Hyenas, not lion on the loose in KZN

2012-04-11 11:47

Durban - Hyenas and not a lion are on the loose in Ulundi, Ezemvelo KwaZulu-Natal Wildlife said on Wednesday.

Spokesperson Musa Mntambo said a couple driving through the area claimed to have seen a lion a night ago.

"Last night, we went to view the tracks of the 'lion' where it was spotted. Lion and hyena tracks are almost the same, it's just that the lion's are a bit bigger," he said.

The tracks were found to be those of a hyena.

Rangers also played the sounds of a lion eating, which would usually attract other lions to join the eating, at 02:00 on Wednesday.

"It did not come, only two hyenas came," said Mntambo.

"They attempted to eat the bait [but] unfortunately disappeared through the bushes when they realised that they were being lured."

Mntambo said hyenas were shy and cowardly animals which would not normally attack humans.

Rangers were planning to catch the hyenas on Wednesday night.

- Are you in the area? See anything? Send us your photos.

  • Gcwabe.KaMavovo - 2012-04-11 12:06

    "Lion and hyena tracks are almost the same, it's just that the lion's are a bit bigger" What if it was a small juvenile lion?

      roboman1 - 2012-04-11 12:56

      There are significant differences between a lion track and a hyena track, irrelevant of the size of the animal. Even an inexperience tracker will be able to differentiate between the track of a lion and hyena

      David - 2012-04-11 13:00

      ok, can the locals panic now?

      Irene - 2012-04-11 13:36

      Just goes to prove what we've been saying all along. The ANCYL thugs like to call themselves the 'young lions' when they are in fact nothing more than scavenging hyenas.

      Matti - 2012-04-11 15:39

      Um, what is this guy smoking? Lion and Hyena tracks dont look the same at all! I suppose he is only a spokesperson, but who is giving him his information?

  • vaughn.l.jacobs - 2012-04-11 12:17

    First problem; Hyena or lion; they are not "on the loose" they are free on their land, but now we need to capture or kill them.

      Jason - 2012-04-11 13:24

      Well if I lived in the area they would be on the loose. Because I don't I think you have a point even if it is a silly one.

  • Donovan De Swardt - 2012-04-11 12:22

    hyena tracks are nothing like lion tracks, a few differences are that lions have retractable claws which do not show in the track, lions as well as all cats have three clear lobes showing on the back of the track. lion tracks have an almost symmetrical appearance whilst hyena appear to be askew, hyena have almost kidney shaped toes which can be clearly seen, to name a few, juvenile lions which are old enough to have already left the pride already have considerably larger paws than hyena, for a ranger to make this error is slightly worrying.

      Squeegee - 2012-04-11 12:37

      Oi vey!

      VaMbozha - 2012-04-11 13:22

      the ranger probably only passed Life orientation at matric

      Chumscrubber1 - 2012-04-12 06:26

      Does not give one much confidence in KZN Ezemvelo, does it? Agree, worrying.

  • VaMbozha - 2012-04-11 13:16

    "Rangers also played the sounds of a lion eating, which would usually attract other lions to join the eating" what if the lion was not hungry and ddnt show up?

  • Vernon - 2012-04-11 13:34

    who is making who a'laughing stock' here?

  • Jacques Engelbrecht - 2012-04-11 13:51

    Two Hyenas.... Are they laughing? If they are it can only be members of the ANC

      Chumscrubber1 - 2012-04-12 06:24


  • Charmaine - 2012-04-11 16:31

    Bwahahahahha! - A Lion was seen by a couple (multiple) - Then lured with calls and bait (singular) - Hyenas came and checked out the bait but left (multiple) - Add paw prints to determine which, but alas they are the same(ish...eish hahahaha) (hope they checked prints before Hyenas came) - Conclusion - "it was hyenas" say the experts (mutipil) Water systems and roads aren't being repaired, so why would holes in fences be? No pun intended

  • nkululeko.o.ngcobo1 - 2012-04-12 12:15

    Is the hyena bite stronger than a lion's or a pitbull's,if so than that's not lekker for the locals.....Moet ys nee,not this time around !

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