Hazyview parents turn in son

2012-04-19 19:59

Johannesburg - The parents of a Hazyview teenager have turned in their son for the murder of a 43-year-old man, Mpumalanga police said on Thursday.

"They handed him over after police went looking for the boy at their house several times," said Colonel Leonard Hlathi.

The teenager and two other men allegedly tied up Lodrick Foxon, 43, and his wife, and ransacked the couple's house last week.

Foxon freed himself and grabbed one of the robbers, but was shot dead.

Hlathi said the teenager faced charges of murder and house robbery and would appear in the White River Magistrate's Court on Friday.

The other two men, Silindile Mokoena and Jonathan Terry, both aged 20, appeared in court on Thursday.

Police said the matter was postponed to April 26 for further investigation.

They remained in custody.

  • Mlondi - 2012-04-19 20:06

    Smart Parents

      Janice - 2012-04-20 10:14

      Yes smart parents, but a savage child...

  • braamc - 2012-04-19 20:10

    Great future for you, hope you die in jail

      Grace - 2012-04-19 20:15

      Who you referring to?

      Gestoffle - 2012-04-19 22:24

      Jeez, who else could he be talking about but the perpetrators? Why so many thumbsdown for brammc? I also hope they rot in jail. Unless these TD people want to give them a holiday in Mauritius or something!

  • Grace - 2012-04-19 20:12

    Well done parents wOw... Must have been SO harsh but you did the right thing! There not very many people that could of done that. Peace be with you

      Lorain - 2012-04-20 07:37

      Thats what you call great parentting.

  • Thebe - 2012-04-19 20:15

    Good example to other parents who know what their children are up to.

      Lacrimose - 2012-04-19 20:40

      Sadly they did not know their child well enough to know what he'd become capable of

  • AdeleFHM - 2012-04-19 20:19

    Yet more of S.A's youth making headlines, seems like this is just the beginning, SIGH. What a sick world we live in. Come one think before you act people! Shame on you

      Jason - 2012-04-20 08:47

      U made headlines too but for all the right reasons :)

  • Bloodstone - 2012-04-19 20:39

    WTF is wrong with these teenagers in SA?? wipe out their own families, they gang-rape, commit murder. Maybe it's true that the SA education system is completely up the pole...

      Lacrimose - 2012-04-19 21:00

      It's not just the education system. It is a generation completely devoid of humanity and hope. Our future leaders....

      colleen.warren2 - 2012-04-19 21:13

      What the hell is wrong with YOU?? We do not teach our children to commit murder and rape etc! Perhaps you should take the time to find out what Teachers do and EDUCATE yourself!!

      Ally - 2012-04-19 21:26

      Colleen, most parents spend very little time with their children and therefore give them very little moral guidance, love and attention. Some parents couldn't care less; others are working two or three jobs just to feed the family. Most of those parents are women -- absent fathers is widespread enough to be a syndrome. THE ANSWER: Restrict child-bearing to those who can AFFORD it and those who can demonstrate that they are mature enough to do the job (yes, parenting is a job but one for which you need no qualifications at all). Is that enough education for one day, Colleen.

      npretorius2 - 2012-04-20 06:11

      What teachers do - They have 5 months holiday a year, work 8AM-3PM, and spend their holiday moaning to their friends about how much stress they have and how little money they apparently earn.

      carpejugulim - 2012-04-20 06:31

      I think you might all be very surprised and it might just be worthwhile to have a closer look at how teachers have to cope with ill disciplined, rude, arrogant and self entitled brats who are so keen on the world recognising that they have rights that they trample all over the rights of others.

      Deirdre - 2012-04-20 09:06

      @npretorius - They have 5 months holiday a year during that time they're planning lessons, exams and tests, as well as putting together rubrics assessment codes, moderators papers etc. Many of them bring work home and often only go to bed at 11pm as they have to look after their own families then get to do their work. I spent nights helping my husband while he was a teacher. They may be a group of teachers who are as you described, but to paint them all with the same brush is unfair! It is said that it takes a village to bring up a child, which is true but EVERY one from parents to teachers, to relatives need to take responsibility for the children in their lives.

      Riƫtte - 2012-04-20 10:34

      @ npretorius, my sister is a teacher and I'm glad you think teaching is glamourous job. They have no rights, she was attacked by a student in her class for telling him to keep quiet he's disrupting the class, and she could not do anything! Besides, it's not the teachers job to teach kids manners, it's their parents job!

      Jacqui - 2012-04-20 12:50

      Colleen, teaching values to your children are not a teachers job, it is yours.

      colleen.warren2 - 2012-04-21 15:09

      I agree with Jacqui - its our job as parents to teach our children. So why blame the education system. I work at a school and we do not have 5 months holiday - 27 days leave a year - actually! I have two children of my own who are married already. I know all about parenting. I did a fantastic job with my daughters and I am very proud of them. They were schooled in the SA education system and there is nothing wrong with them. I am a very proud Mom!

  • phathuchicos - 2012-04-19 20:46

    SA's new export..."life terminators"

      Lacrimose - 2012-04-19 21:33

      If only we could export them - to the moon or another planet. I would not wish people like this on any society. Utterly terrifying that there's a whole group of people out there with zero sense of humanity left.

  • valcooperRSA - 2012-04-19 20:51

    Smart parents......arme the the time.....

  • Ad - 2012-04-19 21:15

    Must of been a very hard decision to make but every bit necessary if they wanted peace within themselves.

  • nmmafutha - 2012-04-19 21:26

    \Justice\ must be served regardles of the relationship we share. So i guess you should do the same, as its been quite a long covering up for your friend.

  • j.c.s.mailbox - 2012-04-19 23:44

    Find guilty: Penalty 10 years imprisonment with the option to study at the cost of the taxpayer...and when successfully getting all their degrees getting quick suspension on the grounds of good behavior.

  • lmadikwe - 2012-04-20 00:21

    We live in townships were parents are shielding their thug children when there an overwhelming number of witnesses and even make a false oath, only to bury them a couple months later as they continued harassing the community with gang related activities.

      Chumscrubber1 - 2012-04-20 07:38

      My housekeepers brothers 16 year old son was stabbed to death at Ermelo (Ermelo township) 2 days ago. Apparently gang related - I wonder if this gang culture is permeating into the youth from the popular gangsta music culture we get from the US. It is cool to be a thug according to all this Hip Hop stuff. Very poor values are being sold to the youth.

      carpejugulim - 2012-04-20 07:59

      The kids have that kind of lifestyle shoved down their throats with the utter rubbish on tv as well. Do yourself a favour and take a couple of minutes (trust me that's all it takes) you will notice that to be considered "cool" you have to be rude, arrogant, sassy and smart mouthed with no respect for others

      Jacqui - 2012-04-20 12:52

      Imadikwe, what a sad picture you are painting. Let's hope things will improve.

  • Piet - 2012-04-20 06:21


      Inja - 2012-04-20 08:49

      I will ask my DA to include the death penalty in their election manifesto

  • pws69 - 2012-04-20 07:42

    It must have been tough for the parents to do this. Much respect to them.

  • Virginia - 2012-04-20 08:10

    Whoever pulled that trigger should be shot. Only thing that works is an eye for an eye. Nobody seems to be afraid of going to jail at all.

  • malebo.more - 2012-04-20 08:46

    Give those parents a bells....

  • esilinda - 2012-04-20 09:09

    dont ever let him out,his not fit being around us sane people.

  • dumisiledee - 2012-04-20 09:13

    Well Done Sir! if only we had lots of parents like you, I think we'd be in a better position that we are now, our society has a tendency of hiding criminals or too scared to get involved because it hasn't happened to them.

  • Carry - 2012-04-20 09:25


  • Sandy - 2012-04-20 09:30

    Smart and brave. I salute you.

  • Schmee - 2012-04-20 09:47

    That must have been a really difficult decision for the parents. I take my hat off to them.

  • Michelle - 2012-04-20 11:32

    Could it be that most of these issues result in the fact that more often than not there are no consequences for childrens actions, they are spoilt, speak to their parents terribly and have no respect for themselves or others. And parents, more often than not, will find an excuse or someone else to blame for their childs bad behaviour. Sadly parents, the buck does begin and stop with you ~ if you send a rude, arrogant, ill-disciplined child to school, that does not give the teachers a good foundation to work on! I also agree that the other problem is the TV our kids are exposed to - even the hannah montana, etc. stuff has children who are extremely precocious and being cheeky to an adult is perceived to be funny. The parents of this boy have done the right thing but I can only imagine how heartbreaking this is, unless they have had a gutsfull of his antics - tragic either way.

  • Bernice - 2012-04-20 12:01

    As a parent this must be one of the hardest decisions for any parent to have made. You can see there is a lining of morals and ethics there. You can only raise your children to a certain point, thereafter there is a thing called CHOICES and unfortunately a great number of youths are making the wrong ones.

  • Jacqui - 2012-04-20 12:48

    Now these are the kind of parents we need more of. They can be proud of themselves.

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