Hawks captain appears on multiple charges

2012-05-03 22:06

Cape Town - Hawks captain Esmeralda Bailey, renowned for capturing convicted killer Dina Rodrigues, appeared in the Bellville Specialised Commercial Crime Court in Cape Town on Thursday.

She faces one count of corruption, one of possession of ammunition, one of possession or use of the drug tik and five of defeating the ends of justice.

Bailey's trial was transferred to the commercial court from the Cape Town Magistrate's Court, on instructions from the Western Cape Directorate for Public Prosecutions (DPP).

She was arrested in December last year after an under-cover police official paid her R4 500 for a bag containing police uniforms and ammunition. She was on stress leave at the time of her arrest.

According to the charge sheet, the DPP authorised a trap based on information that Bailey was illegally selling uniforms, firearms and ammunition.

Bailey was also allegedly found in possession of several missing police dockets and unspecified court exhibits and evidence.

She is scheduled to appear again on July 24.

  • Boer - 2012-05-03 22:36

    What happened to South-Africa????

      nasheenar - 2012-05-04 09:41

      We handed it over to some jail birds thats what happened.

  • Master - 2012-05-04 07:15

    But your Honor i had to resort to selling these items as i was on sick leave and could not collect my extra income that i am used to from collecting my bribe money whilst on duty

  • Seducect - 2012-05-04 09:19

    I wonder what Dina is thinking about the situation...Soon to be cellmates?! Interesting...

      nasheenar - 2012-05-04 09:39

      No she too will have her get out of jail card...Cos remember we letting prisoners out cos the jails are too full. She will qualify for this.

      Michael - 2012-05-15 17:16

      haha nice one,esmeralda better watch her buns:)

  • nasheenar - 2012-05-04 09:38

    HA HA HA HA HA HA .....and it just doesnt end. So they got rid of the scorpions so EVERYONE could get in on the Corruption pie. South Africa is like crime capital. You can trust no one.

  • ruben.maistry - 2012-06-28 19:26

    When does this stop? When there is no more to plunder?

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