Hummer driver in court over crash

2012-02-08 08:03

Pretoria - A man who allegedly ran over and killed two motorcyclists with a stolen Hummer will appear in the Pretoria North Regional Court on Wednesday.

A trial date was expected to be set for Indu Chyabu, who faces two charges of culpable homicide.

Bikers Johannes Kruger and Pieter Coetzee were killed when the Hummer which Chiyabu was allegedly driving ploughed into them on Rachel de Beer Road in Pretoria on October 16, 2010.

Two motorcycles and the Hummer caught fire. Coetzee and Kruger died at the scene. Chiyabu was initially reported to have fled the accident scene.

Coetzee's son, also called Pieter, lost his leg in the accident.

  • Mlungisi - 2012-02-08 08:12


      Lindy Nkomo - 2012-02-08 08:49

      insane, His only going to court now. gosh our justice system is crap

  • procold2 - 2012-02-08 08:25

    should be murder

      Daan - 2012-02-08 08:45

      Why is this cANCer political dude that promised "murder charges" so quiet now? Is this offender held in custody or not? Why does charging him take so long? Will this criminal eventually pay compensation to the victims?

  • Paul - 2012-02-08 09:10

    The driver initialy fled back to Zimbabwe (where he is from), and was only aprehended recently. I dont know why he came back to SA, but I am glad they finaly have him and that he is now locked up. Hope that answers some questions on this.

  • Samantha - 2012-02-08 10:23

    How about if the government caught a WAKE UP and stopped allowing foreigners to just waltz across our borders all the time?? I'm not saying all foreigners are criminals but I do think that the extra burden they place on a country already struggling to provide adequate jobs etc. has a knock on effect in so many other areas/ways.

  • Mohsin - 2012-02-08 10:32

    this swine sounds zimbabwean one wonders if a task team should be set up to execute these mofas!

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