Honeymoon suspect gets legal aid

2010-11-25 12:00

Cape Town - Xolile Mngeni, the first suspect arrested for the alleged murder of honeymooning tourist Anni Dewani, is to have free legal representation from the Legal Aid Board.

He appeared in the Wynberg Regional court before magistrate Jackie Redelinghuys on Thursday, in his second appearance since his arrest on November 16.

The State was represented by senior counsel Rodney de Kock, the director of the Western Cape Directorate for Public Prosecutions. He told the court that Mngeni has been granted free legal representation.

The sole purpose of Thursday's proceedings was to resolve the issue of legal representation for him. His two co-accused, Mziwamadoda Lennox Qwadi and Zola Robert Tonga have already appointed privately funded legal representation.

Back in court on Monday

Redelinghuys informed Mngeni that he would again appear in court with his two co-accused on Monday.

Redelinghuys remanded him until Monday.

The three men face charges of premeditated murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances and kidnapping.

Both the murder and robbery charges carry sentences of life imprisonment.

On the robbery charge, they are alleged to have robbed Dewani of her expensive wristwatch, a white-gold and diamond bracelet, her handbag and her cellphone.

Her husband Shrien has returned to the UK.

  • franssmith100 - 2010-11-25 12:39

    if guilty - maybe life... - on taxpayers money again - wish they could hang the bastards and get over it - these kind of people do not contribute to society - they take from society

      WhyLikeThis - 2010-11-25 13:04

      I agree Frans. Why should we pay for the upkeep and well-being of murderers and rapists, etc. HANG them all or bring back public executions.

      tlikotsi - 2010-11-25 14:20

      You guys just need to ease off a bit. SA is not a barbaric country. This guy has to get legal representation just like everybody else. If you any of you 2 was charged and couldn't afford a lawyer...would that mean now you need to be brought to the street and shot in the head, of course not. You have to be found guilty first then we will gladly shot you dead.

      Viv - 2010-11-25 14:38

      tlikotsi - if SA is not a barbaric country then why are we allowing people to behave like barbarians?? Just taking whatever they want, whenever they want. It is against the law to murder someone so by breaking the law of the country and God this man is a barbarian so he should be treated accordingly. Why should us the hard working, over taxed public have to pay for this savage's legal costs. NO NO NO!!! Then he is found guilty and goes and sits in an over crowded prison for a couple years and get let out only to commit the same crime again. It is evident that our legal system is pretty poor and our jails are too full so how about ridding this earth of the cretins who take life without a second thought. They dont value life so why should they be allowed to live theirs after taking another.

  • Viv - 2010-11-25 12:59

    And this is why the death penalty should be reinstated in SA. The public has to firstly pay for his legal fees and then his imprisonment. Tax payers money well spent yet again. Xolile Mngeni is a savage - there is no other word for him. He savagely took life and so his should be taken away from him and his family left to pick up the pieces like he has done to the Dewani family. It's bull that the tax payers of this country should be paying for the keep of a savages like this. Death pentaly has my vote. You did the crime, now you face your maker.

      pointblankza - 2010-11-25 14:26

      His maker, you mean his mom and dad?

      Viv - 2010-11-26 07:46

      No pointblankza, I mean his Makers i.e. his God, whoever that may be. It is called a figure of speach.

  • Ammie - 2010-11-25 14:26

    And where does the co-accused get money for private legal presentation???... eish, someone debts are getting more and more.

  • tlikotsi - 2010-11-25 15:38

    @ Viv... Just because we have the minority of our population behaving like barbarians doesn't make our country a barbaric state. I believe all the way in punishing people who are responsible for this senseless killing but who are we to say they must be killed. If you were called upon to make a killing of such a person would you step forward to do it? The paying of taxes is your duty to your country and if that money will be used for legal representation for thugs and to keep murderers in jail then so be it.

      Viv - 2010-11-26 07:55

      Yes I would step forward. I am no chicken. I stand by what I believe in. And it is not the minority that behave like barbarians. If you look at statistics you will see we have more deaths in SA on a daily basis than that of a WAR ZONE. So that means that more than the minority is behaving like barbrians my dear. I know paying my taxes is my duty and I get ripped of every single month so what's your point? I would rather see my hard earned tax money be used on educating our kids, better hospitals and better pay for the public servants rather than defending this savage who is lower than shark $hit. Would you rather not see a child get a good education than see this monster be defended at your cost? Would you rather not have working equipment in a hospital that could save your life or that of a loved one than this filth be jailed at your cost? Come now tlikotsi this man is a MURDERER and is the scum of the earth. Dont tell me you side with these kinds of savage monsters.

  • Shenaaz Essop - 2010-11-29 12:34

    Whatever happened to innocent... until proven GUILTY ?????

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