26 10:30

      We have a right to choose who we buy our groceries from, we have a right to voice our disapproval with how the government deals with foreigners, we even have a right to strike to show our displeasure. But we do not have a right to loot and kill...

  • Roger Pacey - 2015-01-25 11:55

    The United Nations Commission on Human Rights recognises racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia as related social ills. To be labelled xenophobic is on the same level as being labelled racist. The thought of black people being labelled as racist is an anathema to the authorities, so they'll go to any lengths to deny xenophobia. That it's only shops owned by foreigners that are the targets of these hate crimes makes it hard to deny xenophobia. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.

  • Nollen Radebe - 2015-01-25 12:00

    Its still early days for anyone to be invading our country we still try to find ourself as south african

  • Littlejohn Galloway - 2015-01-25 12:01

    Why is one idiots comment all of a sudden typical to all black people. Chill buddy.

  • Tsholofelo Mogale - 2015-01-25 12:02

    We are all foreigner's... We all come somewhere except Soweto most of us...we are racist to our selves, we're selfish,lazy..and we always want a scape goat for our holligan actions.. We are killing our country ourselves.... Stop pointing fingers.. If they pay taxes will they be left at peace?

      Nikki Downes - 2015-01-25 12:57

      Let us know when you run for president. You just make good sense.

  • Motho Fela - 2015-01-25 12:04

    This government doesn't like the truth at all, if they could just tell as it is maybe they will be a change. They are afraid to upset their voters because most of the people doing this staff vote ANC, no intelligence at all. Only in SA foreigners are being attacked, never hear of any other African countries.

      Angie101 - 2015-01-25 12:37

      If it doesn't happen in other countries it is because they have strict influx control. When I lived in Namibia as a South African I had to have my work permit renewed every six months. It was only renewed if no Namibian could be found who had the qualifications to do my job. I sympathise with people who have to flee their own countries just to be met with more aggression elsewhere but the problem is letting in foreigners to do what little work there is available when you have no work for your own people.

  • Mario Kleynhans - 2015-01-25 12:08

    Also ignoring thievery & thuggery

  • Pieter Whiteman - 2015-01-25 12:33

    Get the cops from Lonmin to sort this.

  • Seth Mensah - 2015-01-25 12:34

    Foreigners are like soccer coaches one day they will take their bag and go if you want to know ask Nigeria 1983-1985 so foreigners will and you will also start going to them then you will forget all this and started complaining

  • fargone - 2015-01-25 12:35

    Quite surprised that this was even published given that it is the truth, notice how any article which puts the govt in a bad light either has the comments disallowed or shut down very quickly, so much for freedom of expression, by censoring public comments NEWS24 is going against everything that free speech and the press should stand for! Just another puppet for a corrupt govt! Delete this if you like News 24, it will just prove my point!

  • Evangeline Hlela - 2015-01-25 12:40

    we will never be at peace, without being to ourselves. some of us stay at the locations just waiting to cause stir. if everyone was working and in school none of thiswould be happening. we busy saying foreigners are taking over. we in fact they only utilising the same available opportunities that we just sitting and staring at.

  • Evangeline Hlela - 2015-01-25 12:40

    we will never be at peace, without being to ourselves. some of us stay at the locations just waiting to cause stir. if everyone was working and in school none of thiswould be happening. we busy saying foreigners are taking over. we in fact they only utilising the same available opportunities that we just sitting and staring at.

  • Evangeline Hlela - 2015-01-25 12:40

    we will never be at peace, without being to ourselves. some of us stay at the locations just waiting to cause stir. if everyone was working and in school none of thiswould be happening. we busy saying foreigners are taking over. we in fact they only utilising the same available opportunities that we just sitting and staring at.

  • Evangeline Hlela - 2015-01-25 12:40

    we will never be at peace, without being to ourselves. some of us stay at the locations just waiting to cause stir. if everyone was working and in school none of thiswould be happening. we busy saying foreigners are taking over. we in fact they only utilising the same available opportunities that we just sitting and staring at.

  • Ian - 2015-01-25 12:41

    this sick CancER ignores everything that does not involve them stuffing there fat corrupt backsides with our money, scum of the universe

  • Phillip Marchant - 2015-01-25 12:58

    What a load of nonsense, Marc Gbaffou! Have you not perfectly seen on video more than on one occasion, the police participating in the looting of the 'foreign-owned' shops? How can we then say that government is 'ignoring' zenophobia? Certainly not! In fact, even the minister of police is on record as saying "the police are assisting the foreign nationals in moving out of the area safely". I want to ask you, therefore, Mr ADF chairperson - do your own eyes deceive you, and is your source of information maybe hiding something from you? Perhaps the ANC is not addressing 'zenophobia' the way that you would expect any law abiding government to, however have you forgotten that the ANC is not ANY government, and do precisely the opposite to what a law abiding government would do? Perhaps you've been on holiday somewhere in outer space for the last twenty years, however do be careful to check with someone in your organization who has their ear to the ground, before going to print without knowing the facts.

      ceejay - 2015-01-25 13:25

      Do yourself a favour.Watch Äfrica addio"on You-tube.This is exactly what is happening in this country at the moment.

  • Cassias Jays Simana Mpofu - 2015-01-25 13:05

    The government does'nt want to admit that they is lowlessness in the country, the are issuing some misleading information each time they is violence of this nature,. right now they were lying that a baby was killed after the rioters where running away from the police when infact the mother of the child was also part of the group that was looting. listening to what Jacob zuma said yesterday, its like he was condoning what is happening. the government has a very bad attitude of justifying thuggery by trying to hide behind something that doesnt exist instead of facing the reality, the situation will never be good as long as the government continue to deny that they is xenophobia in the country.

  • Mandla Nicholas Maphumulo - 2015-01-25 13:09

    Well said Angie 101

  • Joseph Madumo - 2015-01-25 13:29

    Marc Gbaffou, where are you from?

  • Bradly Minnaar - 2015-01-25 13:30

    This government ignores everything besides their own pockets of course.

  • Mandla Nicholas Maphumulo - 2015-01-25 13:33

    At first who called them into RSA. they came here at their own risk. I for one went in exile at my own risk. so eintlik is time they pack n go. I wish you could see how we were treated in their countries but they now have guts to come running in to our county. as for Zimbabweas. There is no war there. so W T F they crying for. what happened to Laura n's Kabi la should have looooong happen to BOB. Mzansi is no No as Arch for them . It's easy for yu to defend them cos yu don't feel the pressure they putting over South African youth.

  • Jan Scheepers - 2015-01-25 13:41

    Is there any money to make for the cANCer and moron no 1 in xenophobia? Nope. Well, then it does not interest them. Simple.

  • Mandla Nicholas Maphumulo - 2015-01-25 13:41

    Where was these drugs before 1994?. where was these foreigners be for 94.? have yu realised who is using these drugs in this country? only South African youths are sniffing it. foreigners kids are at schools while ours are busy with drugs. not only in townships but on sur bubs as well. Yes NP government was wrong by apertheid but when it comes to protecting and defending these country I wish I can bring them back. I don't care who say what but truth is there for all of us to see

  • Derek Chapman - 2015-01-25 14:14

    Its all Jan van Riebeecks fault

  • David Sharpley - 2015-01-25 14:44

    Feed the homeless to the hungry, problem solved

  • Henning von Marschall - 2015-01-25 14:54

    Government ignoring a LOT

  • michael.tetley.35 - 2015-01-25 17:06

    If only foreign owned shops are looted, it's xenophobia. If all shops are being looted it's criminality. Wake up ANC government!

  • Mark Kitule - 2015-01-25 21:11

    We know that!!, ignoring does nt make the problem go away, or its consequences! !!!!

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