Govt welcomes funds to fight rhino poaching

2012-06-27 13:09

Cape Town - Environmental affairs has welcomed the $3m (about R25m) it received earlier this month from the Global Environment Facility to fight rhino poaching.

The money would be used for, among other things, the "enhancement of forensic-based technologies", including DNA identification of rhino horn, the department said in a statement on Wednesday.

"Advances in... science have made it possible to use DNA analysis for the examination of evidence for a variety of legal issues involving wild animals."

The department would sign a memorandum of understanding with the University of Pretoria to "facilitate collaborations to thwart the ongoing scourge of [rhino] poaching".

This followed the publication earlier this year of new norms and standards for the marking of rhino horn, and the hunting of white rhino for trophy purposes.

Department spokesperson Albie Modise said the funding would mainly be used to help improve the capabilities of the university's Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, and a "broad suite of measures" to combat rhino poaching.

A rhino DNA database was being established, he said.

South Africa is home to about 22 000 white and black rhino, about 93% of the world's rhino population.

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-06-27 13:15

    Will it help?.

      Bardy - 2012-06-27 13:25

      How the hell will DNA analysis help poaching or is this another tender fraud? Hire soldiers and buy guns and let them patrol the reserves!

      brad.ken.18 - 2012-06-27 13:31

      Exactly - these lazy b@stards in the SANDF are sitting around doing stuff all and getting paid, should be deployed and hunt the vermin down!

      rob.baggaley - 2012-06-27 13:31

      Govt " licking its lips already. " White Farmers are being " poached " too, what about a security fund for them ?

      Kala - 2012-06-27 13:33

      They should scrap the CSI approach and go for something more Rambo.

      dennis.vermaak.5 - 2012-06-27 13:42

      R25 000 000 - Well it certainly will help a few government officials !!!

      martin.britchford.5 - 2012-06-27 13:50

      im with leonard, this will vanish into the gravy, the anc is gonna let rhino be wiped out in sa, they are cashing in somewhere

      Werner - 2012-06-27 13:53

      The ANC will now appoint a committee, which will appoint a subcommittee who will 'conference' and 'work shop' until all the money is gone. The whole R3Mi will be tendered into oblivion!

      jake.neumann.35 - 2012-06-27 14:37

      DNA 'fingerprinting' can help in two ways,1) several Asian syndicate leaders came off scott-free because the posession of rhino is not a transgression and nothing can be done to those people unless it can be proved that the horn is from a poached animal and 2) it can help to minimize the inclusion of poached horn in batches of legal horn once the sales of stockpiled horn have been approaved. How the system works is ingenious and all thanks to the people of Onderstepoort.

  • Shaun - 2012-06-27 13:17

    Check nou hoe koop hulle fancy karre met daardie geld - en gaan op oorsese trips met dit......

      Sannie - 2012-06-27 13:25


      altusvanzyl - 2012-06-27 13:27

      Haha ja nee gee so 'n jaar kans..

      bahutu - 2012-06-27 14:19

      ska tlo gafa wena shaun, o reng fela ka lona? le di tsotsi mafello! wa sika san

  • Greg - 2012-06-27 13:19

    I am hoping all of the money goes directly to the cause, and not into the pockets of corrupt government officials!!

      brad.ken.18 - 2012-06-27 13:23

      Well said! No doubt though, some cANCer criminal will benefit some way or another. Its what they do best. Thieve!

      jean.tredoux.5 - 2012-06-27 13:26

      Quite curious myself, think when the 3million is gone the PP must just see if all the funds were spent and used for the actual cause.

      nigel.burgess.52 - 2012-06-27 14:08

      Well there's always hope.....

  • eva.walle.75 - 2012-06-27 13:22

    Of course they'll welcome it ... More money that can disappear ...

  • Barefoot - 2012-06-27 13:23

    22000 is 93% only wow this is critical

  • ish.mkhonto.7 - 2012-06-27 13:24

    hope it will serve the purpose.

  • lulama - 2012-06-27 13:26

    This will be a tender and some ANC person will win it.

      azande.futhi - 2012-06-27 13:57

      Eish, cant agree more.

      Antipoaching - 2012-06-27 15:03

      Lulama, the article states that a MoU will be signed with Uni Pretoria (Onderstepoort) so the bulk of the funding will land up in their bank account.... unlike Govt universities are actually held accountable so once in UP's account the money will be spent on the purpose for which it was intended..... just sorry that we at Rhodes Uni arent getting a portion as well, seeing as the EC is massively under-resourced in all fields including this kind of research

  • Gavin - 2012-06-27 13:26

    once again the ANC don't give a frack about the environment and the beautiful creatures that dwell therein. they are happy if they have fat tummy's huge asses, lots of wives, accounts filled to the brim with stolen money and an X5 in the driveway. life is a series of circles, what you put in or take out, will come back to haunt you.

  • Dawn Campbell Gibson - 2012-06-27 13:27

    $2 million to spend on ANC parties and $1 million to combat rhino poaching.

      Werner - 2012-06-27 13:56

      You are way to optimistic, Maybe, just maybe there will be R10,000 to fight poaching!

  • arthur.hugh - 2012-06-27 13:28

    Hope it's not a case of R24mil to salaries, vehicles and science experiments and only R1mil to useful combating of Rhino poaching.

      Trevor - 2012-06-27 13:31

      Highly probable

      mark.haupt.31 - 2012-06-27 15:15

      The 1 mill would go to the launch-the-fund party, hosted by the minister.

  • grant.taylor.142 - 2012-06-27 13:32

    I bet they do, so they can fill their pockets...

  • MarcoLValente - 2012-06-27 13:34

    Now Albie (and the rest of the Gov cronies): this $3m is for the RHINOS - not for more RANGE ROVERS to drive your fat arses around Sandton.

  • carolyn.myburgh - 2012-06-27 13:37

    Let's hope thats where the money goes and not into pockets for FAT CATS pockets!!!!!

  • ian.mather.56 - 2012-06-27 13:40

    Yea this stupid Government can give $2 billion to the IMF to save Europe, R.2.4 billion to Swaziland - yet we have to rely on overseas funds to save our own Rhino's - this Government is just so f**ked up its not true.....

  • Henk - 2012-06-27 13:43

    Tha ANC likes all kind of funds!

      Kala - 2012-06-27 14:00

      They are certainly not fussy about which fund they can steal from.

      nigel.burgess.52 - 2012-06-27 14:10

      Yes don't they just.

  • Jane - 2012-06-27 13:44

    Please can measures be taken to make sure that this money is not stolen by anyone in Parliament and that it is really used for the protection of our rhinos!

  • Trevor - 2012-06-27 13:44

    Say bye bye to those millions...this is Africa, there is no government that is rotten to the core with corruption...especially the ANC

  • Renard De Souza - 2012-06-27 13:55

    Wan..ers Finn blow it on more Moët and Chandon

  • hennie.cloete1 - 2012-06-27 13:55

    Please don't poach the anti-poaching funds.

  • phae.rayden - 2012-06-27 14:02

    For once please prove us wrong and do something meaningful with this money. A national tragedy is unfolding, if you fail to protect them you are just as guilty as the poachers who will just pick another target and wipe them out as well. Do your jobs, or admit you are incapable and privatise anti-poaching and let skilled people who really care do the job.

      Darryn - 2012-06-27 14:14

      They (government)are the poachers!

  • nigel.burgess.52 - 2012-06-27 14:03

    $3M??? Well, they can kiss that goodbye. I see BMW's, a few more mansions, pay increase for the top brass in the department, massive bonuses,......and once that's done, oh, now what about the Rhinos......

  • BulletProof. - 2012-06-27 14:04

    Now, that will be a a big effort to deviate that donation from is destination into some peoples pockets.

  • Gary Wilson - 2012-06-27 14:07

    R2 billion to imf for credibility ..hmmm... in return for USD3m? where is credibilty,..something wrong here with how our government spends money..

  • martin.vandermerwe - 2012-06-27 14:11

    Offcourse they would, new BMW's , the ML has been launched by Merc, non of this will go toward fighting of these svages!

  • arthur.halse - 2012-06-27 14:22

    Love the headline. Govt. welcomes funds........ Just wondering if the money will ever get to help against Rhino poaching?

      zs5zk - 2012-07-04 19:27

      Govt. welcomes funds, into the "FEW" ANC Buddy`s Purse. not what you know,it is WHOM you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????

  • olive.lincott - 2012-06-27 14:22

    Hope the funds reach the rhino's anti poaching fund!!!

  • mariah.jansentshabalala - 2012-06-27 14:28

    I hope the funds will be appropriately managed. that being said, Why generalize? Some of the current government officials are corrupt and some are not. Some are caught and some not. Same as any other government in the world. corruption has been in existence for many years. From the 1989 exposure that centred on a R650-million foreign exchange fraud and various other multimillion rand scams to the Arms deal scandals in 1999/2000. So politicians have (in the previous regime) always used tax payers money to enrich themselves just like some of the current politicians are doing. SO... lets not make this a political party issue but rather hope that its used for the course... TO FIGHT RHINO POACHING!!!

  • mpho.galane1 - 2012-06-27 14:35

    Let's go kill those who kill our Rhinos

  • Matthew - 2012-06-27 14:42

    1. the second comment from "Bardy" is the only real solution.because we to stop them in their tracks first before we twiddle our thumbs to think of a peaceful solution 2. Will any of this 3million ACTUALLY go towards the rhino's cause...Judging from experiance,no a chance in hell.half of it into peoples pockets and the rest will be used for office and advertising costs....whic do nothing sadly

  • lerato.kay.3 - 2012-06-27 14:43

    How about using that money to buy rifles to shoot the poachers and the remainder to buy a crematorium to cremate the scum's bodies once they are dead

  • mark.haupt.31 - 2012-06-27 14:44

    Makes me wonder if they wouldn't be prepared to donate a similar amount to the Ban-hot-air-emanating-from-ANC-conferences Fund which I would gladly thereafter establish. That may even save the country!

  • vmeiring1 - 2012-06-27 14:45

    That money will go for the ANC enrichment project and not at all to the goal it was intended for.

  • kenny.liebenberg - 2012-06-27 14:47

    Anything helps I guess, Zuma and his fellow comrades keep your Fu£king fingers out of it!

  • leeann.malan.37 - 2012-06-27 14:52

    I wonder how long that's going to last.....

      zs5zk - 2012-07-04 19:30

      NOT LONG.To many Gov. Officials involved "ANC"

  • charlene.heynes.9 - 2012-06-27 15:53

    Amen! to Bardy's comment Give the funding to the game reserves/parks so they can get more security (SADF?????) to kill the worms/magets that poach Rhino's

      zs5zk - 2012-07-04 19:34

      I am a Professional for my food and stay and give me a vehicle and I shall show how it is done.!!!!!!!!

  • Craig - 2012-06-27 18:53

    Someone in government is R3 million richer.

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