Hospital accused of feeding patients rotten food

2014-01-05 22:27

Mbombela - Allegations of inflated prices and of patients being fed rotten food have been levelled against another state hospital in Mpumalanga.

Tintswalo hospital in Acornhoek is the second hospital in the province to be accused of serving patients rotten food since November. The other was Embhuleni hospital near Badplaas.

A senior doctor from Tintswalo, who spoke to African Eye News Service on condition of anonymity, said patients at the 423-bed hospital were served rotten food for months because “the provincial department of health claims to have exhausted its budget and has no money to buy food”.

“It's either dry pap, rotten beetroot and cabbage for patients everyday, if not rotten meat. These confirm media reports that the entire health-care system in the province is in shambles. How can they have money to buy fresh food if they allow a food supplier to charge them R50 for a R2 apple,” said the doctor - who also claimed that some staff members, including himself, are on the verge of resigning.

The doctor's claims were confirmed by Kenneth Silinda, a 29-year old patient who told AENS that he had to ask for an early discharge because he could no longer stomach the food.

“I was admitted on 4 December with a lung infection, but I forced my doctor to release me after two days because we were served rotten food. I went to hospital with a lung infection and I came out with diarrhoea, plus the lung infection, how great is that,” said Silinda.

He said he eventually went to a pharmacy where he was helped.

The hospital sees about 500 patients a day and serves a catchment area of about 1.5 million people.

Provincial health spokesperson Ronnie Masilela was not aware of any reports of rotten food from Tintswalo.

“We have a number of service providers at that hospital and your source must tell you which one is supplying rotten food. As far as we are concerned everything is fine at that hospital, but we will look into these allegations and take it from there,” said Masilela.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has repeatedly complained that the public healthcare system of Mpumalanga is in total disarray.

“They always promise to investigate allegations against hospitals, but despite these promised probes, health-care does not improve in the least," said DA member of the provincial legislature, James Masango.

  • marcia.greune - 2014-01-05 22:32


      James Mabote - 2014-01-05 22:50

      The ANC is dismally failing the people of South Africa. Yet they will win this year's general elections. Thanks to same people who are being failed!

      Bullet Proof - 2014-01-05 23:10

      The photo is not the reality in some cases you have to take your own sheets and blankets. Because they are ripping off this country.

      Sesani Mthimkhulu - 2014-01-05 23:19


      Jeremy Forbes - 2014-01-05 23:26

      Absolutely shameful, meanwhile the ANC elite and their cadres attend private hospitals. Surely, this must confirm that we need to get rid of this corrupt and immoral cabal who never tire of stealing from the poor and the vulnerable.

      Clint Warren - 2014-01-06 01:29

      Health professionals serving rotten food?! Only in Mapumalanga.

      Dave Jackaman - 2014-01-06 05:11

      It is not the Health Care professionals, but the administration who are purchasing the food, R50 for two apples, I live in the area and have visited the hospital regularly with staff members (who I now take to our Private GP) The doctors at this hospital are truly amazing and work extreemly hard and far beyond the normal hours of any other professional in the area. I take my hat off to them. But they receive little to no support from the Department. Conditions are disgusting and Tintswalo is known as a place you go to to die !!!! People must remember these conditions when the local politicians canvas them for their votes later this year.

      Walter Oldnal Latham - 2014-01-06 05:44

      Yes, the ANC is totally corrupt and there needs to be a change of government before all services really get out of hand. The problem is that all ministers, directors and MECs are totally corrupt barring one or two who are making the effort. VOTE DA before it's too late ladies and gents!

      Michael Kleber - 2014-01-06 07:07

      This is the result of cronyism , unqualified people in government , in hospitals in fact most of the civil service but this is what people want they did make the X on the ballot sheet , this year is another election , if you want much of the same then you know where to make your X

      Japie JJ du Toit - 2014-01-06 08:31

      How is it possible to have the main service off this country to falling into an absolute diabolic state? This government, just make promises, to get the voter behind them. Just wonder if they become ill, if they would like to visit a state hospital, and if been given rotten food, wonder what their reaction will be. Either they have no shame, the way they treat patients or no respect for human life. After all it is our tax payer money, which they abuse and is just there to get a pay check, and the respond could be - to hell with the patient. Does our state medical facilities heading the same way as the rest of Africa's medical facilities. Sick / injured People go to hospitals – to get better and not to die.

  • Sthembiso Jali - 2014-01-05 22:42

    The worse rotten province.

      Frank Coetzee - 2014-01-06 06:25

      And WHO supply an R2 apple at R50?? Definitively some ANC "farmer" that split the corruprion profits with the official that pay with tax money for it.

      Andrew Terr - 2014-01-06 06:43

      What can you expect from dirty rotten scoundrels.

      Nico de Jongh - 2014-01-06 10:05

      Only pigs likes rotten food.. the zumapigs.

      Colin Malan - 2014-01-06 20:25

      Sthembiso... 3 x guesses , who is in charge ????? ANC ANC ANC .. See not so difficult after all.

  • Mike White - 2014-01-05 22:52

    They WILL kill you. Very prematurely. The state hospitals. It's fact. I know.

  • Lukas Ekisjouvaader - 2014-01-05 22:54

    Now here's one you can blame on the apartheid regime. Seems you are still using the food they've thrown away.

  • Sisa Gwenzi - 2014-01-05 23:09

    Its a pity to the poor & helpless they got no option but to watch their lives put @ risk and down the drain.

      Jannie Beirowski - 2014-01-06 01:24

      Sisa I have to disagree with you. The poor, and helpless, and rich, and healthy, in fact all but the dead have an option and can be used at the polling stations later this year. They must stop looking at the fish they were given and support the party that will give them fishing rods to constantly catch their own fish. They must stop relying on the handouts and promises. They must support the ones that will create jobs, improve the health services and improve the education system. Then their lives will not go down the drain as you put it.

  • Irvin Khomisani - 2014-01-05 23:18

    The doctor doesn't say the service provider supply rotten food. And He mationed that the department said they over spend the budget. So to buy food of a price of 2Rand with 60 Rand. Also eventually food will get rooten because of tring to safe food for the next day. Because of a bugdet. Pls guys do something about that.

  • Mageba - 2014-01-05 23:22

    So sad. And many people die prematurely at Embhuleni Hospital through neglect and lack of basic care. The government has failed the poor people of Mpumalanga

  • Bryn Magielies - 2014-01-05 23:27

    Let's see how many heads will roll!!!None and the poor keep on suffering!!!

  • Township Resident - 2014-01-05 23:46

    Proudly brought to you by the ANC.

  • Jenifer Johnstone - 2014-01-05 23:47

    thats the anc government for you ,and zuma can take R206m for upgrades for nkandla whilst poor people suffer.

  • Kenny Thokozane - 2014-01-05 23:59

    part n parcel of corruption frm anc government

  • Davide Mtshali - 2014-01-06 00:37

    pls do not blame anc blame the super officials of the hospital

      Jon Low - 2014-01-06 02:46

      The cadre deployees?

      Lynn O'Shea Comley-White - 2014-01-06 09:13

      The health department falls under the ANC, Davide Mtshali

      Martin Makhene - 2014-01-06 09:52

      you are a fool, isidenge, isilima, sitlaela, dom, houdkop... your stupidity is amazing.

  • Hasani P - 2014-01-06 00:46


  • Tshepo Seabelo - 2014-01-06 00:53

    Now I've heard it all.

  • Reuben Radcliffe - 2014-01-06 00:57

    Hospitals are meant to facilitate healing! Not food-poisoning! Unthinkable that one can be fed rotten food in hospital! Sick society we live in. Corruption in both public (hospital administration) and private (food suppliers to hospitals) sectors. We are on a slippery slope. If we start instilling the right values in our children whilst setting the right example, we can turn this around and have a better society a generation from now! We have to start today, though.

  • Deanne Du Preez - 2014-01-06 01:05

    Why has our beautiful country fallen into such a state? The ANC know the answer to this. It is because of mismanagement, corruption, and apathy. They should go. Vote anyone but the ANC in the next election. Let us get rid of these people who get fat on the poverty of the people they are supposed to serve.

  • Alida Steyn - 2014-01-06 01:06

    maar die ANC anties het die duur karre

  • Marina Millicent Poniatowska - 2014-01-06 02:36

    Yet, officials buy R1.3 million cars. Disgraceful.

  • Mzukisi Swarggart TaMzu Ngxumale - 2014-01-06 04:47

    the Devil is bullying in the Health Dep

  • Sugan Poobalan - 2014-01-06 05:40

    Added to firing the hospital management team, the provider that is keeping rotten food and charging ppl R50 for an apple, should made public and contract terminated!

  • Velile Gladman Dayimani - 2014-01-06 05:42

    Where is NEHAWU and other COSATU affiliate operating in these state hospitals? This once more prove that the state unions alligned to cosatu r puppet unions who r only concerned about their salaries and getting political deployments.

  • Velile Gladman Dayimani - 2014-01-06 05:54

    The political head of that province should take full responsibility for this mess. He/She must first fire the HOD and hospital managers for this disgraceful neglect of their responcibilities. The MEC should also be fired as he/she is clearly not the right person to head the Dept. that deals with the sick and the dying.

      Erna Westdyk - 2014-01-06 06:15

      When does ANYONE in the ANC ever take responsibility for bad management or corruption - right from the top no-one is ever held accountable. They know how to find scapegoats to blame but never take the blame themselves!

  • Michael Mooketsi - 2014-01-06 06:02

    bt stil de same ppl dat r complainin r goin 2 vote dese pupets in powa

  • Velile Gladman Dayimani - 2014-01-06 06:04

    Where is the ANC leadership of the province and the region, when people they claim to lead with care,respect and dignity are treated like dirt in hospitals that r under anc control. Where is better life when the poor ,the sick and the dying r treated like rubbish by the very leaders who'll knock at their doors and urge them to vote for them again?

      Richard Young - 2014-01-06 07:05

      Vote ANC 'A better life for all' with rotten food ? According to Zoom Zooms 'a lot of progress has been made and work is not yet completed'. On Nkandla maybe

  • Eli Vd Westhuizen - 2014-01-06 06:18

    And then News 24 shows a pic of a clean (private??) hospital. Why not the the faeces, rat infested place that it actually is? No money for food, but money for new BMW's for the uncaring people (ANC) in charge!

  • Steven Melville Armour - 2014-01-06 06:27

    We will investigate.Bunch of morons

  • Catherine Theron - 2014-01-06 06:32

    it is time for new leaders in South Africa .. ANC cannot do it .. The only ANC who could, was Nelson Mandela .. Time to vote right people .. :)

  • Jacks Daniels - 2014-01-06 06:34

    What is wrong with DA?no comment.

      Nico de Jongh - 2014-01-06 10:09

      No ANC comments.. kwa-kwa

  • Richard Young - 2014-01-06 06:41

    No fresh food. It's all gone to Zim

  • agness.makgoka - 2014-01-06 06:41

    The sad thing is that ANC will win next 3more elections without trouble because South Africans are fools. And then 3more probably by stealing them as they all do in Africa.

      Espanyol Molefe - 2014-01-06 07:12

      Same 2 u n ur family

      Ennia Mikateko Chauke - 2014-01-06 07:49

      If u u are a fool and will keep on voting anc don't include us

      agness.makgoka - 2014-01-06 07:59

      I don't vote. Molefe don't mess with my family they are not involved here, I am

  • Richard Young - 2014-01-06 06:46

    Time a Party is voted in not because of the past, not because of BEE that ministers are given positions. Not many in ANC have studied for and qualified with above the minimum 20% pass rate or whatever the amount is now to manage their position in government. Neither EFF for that matter. Your 'leader' has failed hitting a nail with a hammer, hows he going to run a country ?? It's time to vote on competence and a proven track record.

  • africanhero - 2014-01-06 07:18

    I think they need to do away with the tender machine for hospital food supply or do away with the food system, relatives can care for their patients if they know food will not be provided. Only cater for those who have no relatives.

  • Louis van Zyl - 2014-01-06 07:18

    Only one solution. Change the government

  • Tee Yokwana - 2014-01-06 07:20

    Who runs this province now again?

  • Altus Kirsten - 2014-01-06 07:31

    Send them to Nkandla.

  • Mark Kronenberg - 2014-01-06 07:33

    Fire the entire management team of mpumalanga healthcare. Totten to the core

  • Ndangah Alan Mmberegeni - 2014-01-06 07:43

    The main problems, goverment must stop giving tenders to the people, most of the people they only think abt themself. The person that is supplying food at the hospital was given enough money that he/ she can supply food, they went and buy fancy cars for themself and their children. Nd fancy houses,fancy clothes, and they forgot about the duty of supplying food to the hospital.

  • Desmond Webster - 2014-01-06 07:53

    why is that every body in charge has absolutely no idea of whats happening, in the departments of which they are in charge. Do they even no where they are employed? Just fat salaries, and increases backdated to April.

      Richard Young - 2014-01-06 08:43

      I'm sure they do know, but its their fellow BEE comrades who they gave the tender to supply the food @R50 an apple in the first place. So they will pay because its not their money.

  • Tshephangsithole - 2014-01-06 07:55

    They voted to get that,why complain.

  • Fanie Lombaard - 2014-01-06 08:08

    They allow a foodsuplier to charge them R50 FOR A R2 aple. Follow the trail (so simple) and you will find both fraudsters. Then just put them i8n jail...

  • King Ntate Chris - 2014-01-06 08:15

    I bet the prisoners gets fresh food daily.

  • Zip Chiloane - 2014-01-06 08:26

    Rotten food,u blame ANC/Police brutality ...ANC/ theres a hail in PTA ....ANC. dat is so 2013

      Vincent Letshoenyo - 2014-01-06 10:12

      You are such an idiot! Have you forgotten who's in power?

      Ding Bat - 2014-01-06 12:58

      Eish. Zip it up zip. U are a fool

  • Mulisa Makhalimela - 2014-01-06 08:51

    y is it like mpumalanga got lot of bad news

  • Motumisheng Matjea Godlive - 2014-01-06 09:19

    All this is because of our Government... Everything we experience now is all by the cause of Decisions made by the Head...! Our head is the ANC.... We are led step by step into the wilderness by this Head... I think it's time for a change,,, No more ANC...

  • Peace Sol - 2014-01-06 09:40

    How can an apple cost R50? I say the government must fire all these corrupt suppliers and start procuring directly from farmers at wholesale prices. As for prisoners in jail they must plant their own food and rear pigs and chickens and terminate service provider contracts.

  • Stefan Van Der Spuy - 2014-01-06 09:42

    All members of Government should be forced to use state hospitals.

  • Wayne Davies931 - 2014-01-06 10:04

    Ronnie Masilela, what does "your source must tell you which one is supplying rotten food". There is no hope under this government of incompetence, out right stupidity, corruption and racism. Can't help but wonder what's in your pantry and in your freezer?

  • Maru Sebata - 2014-01-06 11:18

    An apple tht sell for R2 on th street cost government R50, shocked, I can't even feel my tongue,

      Peace Sol - 2014-01-06 11:47

      A R7 glass costs them R200

      Ding Bat - 2014-01-06 12:56

      Dont go to this hospital for treatment to get feelings back into your tongue... just saying

  • Andrew M - 2014-01-06 11:24

    Can just imagine the day the country is forced into the National Health Insurance scheme and then all will be put right. Aaron Motsoaledi had better get his department in order for this to happen and don't see that happening this century.

  • Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg - 2014-01-06 11:52