Head-on crash in Eastern Cape kills 5

2011-12-03 16:40

East London - Five people died in a head-on collision on the N2 between Butterworth and Dutywa on Saturday morning, Eastern Cape police said.

The two sedans involved in the accident collided near Zingqayi Village at 10:00, said Captain Jackson Manatha.

Four men and a woman were killed on impact.

Their ages had not yet been established.

"The cause of the accident is not yet known but police are investigating a case of culpable homicide," Manatha said.

  • Maurits Schultz - 2011-12-03 16:48

    Nothing new as far as the carnage on SA roads go!

  • Comrade - 2011-12-03 16:54


  • nicn44 - 2011-12-03 17:12

    Why does'nt he blame bad police-ing on our roads? one finger pointed is four pointing back. Bad road worthyness,bad patroling,bad management, bad laws.Take care of this first then you weed out the bad drivers.

  • stephen.cole1 - 2011-12-03 17:59

    The standard of driving tests and the amount of forged driving licenses together with drink have a lot to play in this bad accident rate .

  • Cookie - 2011-12-03 20:06

    Condolences to all family.God give you strength forward.

  • Sean - 2011-12-03 20:10

    @Comrade , it just goes to show you don't travel much do you? how about i give you bus money to Zimbabwe to do more research on your unfounded ignorant information.

  • Winsome - 2011-12-04 07:31

    It's just another day in sunny SA ........

  • Donald Bradbury - 2011-12-04 08:11

    The road from Mthatha to East London has the highest death rate in the country. Multiple unroadworthy vehicles, animals and taxis play there part in contributing, but the biggest contributor is the high end vehicles. The road speed is 100 km/h and you seldom find these vehicles going below 120. Normally around 140-160 km/h. There are also drivers with incredible vision, the type that can see over blind hills, around corners and through mist, allowing them to overtake at unexpected times. The lack of traffic control (or should I say honest traffic control) is also a major contributor. This factor has allowed drivers to choose how they want to drive. He stretch of road is only 220 km and yet can take 3 hours 30 minutes to complete. Due to the volume of traffic. (this can be dropped to around 2 hours if you fit blue flashing lights on your black BMW). I drive this road at least twice a week, and every trip there will be at least two different locations where there has been an accident.

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