Help find 4 of SA's most wanted - cops

2011-05-06 07:36

Johannesburg - The public must help in tracking down four of South Africa's most wanted "dangerous" criminals, Gauteng police said on Friday.

"The men have been linked to scores of bank robberies, cash-in-transit heists and murders," said Gauteng Police Commissioner, Lieutenant General Mzwandile Petros, in a joint statement with Crime Line.

"There is someone out there who knows these suspects and their whereabouts. Don’t approach them. Do the right thing and give us detailed information and we will act."

He said useful information can be submitted via Crime Line’s 3-22-11 SMS service or on the website.

Alternatively, members of the public can also call the 24-hour Crime Stop number, 08600 10111.

Escaped custody

The first of the four wanted criminals is Bongani Mojo, 29, who is linked to at least 35 bank robberies since 2006. He escaped from Boksburg prison on March 28, 2011. His latest hit was at the Absa bank at the Monument Park shopping centre in Pretoria on Thursday where he held the bank manager hostage and walked out with thousands of rands.

Khumbulani Sibanda, 37, is wanted in connection to 13 bank robberies and is allegedly an accomplice to Mojo. He also escaped from Boksburg prison the same day Mojo did.

The third criminal's name is unknown but he is referred to by some as 'Ogies'. He is also wanted in connection with bank robberies and it is suspected that he is an accomplice of Mojo and Sibanda.

Victor Baloyi is wanted in connection with a cash-in-transit robbery and murder relating to an incident in August 2010 at a Sasol garage on the R511, outside Pretoria. His accomplice, Lazarus Sefala, was arrested and remains in custody.

  • Sonja - 2011-05-06 07:49

    And they dont think posting PHOTOS might perhaps be helpful?

      Audacious - 2011-05-06 07:55

      You'd think. Woudn't you?

      ManOTMoment - 2011-05-06 07:59

      35 bank robberies and he is still at large ???????? I’m in the wrong line of work. This guy probably bought he's way out of prison

      SilentGenius - 2011-05-06 08:05

      Go to - you will find all the photos there!

      daaivark - 2011-05-06 08:14

      @ SIlentgenius: Sure, but would you not say that convenience of access is useful. Why place an article, without photos, and then tell people to go somewhere else for the photos? Not so bright, I would think.

      Rolie - 2011-05-06 08:20

      Why don't you advertise what the reward amount is?? Along with photographs of the susppects you might get 'somewhere'. Advertise on TV and newspapers - you did take photographs when he was in custody, didn't you?? If you didn't no one is surprised!

      MaLemmer - 2011-05-06 08:39

      Nah, Sonja, you only have to visit your local charge your peril!

      LadyJJ - 2011-05-06 09:05

      you can say that again

      KarenC - 2011-05-06 13:45

      Aw come on, we all know that all black people look the same ... pics wouldnt have helped... (Just poking fun, have a laugh)

      albacore - 2011-05-06 17:55

      google as follows for pics..south africas most wanted criminals photographs.The pics are there.

  • Mattewis - 2011-05-06 07:50

    Only if we don't have to go to the local police station to report anything! We really don't want to follow in Jeanette Odendals footsteps!

  • Richard - 2011-05-06 07:51

    So post some pic's ... shouldn't be that hard unless the docket was filed in file 13.

  • Sarah - 2011-05-06 07:52

    Well how is it possible that they "ESCAPE CUSTODY"???????

      Paco7 - 2011-05-06 10:00

      prison officials getting greased....

  • lovey1984 - 2011-05-06 07:54

    How does one escape from prison its impossible. Prison official are responsible for this. is not easy to get inside prison i dont think it is also easy to get out.

  • Danie - 2011-05-06 07:57

    Not difficult, just start in the SAPS.. You will find more than just 4

  • Nicolai - 2011-05-06 07:58

    Not what one would think immidiately...but obviously these people are VERY intelligent and skilled bargainers eh? How else could they pull all this off. Hopefully someone more intelligent can catch and apprehend them. For photo's, Sonja, follow the link the the crimestop website :).

  • Mike - 2011-05-06 08:04

    Assisting to arrest them won’t help ,,,as they will only be allowed and assisted to escape again ,,,, Now if we are talking bounty hunting ,I’m in , need a few extra bucks, and I will guarantee to only bring them in DEAD

      CKS - 2011-05-07 16:08

      The problem in the new South Africa is that after the willing public/taxpayer give assistance in the arrests we will also be assisting the lawmakers in paying for the defence of the arrested so that they do not go to gaol. If the public is so lucky to get them convicted they will get parole to start over.

  • Waarheid - 2011-05-06 08:08

    Only 4 of them? What about the other 1000's crime committed?

  • ji - 2011-05-06 08:10

    zuma , cele , malema and selibi ???

  • daaivark - 2011-05-06 08:13

    Mugshots, people. Don't you watch the telly?

      KarenC - 2011-05-06 13:46

      I cancelled my dstv subscription and watch far better things off my hard drive for free.

  • Perfume - 2011-05-06 08:13

    We dont know what these men look like, release photos/identikits....I am sure there are footage of these men on camera, and why are the cops wanting us to make their work easy (just asking)

  • paulf - 2011-05-06 08:14

    What is the Reward and how Much???

  • Mark - 2011-05-06 08:18

    We risk our lives, inform the police, they get apprehended and "escape" fom custody 3 days later. Whats the use

  • Sue - 2011-05-06 08:19

    click on the "website"

  • AddlePated - 2011-05-06 08:23

    and mojo jojo strikes again.....

  • Wow! - 2011-05-06 08:24

    Question your Police force closely. I think he has connects there.

  • Borisbones - 2011-05-06 08:26

    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to work out where to start and that is with Beke Cele!

  • Matimba - 2011-05-06 08:33

    Crime prevention cops works hard to arrest criminals over the night, but when the detectives arrives in the holding cell the following morning the criminals found their way out, tit for tat really works for the criminals.

  • MaLemmer - 2011-05-06 08:38

    I think the headline has a mistake or two in it.......the hyphen should be removed, and wow, is it really only 4 ??

  • K Man - 2011-05-06 08:48

    I bet they are all ANC supporters.

  • Malema - 2011-05-06 08:49

    Have a look in your own ranks SAPS, i'm 100% certain that their acomplices wear blue...

      the_truth - 2011-05-06 10:09

      Plenty, you can look at the Givt as a whole!!!, most of them has not been caught with some or other illegal activities yet!!

  • katfiro - 2011-05-06 08:57

    How are we suppose to keep a look out and help catch these people if we dont know what they look like? This is a really poor attempt at getting the publics help! And secondly why are these 4 men the most wanted? are there not more dangerous suspects like murders and child abusers? Are we really on the look out for 4 bank robbers???

  • saabnut - 2011-05-06 08:59

    I reckon you'll probably find them sipping Johnny Walker Blue in the penthouse suite of Luthuli House...

  • Snoopy88 - 2011-05-06 09:00

    Yep if they have been getting on with it this long you just know they've got accomplices on the inside. That lot who were arrested for the jewellery store heists annd murders at shopping centres in Joburg last year. Four of them were cops. One was wearing a watch from a jewellery store hit.. How brazen is that? The only reason they got turned in by the 'public' is because they crapped in their own back yard and held up a spaza in Soweto and hijacked a taxi. I hope they are advertising these faces on the Sowetan? People are sick and tired of being sick and tired of crime!

  • BigMoose - 2011-05-06 09:06

    Posters of wanted criminals should be tied to lamp-poles for easy identification. I have seen a few criminals faces on the lamp-poles...oooops, those are election posters. Silly me!

  • shozi - 2011-05-06 09:17

    they must ask who ever was on duty that day they escaped he/she knows....

  • FaxM8 Fax - 2011-05-06 09:17

    I know where they are In lethuli house with all the other criminals

  • PANNEVIS - 2011-05-06 09:24

    Looking at the names, it appears as if the do not comply with BEE - in other words they do not reflect the countries demographics. That is why the SAPS are giving them such a high profile. The real crime is par for the course. (FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT GET IT, I AM BEING SARCASTIC)

      Siff - 2011-05-06 09:45

      Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

  • Siff - 2011-05-06 09:31

    Why bother? I was shot recently by a son of a bitch who was wanted for murdering a policeman and escaping from custody. I wounded him and he was arrested. Guess what... they gave him bail of R 2000! If you see these wanted fellows just shoot them on the spot. Why bother with the legal system? jungle justice works best!

  • Joy - 2011-05-06 09:33

    so what do these guys look like? give us some photographs, for goodness sake! who are the incompetent pricks who let them escape in the first place?

  • kiwi - 2011-05-06 09:36

    they in pakistan

  • the_truth - 2011-05-06 09:36

    The got one, Cwele's druggy wife

  • Darwinian - 2011-05-06 09:45

    Dear Police Commissioner, Lieutenant General Mzwandile Petros.

      the_truth - 2011-05-06 10:12

      F,ck man, they all look alike!!

  • Boer12 - 2011-05-06 09:45

    Lights camera action

  • Boer12 - 2011-05-06 09:47

    Ligts camera PHOTO action people

  • Daniel - 2011-05-06 09:57

    Show us what they look like you dumb d@@ses !! It might, just might, make it a little bit easier. Your description applies to roughly 80% of the population !

  • Hlabirwa - 2011-05-06 10:01

    How can we help? How many people share the same name and surname? This is scaring us instead of helping us to run when we see this people.

      Perfume - 2011-05-06 10:17

      Good point made!

  • kabo.j.masole - 2011-05-06 10:57

    What surprises me is that two of these guys escaped from prison.

  • Rapier - 2011-05-06 11:08

    I thought that had wanted help to find SA's most wanted COPS......not SA's most wanted - COPS.....:-)

  • Fudge321 - 2011-05-06 11:31


  • fracham - 2011-05-06 12:37

    Will the information qualify the informant for a tax rebate.

  • Coin - 2011-05-06 12:46

    Lol @ "4" - More like 4,000,000!

  • Unskinny Bob - 2011-05-06 13:42

    35 bank robberies? Thats more than Andre Stander. Make a movie about him.

  • Jabu - 2011-05-06 14:06


      saabnut - 2011-05-06 16:04

      Is it a co-incidence that your name has two syllables, or did you forget that we don't know what they look like??? duh!!!

  • Peter - 2011-05-06 14:28

    Check the ANC municipal elections candidates list for a start.

  • VuyosWors - 2011-05-06 14:50

    The government really wants these guys, they have excellent credentials for parlimentary positions.

  • goyougoodthing - 2011-05-06 17:03

    Wait, do yourself a favour and go to Parliament. If you are lucky you might find someone there... if you do, arrest them... the fatcats are the most dangerous people in SA, Julius, Zuma, Winnie, Cele...

  • albacore - 2011-05-06 17:57

    google : south africas most wanted criminals photos.Can't believe the pics have not been posted!!!

  • heather.nieuwenhuizen - 2011-05-06 21:11