Heavy security for Zuma lecture

2012-07-10 10:05

Johannesburg - Security has been stepped up in preparation for President Jacob Zuma's speech in Thohoyandou on Tuesday, Limpopo police said.

"Members of the South African Police Service in Limpopo are fully prepared and ready to ensure that the president's lecture is conducted in a peaceful and orderly environment," provincial commissioner Lieutenant General Simon Mpembe said.

Zuma was expected to deliver a memorial lecture on the legacy of former ANC president Nelson Mandela, amid tight security over fears he might be heckled by supporters of axed youth league leader Julius Malema.

The lecture was scheduled to start at 15:00 at the Holy Worship Church in Shiyandima.

"Various police units ranging from air wing (air support), public order police, operation response service, K9 (dog unit), bomb disposal unit, crime prevention, to detectives, have been deployed to ensure that security is not compromised," Mpembe said.

He warned that police would not tolerate any act that could compromise safety and security, and would take drastic steps to restore order. Firearms and knives would not be allowed into the venue.

  • gavin.lott.9 - 2012-07-10 10:12

    So Helen Zille can't take the army into the Cape Flats..but you can take nuclear weapons & fighter jets to a lecture...hmmm

      tuco.angeleyes - 2012-07-10 10:17

      Crime is not an issue in South Africa. ZA is perfectly safe. Jacob

      arthur.hugh - 2012-07-10 10:22

      Zuma needs protection from his own people...

      jean.tredoux.5 - 2012-07-10 10:22

      You know how it is in the eyes of the anc, One man's life is more important than a few million...

      tebalob - 2012-07-10 10:22

      ja Gavin the president of a country scared of children...they did say the YOUTH LEAGUE didnt they!!!!!!!!!!!!

      peter.ndamase - 2012-07-10 10:29

      That HEAVY security is from Limpopo? You wouldn't want to place all your spears on them Mr. President. Nice one...

      daniel.jacobs.3766 - 2012-07-10 10:38

      What is his lecture about? - Taking a shower?; How to blame others?; How to get out of jail free?; How to waste other's money?; How to appoint useless cadres?, etc.etc. Can't see that I can learn anything morally useful from this guy's lectures.

      daniel.jacobs.3766 - 2012-07-10 10:41

      You've got to be kidding!? What on earth can he lecture others about????

      BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-07-10 10:42

      Oh the pomp and ceremony. What the hell for? Zooma is becoming less important by the day - nobody cares. Security against what? Why they love to boost their importance like this I'll never know. Look at me look at me, I'm the President, I'm so important, look at me look at me.

      poloyatonkim - 2012-07-10 10:43

      Zille is just a premier, she is powerless..

      nrgx.nrg - 2012-07-10 10:52

      AIR SUPPORT???? - WTF!!!

      kgolane.thulare - 2012-07-10 10:55

      "Heavy security for Zuma lecture" - South Africn HEADLINE. "Heavy security for Obama lecture" - Will never be a headline as this is OBVIOUS for any President... News24 start doing some real journalism!!!!!

      arthur.hugh - 2012-07-10 10:58

      He couldn't use the Navy because he's jealous of all their sea men.

      nrgx.nrg - 2012-07-10 11:00

      @kgolane.thulare - you cant cant put zuma and Obama on the same level. 1st world president vs 3rd world thief!

      martin.britchford.5 - 2012-07-10 11:20

      have they never heard of composite knives, they cannot find em, and they wont be anal probing every single person walking in there either, i carry a knife that gets into casinos, that passes those big square detectors that th sabc, and mines use, now tell me zuma, i wonder if tsafendas II is gonna strike? one can only hope and dream - 2012-07-10 11:40

      Rulers want to feel safe from the decisions they make to extract more wealth from yor pockets.

      sarel.koen - 2012-07-10 11:41

      What did Zuma say about the "Dark Forces" in the ANC who are out to kill ANC leaders? By the way, what is the difference between an assassin and a murderer?

      Don.Tandy - 2012-07-10 11:45

      It is a sad state of affairs when someone is so dishonest and crooked that they need to constantly watch their backs - in case your 'own citizens' want your blood. If our leaders were upright, honest, law abiding and earning the respect of their citizens, they wouldnt need all this bullsh$t security that creates an aura of gangsterism.

      kobus.hattingh.5 - 2012-07-10 12:03

      Uneasy sleeps the head on which rests a shower?

      kgolane.thulare - 2012-07-10 12:13

      @nrgx nrg... Im sorry dude, based on that comment, i cant take you seriously. I suspect you jus one of those people who just want to say sumthing, anything. There is no sustance, intelligence or thought in what you have read it again, im sure you'll agree :"you cant cant put zuma and Obama on the same level. 1st world president vs 3rd world thief! "....see, you've said absolutely nothing worth remebering.

      Irene - 2012-07-10 12:22

      kgolane.thulare ~ Everything that nrgx nrg said is absolutely true. Hit your head on both sides and maybe it'll spark your brain to start working. Or could it be that you've never left your village and never seen how a 1st world country works?

      nrgx.nrg - 2012-07-10 12:28

      @kgolane.thulare - Clueless to the core, and brave as befits your lack of intellect. I don't know what your problem is, but I'll bet it's hard to pronounce.

      martin.britchford.5 - 2012-07-10 12:30

      sarel, assassins are cooler than murderers

      gavin.lott.9 - 2012-07-10 12:38

      @Nrgx.nrg I don't know what your problem is, but I'll bet it's hard to pronounce. LOL!!

      patricia.dewet.92 - 2012-07-10 13:24

      Why are they so scared. Al the who is who in the ANC is running around with bodygards, maybe to show how important the are. Limpopo is surpose to love him, they voted for him.

  • ken.rowe.509 - 2012-07-10 10:15

    Is Zuma allowed to take his spear ?

      marius.koen.16 - 2012-07-10 11:33

      Yes, but only if he keeps it in his pants.

      jackal666.daniel - 2012-07-10 12:30

      Well there is that but the real question I believe is how insightful could a lecture from a 5th grader really be?

      devon.riley.52 - 2012-07-10 16:01

      More importantly can he keep his in his pants for the lecture

  • konanani.rachicoper - 2012-07-10 10:20

    He shouldnt bother bringing heavy security,vendas dont misbehave.

  • ricky.hammer.92 - 2012-07-10 10:22

    Mr Prez not feel safe and welcome? Hell , Mr Smith could walk alone across the lenth and breadth of Rhodesia/zimbobwe without any protection after the transition

      rob.baggaley - 2012-07-10 12:21

      Ironic. It is his own people that he faces any threat from and this smacks of being too full of " your own importance. "

  • alu.ntsandeni - 2012-07-10 10:22

    hahaha, In Thohoyandou?? you giving Malema too much credit, he barely have any supporters there.

  • peter.ellis.37051 - 2012-07-10 10:22

    BOY is he SCARED

  • deon.fourie - 2012-07-10 10:23

    Cock-a-doodle-doo! May this thing slip on a sushi roll and break his neck. A man can dream.

  • JohncarlosBiza - 2012-07-10 10:23

    There goes the neighbourhood

  • lulama - 2012-07-10 10:24

    Wish they gave that protection to the thousands of children that get raped everyday in this country.

  • DrGonzoSA - 2012-07-10 10:25

    So he's basically giving a lecture on the complete opposite to what he's done while in charge

  • Rory Neil Price - 2012-07-10 10:25

    He seems to enjoy popular support

  • john.markham.737 - 2012-07-10 10:25

    The spear in fear! Wonder if he is staying over with Malema. lol

  • Philip Buys - 2012-07-10 10:27

    Thats a nice policy. Stomp out any critics. Bring in the army, airforce...

  • Gavin - 2012-07-10 10:30

    when the leader of country needs this much protection, he needs to ask himself - do they still want me at the helm ??

  • zenithdolphin - 2012-07-10 10:36

    Alien-nation! Anyone with half a brain in Venda must realize that the legacy of Mr. Mandela has been trashed by the incumbents in his wake. Wonder what that little operation is costing the Taxpayer yet again. The only independent unit still allowed to operate is the VIP protection unit, while the task forces that were exposing all the govt shenanigans were disbanded in the interests of "..A more integrated approach"hah!

  • kent.lawrence.14 - 2012-07-10 10:37

    I believe Zuma is experiencing paranoia like tendencies!

  • cliff.slabbert - 2012-07-10 10:40

    He is poop scared of the boogy man :-)

      Thandekile Pokolo - 2012-07-10 10:54


  • aubrey.christie - 2012-07-10 10:40

    These peoples self importance knows no bounds. quite pathetic.

  • Thobile Lugwadu - 2012-07-10 10:42

    The head of state needs maximum security, whether its Zuma or De Clerk. This thing is not newsworthy,those responsible for presidetial protection unit will always ensure that the president does his work free from any potetial threat

      foxiloxi - 2012-07-10 10:59

      nonsense!!! The 100 ppl being killed daily need protection!!

      Thobile Lugwadu - 2012-07-10 11:08

      Given these insults i wonder if we will ever unite this country.

      Anakin - 2012-07-10 11:30

      What is "presidetial" protection? What is a "potetial threat"?

      rob.baggaley - 2012-07-10 12:22

      Unite ? Not whilst racist anti white underperforming ANC rules.

      nkululeko.gcwensa - 2012-07-10 21:55

      Its logical and well said

  • Nyiks11 - 2012-07-10 10:43

    Why not just have a televised lecture so our police service can be made avilable for other duties of real importance ?

      Nyiks11 - 2012-07-10 11:16

      Whoever gave a thumbsdown obviously doesn't pay tax , if they do they lie on their returns .

      rob.baggaley - 2012-07-10 12:25

      Because shouting " bring me my machine gun and amandla, ewheretoo etc " and having two camaramen, a producer & one or two other lackeys clapping & whistling isnt quite the same as having a bunch of illiterate idiots cheer for you.

      Nyiks11 - 2012-07-10 12:45

      Point of correction Rob , it is not illiterate people who attend these lectures , it is an illiterate man giving it . But then again illiteracy does not necessarily make one an idiot ,or does it ?

  • Tarone.Net - 2012-07-10 10:43

    That sound like dictatorship to me. Ruling by inciting fear to your own people, instead of inspiring them. Afterall Mr. Zuma is just trying to protect himself from masses within Above National Concern (ANC) running up to Mangaung.

      deon.fourie - 2012-07-10 10:51

      Yeah, Dick-tator on the roll.

  • daniel.motlhatlhedi - 2012-07-10 10:45

    Otsha Juju wai

  • maseratifittipaldi - 2012-07-10 10:46

    Please protect me from these savages. I still have many exotic destinations to explore and I am very much looking forward to the delivery of my ultra luxury aircraft, including the back-up one. Shoot these peasants, if they can't behave in my glorious presence.

  • Matewis69 - 2012-07-10 10:48

    With all that resources it will cost R1m again to deliver a one hour sensless speech!

      bob.mcmillen.564 - 2012-07-10 11:26

      Calculte again, this will cost a lot more than R1m, put Zuma in a gang ridden shack dwelling township, in the middle of a nice cold wet Cape winter for a month, if he survives maybe he will understand the need to stop wasting money like confetti and start doing some thing positive about the real issues at hand.

  • jackson.harrison.752 - 2012-07-10 10:52

    So Stupid you are - if you want to undermine JZ then no one should go to his lecture, imagine he rocks up and there are 5 people in the audience, much worse than a thousand rowdy yl members - bust i suppose thats too difficult for the masses to work out, they will go there because they might get a T shirt or a plate of food

      nkululeko.gcwensa - 2012-07-10 21:59

      Still undermining our intellect

  • Peter - 2012-07-10 10:53

    He forgot to get Chubb security, Stallion security, ADT etc etc etc they would probably do a better job then our cops any way.

  • Matthew - 2012-07-10 10:53

    I read an article similar to this one,same security etc.Where was it now?....oh yes Zim.(-_-) Its disgusting really.Agreed with gavin.lott.9,he can bring an army with him to conduct a lecture but can send in/approve troops to protect the people of the Western Province.Coward

  • Anakin - 2012-07-10 10:55

    What about special black ops helicopters as well, constantly circling the venue, making sure that our uneducated (what is his highest qualification? "Struggle hero?" president is "protected". Watch out for all the mind-numbing stuff with long pauses in can lead to micro-sleeping spells.

  • Dave - 2012-07-10 10:57

    This definitely calls for an extra large popcorn and a 2 litre coke, seats are still available...

  • arthur.hugh - 2012-07-10 10:57

    He couldn't use the Navy because he's jealous of all their sea men.

  • kenneth.kgosi - 2012-07-10 10:58

    Eish Mr pres is it really dis bad 'a beloved leader needs no protection frm his own Ppl nogal his comrades..I still think u owe mr mbeki an apology so u can govern orderly...mxxxx PITY

  • dianne.neyt - 2012-07-10 10:58

    Air support???.......for an old windbag, mouth f*arting nothing but hot air, lies and empty promises!

  • shengeboy - 2012-07-10 11:04

    criminals in limpopo can do as they please as every cop in the province will be @ the venue... nice!!!!!!!!!!!

  • peter.ellis.37051 - 2012-07-10 11:06

    I think it is a 2 hour speach--- he reads ssloowly foe efect

  • julie.j.vanrensburg - 2012-07-10 11:10

    The old 'isibenghu' (criminal) knows there are many of his enemies gunning for him, hence the paranoia, as a result of his misrule of the country. More and more people of all creeds and colours are now beginning to realise just how crime, corruption, filth that affects the taxpaying citizens of this country is causing him to be more hated by the day because he does nothing but look after his own interests - and we, the taxpaying citizens are expected to fork out to keep his hide safe??? He, along with his stalwarts, Mantashe, Manyi, Mantashe, the whole lot should be made to realise that we are not THEIR servants, but they are OUR servants because we pay their salaries. We, the taxpayers should unite, stop paying tax to government, but rather into a trust fund administered by a few HONEST administrators who will spend the money on essential services and projects to pull the country back from the cesspit it has fallen into and fire all the present useless ANC/SACP comrades - let them stew in their own juice for a change... Ah-well, I can dream, can't I???

  • kathleen.whiteley.7 - 2012-07-10 11:20

    Why does he bother?

  • Gregory Jurgens - 2012-07-10 11:23

    All hail the dictator or suffer the wrath of the security police.

  • rudzani.mudau.545 - 2012-07-10 11:33

    only the rich will understand what he is talking about because is their language to enrich the already rich ,what about the poor masses who wakes early to vote and the so-called comes and jump the line and vote and the poor souls suffer because of politics ,the lecture is all about who feed who and protect who is not all about the poor homeless kid who dont know anything about politics ,i am very disturbed of the way the close roads and disrupt business and stop everything so still ,every soul has got right to health ,education and safety .lets hope one day i will understand why is been an African is so tough to my fellow brother to cuddle me and hug me with his spirit pure/purified by happy and brotherly intention not by mockery to fool that is within.MAYBE IS THE CURSE BY P.W.BOTHA FROM HIS PARLIAMENT ADDRESS OF HOW WE BLACKS BEEN UNHUMAN .they must demolish the structures used by P.W.BOTHA as his mentality is corrupting our fellow comrades using the same building they stand to feel been white and forget about the masses ,he is turning from the grave using his spirit on my fellow brothers and turn this country the way he wanted to wipe blacks from birth and raped our mothers and inject them with deformation of sperms to bear crippled kids for him to gain funds from the US,BRITISH AND ETC AS planned,so wake up brothers one day life will turn to ask you what did you do for yourself meaning what did you do as a person to others who are not on your same platform to decide .

      andrew.cooks.5 - 2012-07-10 12:14

      I feel for you brother!!! What I could make from this nonsense you just vomited out of your keyboard is that you received the same raw deal of education as you have an upbringing. But if I may just clarify something for you... PW Botha made some mistakes in his lifetime, but he always looked after his people. He always put the Afrikaner interest 1st on his agenda, economic welfare, military strength, good workable conditions, and jobs for all his people despite the whole world had turn on him and his apartheid law. He actually did more for blacks than your current leader. Zuma on the other hand does nothing for his people or country, lawlessness, uneducated youth, corruption, rape, unemployment, hunger; starvation is how he likes it. The only curse you have is not having leaders that could get us all out of this mess the ANC put us in. Zuma is the laughing stock of Africa and the world, and I for one, would rather live in a country governed by sufficient people than just vote for any banana on street because he cheated his way through the ANC ranks. I’m a South African, and would never see Zuma as my leader, not because of his skin colour but because of his ignorance towards people that vote for him.

  • - 2012-07-10 11:39

    No firearms and knives? What about spears and knobkieries, they being traditional and all?

  • Don.Tandy - 2012-07-10 11:47

    It is a sad state of affairs when someone is so dishonest and crooked that they need to constantly watch their backs - in case your 'own citizens' want your blood. If our leaders were upright, honest, law abiding and earning the respect of their citizens, they wouldnt need all this bullsh%t security that creates an aura of gangsterism.

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-07-10 12:23

    What's he got to be scared of then?.

  • vuyani.zondi - 2012-07-10 12:28

    Its clear now zuma does not trust his comrades anymore hence he uses maximum security from his own comrades, why continue going there though the are clear signs that you are not welcome.

  • vuyani.zondi - 2012-07-10 12:28

    Its clear now zuma does not trust his comrades anymore hence he uses maximum security from his own comrades, why continue going there though the are clear signs that you are not welcome.

  • gladstone.dyonase - 2012-07-10 12:33

    So the stations will be short of police, and there will be no security in the streets because of this dictator will be campaigning for Mangaung in the name of Mandela.

  • johannes.modise2 - 2012-07-10 13:17

    why now he is fear,because ZUMA hate Malema and also Mathale.finaly i can said he hate all people from LMP.Look what is hapening about education at LMP.ANC must be careful with next election.Z win second term they will lose seat in LIMPOPO.Remember we are 99%.

  • winifred.watson.9 - 2012-07-10 13:26

    What a joke, he is afraid of his own people. If he is scared of them why does he ask them to vote for him. Maybe he might be running scared just look how he mucked up his voters childrens education, maybe some father might want to take revenge.

  • trevor.roberts.148 - 2012-07-10 13:29

    'Zuma Lecture' Sounds like more nice material for Zapiro!!.

  • mzondistanley - 2012-07-10 16:54

    AS to what you do as an Opposition Party that is your own Business As a Govorning Party we are controlled by a different Protocol which Parties in Opposotion Benches are not allowed to Enjoy!! So wait untill you are ellected on the Government Benches by South African Citizenly!! Do not cry crockdire teals while there is no PAIN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bantsijang - 2012-07-10 18:03

    Is like there are no go areas for President....

  • Ayanda Mathunjwa - 2012-07-10 19:51

    There should be no security what so ever, after all this guy reckons South Africa is a safe country, you don't feel so safe now mr Zuma, or do you??