Heavy rains flood parts of Cape Town

2012-08-11 18:02

Cape Town - Several parts of Cape Town were flooded following heavy rainfall in the region, the City's disaster management centre said on Saturday.

Spokesperson Wilfred Solomons-Johannes said several homes in the low-lying areas lost their roofs in the windy weather.

"The City's disaster response teams have been activated and deployed to several areas to assess the impact of the storm. Response teams are also on high alert," he said.

Phola Park, Rasta Camp, Masiphumelele, Lotus Park, Wallacedene, Happy Valley and Phillip informal settlements were all affected.

Emergency workers provided blankets and parcels to some of those affected.

Chapman's Peak Drive had been closed off since Friday and it remained closed.

"The weather warnings issued by the SA Weather Service for gale-force westerly/north-westerly winds, rough seas, heavy falls of rain, snowfalls and very cold, wet and windy conditions is still enforced," said Solomons-Johannes.

The heavy rains are expected to continue until Sunday.

- In case of emergency in Cape Town, call 107 from a landline or 021 480 7700 from a cellphone.

- Have you been affected? Send us your photos.

  • seymore.butt - 2012-08-11 18:12

    Perfect day for cuddles, fire, hot chocolate and movies! calling all single women ;)

      morneoosthuizen - 2012-08-11 18:14

      Don't forget the Rugby

      denise.knight.7121 - 2012-08-12 08:21

      Mo, you just ruined the romance. lol

  • lacrimose.wolf - 2012-08-11 18:19

    Stop allowing people to settle in or adjacent to wetlands. Surprisingly, it rains here every winter and wetlands, by their very nature are wet! They also flood more every year as their natural avenues of egress are choked by garbage. I do feel sorry for anyone subjected to the elements but much of it can be prevented by not allowing people to settle in areas that are uninhabitable.

      patricia.dewet.92 - 2012-08-11 18:51

      They take a thousand away and 2 thousand move in. People don't pay attension.

      lacrimose.wolf - 2012-08-11 19:10

      @thumbsdown- really, if people do not realise they've settled on a swamp, authorities have to take that decision out of their hands. Not leave them there to end up flooded, homeless and a problem for Emergency Services & the private sector to sort out. At some point we have to start dealing with root causes instead of always the effects.

  • dimitri.tsafendas - 2012-08-11 19:22

    Its the ANCYL, those are the people to blame for all the wrongs in WC!!!!!

  • devon.riley.52 - 2012-08-11 19:36

    Yip the Cape of storms. Missing home

  • JeffDenning - 2012-08-11 21:43

    Woohoo!! Hand is now famous :P Not in Durbanville though... pic of the hail was taken in Claremont; Cape Town

  • JeffDenning - 2012-08-11 21:48

    More hail and Cape Town weather pics on my blog :)

  • snagdee - 2012-08-11 22:28

    Dis die Kaap ou Broer

  • shamielah.edwards - 2012-08-11 23:56

    thanx for the weather update

  • maria.roth.589 - 2012-08-11 23:59

    Well done Cape town for your prompt response. commiserations to the afflicted people. I feel for you. We had floods in Johannesburg last year with absolutely no response from the province. Hundreds of millions in damages but to the ANC council a non event! I hope better for you. So sorry for your damage.

  • grntjonathan - 2012-08-12 06:20

    Nearly 15yrs ago, i met a retired school teacher in Worcester. He said the old people used to say "Augie kom nog", and it is true to the saying.

      Penny - 2012-08-12 08:00

      Umm, who's Augie?

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