Hazardous containers adrift near PE

2012-07-17 22:12

Port Elizabeth - A huge cylinder measuring 6m and with a diameter of 2m, has washed ashore near St Francis Bay and the maritime radio service is continuously broadcasting a shipping navigation warning about two similar containers reported to be adrift as well.

The NSRI's Craig Lambinon said the object, scratched and badly rusted, was in an area which wasn't easily accessible.

He said the NSRI would be taking officials from the SA Maritime Safety Authority to the scene for an inspection on Wednesday morning.

Earlier, Roland Williams of the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality said the incident was being treated as a marine safety issue.

He added, however, that people living along the coast should be made aware of the potential dangers.

Williams said the containers should, under no circumstances, be tampered with, because the contents are unknown.

He said should anyone see the missing containers or should they drift ashore, should immediately contact Port Control on 041 507 1911.

  • Henk - 2012-07-17 22:23

    From Japan? - 2012-07-17 22:27

      Smells like Fukushima.

      neville.vizagie.9 - 2012-07-18 07:48

      @matthew.swanepoel.9. They are a shipping hazard in the sense if a ship or fishing vessels collide with one at speed it can damage a vessel to the point that it can sink.

      alexander.lombard - 2012-07-18 08:02

      @Neville It is also comonly known that you do not transport steri-stumpi in these type containers. Did anyone see the results of this type of phinominon in Somalia, it was on Carte Blanche.

      aristar.aristary - 2012-07-18 08:21

      Probably from Japan. In 2005 a yacht on the Mauritius to Durban race hit a submerged container and was lost. It was eventually located a year later floating upside down without a keel. All hands lost. Anything floating in the sea can be considered a hazzard, even dead whales. Maybe they are not all visible as in the case of the iceberg which the Titanic hit, but many large shipping containers are washed off the ships and they slowly fill with water and float around the oceans submerged just below the surface of the sea and many ships will hit them and not know that what they have hit because after collision the container sinks.

      Kala - 2012-07-18 09:21

      Maybe there's a message inside. A long one.

      shellerjc.rjc - 2012-07-18 10:00

      @ matthew.swanepoel9 - Thats WHY it's Considered hazardous as the contents are unknown. Can you imagine some idtio seeing and he starts bagging on it and thereby damaging it, it may just be full of toxic waste.

  • des.cider - 2012-07-17 22:44

    It's a very big bottle of my favourite white wine. DO NOT DESTROY!

      Squeegee - 2012-07-18 06:51

      You are welcome to drink the contents - make SA safer.

  • dakey.ras.73 - 2012-07-17 23:49

    Imagine a 6m tall container next to your house storing rainwater. You would be the envy of all your neighbours.

  • farmfreund - 2012-07-18 01:34

    its sure as hell not brandy,

  • siliziwem - 2012-07-18 03:42

    its full of corruption!

      aristar.aristary - 2012-07-18 08:22

      Just like South African government. Maybe it is full of Johnny Wallker Blue label :>

  • lionel.defrontignac - 2012-07-18 03:42

    It will be gone before the Authorities get there:scrap metal collecters.

      Squeegee - 2012-07-18 06:52

      Are they going to move it with a PnP shopping trolley?

  • shaun.swindon.3 - 2012-07-18 07:01

    This is toxic waste. More than likely from the EU. The same as per Carte Blanches documentary of the crap which washed ashore in Somalia and has caused numerous cancerous symptoms amongst people there.

      ricky.hammer.92 - 2012-07-18 07:39

      More like something washes ashore on somalia and turns to crap from the toxic waste people there you meant?

      shaun.swindon.3 - 2012-07-18 17:50

      Perhaps the 16 thumbs down tards should have read this..."Williams said the containers should, under no circumstances, be tampered with, because the contents are unknown". Let me tell you our Government already knows what they are but are keeping the truth quiet as not to destroy the tourist insdustry along our eastern coastline. This thing was dropped off on the coast of Mozambique and has floated down stream to us. Mark my words we have another enviromental scandal just on our doorstep. This time nuclear toxic waste.

  • eric.martinsich - 2012-07-18 07:33

    Well imagine cutting it in half long ways and turning it into a braai drum. Braai for a few thousand

  • - 2012-07-18 07:51

    Looks like a very ordinary everyday ships boiler. wonder what happened to the rest of the ship.

  • DuToitCoetzee - 2012-07-18 07:58

    It is a "fart' collector. They were sent to collect all the "farts" in Eastern Cape. Hope they send plenty more. LOL!!!

      bernard.nienaber - 2012-07-18 08:11

      I didn't know 6year olds comment on this site as well.

      aristar.aristary - 2012-07-18 08:26

      @bernard.nienaber Get a sense of humour. We should put the whole government into it and send it off to sea. Unfortunately we would have to deflate most of the politicians to get them into that tiny little opening. Then with all that hot air that will be generated the container would float around the oceans for another ten years.

      shaun.swindon.3 - 2012-07-19 06:33

      Child like much?

  • wayne.bayman - 2012-07-18 08:23

    As a salvage operator that regularly recovers containers from the beach i can tell you that this is not a regular shipping container. This picture does not show any kind of serial and without that SAMSA cant nail someone for it. It almost looks like some kind of bearing on the end of the tank. It could have been some kind of roller barrel. It doesn't much look like a pressure vessel.

      shaun.swindon.3 - 2012-07-19 06:34

      Toxic waste container.

      wayne.bayman - 2012-07-19 08:37

      Hey Shaun, How do you know so much about toxic waste and how it is transported? Are you a HAZMAT technician? Do you work for a hazmat response company? Perhaps you work for a waste company? This is NOT a shipping container. This is not the type of container waste is usually transported in and most certainly it is not used for radioactive waste. You sound like a broken record, 'toxic waste container this', 'toxic waste container that'. Get a hold of yourself dude.

  • das.hofmeyr - 2012-07-18 08:56

    Looks like a large industrial gas cylinder. Plus it floats, therefore probably gas.

      shaun.swindon.3 - 2012-07-19 06:34

      If you noticed it is firmly inbedded into the sand which indicates it has great mass. It might float but most toxic waste does.

  • trevor.pietersen.3 - 2012-07-18 10:10

    mmmmm....must be Madiba's birthday present

  • terrence.zulu.9 - 2012-07-18 12:06

    arrest the damn thing.its a drug mule.nigerian style.

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