Horror of a mob murder

2011-06-12 11:32

Johannesburg  Surrounded by a jeering mob, 26-year-old Farai Kujirichita was bludgeoned to death in Diepsloot, his horrifying ­final moments captured on a video that thrust South Africa's violence back into the international spotlight.

The full footage, obtained by City Press from a freelance journalist, has never been released in South Africa, but made headlines in one of the world’s most influential newspapers.

Kujirichita was still alive when a man in a white cap methodically destroyed his face and skull with a heavy wooden plank.

He was probably dead or dying when another man grasped his belt and punched him repeatedly in the groin and a grinning teenage girl raised a large chunk of cement above her head.

Kujirichita's "crime" was that he was a Zimbabwean in the wrong place at the wrong time.

His murder in January this year in Diepsloot - a community of 150 000 in northern Johannesburg, where ­instances of mob violence are ­commonplace and growing ever more so - was quickly forgotten.

Xenophobic attacks

It would have remained that way but for a New York Times Magazine cover story last weekend and the grainy cellphone video of his final moments, excerpts from which were published for the first time on the paper's website.

The article appeared just days after UN special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Jorge Bustamante, highlighted xenophobic attacks in South Africa and called on the government to implement more stringent hate crime legislation.

The story of
Kujirichita's killing made international headlines last week, including in newspapers in Zimbabwe, Taiwan and New Zealand.

In Diepsloot, the killings continued.

Two weeks ago, two Zimbabweans were kicked and beaten to death after being accused of robbery.

In another incident, a suspected thief ­narrowly escaped with his life when police arrived just in time to prevent a mob from killing him, an incident witnessed by a City Press reporter.

"The police should have given him to us. We know what to do with people like him. We will continue to kill ­tsotsis," resident Johannah Mofokeng said as police drove away.


"We get called out all the time," ­Diepsloot police station spokesperson Daniel Mavimbela said.

"People here take the law into their own hands."

All too often "foreigners" are the ­targets of their rage.

The wife of one of the five people arrested for the double killings, Tswanelo Ndlovu, says  Zimbabweans are to blame for crime in Diepsloot. She offers no
evidence to support her claim.

"Some of these people don't even live here. They come at night to rob us and terrorise our neighbours, and we will not stand for that," she said.

Asked how she could know beyond doubt that someone accused of a crime was guilty, she said: "I trust what my neighbour tells me and what other people I know say."


Freelance journalist Golden Mtika witnessed
Kujirichita's murder and, at great risk to himself, captured the mob ­frenzy on a cellphone camera.

"I have witnessed more than 300 mob justice cases, but that one is the scariest. I still can't believe that I shot that video," said Mtika.

Even children have become ­desensitised to the violence around them, Mtika said.

"They could be playing soccer on a field and there would be a dead body next to them and they wouldn’t be bothered."

Residents "don’t ask questions" when someone is accused of a crime.

"Mob justice is the people's way of dealing with criminals because they don't feel protected by the police. It is so common that people get necklaced almost every week."


Mtika is haunted by the images of
Kujirichita being kicked in the face and sjambokked, his features eventually reduced to a bloody, unrecognisable pulp. "It's hard for me to look at the video," he says.

The attack took place on January 22.

Led by a 15-year-old boy, a mob of ­residents searching for "criminals" had begun torching shacks and a ­caravan, and soon encountered
Kujirichita talking on his phone.

"He told them he was South African but they snatched his phone away from him, looked at the numbers on the phone and realised that he was ­actually from Zimbabwe.

"So they started beating him for telling a lie."

The mob tried to force him to throw himself in a fire.


"He couldn't do that so he tried to run away but they caught him and started beating him like a dog.

It was a shame watching him die like that,” said Mtika.

A 15-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl are the only suspects facing trial for
Kujirichita’s murder.

They will appear in the Atteridgeville Regional Court ­tomorrow.

The three main assailants seen in the video were never arrested.

  • marco - 2011-06-12 12:20

    You seem to have a lot of this kind of K@K in South Africa ie "SCUM" as some readers puts it.

      johncarlos.biza - 2011-06-12 13:16

      I think it's the same kind of people who go on to murder farmers and rape kids. I doubt very much an honest citizen would wake up one day and do this to his neighbour

      O'forth - 2011-06-12 18:15

      @REVO. Better look fast because this comment will not be on long. HELLO! Only realized it now? News24 IS an ANC website, run by the son of the ex-ANC MP and later ambassador and managed by SACP unionists. This place is as red as the rising sun! And you lot thought you were in control ?.

      tokoloshe - 2011-06-12 19:52

      @ REVO: I think If the ANC deleted all the negative comments about them then news24 would not have any comments at all because there is nothing positive to say about the ANC! They are a bunch of racist murdering thugs! The ANC are currently running a second Apartheid and the time will come when they will be defeated and every individual who is involved in or was previously involved in any kind of criminal activity such as arms deals and singing about shooting and killing the whites should be jailed for the rest of their stinking lives

      SlayerSaves - 2011-06-12 20:35

      @SPYKER - This is not an African Tendency - This is a HUMAN Tendency - Witch burnings in the middle ages ring any bells?

      DoublySalmon - 2011-06-12 21:23

      @O-forth The African tendency is to destroy and blame others for the destruction. It worries me that the murderers enjoyed killing as described in the article but that is not surprising. Many people ask why Apartheid existed, I say so people who do not condone this barbaric psychopathic behavior could feel safe in their own communities. There has been violence in all cultures, but rarely did a culture as a whole take joy from it except in Africa.

      O'forth - 2011-06-12 21:30

      @Spyker May: I am trying my best to give you the heads up you need to become a patriotic Republican, a constitutionalist freeman! A true UHURU replicant. Nature placed you in this geographic area during this space and time. Here it begins and ends. What you do with this time is up to you. Some who share this space with you are violent, hate you and want you gone. By doing that they believe, as do all short sighted people that their life will change for the better. You need to take inventory of your enviroment. In that inventory you will discover when you look past the race, culture and the justifications of others that under all these facades they have PERSONALITIES. Personality is not intelligence driven, nor educated or indoctrinated. Personality is developed through conciousness. The NDR is an ideology which like Religion, Apartheid, Capitalism and narrow Nasionalist racism force feed persons in such a way that guilt is the motivational factor in cohersion. Once an individual has lost his individual choice of conciousness they are empty vessals that have no moral anchor. This is the society the NDR has produced. All the pretentious bull about a better society for all ext. can be read out of any scripture or facist handbook. It is simply justification. At the base of the NDR is revolutionary warfare, be it Fasist Spain or the Colombian FARC it is violence, violence, violence. Social Holism will defeat the NDR, nothing else.

      bigpoppa - 2011-06-13 02:26

      This week's horror of a mob murder of an innocent man is just a further manifestation of the simmering hatred and the government's failure to address the uncontrolled entry into SA is chiefly to blame. The ANC government allowed millions of foreigners into the country instead of improving infrastructure, housing, health, electricity, sanitation and water facilities to millions of new households and with countless millions of immigrants, for whom zero provision had been made, there just was no way in which the country would cope. Adding to this, the immigrants brought along with them some unsavoury and unacceptable practices: many were drug pushers, thieves and fraudsters (read many Nigerians), and Pakistanis, in particular, "married" local women fraudulently, with the active connivance and co-operation of corrupt officials of the local home affairs department.

      penada - 2011-06-13 09:52

      @ doubly salmon i wonder what your age, or ur intellect...i very much hate call people stupid or ignorant or lazy thinkers but truly in your case i have no choice, i wish you read some history, and to make it simpler keep it to european history until after the french revolution, also read up about the witch hunts, the salem case being the most popular...humanity, in all shape and skin colour, is capable of much atrocities...histroy has shown time and time again that the mob as a collective is stupid, primitive and vindictive. case in point is your former police force or the drunk boere boys out on a friday night with a baseball bat...and for the record, i am black, i detest all forms of violence, so do my parents, my siblings, my friends...are you really so bold (or stupid) good sir to assume the enjoyment of violence is a cultural phenomenon?

      jjhvan - 2011-06-13 10:22

      Revo who?????

      Together - 2011-06-13 10:34

      I hate that this happened to this man, but I am glad that the footage made it out into the world. Bit by bit and frame by frame South Africans need to show the world that we all need help - it is not only foreigners that get killed this way, but this can happen to South Africans when their neighbours are jealous, or their unemployed kids get involved in petty crime. The current govt and it's policy-making body (the youth league) do not discourage this insane behaviour - if they did, they'd be out there 24/7 teaching every single SAfrican on the ground that things do not work this way. The next question that international bodies should ask: is every one of the people on this video behind bars for life? If not, perhaps someone needs to start looking into some massive human-rights abuse charges at the people who are supposed to be leading SA, and maybe some sanctions? The world was able to do without SA's goods and services during apartheid - under this new regime of apartheid and mob-murder, maybe the world should do it again? I've no doubt that Malema and the new ANC's leadership will be able to conjure up enough work for all the people laid off - apparently they can just spin jobs out of thin air, right? And before anyone shouts "What does this have to do with the ANC?" Well, who did Diepsloot vote for? The Diepsloot is their baby.

      Thangy - 2011-06-13 11:49


      Thangy - 2011-06-13 12:16

      @DoublySalmon How ignorant can you get? as for trying to justify apartheid! we are in this position because of apartheid! pick up a book or something. This continues to happen all over the world, Just last week a man of asian descent had his head bashed in with baseball bats by irish racists, the same is happening in germany as well. Please broaden your scope and stop relying on just news24 for all your information, read a book!!

      Thangy - 2011-06-13 12:17

      This is what happens when you open your boarders!

      DoublySalmon - 2011-06-13 13:11

      @penada Yes, the enjoyment of violence is *currently* a cultural phenomenon within black communities. I did say in the past other cultures had this problem, but it is currently a problem for South Africa. I think Africans have a greater blood lust as they smile and laugh while killing, more often than not the victims are tortured to death. @Thangy Yes yes shift the blame.. The African tendency is to destroy and blame others for the destruction. Did I not say that? I fully support a system which kept criminals at bay in their own communities and more peaceful communities isolated and safe. Is this not what borders are used for?

      BigBlu - 2011-06-13 13:19

      No Thangy, This is NOT what happens “...when you open your boarders(sic)...”, or your ‘borders’ for that matter. This is what happens when you VOTE THE ANC INTO POWER... Viz – a complete collapse of law-and-order as well as a complete collapse of literacy... Kindly supply us with the source/s for your claim: “ of Asian descent had his head bashed in with baseball bats by Irish racists...”. Then, kindly your source (vividly if it is not too much to ask), where German- and Irish children are playing soccer next to a dead body, where young German- and Irish girls are bludgeoning people to death with a concrete block. Plus, your source, where a UN special ‘Rapporteur’ on the human rights of migrants highlighted xenophobic attacks in Germany and Ireland and where he then called on the German- and Irish governments to implement more stringent hate crime legislation. Suggestion: Look up the medical team who did the cerebral surgery on the Dewani accomplish – they may have a some rather disturbing news for you...

      Spyker May - 2011-06-13 13:39

      While everyone has freedom of choice, nobody has freedom of consequences. Consequently, while NEWS24 retains its (seemingly) rightful ‘freedom of choice’ to delete certain comments – it will not only, never escape the consequences of such actions; as such, the consequences are mounting. The said consequences: each time NEWS24/NASPERS deletes a comment that conveys patent verities, irrespective how the message is delivered, they carry on their hands the blood (both literarily and figuratively) of those who are- and will be the victims of a South Africa that is sliding into the darkest depths of its history – EVER..! Is it then not somewhat ironic, while NEWS24/NASPERS remains overtly vocal about the ANC’s attempts to constructively tear down one of the most fundamental human rights – ie “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”, it exercises the very same draconian measures in its own lair. Look carefully NEWS24, on your keyboards will be the blood of those who will be brutally bludgeoned to death, viciously maimed, ruthlessly raped and the array of deeds that have become the hallmark of “freedom” in South Africa. So, next time you look in the mirror NEWS24, lift your hands and see the blood... TO NEWS24: I formally challenge you to delete this comment and then to leave your gate and your front door open tonight.

      Thangy - 2011-06-13 13:50

      @DoublySalmon Yes yes, the European tendency is to destroy and accept ZERO responsibility for the fallout, Asia, Africa, Autrailia, South America, North America, New Zealand, Madagascar you name it, like a viral infection, like a cancer, everywhere you europeans have set foot, death and destruction for ALL locals has followed, FACT!!! You can "thumbs down" all you want, the truth is the truth. Everywhere you go, death and destruction is what lies in wait for the local indigenous population, like a parasite you infest the host and strip it of everything before you move on to the next "feeding ground". Name one, just one place you have been that you have not left in a the wake of your destruction, just one place!!

      BoB - 2011-06-13 14:11

      Whats most frightening is the absence of human concience in the whole savage group who seem to delight in a barbaric & disgusting inhuman behaviour.NOTHING can justify this savegry.

      penada - 2011-06-13 14:19

      doubly salmon not all africans are criminals...i can start counting now the number of criminals in the white community...the child molesters, paedophiles, including advocate barbie...are we to say as a culture white people are sexual deviants and child molesters, must we black people now create a system to keep this element within designated geographical areas? dear sir, i hate to say this but frankly your stupidity is offensive to say the very least, and while you are a proud supporter of such a system i hope you have the intellect to realise that like the treaty of versailles apartheid was a system that fostered the growth of the criminal intent within black societies, it created the ready defiance to law and order, it made us not respect insitutions of authority and so forth...sure a killer only has himself to blame but i hope your mind is advanced enough to see the causal relationship between apartheid and lack of respect for law in this country. lastly, i feel sorry for you sir, for your parents and society has brainwashed you...wake up, and see the evil that apartheid was, see the many black people out there who cry with you over farm killings, we are not animals sir, we are human all together, some are just more stupid than others, and that too is not a racial trait

      DoublySalmon - 2011-06-13 14:22

      @Thangy The black South African population from 1948 to the end of Apartheid increased 8 fold. Is that oppression? The Human Development Index increased, life expectancy increased and since the ANC took control it decreased. Swaziland, never settled by the West is an example of what you can expect South Africa to look like without our "oppressive" rule. Surely you must realise without white settlement you won't even have writing? Moari in New Zealand are doing pretty well, Moari enjoy better lives than privileged South Africans. I'd like to be Moari if I could. Black South Africans enjoyed the highest standard of living in all of Africa pre-1994. Africans from other countries use to see it as a utopia compared to their own "independent" countries. Show me one African country where the standard of living for the "natives" became better once it became "free"? Should I point out the Bantu's drove out and killed the Koi-San which were native to South Africa? Bantu's were on their way to commit a complete genocide before their advances were curtailed. I find it hard to believe that you prefer the old barbaric way of life to your current way of life. We brought the modern world with us, what you did with what was presented to you has been you own choice and that of your parents. If you blame Bantu education, why not build your own schools? Apartheid, why not govern your homelands well? Malnutrition, stop having kids? Poverty, get educated and abide by the law?! Simple..

      BigBlu - 2011-06-13 14:52

      Thangy, But what YOU are now claiming IS NOT THE TRUTH..!!! And it does not become anything else, just because you cannot face it, or you do not want to hear it... The inconvenient truth is that NOBODY is more of a “...viral infection, like a cancer, everywhere... ...death and destruction...” – than Africans themselves. Kindly explain the following – inter alia: - Ethiopia has NEVER been colonised and yet today it is the MOST desolate hellhole in the world. As noted – there are many more such examples. - Liberia was created as the ‘liberal’ wet-dream. It was set to demonstrate to the world that they were simple ‘racists’ re Africans. The USA poured billions into it – today it is simply another African basket-case; formally the most corrupt place on the planet. - If Europeans are so belligerent, so destructive, then why are Africans swarming across the Mediterranean to “infest” Europe and not the other way around..? - If North Americans are (equally) so belligerent, so destructive, then why are (eg) Cubans swarming across the sea to “infest” the USA and not the other way around..? Boats full of people travel half-way across the planet to “invest” Canada – why do they not come to Africa – if “Westerners” are so evil..? I keenly await your direct answer – no red herrings, please... NOTE: Africa is like an alcoholic, who refuses to admit it has a problem and the more it gets told it has a problem, the more upset it gets.

      Zebedi - 2011-06-13 15:22

      Slayer Saves, precisely.As you say, a human tendency FROM THE MIDDLE AGES. Unless you haven't noticed, we are currently in the 21st century, and the only people worldwide who still burn people for being witches are Africans. Unpleasant, but true.

      Thangy - 2011-06-13 16:06

      @penada Amen!!!

      Blake - 2011-06-13 16:24

      While i agree that our loosely controled borders are not helping the situation i do believe that because foreigners live in poverty in South Africa right next door to South Africans in poverty it makes then easy targets. If the borders weres closed and the Foreigners left these types of mobs would find new targets on which to vent their frustration. Their probelms are not the Zimbabweans or Congolese or any other nationality of people. Their problem is their SITUATION!

      BigBlu - 2011-06-13 18:25

      Blake, Sorry bru, but it is time that we point out the core of the problem, the ‘big elephant’ in the room we are ignoring – the ANC. So-called “open borders” have NOTHING to do with Zimbabweans in SA today. The sole reason Zimbabweans find themselves in SA, in the numbers- and in the current state, is because the ANC refuses to oust Mugabe and ZANU-PF. On the contrary, they rather sent their own mini-depot-in-training Malema, for first hand exposure and more so, to glorify it – recall the “bloody agent British journalist” incident...

      DoublySalmon - 2011-06-13 21:25

      @penada There are white criminals, no question. However the white community would be safer from violent criminals and rapists if our community was separated from other South African communities. I remember being able to play outside as a kid and walk safely through the whole neighborhood during Apartheid. Certainly sexual violence is more prevalent in black communities. The reason something like Barbie receives so much media attention is because it doesn't happen often, whereas 1 in 4 woman in South Africa has been raped. It is not Apartheid's fault that the culture embraces violence! Stop trying to find excuses! Afrikaners after the English concentration camps, Afrikaners after the attempted Zulu genocides withheld themselves from such violence as torturing and raping people to death. You only need to look at the prison demographics in the various countries of the world to find proof.

      DoublySalmon - 2011-06-13 22:00

      Start with this, adjust for population size differences:

  • Tony - 2011-06-12 12:20

    I can understand the local's confusion that the government they keep voting for allows foreigners to stay in their country and take their jobs. Who is at fault, the voters or the government? If the foreigners were all exported, would the locals then be qualified and willing to work?

      Assegaai - 2011-06-12 12:31

      No they will not. To lazy and too easy to get handouts. If the foreigners are all gone who they going to blame for their pathetic life

      veld66 - 2011-06-12 12:32

      So in yr world Tony its ok to kill people then...???

      Kay - 2011-06-12 13:17

      I think the government should have controlled the illegal immigrant situation better, but this is just BS. Locals have gotten so use to everything being handed to them cuz it's what they are 'owed' - jobs included. Then what do they do? They dont work or - the ever so popular - they strike... cuz they want more benefits and/or money. When someone else comes along that actually wants to work they go on like this. This is just another form of apartheid, if you ask me.

      jevoixtout - 2011-06-12 13:25

      That being said. What if these farm murders of farmers and their families, including young children, being tortured to death were filmed and put in the media? Would the UN only then step in? WTF people. Then there is a drawn out court case whether or not shoot the boer is an OK song to sing by a brainless mob and "leader".

      Benny66 - 2011-06-12 13:31

      "If the foreigners were all exported"? Foreigners who flee their own country - due to uncontrolled violence - and seek asylum in a neighbouring country is NOT unique to South Africa! The difference is how the country "accepting" these fleeing foreigners handle the situation. And here we are back to our inept, self-serving and corrupt government. Firstly, and starting with mbeki and his ineffectual SOFT approach to the Zimbabwean situation followed by zuma's "howzit my bru - don't worry we'll sort it out for you" approach to mad bob, and then various of his inept gov. departments including foreign affairs; home affairs; the police etc the situation we today face with a HUGE influx of foreigners, has evolved. And this is not limited to just Zimbabweans. Now that they have stuffed this up - like everything else they do - our own people who suffer joblessness; poverty etc take matters into their own hands - some too readily for my liking. Now, we can bleat all we like about the above but we know damn well nothing meaningful will happen cos this is what our country has sunk to over the past 17years. Heaven help South Africa when Madiba joins his ancestors for a well earned rest!

      tokoloshe - 2011-06-13 00:29

      Thanks to SAPS & Home Affairs who are responsible for the ‘guesstimates’ of the alien population, the number of illegal immigrants residing in SA is a speculative figure of 8-million. The effects of such a large presence of illegal aliens has a negative impact on employment opportunities for SA citizens. While the labour force is expanding at an alarming rate jobs are decreasing. Undocumented immigrants account for 80% of employment in SA. It is also a disturbing fact that illegal immigrants bring diseases with epidemic potential (yellow fever, cholera, tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS), that attributes to poverty. A functional relationship also exists between illegal aliens and the crime rate. The increasing influx of illegal immigrants also contributes to unlawful squatting in SA. Most aliens arrive destitute, jobless and homeless. It is estimated that 80% of illegal aliens reside in informal housing settlements and squatter camps. The results:- unemployment, disease, poverty, crime, greater stress on the social and welfare services and ultimately, social and political discontent. The large concentration of illegal immigrants places a burden on the people and the state, decreasing its capacity to deliver impoverished S.Africans from their misery. The influx of illegal aliens into SA needs to be curbed. In the short term, attention must be turned to control measures, such as increased border patrols and enforced repatriation. I say GO HOME kwere kwere! For your own sake and ours!

      Ann - 2011-06-13 13:12

      Tony - most of our people are too damned lazy to do work of any description so don't come with the rubbish that foreigners are taking their jobs (stop feeding this myth). Most foreigners are more than happy to do menial work even if they have more qualifications than the locals. The pity is that so many are exploited by those for whom they work, earning shocking wages.

  • Carlin - 2011-06-12 12:20

    And when they have finished with the Zimbabweans, who next? This is so very different from the policies of their masters (whom they keep voting in) who allow the same foreigners in in droves isn't it though? When you read these articles the policy of "seperate development" doesn't seem so evil after all.

      Julie - 2011-06-13 09:35 are no better than that mob..

      Aristotle - 2011-06-15 00:03

      Carlin, the reason their "Masters" keep letting foreigners in is because while their minions are "doing" the foreigners in and murdering them, the focus is taken off what the "masters" are doing. I.E. Robbing the Country.

  • MWB - 2011-06-12 12:21

    Cant quite describe this behaviour. This earth we live on consists only of humans and animals, I often wonder of what else the people responsible of this murder are none of the above. Disgusting I think theyre from the darkest holes of hell.

  • zulufox - 2011-06-12 12:22

    these are the same people who fought side-by-side with us against the oppressive regime of yesteryear and now we are killing them like dogs... cry, the beloved country!

      Scaramouche - 2011-06-12 12:48

      Cry indeed. This is horrific and you have to wonder what happens in people's lives to fall to this level of brutality and inhumanity.

      jevoixtout - 2011-06-12 13:30

      Carry on singing your struggle songs. Call Bob your uncle and keep up the blatant slaughter of people. Then vote malema in and keep on struggling.

      jen - 2011-06-12 16:58

      What is this "killing them like dogs?" How uncivilised is a nation who would even bludgeon an animal to death like this, let alone a human being? What sort of people are we!

      TGIL - 2011-06-13 16:28

      'we' are nothing like this jen, zero. evolution has resulted in very distinct differences between us, pretending otherwise is idealistic and stupid

  • TheWiseOne - 2011-06-12 12:27

    So much for "innocent until proven guilty".

  • veld66 - 2011-06-12 12:30

    God forsaken people of South Africa including @freedom who see a chance in these events to utter racial begorty, All countries of the world hve issues of their own, but South Africa is specially at all levels from Apartheid to Xenophobia!!!

      Tony - 2011-06-12 12:34

      Pardon my white ignorance, but what is a "begorty"? Do you see people who haven't come out of the bush doing this sort of thing?

      Tony - 2011-06-12 12:41

      No veld66, it's not right to kill anyone in any world - in my world people should work together to create a better world for all, not aimlessly push out of jobs the people who can help with their skills and intelligence just because they are white.

      Benny66 - 2011-06-12 13:43

      @ Tony. Since I was retired some 10 years ago I've thought long and hard about how things could have been so different if the ANC wasn't in such a rush to get rid of the skills that kept this country running reasonably smoothly in favour of their inexperienced cronies. I like many others would have been quite happy to have someone shadow my job and to whom I could have taught my hard earned skills acquired over many years of applying myself, before taking retirement. Even after retirement I would have been more than willing to contribute to the teaching of basic skills amongst gov employees. And I'm sure there are many thousands who feel the way I do - Oh how different things could have been?

      Creeky - 2011-06-12 14:56

      BEGORTY???? That like a word you found in the patten of your begging bowl?

      Warren - 2011-06-12 22:34

      @ Benny66: What is common sense to you, might just be seen as arrogant racism by others. In other words, your offering help is seen as implying that the ones you are offering it to, are either ignorant or incompetent, or maybe both (which in all fairness, maybe they are). Sometimes they don't even need help at all, they know better but choose to ignore all rational for whatever reason. I know this from first hand experience.

      tokoloshe - 2011-06-13 01:48

      The chickens are coming home to roost. The biggest defense for the racism of SA's black people is the racism of SA's ANC government! A cocktail of factors, mixed by the ANC over the past 14 years, is responsible for this barbarism. This cocktail is made up of denialism on Zimbabwe, an incompetent and corrupt police service, poor service delivery and corruption in government departments. The crime-does-pay culture is a central ingredient of the cocktail. But the bulk of the cocktail comprises the failed state that is Zimbabwe. The ANC government’s refusal to even acknowledge the crisis in Zimbabwe has resulted in as many as 9-million Zimbabweans walking the streets of South Africa. The SAPS are so incompetent there is no way that the perpetrators will be brought to book. Many of them are taking bribes from foreign refugees anxious to avoid being deported. SAPS incompetence is also responsible for the culture that crime goes unpunished. There is no respect for the law. The problem is that the ANC’s policies have failed.

      Mike - 2011-06-13 09:06

      @Creeky - the patten you mention is probably an army commander or a lord or the like! What I'm saying is that if you are going to throw stones . . . about the English on this forum then you should proof-read your own post before pressing the "post" button! Now, take a deep breath and look up the word pattern.

      Upscale - 2011-06-13 15:32

      @tokoloshe. You the same tokoloshe who commented earlier? Scumbag.You are worse than a dog. theshould bring back the death penalty for your kind!

  • Alexander - 2011-06-12 12:42

    Why are we only hearing about this now? Must it make international headlines before our media decides to report it?! Something is not right here.

      Ederik - 2011-06-12 12:55

      The only reason you hear about it is because it was in overseas newspapers. The rest are just covered up. And the world could not care less......

      Spoofed - 2011-06-12 14:56

      this my question too.. everyday we hear about all kinds of crap that monkey- lema is getting up to or some cop killing a civilian, but we don't hear a peep of this? WTF???

      Creeky - 2011-06-12 14:59

      Now you know what it is going to be like when the ANC INTRODUCES THE SECRECY ACT /INFO BILL....!!!! We in Europe read this sort of thing in our newspapers DAILY!!!

      onetickie - 2011-06-12 21:21

      Its up to every individual who is appalled by killings/crimes in SA to copy these news articles along with the comments and email them to overseas news stations; fox news int. bbc world news int; cnn international; sky news int. etc. etc. etc. GOOD GRIEF, Am I the only one who's been doing this?????????????????????

      Together - 2011-06-13 10:36

      I hate that this happened to this man, but I am glad that the footage made it out into the world. Bit by bit and frame by frame South Africans need to show the world that we all need help - it is not only foreigners that get killed this way, but this can happen to South Africans when their neighbours are jealous, or their unemployed kids get involved in petty crime. The current govt and it's policy-making body (the youth league) do not discourage this insane behaviour - if they did, they'd be out there 24/7 teaching every single SAfrican on the ground that things do not work this way. The next question that international bodies should ask: is every one of the people on this video behind bars for life? If not, perhaps someone needs to start looking into some massive human-rights abuse charges at the people who are supposed to be leading SA, and maybe some sanctions? The world was able to do without SA's goods and services during apartheid - under this new regime of apartheid and mob-murder, maybe the world should do it again? I've no doubt that Malema and the new ANC's leadership will be able to conjure up enough work for all the people laid off - apparently they can just spin jobs out of thin air, right? And before anyone shouts "What does this have to do with the ANC?" Well, who did Diepsloot vote for? Then Diepsloot is their baby.

      Virginia - 2011-06-13 11:47

      Why because, this is their way of life, traditional and thats how the Leaders of this country see it, they do not look at this in disgust or as murder, just one tribe disliking another, quite barbaric, I agree with the people in UK who called Zuma Barbaric. Only educated, caring HUMANBEINGS will crinch at the sight of these videos, Africa, no its part of their upbringing.

      Virginia - 2011-06-13 11:56

      Hi 'Together" the rest of the world gave us to these idiots, the only harm it is doing is that people will stop investing in SA then where will jobs come from, its enough that Malema wants the mines to be nationalised. The ANC have to realise that the people from their party who are now in charge are doing a rotten job. Surely the intellegent people of the ANC can see what is happening(Like Mr Vavi) but are to affraid of losing their high paid jobs.United Nations should start taking out these governments of Africa, put them all on an deserted Island somewhere and let them fight for the top position. If this is done then we would not need all this people like UNESCO, WHO, HRC we would have caring people in place to ru these countries.(I know this is a pipe dream) but we have to some times when you rad stories like the one aboe these comments.

      Jo - 2011-06-13 13:05

      Hi Virginia - I don't think you're understanding Together's comment. And no-one "gave" us to anybody - there is no "us and them" in SA, unless you're drawing a line between people who will smash their neighbour's face in or not. Believe me, most of the people I know in SA of all colours, wouldn't do this. And Together has a point - normal South Africans are being threatened and beseiged by this violence.

  • Bloedrivier - 2011-06-12 12:50

    One comforting thought is that these murderers will all burn in hell. They will not be left unpunished. And looking at what is happening in SA, a lot of South Africans are going to hell. They just have to put a fence around Diepsloot and have people pay to come look at the "animals".

      veld66 - 2011-06-12 13:12

      True Shit is going on there!!!

      REVO - 2011-06-12 13:40

      Sorry i dont agree with you, animals have more compassion than this. We’re looking at the lowest life form on our beautiful planet.

      betterness - 2011-06-13 07:22

      Burning in hell a comforting thought? A pity this view is held by many so-called Christians, duped into believing these misinterpreted christendom doctrines. What kind of savage, torturous, brutal god would enjoy seeing his creation (regardless of their "know not what they do" sins) burn for ever and ever and ever ... think about it! visualise it!... NOT the God of the Bible. Also, how can we accuse the Creator of doing something He claims He wouldn’t even think of doing, that of burning human beings alive in a fire: In Jeremiah 19:5, God is found admonishing the Jews because they had offered up their children as burnt offerings to the pagan god, Baal, "they have also built the high places of Baal, to burn their sons with fire for burnt offerings to Baal, which I did not command or speak, nor did it come into My mind." !!! The wages of sin is death!

      420 - 2011-06-13 17:19

      Dont bring religion into it. It has no place in rational thinking. I want justice now - if these scum bags repent for there sins they still make it into "heaven" and those of us that lead honest lives yet do not accept that there is a God end up in the pits of "hell". Please, enough with the fairy tales.

  • Anton - 2011-06-12 12:52

    Maybe we should look at our government, for the reason for this hatred. Up till late last year, most Zimbabweans were treated here, as criminals. At the very least, they were made to feel most unwelcome here. Many, including mothers, who left their kids behind in Zimbabwe, crawled under barbed wire to be able to get into SA. We had mothers ,who did bring their kids along, sleeping in the streets of Johannesburg, often discribed as Africa's richest city. The ,crime, of these Zimbabweans ?? They ran away from a tyrant, who made living in their own country impossible. They did not come here , like migrants do all over the world, to better their lives, BUT to stay alive..... Often most of the money they earn here, is send ,home, to keep their loved ones alive. ALL this could have been avoided if SA , did not for many year support this Mugabe thug, with their pathetic ,,quite diplomacy,, Even a few days ago, our leaders still welcome Mugabe here with hugs. WHAT message does this give to most South Africans ??

      Markis - 2011-06-13 09:16

      They ran away from a tyrant that they voted for. I understand it's not their fault but in a way they brought it upon themselves, as they are doing in SA. I wonder where the next best place would be when SA goes down the drain? 1 million zimbo's came to SA but where would 45 million people go?

      KingFatAss - 2011-06-13 10:17

      @ u Markis, you are ignorant! Do you think any fool would vote for somebody they would run away from? U lack an understanding of what goes on in that nation.

      Markis - 2011-06-13 12:10

      @fat ass! This is africa they vote for people they eventually run away from all the time. You village idiot go back to sleep

      Markis - 2011-06-13 15:11

      @sonja. I know that much but a lot of these people were the so called war vets chasing farmers out their own country when they (the war vets) were in their 20's. I'm definitely not saying what happened here was a good thing but they brought it upon themselves. They'll chase the farmers out but can't face the consequences

  • Rool - 2011-06-12 12:54

    The government should secure our borders so the rest of Africa don`t have free access to SA(we can`t carry them as well),feed our children in school (we`ll have better quality and more students)help the poor then we can help rest of Africa, sad though that people should die Rool

      KingFatAss - 2011-06-13 10:34

      Seriously Rool, have you ever been to a boarder yourself?

      Oppressed - 2011-06-13 10:34

      So true. Imagine the best available education in your own country being accessed by foreign kids whereas your own kids cant acces it cause its expensive.

      420 - 2011-06-13 17:23

      No, the Government should be allowing access to the country - and the skilled labour from Zim used to the benefit of SA. Ie, a teacher comes from Zim - she is given a govt grant and sent to a school that is under staffed. Here she works for 5 years, gains residency and helps to educate our youth. Same for doctors, engineers, lawyers etc. You want to come here, fine, but it is on our terms, not yours. We will make you and asset instead of a liability.

  • Mandzee - 2011-06-12 12:54

    Well I have personally witnessed and reported police who victimize and actually rob people they see who they guess are illegal immigrants - even the legal immigrants get their passports, work permits and/or I'd books ripped up by certain police who clearly are xenaphobic as well - I have taken a personal interest in what happens to the Zimbabweans in this country and the travesties they endure from police & home affairs is disgusting - and nothing is being done about this ongoing problem!!!! I am ashamed to be South African when I see articles like this... Zimbabwe sheltered many South Africans during the apartheid years but how conveniently that is forgotten now when we are asked to return the favour....

  • tokoloshe - 2011-06-12 12:56

    Welcome to Africa!!!!! As long as this country is run by the ANC this will continue to happen and get worse! The sad thing is the rest of the world will just look on and say "wow" because we have nothing to offer anyone especially no oil. So people will continue to get murdered and raped and the hatred on whites will continue to fuel the murders sung by our own president and his side kick Julius Malema. there will unfortunately never be peace in Africa again because we have uneducated racist thugs running it

      Beannie - 2011-06-13 10:52

      Uneducated racist thugs is an accurate description, actually the people that committed this crime are lower than the lowest pond life, with about as much intelligence. They should all be strung up and burned alive. Zuma and Malema are no better.

  • baasdingane - 2011-06-12 12:56

    Please feel free to correct me if I`m wrong but I get the impression that black african people have no respect for life.

      pawsaw - 2011-06-12 16:37

      I don't wish to correct you but merely to point out that Africans have had their own way of dealing with infringements from the beginning which was seen as barbaric by those who saw fit to colonise this country and punished by death by hanging.There is thus a vacuum of older wiser and vitally respected heads. Death is part of life and Africans have lived on a continent WITH nature. Colonisers were from a cargo society i.e. things were important because of their frame of reference in harsh Northern environment which they had to tame in order to survive. Africa is the result of a clash between people from North and South and sadly have aspirations to be part of the cargo society which resulted in overpopulation. Only China has actually attempted to set limits on that and the rest of the world condemned them for it. Africa is about Survival of the fittest not necessarily the most capable. Descendants of those who colonised Africa have to accept that African people are demonstrating what they have learned. It is only 400 yrs since whites burned people at the stake for witchcraft and less than that since McCarthyism. Tyres and matches were both Northern/Western inventions and life isn't forever anywhere for anyone. Of course this is brutal reality but it IS reality.

      Meister - 2011-06-12 20:22

      U contradicted urself when u said people

      Mike - 2011-06-13 09:19

      In a way you are correct. BUT, the other problem in SA is that the Police are part of the bent arm and gravy train brigade. The rot has set in and it ain't going away! Human life is not sacrosanct at all. If I had to kill sone-one I would not be able to sleep at night, when the local fraternity do it it is like water off a ducks back. Scary!

      Skully - 2011-06-13 09:48

      Wise comment pawsaw, in other words you are saying that the african people are still animals?

      TGIL - 2011-06-13 16:29

      yeap, barbarians every one

      420 - 2011-06-13 17:27

      @pawsaw - thats the thing hey - everyone points the finger - oh you cant do that, when less then 10 years ago people in the Outback in Oz still had PERMITS to hunt Aborigines. True story. And where did they come from? The UK of course. Us whiteys dont really have a leg to stand on when it comes to corporal punishment - pirates stuck in cages alive and left to rot is on example of many cases of human rights violations that have quietly disappeared from the public eye. - 2011-06-18 07:22

      @420 yes true, BUT it is nnot the case anymore. we have moved forward, into a new era. we adapt, we change when it is prudent to do so for our own survival. these "people" have fallen through the cracks. they are still living the way they did before the whities came to africa, except NOW they are wearing clothes an carrying cell phones. they'v got one foot in the past and one in the present, so they are moving NO WHERE. it is not white people that have a right to poin a finger, it is any decent human being with a heart to feel badly for this poor man. now? in these times? completely unacceptable.

  • LagUTroll - 2011-06-12 12:58

    xenophobia - the new aparthied, where being zimbabwian means you have no basic human rights. funny how the victims often commit the same crimes they were victim to...

  • Epicurius - 2011-06-12 12:59

    While I agree the title of the piece is a much more accurate description of this deplorable act, Xenophobia is still mentioned, and what a convenient euphemism that is. How nicely the word 'xenophobia' subtly implies that the perpetrators of targeted acts of deadly violence against foreigners are less accountable for their acts. It's a phobia after all. Perpetrators of xenophobic attacks are simply victims of a syndrome beyond their control, passively acting out, under the overwhelming influence of their 'phobia'. Xenophobia is simply used to imply diminished responsibility.

  • matubeng - 2011-06-12 12:59

    It's a South African thing, ask former white policemen of the apartheid government. They would even roast a corpse if the person was black. Ask former 32 Batallion soldiers. After all NATO is doing the same in Lybia, and USA has done it in Iraq, etc. Where is the evidence, Saddam's Nuclear weapons.

      Tony - 2011-06-12 14:43

      So the fact that these racist little demons bludgeon an innocent man to death for being Zimbabwean is the fault of white apartheid cops and 32 Battallion soldiers (most of whom where black by the way)! Thanks for clarifying that for me! You should send Julius (aka 'Kiddie Amien') your post so he can get someone to read it for him and incorporate it into his next speach. He may even reward you by making you the next ANCYL spokesorganism.

      Frans Smith - 2011-06-12 17:52

      "jou maseputu...being" - you dont know what you are talking about.

      Cire - 2011-06-13 13:08

      What are you on about? Try and stay on the point instead of letting your mouth run wild without engaging your brain.

      HAggardGnome - 2011-06-13 16:12

      Like Hell its a South AFrican thing! It may be a BLACK south african thing, but you don't hear of whities doing things like this!

  • Andrea Naude - 2011-06-12 13:00

    I am shocked beyond all that stands for humanity. This is a crime and our government should be held responsible.

      motsokwane - 2011-06-12 13:38

      You would have a different view if you were poor (black or white) and someone else takes your last possession, rape your wife etc, because they know they are untraceable in South Africa.Educated and employed Foreigners are not prone to this senseless killings.

      Moi1980 - 2011-06-13 12:31

      @motsokwane - Where is the proof that he stole anything???? The poor man was unfortunate enough to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and they turned on him simply because he was not South African.

      Jo - 2011-06-13 13:10

      "Prone to these senseless killings" - that makes it sound like he made them kill him. He was "prone" to having his face smashed in by his neighbours - like he was carrying a mob-violence virus. Is it even mentally possible to distance oneself from actions like this - perhaps this is a mental condition that is holding SA back - no-one can take responsibility for anything. And, tell me, are women prone to being raped? And are car-owners prone to being hijacked? If this is the case, when does it end? Why don't the people of Diepsloot become prone to upholding the law and behaving with some dignity?

  • Rool - 2011-06-12 13:04

    We can`t carry rest of Africa gvt should start by closing and securing borders( use our army)Feed all children 3 meals at school (quality youth) and protect all no matter who in its borders,adres poverty , housing aged ,only then we can help rest of Africa,adeath so sad and brutal !!

      Tony - 2011-06-12 19:14

      Right on brother - while there is still one child begging on the street the government's responsibility is to their people who pay their salaries. After that they can consider helping others.

  • Marxwell munetsi - 2011-06-12 13:06

    im missing something this is targeted hate sa is cosmopolitan society.i think it should be called shonaphobia cos almost always its a shona speaking zimbo.we should fight hate for without foreigners we may turn on one another.

      Virginia - 2011-06-13 09:57

      Marxwell SA is a multy national country, but unfortunately the government since Mbekis time has been seeking favour in Africa, they should have been looking after our own people first, then bring in refugees if it was necessary, Mugabi is sitting with millions in his bank exactly like the Leaders of SA which belongs to the people that is why Zua is to chicken to make a move against Mugabi as they are doing the same to you. Our people see these Zimbabwians as a threat to their living. Blame Government for all these killings, they can stop it, send the people that do not have work back to their place of birth.

      Upscale - 2011-06-13 15:58

      @viginia. We had a South African refuge camp in Waterfalls Harare, Zimbabwe. These South Africans attended Harare Poly Tech, the University of Zimbabwe and some simply roamed around the nearby shopping center.Ask Simelane your Director General for Justice Dept.At the end,you could hardly send your child to the shops. I never heard of a single SA murdered!So you blame a Zimbabweans for not going to school, for staying in an informal settlement, for getting so drunk each monthend ,you dont call your work place and only resurface when then money is gone? What ever the case there is no justification for murder

      Spyker May - 2011-06-14 14:14

      Marxwell.., Your post is a bit difficult to follow, but I sense the gist is: a large number of people in SA are inherently hateful and they will find targets for ‘hate-crimes’ irrespective. I am a bit lost re your rationale re “Shona speakers” – Shona is one of the most widely spoken languages in Africa; its like the ‘English’ of Africa; so just as speaking English does not make you a certain “type” of person/national (it is simply a minimum requirement to function) - so nor does Shona... The key is the INHERENT 'HATE-NATURE' of people. The ANC will use the convenient ‘APARTHEID’ red-herring (and they will probably still do it [quote]...till Jesus comes...[unquote]). The ‘APARTHEID’ red-herring has been a historical favourite of many – eg the USA, Australia, etc - during the NP regime they used it to draw attention away from their own race-based antics. The danger is that you NEVER address the key issue – viz THE HATEFUL NATURE OF A LARGE NUMBER OF SAcans. This matter remains unresolved. It was by no means the product of Apartheid – it existed long before- and after it. Africa has the longest history of brutality in the world – it remains the most brutally savage place on earth. Eg lets just look north at the Gukurahundi Massacres (a genocide of 20 000 ethnic Ndebele in Matabeleland), where people were shot, burned and beaten to death at the hands of the North Korean-trained, exclusively Shona 5th Brigade, a military unit, directly under command of Mugabe himself.

  • Larry Laffer - 2011-06-12 13:07

    F****ing savages...thats the ugly face of reality of the masses....

  • peter.soule - 2011-06-12 13:10

    - People must please stop thinking South Africa is so different. Sure, we are diverse and thus different, but SOoo many people forget that we ARE NOT the only ones! there are many 1st world countries and other developing countries that have the same if not more violence than us! - I suggest everyone visit "" (disturbing, 18+)and have a look at those videos. Few if any of those are staged, but they are all real! - What I find appalling, though, is that the assailants were not arrested! that is pathetic, if you ask me. their faces must be broadcast on Prime-time television so we can ALL see those guilty of such things.

  • Dewald - 2011-06-12 13:10


  • BigMoose - 2011-06-12 13:11

    I challenge the SABC to show this footage on national television. This mob who killed an innocent man, are the very same people who listened to the president of the ANCYL calling whites "criminals who must be treated as such." If this is how the masses treat "criminals", then white South Africans, it is time to be afraid, very afraid.

  • matubeng - 2011-06-12 13:15

    This Zuma and his cronies, and their children are living on our tax money. Nigerians, Zimbabweans, all foreigners have taken our Cityc centers, they Sh###t everywhere including the pavements. SA must push Mugabe out. They must stop giving Zimbabwaens fisrt class treatment in Home Affairs, something we South Africans fails to get from our own governemnt. My cousin is still waiting for ID copy after 2 years while 300 000 Zimbabweans were served in 3 months

  • neo_acheron - 2011-06-12 13:15

    This only happens because Zimbabweans are usually harder working than the local scum we get here. So the Zims get the jobs instead of them and that makes them angry, coz now they are "stealing" their jobs, just like the white man "stole" their land... What a bunch of childish lazy morons.

  • motsokwane - 2011-06-12 13:19

    I do not condone the senseless killings but you will have a different view when you are straggling because of poverty and someone makes it worse buy breaking into your tin house and then rape your wife or daughter if they manage get that privilege, just because they are aware that their finger prints are not registered in South Africa and that chances of them being caught are close to zero. Let's tag everyone in this big problem that we are facing, because we hire this guys for cheap labor and put them in our back rooms only to charge them high rental fees. They also should blame themselves for refusing to declare their status in South Africa. I know a lot of foreigners in South Africa who are educated and legal, which makes them immune from such senseless killings.Remember this, no matter how brutal it is or may sound, there is no smoke without fire, you can call it bush practices or whatever, only the poor man "black or white" feels the pain and struggle in our country.

      Anton - 2011-06-12 15:04

      Motsokwane, don't talk such rubbish. Even fourty years ago , there was widespread crime in South Africa. Just in Soweto, there were 50 rapes over a weekend ( reported ones) House breaking and rape, was also in those days, a national disgrace!! There were few Zimbabweans living in SA, as a matter of fact, few Africans, from North of our borders. So, let's stop taking the easy way out, and blame anybody who is not South African. This is not a ,foreigner problem , But a SA problem!!

  • Tony - 2011-06-12 13:23

    The World Cup was a massive propaganda coupe for South Africa’s grotesquely incompetent and racist government. They very successfully managed to hide the everyday violence that is the reality in this country, and the world desperately wanted to belief in the success of the ‘Rainbow Nation’. Alas, you can’t hide the truth forever. Xenophia is a euphemism for racism. The fires of hatred are continuously stoked by racist ANC leaders (e.g. Julius Malema, Jimmy Manje, Winnie Mandela, Gwede Mantashe, etc.) who frequently blame the results of their incompetence and corruption on whites, Indians, coloureds and ‘foreigners’; in fact on anyone who isn’t a black South African. The ANC has become little more than a gang of incompetent criminals,lead by barely literate buffoons. As a rule, the Malawians, Mozambiquans and Zimbaweans I have worked with are decent, hard-working folk who's only crime is that they out-compete many South Africans who have been indoctrinated by the ANC into believing that you don't have to do anything other than vote for the ANC and all your needs and desires will be met.

      Anton - 2011-06-12 15:44

      Although I believe the ANC , has also got some great leaders , including our President, besides that, your message is spot on.

  • Kay - 2011-06-12 13:24

    I cant believe this is the first I'm hearing of this incident... IT'S HORRIBLE!! And in the end nobody will probably get punished for this horrific crime because the only two facing trial are minors?!! It's these kind of brutal acts that make me feel they should bring back the death penalty. So ANGRY!

  • Andre - 2011-06-12 13:25

    This will carry on and on as long as the ANC is in power. The ANC doesn’t give a rat’s ass about their own people and only about themselves. Killings of this kind will only get worse. However somehow I can understand why people kill like this because Zimbabweans and others are taking jobs away from our people. That intern then causes our people to shoot you and me in the head for a R50 cell phone. The ANC must wake up get rid of all illegal immigrants and at least 80% of this country’s problems will disappear. O and of Couse the Death Penalty will also make things better.

  • Wise1 - 2011-06-12 13:29

    There is no excuse for being so barbaric! Two teenagers instigated this whole sickening crime. What kind of adults will they grow up to be? SAs future is bleak if our kids can kill another human in cold blood.

  • Gavin - 2011-06-12 13:30

    They are NOT protected by the police,it is not difficult to understand why they take the law into their own hands ! I TOTALLY blame the non existent SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE FORCE !!!

  • henriliebenberg - 2011-06-12 13:38

    Darwin was right = evolution of the species. Some have evolved and some are still evolving. Most of Africa's evolution has not reached the rest of the human evolutionary scale and are only a small step above the anamilistic equivalent.The fact that these subhuman species can communicate put them only a notch above a rabid babboon. Good luck to all of you caught up in this nightmare - there is no solution and no escape.

  • OZNOB - 2011-06-12 13:47

    Personally I feel the government and various leaders who have inflamed the situation by either doing nothing or passing racially inflaming comments under the guise of old anti apartheid songs .

  • Judith - 2011-06-12 13:55

    This xenophobia is a tragedy and a blight on our struggle. Our government is failing us in not opening up a vibrant job creation environment, which places pressure on the extremely poor and results in these outpourings of violence. Lack of action on problems which it can solve is destroying South Africa. The government is in the pockets of corporates and the unions - a poisonous situation, based on results

      Meister - 2011-06-12 20:24

      Xenophobia is a fear of other races. This is hate. Barbaric hate. No phobia involved here

  • Sarel - 2011-06-12 14:28

    You whites who defend these animals.will eventually go th same way under their hans when the time is ripe! Wake up! dont preach to them,and you churches and followers a special warning: YOU ARE DEALING WITH ANIMALS KNOWN AS THE CHAIYAH! D YOU NEED MORE PROOF TO STOP YOU FROM TRYING TO MAKE THEM CIVILIZED? They eat each others flesh,they play games around dead body's! this is exactly the animal behaviour! Sarel Pretorius

      Moi1980 - 2011-06-13 12:46

      Wow....I don't even know what to say in response. I refuse to paint all black people as murderers/criminals based on the actions of some things that happen to be of the same race. It's completely illogical to think that way. Seeing as you see all black people as murderers, then you shouldn't complain when they paint all whites as criminals.

  • pugwash - 2011-06-12 15:00

    And they call themselves human beings . . . disgusting barbaric savages!

  • Chibuli - 2011-06-12 16:04

    I know this may sound cynical, and will in all liklihood elicit vehement opposition, but certain members of South African society are barbaric morons. Irrespective of the cause, this just lacks culture, civilisation and common sense. South Africa has a VERY long way to go before it joins the ranks of normal, decent society. Sorry guys, but you have a lot of growing up to do.

  • Spyker May - 2011-06-12 16:05

    The civilised world cannot grasp that SA is not inhabited by the domesticated Africans you find in the USA, Europe, etc. They are not human – a simple fact, whether you can stomach the truth or not. ‘Apartheid’ was a system detested by most white SAcans – hence the reason they voted as they did in ’92 – iow they gave the rest of the world the benefit of the doubt. Yet, one can only trust, the world will now see, in SA civilised people were faced with an extremely precarious dilemma – in the country of their birth – ie: to protect civilised life amidst feral beings coerces one to revert to uncivilised means – viz a simple consequence of circumstances. Here we have beings tens of thousands of years behind in evolution – it is by no measure the same kind as eg Barak Obama... These are anthropophagites who have NOTHING in common with the civilised world’s demeanour- and frame of reference. The ANC NEVER ‘defeated Apartheid’ – not even remotely (a pathetic fallacy). The end was ‘engineered’ by the West – specifically the USA. The reason our Woodwork-prodigy is such an overwhelming joke. Xenophobia is a direct consequence of the ANC race-based policies – specifically Affirmative Action. It breeds a culture of ENTITLEMENT that extends to taking everything (including a life) if you do not like someone – ie feel threatened by them... cont. below..,

      brightside - 2011-06-13 07:49

      Most of the people who comment in here i wonder sometimes why they even bother to do so. Because all that they do is mourn and bicker without helping in speaking life to their country and society. Black and white we are all guilty of tearing each other down. Look at the brightside and start seeing solutions and not problems all the time

  • Spyker May - 2011-06-12 16:06

    This event can be directly linked to the rabid behaviour of that Feral Fetid Freak – the said ‘Woodwork Prodigy’ – who persists to incite sub-intellects (as we have here) into the mortal hatred of others. The ANC- and specifically the ANCYL and the NYDA, is directly responsible for the brutal death of Farai Kujirichita. The West, USA, etc, created the feral state that is post ’94- and specifically the post Polokwane '07 South Africa – they therefore carry on their hand the blood of the innocent lives taken by these non-human beasts... So indeed then - where is the ‘West” today..? What has your “vote” brought you – a few meaningless numbers..? Where is the DA – having ‘afternoon tea’..? Chuck Palahniuk said: “You have a choice. Live or die. Every breath is a choice. Every minute is a choice. To be or not to be.” Civilised SAcans need to rise up and take back what has been taken from them – the RIGHT to a civilised environment; the RIGHT to be safe wherever you are-, whoever you are – eg Farai Kujirichita, Amy Beihl or any other civilised being, the RIGHT to move freely in the economy – viz for the best to rise to the top uninhibited in any way whatsoever, the RIGHT to a land free of corruption and crime – ie free of the corrupt and free of criminals of ALL types (most specifically those who attempt to criminalise being of a certain race) and alike...

  • Airwolf - 2011-06-12 16:11

    Barbaric savages. Truly sickening.

  • calypstho - 2011-06-12 17:03

    I wish all these people inciting these attacks could look into their history. Not so long ago, it was the south africans running to other countries such as Zimbabwe for refuge during apartheid, as a matter of fact had it not being for the hospitality of countries such as Zimbabwe, many citizens here in South Africa would not have the freedom they have today. Who is truly to blame here, is it the employed or the employer who takes on the foreigner? Its sad for a human being to do this to another human being. The penal system needs to be pumped up, for people do not fear the consequences of their actions.

  • Bush Dweller - 2011-06-12 17:16

    We need to nuke all the townships. There are all too far gone.

  • Bush Dweller - 2011-06-12 17:23

    There is a ANC monkey deleting my comments from News24. Get back into your cage.

  • Frans Smith - 2011-06-12 17:49

    worse than animals these murdering scum.

  • Raymond - 2011-06-12 17:56

    I have heard of Louis Botha,is Louise Botha his wife. @Marco-this is African style.The whole continent is violent.People have'nt evolved yet,so the dark ages is where they still live.Sorry state of affairs,really

  • Analyst - 2011-06-12 18:54

    So these are the "poor" that are sapping up all the tax money and that we have to keep defending and helping, and then they go around like a pack of dogs killing someone for not being part of the pack... sickening. I wonder what the ANC support in Diepsloot is like, probably 80-90% no doubt.

  • Stollie - 2011-06-12 19:09

    This country is a disgusting mess, it's the most beautiful place in the world, by far, but it's just not a place I want to raise a family. Say what you like about copping out and running away, what's wrong with wanting to be able to walk around my neighbourhood at 10pm without fear of attack? Or not wanting to fear hijacking around every corner, or with expecting those at the head of the country to be held accountable and for policing to be effective. I'm a student in Canada, and I miss home like crazy, yes I surf News24 because SA is my home and I want to know what's going on, but what I read just does not encourage me to want to go home. Here we have no burglar bars, no walls around the house, sometimes we forget to lock the front door. There are neighbourhood events and charity is a civic duty. There was a parade last week for the kids in the area. But I am still a South African and I want to see the lowveld with all our incredible wildlife, and hike in the Berg, and stare at the Southern Cross in the night skies, swear at the Hadidas in the morning, see the Jacarandas in October, go to a cricket match and drink beer all day in the sun, the list is long. But is it worth it? I still get nightmares about break-ins, about some guy trying to open my car door at a traffic light? I want what the people here have and I want to take it for granted like they do. I just can't justify raising a family in SA when I know what the alternatives are.

  • shatzi - 2011-06-12 19:18

    Most of these imports have screwed up their own countries with the same mentality as the blacks here,the result is they have no food ,no work and no hope,it wont be long before the south african monkey burner voters do the same here.when that happens all hell will break loose cause we have nowhere to go.this is the last outpost

  • onetickie - 2011-06-12 21:09

    I am ashamed of being a South African. My condolences to his family. But I hope when they can overcome some of the shock/horror they will spread the news about what is really happening in South Africa and how LIFE is meaningless. I copy all these killings/murders/rapes/atrocities to overseas news broadcasters to ensure I've done my bit to let the outside world know just what a heathen, barbaric society SA has become, regardless of race, colour, creed.