Huntley's wife 'livid' with him

2009-09-09 09:18

Cape Town - Brandon Huntley, the former Capetonian who was recently granted refugee status in Canada, told his now estranged Canadian wife at the beginning of their relationship that between 20 and 50 white people are murdered each day in South Africa.

Melanie Crete-Huntley, who married Huntley on August 31 2007, said in a telephonic interview that he also continuously told her things that made her scared of South Africa.

"He said as a white woman, I would be hijacked, raped or assaulted if I were to go to South Africa."

Crete-Huntley and Huntley have been estranged since October last year.

'Disrespectful' towards SA

She said she was aware of the fact that he was going to apply for refugee status, but never expected him to be so "disrespectful" toward his own country.

When they met in 2007, he was charming and she liked him very much, she said.

However, Crete-Huntley is now livid after he described her in his application for asylum as "not a pleasant person".

She said she couldn't understand this statement, as she had been supporting him financially from their wedding day until recently.

"I had two jobs so that I could be able to care for him too."

She added that her estranged husband's father (who lives in South Africa) told her his son makes his life very difficult.

Wants to clear her name

Crete-Huntley said she will now be submitting an urgent application to the Canadian Immigration Board to see his application for asylum.

She said Huntley is now seen as a hero among residents of Ottawa, while the people they know now describe her as a bitch.

"I want my name cleared, and Brandon will have to explain why he said those things about me."