Griekwastad: Teen had expected arrest

2012-08-23 15:40

Griekwastad - The 16-year-old boy arrested in connection with the murder of a Griekwastad couple and their daughter, appeared in the town's magistrate's court on Thursday.

Deon Steenkamp, his wife Christel and their daughter, Marthella, were shot dead on their nearby farm, Naauwhoek, on Good Friday.

Rapport’s Jacques Steenkamp tweeted that the teenager's lawyer was informed on 23 May that his client was a suspect.

The boy was arrested at his school in Bloemfontein on Tuesday. He apparently had expected the arrest and his guardian and a psychologist had prepared him for it.  

The court adjourned after the suspect's guardian testified. He said they had a good relationship.

He added that the boy was doing well under the circumstances.

A social worker testified that it would be detrimental if the accused could not return to school now. The teen had indicated that he wanted to go back, a witness said. 

Huisgenoot's Herman Scholtz tweeted that, according to a witness, friends had looked on "with compassion" when the child was hand-cuffed at school.

The boy will in all probability be held in the local police station's cells ahead of a formal bail application on Friday.

The State is opposing bail in the case.

  • charlesdumbwin.dumbwin - 2012-08-23 15:47

    Who cares that this murderer is 'doing well'. He must get life without parole.

      jon.harris.9421450 - 2012-08-23 15:56

      You have to wonder what type of people are giving thumbs down ? do they commiserate with the murderer?

      shelley.vorster.9 - 2012-08-23 15:57

      i was gonna ask and say the same - what about the family left behind? its almost always about the criminal in this country, and they are suffering

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-08-23 16:03

      Shelley - he is the family left behind...

      charlie.elford.5 - 2012-08-23 16:20

      No, I feel sorry for his grandparents who has had to bury their children and grandchild, all because of this brat's actions...

      mack.myburgh - 2012-08-23 16:38

      o he is white ,he will ! unless he gets a good advocate....thier case is flimsy as best !

      lownabester - 2012-08-23 16:42

      Agree, he did not cared much for his family before killing them

      stephan.wyk.7 - 2012-08-23 16:44

      So easy to judge... Please make sure to raise your children right, because, who knows...

      jody.beggs - 2012-08-23 17:49

      Its a kid "The 16-year-old boy arrested in connection with the murder of a Griekwastad couple and their daughter" Blame him , he's got the devil in him! There a bigger picture but the idjits here just want him to die. Yes 3 people were murdered but get the story first before making judgement like typical xian turds. Maybe a minute in his shoes will open your eye ...

  • jon.harris.9421450 - 2012-08-23 15:49

    im sorry did i misread.. "the boy is doing well under the circumstances" who the hell cares how he is doing?

      ronel.kotze.3 - 2012-08-23 16:02

      Well John he killed his parents and sister, I just wonder what motivated him...

      mack.myburgh - 2012-08-23 16:40

      after the Inge Lotz case ,beware of bungling keystone cops...........the boy might be innocent !

  • phillip.hoffman.7146 - 2012-08-23 15:49

    I wonder if the "teen" is the smae person as the victim's son?

      deon.louw.7505 - 2012-08-23 15:52

      Yes, it seems like it.

      ronel.kotze.3 - 2012-08-23 16:04

      yes it is without a doubt

      kevin.pitzer - 2012-08-23 16:16

      @Phillip I think we all wonder as the 16 year old had a guardian and does not mention parents.We will have to wait for this mystery to reveal itself.

      craig.moir.14 - 2012-08-23 16:30

      It only mentions his guardian because he doesn't have parents anymore, he frikking murdered them!

      mack.myburgh - 2012-08-23 16:41

      yes bud he is !

  • chris.debeer1 - 2012-08-23 15:53

    Sick world we live in!!!

  • caroline.jacobs.1675 - 2012-08-23 15:55

    Absolutely who cares! Agreed life without parole!

  • veldt66 - 2012-08-23 16:07

    Your own family really???? These people!!!

  • jannie.beirowski - 2012-08-23 16:07

    This boy did not show any regret and was planning to leave school and start farming. He was so sure of himself and cocky amongst the girls, they should investigate if he was ever discussing the'perfect' murder, even in general terms if not spesific about his family?

  • zwelithini.gagayi - 2012-08-23 16:17

    I hope the arrest of this boy will be a lesson to those who had already blamed racist blacks and the ANC for this murder. When people are killed like this whether they are farmers, black or white it becomes a sad day to all those who care about the future of this country. But when you read comments that are posted by some people accusing the entire black nation in South Africa of being anti-white/farmers, it makes me sad. This senseless killing of the family (like any such killing) is a tragedy for the nation as a whole, and we should all unite against it.

      dieter.muller.942145 - 2012-08-23 16:41

      zweli ... 0.0001% of the time its not the blacks or the ANC ... like in this case - honest mistake!

      lee.ferreira - 2012-08-23 16:57

      I could not agree with you more, I suspected the boy from day 1, but can we all please wait for the facts before we pass judgement? And Zwelithini, I am a white Gogo and feel for this boy, irrespective of his race, creed or colour!

      dave.reyneke - 2012-08-24 08:04

      You will find that very few people viewed this as a "typical farm murder" as the incident did not resemble a "normal" attack.

  • deemary - 2012-08-23 16:27

    I've always suspected that he did it..... BUT WHY? What made a young boy kill his parents and only sibling???? What provocation caused him to do this??

      Mark - 2012-08-23 16:34

      We'll have to wait for the TV mini-series.

  • stephan.wyk.7 - 2012-08-23 16:35

    Ever thought how far somebody should be pushed to do something like this. I'm not saying that what he did was right, but everybody is not the same when you have to deal with pressure being forced appon a child, just because the other child is the favourite. All I'm saying: easy to comment when you are involved nor have any ties to these people. Who knows really how what the circumstances were...

      gabrielle.kelly.56 - 2012-08-23 17:23

      Based on what I've read so far it does seem that he was possibly involved, however, I have no clue what evidence was uncovered. That said though, and for the purposes of discussion ... if he did kill his whole family and even if he did so in a moment of anger, the greatest concern if he is guilty, is ITO how he conducted himself afterward. He tidied the crime scene, he has done photo shoots for mags and he has declared that he is innocent. Sadly, if he is guilty then he is a danger to society because it's a given that someone who reacts in this extreme way is a threat to the people around him. Not everyone possesses empathy and many people who are raised in difficult situations do not react so violently.

  • stompies.hattingh.5 - 2012-08-23 16:44

    As hy die moord gepleeg het dan moes hy dit seker verwag? Eish, die sg joernalistiek!

  • lee.ferreira - 2012-08-23 16:48

    Very, very sick people passing judgement here! Who knows what prompted him to the point where he was capable of doing this?? Wait for the facts before passing judgement, none of us are without skeletons in our cupboards!

      gabrielle.kelly.56 - 2012-08-23 17:08

      People are expressing their opinions ... which I'm sure you do as well on a regular basis. Might I also remind you that we live in a free country where it is perfectly acceptable to express an opinion of what one believes is right or wrong. If every time something horrendous happened and everyone sat back and said nothing ... that would be a sign of a sick society. It is perfectly normal to react to horror and to express an opinion accordingly ... as I'm sure you - esp since you've done it here by forming an opinion of the comments. So yes, even you do it far more often than you realise.

      veldt66 - 2012-08-23 17:10

      Why are u defending this??? Nobody is passing judgement, it's simply wrong to kill yr own family. Lee I understand u might be planning something against your own, but don't come to preach yr sermon here. What I certainly disagree with is to teach kids to operate fire arms so young. What for?

  • julie.vanniekerk.3 - 2012-08-23 17:00

    We ALL know who the boy is but he is innocent until proven guilty!

  • sanette.small - 2012-08-23 17:17

    So very sad! A young life in pieces!!!Unbelievable but unfortunately true!

      gabrielle.kelly.56 - 2012-08-23 17:38

      ... and what is even more sad is that 3 lives were taken. His parents will never be grandparents, his sister will never finish school, marry, have a career ... and of course the worst of it is that if he is guilty ... is that his family knew the face of their killer. The guilty party will at the most lose his freedom ... his victims lost their lives.

  • elize.devilliers.50 - 2012-08-23 21:28

    Why does he want to go to school so badly now? The fight with his father was exactly that. He did not want to go to school. He wanted to farm. A bit of a problem with authority?

      gabrielle.kelly.56 - 2012-08-23 21:37

      Considering that he is a suspect in a murder trial involving his parents and 14 year old sister, I'm surprised that "what he wants" is even a consideration. And yes, you're right. Why the sudden urge to return to school?

  • lindelwe.xulu - 2012-08-24 07:44

    Ey, any feeling person will "look on with compassion', that shouldn't be looked at as a motivation to free the blighter. He did the crime now he must do the time. I feel bad after squashing a roach and this nimrod killed three members of his family!! He must go hang man!mxim

  • danielagil777 - 2012-08-24 08:48

    Read between the lines. It's definitely him and I thought that all along. Something in that child's eyes gave it all away. What made him tick is the question?

  • leslie.rabie - 2012-08-27 09:39

    Innocent until proven guilty!

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