Husband: I couldn't kill Anni

2010-11-23 13:18

Cape Town - The husband of the Swedish tourist shot dead in Cape Town reportedly sobbed as he told a British journalist that he was hurt by rumours of his involvement in his wife’s murder, crying: "How could anyone say I killed her?"

Shrien Dewani, 31, told The Sun tabloid: "It was the end of my world.

"I feel like I've been robbed of the rest of my life."

The home care boss - now back in the UK where his business is allegedly in R70m debt - said of Anni: "I'd searched high and low for my perfect partner.

"Anni was the 'one'. Her looks, her laughter her personality, her spirit - everything about her was right for me. Why would I want to kill her? People who suggest this could not have seen us together.

"Saying I was somehow involved simply defies logic."

Driver in court

The driver of the taxi the couple used in Cape Town, Zola Tongo, appeared in the Wynberg Regional Court on Monday charged with murder, robbery and hijacking.

Tongo, 31, is set to enter a plea agreement with the State in order to assist with information about the investigation.
Shrien, from Bristol in the UK, told The Sun: "We'd just had a wonderful sushi dinner.

"We were on our way home to our hotel when our driver asked whether we'd like to see some African dancing on our way.

"It was late and we were hugging each other on the back seat and going through photographs from the safari trip we'd just been on.

"We weren't really thinking of anything but each other and sort of said, 'Whatever'.

"We liked and trusted the driver."

The husband had previously said he and his wife had decided to go for an impromptu visit to the township because she wanted to “see the ‘real Africa’ ”.

'She started to scream'

Shrien said they then went driving into Gugulethu looking for Mzoli’s restaurant at 23:00 that night, not knowing that it actually closes at 19:00. They stopped at a street when suddenly “I became conscious of a loud banging noise - then looked up and saw an African man furiously hammering an automatic pistol on the windscreen”.

“I thought the glass would break. The next thing I knew one man had shoved Zola on the passenger seat and got behind the wheel - while another with a gun was next to me and Anni.

“I tried to cover Anni with my body. She started to scream and cry out hysterically.

“The robber put the pistol to my temple and stripped my £2 000 Rado watch from my wrist. I handed him R5 000-6 000 and begged him to let us both go.

“Anni whispered to me in Gujarati so they couldn't understand that she had hidden her wedding and engagement ring. All I could think about was saving our lives,” Shried told the tabloid.

He said he tried to hide his cellphone in his underpants so he could later call for help but one of the robbers searched him and found it.

Shrien said: “He coldly put the muzzle of his gun into my ear and said: ‘Lie to me again and I will kill you both.’ I looked into his eyes and I knew instantly he was crazy enough to do it."


But again, this statement contradicts a previous statement from Shrien in which he said that the hijackers apparently promised they wouldn’t hurt his wife.

After throwing the driver from the vehicle and then driving at high speeds, Anni became more and more frustrated.

“I thought we were both going to be killed in a crash,” Shrien said.

“Then the man with the gun turned round and told me: ‘Shut her up now or I'll kill her’,” he said.

After giving another of her rings the hijackers then stopped the car and pulled Shrien from the vehicle.

He said: "I was clinging to Anni for all I was worth - begging them to let us both get out of the car together. But they wouldn't listen."

He said: “They couldn't get me out because the child locks were activated - so they ended up dragging me struggling and screaming out of the window.”

He was left on the side of the road while the robbers drove off with Anni.

Shrien told the tabloid how he apparently knocked on the doors of shacks in Khayelitsha - then found help from a man who was parking his car.

He then called police and was taken back to his hotel at the Waterfront.

Anni’s body was found the next morning.

Driver comforted him

Shrien said he broke down when told of his wife’s death and was comforted by Tongo.

"He was crying. It seemed the most natural thing.

"If he really has done this my faith in mankind has been totally shaken. How could someone who appeared so friendly and so trustworthy do something so inhuman?"

Shrien said of his murdered bride: "I can't bear to think about her last moments and what she must have been through with those men. But I know she loved me and must have been thinking of me."

Meanwhile, the Swedish woman’s father has also leapt to his son-in-law’s defence.

The Daily Mail in the UK reported on Tuesday that Vinod Hindocha said he loves Dewani “like a son” and will support him through the “horrendous ordeal”.

  • gmck21 - 2010-11-23 13:40

    I would like to just thank news 24 for every write up on this incident being completely different. PREVIOUSLY HE WAS SHOVED OUT THE BACK OF THE CAR?????? getting tiring

      mrgd007 - 2010-11-23 14:52

      is the write up different.. or is the husbands story different? i think the latter

      gmck21 - 2010-11-23 16:19


      Davie - 2010-11-23 16:28

      I'm with you gmck21..Its not just News24...each newspaper is publishing different accounts of what apparently happened. Maybe its the media, or maybe its because of inconsistencies in his stories to different journalists.

      veld66 - 2010-11-23 22:14

      My friend this thing didnt add up from day one, you managed to fool a few people , but not everybody. There is a lot of contradiction as expected, but the window is closing good bye see you inside! You should hve taken her to Karachi or Islamabad so you could blame the Taliban or Bin laden!

      stephanie.gaddin - 2010-11-24 05:21

      how dare you. Have you EVER been traumatized to this extent after living your whole life in relative safety and peace in a first world country? Obviously not. People remember the strangest things at the strangest times when they are recovering from something as traumatic as this, not to mention the fact that he is ALSO grieving the death of his wife - AND having to deal with pieces of filth like you who jump to conclusions and come out with the most horrendous statements. You and every other trashy comment on this story make me ashamed to be South African.

  • Prophet - 2010-11-23 13:41

    funny how he associates value to the items taken...

      stephanie.gaddin - 2010-11-24 05:25

      When my father was shot - all I could talk about was the cheap salary that he was p[aid for the long hours that he worked. And the fact that he had to work 2 full time jobs to make ends meet. That was my way of processing and dealing with the horror and shock that my father was shot in the heart for a R50 cellphone and his wedding ring , because they didn't even bother to take his wallet. Trauma does strange things to a person - you are disgusting in your judgement. Soulless and clueless. Shame on you.

      Jay - 2010-11-24 08:51

      Stephanie, the fact is the story doesnt ad up. And maybe thats because the media is not telling the story correctly or because the Husband is forgetting the bullshit he spun earlier. Look back at all highjackings in South Africa, normally both would have been killed to stop identification. Or the man would be released, the woman would be taken into the bushes raped and murdered, and the car would be sent to a chopshop......this story is very strange before you fall off your soap box, stop calling people filth and shameful and just wait for the outcome of the case.

      Jay - 2010-11-24 08:54

      I agrre with you Prophet, the fact that he is placing financial value to the items is interesting, maybe a police ploy to get the robers arguing about how much money they got from the stuff, i know they sometimes do that with CIT robberies, if 1 mill is stolen they say 1.5, so the robbers start not trusting each other..........Its just a thought. I personally think something is up.

      GTFO - 2010-11-24 10:10

      funny how a prophet thinks he is Sherlock holmes?

      arno.albertyn - 2010-11-24 14:21

      Stephanie Gaddin - how do you want to be called a South African if you live in Australia - please - you are not a South African anymore - you are Australian! By calling me filth I will say - right back at you!

      Perfume - 2010-11-25 13:02

      @Jay..exactly, I cant understand how these murderers let him go without A SCRATCH!!!!! This is South Africa, we well aware of how the murderers and rapists minds think, why did they leave him alive, why was he not killed as well. His story does not add up and that is a fact!!!!! The truth will come out

      arjenf - 2010-11-25 13:56

      stephanie.gaddin, wouldn't you think it is necessary to consider all the facts. The husband could be dealing with his trauma or he could be lying all the way but his inconsistencies are very suspicious indeed. I'm pretty sure you'd appreciate if the police followed all leads in the very unfortunate and sad case of your father. So I don't get why you would want to start with the name calling and bashing. What would you have us do, believe that everything that everyone says is true and thus just stick to the story that they innocently went into a township at 23:00 got highjacked, she got raped and murdered and that the car was then abandoned, done and done. But we all know now there is much more to the story.

  • David van Niekerk - 2010-11-23 13:42

    We cannot say anything at this time although we all thinking certain things.. Whatever the outcome is, it won't justify that poor woman especially the part where she hid her rings.. my gosh ;(

  • egmaarman - 2010-11-23 13:43

    If I was in his shoes, I would shut my mouth very tight! Not once have I read an article in any newspaper or online publication, national or international, that he is "killed" his wife. It may have been implied and the opinion of the people commenting, but NO ONE (media) said he "killed" his wife... so you are shooting yourself in the foot dude! And the British media started it all if I’m not wrong, the Sun to be exact, with their article on his debts, so now I wonder WHO swayed WHO's opinion… Something fishy...

      Jo - 2010-11-23 14:40

      It has constantly been said in comments attached to every story - and it's ridiculous to imaging that someone won't see them and pass them on. It's only a matter of time before someone somewhere doesn't find a way to sue for libel, and win.

      mrgd007 - 2010-11-23 14:55

      somethings fishy mister.. and its not just the wonderful sushi they ate just hours before. Why the hell comment about wonderful sushi in an interview where the questions relate to your potential involvement in your wifes death

      wesleywt - 2010-11-23 15:40

      Thats why its called rumours

      stephanie.gaddin - 2010-11-24 05:28

      actually - I have read at least 2 articles where the journalist has explicitly stated that the police are pursuing that line of questioning. He is being questioned by them - I do agree that he should keep quiet though - if only to prevent the perves of the world from getting their jollies out of his obvious distress.

      Jay - 2010-11-24 08:59

      Wow Stephanie, now people are Perves?????? So far all you have done is call people Filth, Shameful and now perves. Do you have proof he didnt do it???? if so please let us know. For now we are all chatting and speculating, thats the beauty of this forum. If you want to believe he is an innocent victim then please by all means do so. But dont get on a high horse and name call to those that dont hold the same beliefs as you........Hitler was like that you know................hahahahahahahahaha!

      toxicpolony - 2010-11-24 09:21

      If my wife was savaged, in the horrible way that Ani was, I dont think I would remember the quality of the food that we ate, minutes before this event. I mean it would hardly matter at all, whether the food was good or bad. I would hardly remember the make of my watch either, but thats just me.

      Ant - 2010-11-24 11:13

      @ egmaarman, maybe you should shut your mouth very tight and keep your stupid, idiotic comments to yourself this poor man has just lost his wife you idiot there is no conspiracy we just share our country with dogs and idiots like you.

      Bratt - 2010-11-24 16:50

      nothing beats a name like toxicpolony.

  • Ammie - 2010-11-23 13:50

    Ja right!

  • david.benyon - 2010-11-23 13:50

    Allegedly car jackings out there are so common that some cars are fitted with flame-throwers down the sides. Allegedly the murder rate in South Africa is 46 people per day on average so driving into a "dodgy" area late at night was a bad idea. The murderers deserve a long drop on a short rope.

      Peter - 2010-11-23 14:06

      No,david, there are no flamethrowers down the sides of cars, and there are on average 26 murders a day...sad...

      zumalema - 2010-11-23 14:41

      Wrong Peter - the average murder rate is just shy of 50 per day, down on the 2007 average of 51 per day. This is not a good place to live!!!!

      emmamimie - 2010-11-23 16:18

      Hi David you must be in New Zealand, they still think that we have military secuirity taking us to the airport. Please this is Africa what do you expect, at least everyone gets to hear about our crime.

      gmck21 - 2010-11-23 16:24

      ALLEGEDLY you are a friggin idiot dave. BMW created the flamethowers as an anti hijack mechanism. So ill just guess your not from south africa? its well known the best way to deter a hijacker is to pull a .38 specials trigger in his face

      Johann - 2010-11-24 11:53

      You all are wrong. Some crazed guy in Jo'burg designed flame throwers to bolt onto the side of your car. The sample was a BMW 3 series from the 90's. He might have sold one or 2 of these units. Rumour has ith that the contraption was outlawed, when a traffic cop got toasted by accident.

      gmck21 - 2010-11-25 15:47

      hmmmmmmmm toasted traffic cop NOM NOM NOM HAHA. i reckon we should all have them...... would disperse the strikers pretty quickly!!! and dave. WE DONT DRINK PINK DRINKS. CHOP

  • Sue-Ellen - 2010-11-23 13:52


  • Sue-Ellen - 2010-11-23 13:56


  • stewart.mackay - 2010-11-23 13:58

    As I suspected...there is much, much more to this story than originally reported. Hopefully the idiots who slandered readers like myself for suspecting something more than just another SA crime statistic, will read this article. Shrien, has contradictory stories here and with him flighting back to the UK and his financial woes, adds even more suspicion to his role. What does annoy me though, is that even if he is guilty and is prosecuted for the wrongdoing, the damage has already been done to SA's PR - reading comments added to numerous foreign articles citing this event, most readers appear completely put off from visiting South Africa, and some with travel plans have even gone so far as to cancel such plans.

      Jo - 2010-11-23 14:43

      Once again, I wonder what qualifies us to judge a man who may not only be innocent, but may also have lost his love? Our access to all the evidence? We know that there were people there with guns and they killed her - for the moment that is all we know. Seriously, try and find some humanity - not everyone in the world is a double-talking South African.

      gmck21 - 2010-11-23 16:24

      JO who are you to assume he is innocent?? everyone can have opinions

      Jo - 2010-11-23 23:58

      Because that's how the law works - are South Africans not aware of that?

      stewart.mackay - 2010-11-24 08:43

      Jo, Humanity or Emotion??? I have not assumed he is guilty nor innocent...I stated that there is more to this story than meets the eye. Unfortunately, most readers like yourself base their assumptions on emotion rather than the facts presented. If it were up to you, the guys already arrested would probably be sentenced to life...without even following due course and uncovering all the facts. You'd be an idiot for not admitting that from the outset, this story is a little weird - that this couple were in Gugulethu out of choice at that time of night, when I know for a fact that the nighlife closes earlier. And then the fact that the husbands story has changed. and what about the fact that he did jack to help his wife...not a scratch on him...why? Instead...readers do just that...they read...and never question. I'm sorry, but if me raising questions and not trusting everything I read, is considered inhumane, then I have no idea what planet you're from.

  • Julz - 2010-11-23 13:59

    What a tragic and terrible story. I hope the truth will come out and that the guilty person(s) will be out to justice! Bring back the death penalty!!!

      dwilshire - 2010-11-23 14:44

      There are many many local stories in this vein that never make the headlines. Most of them are unsolved and most of the families here in South Africa just have to console themselves that the police are untrained or uncaring. We cannot have the death penalty for murder when most of our local murders are not really investigated. Think of the further injustices. My heart goes out to the parents. Our son was killed in our driveway at home by hijackers and the SAP couldn't have done less if they tried. But they can do all to solve the single murder of a tourist..... We are not alone this is par for the course in this crime riddled country.

  • Weezychest - 2010-11-23 14:04

    Ya Ya Ya, I pretend to get on with my uncle when im with my family, but in reality i cant stand him. He's guilty, has to many excuses

      Jacobus - 2010-11-23 15:29

      Dont get an astma attack now.

  • Lungelo - 2010-11-23 14:04

    this story has changed too many times for my liking.

      faizelkiwi - 2010-11-23 22:02

      Did this guy that got dragged/thrown/forced out of the van not get somebody that helped him and took him to Harari police station.......where is this person.....or did he walk to the station...and now he says that he knocked on people doors.....something new to his story.....Makes me wonder!!

  • tlikotsi - 2010-11-23 14:13

    I too would think he is a suspect if I were a police office. This guy is telling different stories every time he is asked to recall what happened on that night. I would not be surprised if he had her killed for some huge insurance pay out.

      jasminex2 - 2010-11-23 14:36

      disgusting!!!!!!! you people are trying to make out that he is the killer. go read overseas newspapers maybe then you will see. trying to cover up south africans reputation by saying he planned the hit. YOU PEOPLE HAVE BECAME SICK. WHEN YOU LIVE IN A SICK COUNTRY YOUR MINDS BECAME SICK. SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE

      henk - 2010-11-23 15:35

      Jasmine, are you blind not to see that this story isnt adding up? No one is trying to defend the crime in S.A. but you have to agree that things dont ad up in this case.

      henk - 2010-11-23 15:39

      And o ja.... I went to the doctor yesterday, he said i'm not sick, so dont asume that i (and some other people on here) am. You are just insulting!!

      Michelle - 2010-11-23 17:03

      Jas, haven't notices anyone being derogatory to the folk that believe he is innocent ~ what gives you the right to be so downright rude to the ones who have the opinion that he is guilty? And please, don't shout!

      Jay - 2010-11-24 09:04

      Jasmine if you feel he is innocent then great, i for one dont know for sure, but the stories are very strange.......!!!!!! Why are you getting so rude to those that question the facts, its our duty to question facts, and believe me South Africans know very well how bad the crime is and our reputation for violence is, as far as murders go this one isnt that sensational by South African standards!!! a lot worse happens on a daily bases to innocent South Africans that never even hit the news, so sorry if South Africans are not bent over double in tears.....we live with this shit everyday.

      Fanie - 2010-11-25 14:38

      Mmmhhh...this guy had a sushi meal and then decided to wash it down with a chicken meal at Mzoli's...

  • damascus76 - 2010-11-23 14:15

    I have read reports on this in SA newspapers, but if you read the sun newspaper report on this, you will have a totally different take on this. This bloke is definitely innocent, but maybe he is guilty of talking too much, and therefore putting his foot in his mouth. As with any traumatic incident that happens in your life, the memory of the incident comes back slowly, sometimes in bits, therefore it may seem that he is being contradictory. Please readers, read the excerpt from the sun, and things will become more clear. This article is very disappointing as its not written in its entirety, with certain parts left out of convenience.

      henk - 2010-11-23 15:44

      Well, if he is not in on it, he is extremely DOF saying alot of wrong things at the wrong time.

      Jay - 2010-11-24 09:09

      Why is the SUN more truthful than any other article??????

      Fanie - 2010-11-25 14:41

      So the SUN has better reporting abilities for an incident that happened a thousands of miles from the editorial...mmmmhhhh

  • Moersteen - 2010-11-23 14:29

    Maybe I'm being a bit thick, but please explain to me why the driver was arrested? He was not the hijacker. Or does his arrest imply that he worked together with the hijackers?

      Jo - 2010-11-23 14:46

      Um, apparently people can't make this connection - even though the "shuttle" had dodgy registration etc. But they have no problem imagining that the groom could arrange this whole crime apparently from his office in Bristol - how else would he have done it?

      stewart.mackay - 2010-11-24 08:53

      No, Jo...we've made that connection and dismissed it as the driver has no motive for killing her... Say the driver planned to drive the couple into Gugulethu. And planned the hijacking and murder...plausible...but what does he have to gain from this? If it was to steal the couples money, then why kill her? They didnt even take the car? She wasnt even what does the driver have to gain by having her killed...but not killing the husband? Why her, and not him... Fact: The Driver has turned State Witness, and is now telling the State of the husbands involvement in the crime.

  • Dan - 2010-11-23 14:40

    Lies, Lies and more Lies. I smell a bit fat rat!!!

  • Dan - 2010-11-23 14:49

    He said: “They couldn't get me out because the child locks were activated - so they ended up dragging me struggling and screaming out of the window.” Ok, Ok stop the bus right here. This stupid idiot. You want to tell me the "robbers" tried to opne his door and when found the child lock was on, they actually climbed into the car to roll down the window so they could drag him out through the window. This must be the stupidist "victom" alive. Why not just open the door from the inside or simply drag him through the other "open" back door. This guy is so stupid, he is actually getting himself into trouble and doing his best to tell the world he should be the prime suspect.

      paulinevanrensburg814 - 2010-11-23 15:28

      Agree with you Dan.... Is it just me or can you open a door from the outside if the child lock is engaged? Or have they changed so much that these days they open from the inside? Why drag him through the window when you can just open the door from the outside???

      wesleywt - 2010-11-23 15:44

      More folks who seem intimate with hijacking etiquette? Maybe you should be arrested because clearly you were there.

      gmck21 - 2010-11-23 16:31

      @WESELYWT. Its pretty logical to think hijackers will always take the quickest and easiest option to get a victim out of a victim. Maybe your the kinda dom hijacker that hijacks through the sunroof? dof

      Jay - 2010-11-24 09:39

      Ermmmmm Chaps!!!!! these are South African Highjackers anything is possible. lmao

      ray.romans - 2010-11-24 10:52

      I have been hijacked, marched to the bush with a gun in my back with the hijacker telling me that today I die. Fortunately I got out of it, but one thing is for sure, I can remember every detail very very clearly.

      Perfume - 2010-11-25 13:20

      ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stop laughing...excellent observation...this Shrien must think we are STUPID!!!!

  • mrgd007 - 2010-11-23 14:50

    Previously he said his wife wanted to go to mzolis He tried everything he could to change her mind Now they were cuddling ( after wonderful sushi) and it was the drivers idea to go to Mzoli's ok maybe his Mind is wrong after such an incident.. but his story does sound weird and changes all the time it sounds like he is getting more desperate to portray it as a hijacking ie putting a value to the stuff that was robbed etc

  • jt2404 - 2010-11-23 14:51

    Why were the child locks activated on the doors????

      Prophet - 2010-11-23 15:15

      yep, makes no sense. also, the child lock prevent the doors from being opened from the inside...

  • Ramblin Rudi - 2010-11-23 14:57

    ... and the moon is made out of cheese!

  • jenny.martin850 - 2010-11-23 15:08

    too many contradictions.. when is the truth going to be revealed?

  • geyser.cape - 2010-11-23 15:20

    Let's face it, SA is one of the most dangerous and corrupt countries on the planet. Our cabinet ministers, civil servants and corporations are the biggest thieves and liars. It seems everybody cheats and steals and we maybe lucky to find 20% of the population who is honest. While I was in exile I had seen it, how our current leaders were making deals with big corporations to get back into power through their support, the result is that SA today is a kleptocracy.

      cptdurango - 2010-11-23 19:35

      Jasminex2, where do you live? We are not the jury, we are just voicing our opinions. Just as you have. He is a suspect, he must prove his innocence without contradiction. And right now he is not dong a great job.

      cptdurango - 2010-11-23 19:37

      Oh my gosh, we are grilling the groom here. Posting about corrupt government officials is another thread. Go back into exile. and ps FYI last month SA was voted No.1 for foreign investment as far as banking regulation goes. Why do you think we have a problem of $$$ investment coming into this country? Because of the good returns.

      i.williams - 2010-11-25 08:15

      You should run for president and bust all these corrupt people in power.

  • GV - 2010-11-23 15:21

    Car doors can only be opened from the outside if the child locks are activated, so it doesn't make sense that they had to pull him through the window. I smell a decaying rat

  • david.benyon - 2010-11-23 15:30

    Re child locks. On all the cars that I've owned the child locks only stop the door being opened from the INSIDE. Presumably the door lock button was down which would stop the door being opened from both the inside and outside. Allegedly some new cars automatically lock all the doors when the car is moving so mechanical child locks are no longer needed. More accurate reporting please.

      henk - 2010-11-23 16:46

      In some volkswagens the doors unlock when you open the door from the inside.

      Peter John Bennett - 2010-11-25 01:17

      My car is like that. All doors auto lock after a few metres of driving. Any door however, can be opened with two light tugs at the handle from the inside only, even while driving. Hence child locks are needed. The back doors still have child locks which can be activated by an adult for the purpose of previnting a child or anyone from being able to open the door from the inside. There are no buttons to press or pull on the back doors to allow someone from the outside to open them. The only option is for the driver to deactivate all the door locks from his master button at the consol on his door. If the child lock is activated, the back passanger will still only get out after someone opens the door from the outside.

  • Jacobus - 2010-11-23 15:31

    Wonder if she was insured, and who the beneficiary is?

  • Ammie - 2010-11-23 15:36

    Probeer die ou ons vertel perde drolle is vye??

  • thean1313 - 2010-11-23 15:38

    I blame the media for the inconsistency in the versions of comrade Dewani’s statements. Bloody Agents!

      Wendy - 2010-11-24 07:52


  • kkm - 2010-11-23 15:39

    maybe someone should inform Mr shrien, that childlocks are installed to prevent children from opening the car door from the inside out.... which would mean that if the child locks were activated they would not be able to get out of the car, and the hi jackers would most certianly be able to get in and not have to drag him out of the window. He needs to get his facts striaght if he is wants us to think he isnt involved.

      Retep_Tenneb - 2010-11-25 01:43

      The hi jackers would most certianly be able to get in and not have to drag him out of the window, ONLY if the hi jacker that was driving the vehicle remembered to unlock all the doors from the master switch at the consol on the drivers door before he got out of the vehicle.

  • thean1313 - 2010-11-23 15:39

    I blame the media for the inconsistency in the versions of comrade Dewani’s statements. Bloody Agents!

  • wesleywt - 2010-11-23 15:45

    You people are sick! Get a life.

      henk - 2010-11-23 15:58

      I told Jasmine already, My doctor confirmed that i'm NOT sick!!!! I have a life AS WELL AS common sence. Not as naive as you are, maybe?

      gmck21 - 2010-11-23 16:31

      im not sick. just f$%ked

      henk - 2010-11-23 16:56

      OHHH. so its o.k. for you to ASUME that i am a dumbass with NO proof or facts to go on but yet you squeal about people making asumptions based on alot more info than what you have on me? And you say i (we)am sick? Sounds like youre the one with the problem, wesley

      Bigfoot - 2010-11-23 16:59

      It does not help commenting on things like this until the case is finalised, we can argue and find out that we are all wrong - Maybe wanted her dead BUT changed his mind - Lots of things and the language is getting bad

      Retep_Tenneb - 2010-11-25 01:58

      I Know!? Perhaps they should check out the dude who delivers the milk at the mansion back in the UK. I mean, it can't be ruled out that he master minded the whole chain of events that led to this tragedy? Common! It's all just SPEC_U_LA_TION!!

  • Rudi de Wet - 2010-11-23 15:45

    He is lying and they should cut off his left bollock and feed it to him before they put him on trial!!

      Rudi de Wet - 2010-11-23 15:46

      Or even worse, make him stay with Manda Reyneke for a year!!

      henk - 2010-11-23 16:57

      Eish, iemand gaan bloei..:-)

      GTFO - 2010-11-24 10:12

      another are no CSI material boet!

  • coda - 2010-11-23 15:57

    "I handed him R5 000-6 000 and begged him to let us both go." What?? Who carries R5k+ around in cash on them? That's ridiculous.

      wesleywt - 2010-11-23 16:17

      A tourist

      gmck21 - 2010-11-23 16:32

      JEEZ dont you do that? its the new thing dude! SUPER SAFE

      tarryn.brandt - 2010-11-23 16:35

      exactly, bull shit.

      Jacobus - 2010-11-23 18:43

      Maybe he was planning on eating a moerse lot of sushi, and tipping the driva a wad of cash, and also knew he would get stuck alongside tha road and had to pay his way back to the hotel.

      stephanie.gaddin - 2010-11-24 05:36

      Tourists do. All the time - it costs too much to draw out cash in little bits at an ATM because the banks put a charge on every single little thing associated with the withdrawal, so the people do a couple of big withdrawals to see them through their holiday.

      Jay - 2010-11-24 09:53

      There goes Stephanie again calling people names, just pull your bottom lip over your head and swallow. Stephanie, he is a multi millionaire do you think he worries about bank fees. He has credit cards so why was he carrying 5000 in cash.............Very strange!!! you are blind to the fact, someone like him travelks alot, and i can promise you rich people know not to carry large ammounts of cash on maybe it was his way of paying them hahahahahaha!

      chrismtb007 - 2010-11-24 16:51

      @ stepahie.... now Coda is a, I think you have issues... first of all, Tourists are warned daily to not carry cash around with them,he would have left it in the hotel safe. secondly, the guy knows SA and he has been here before, trust me, he knows to not walk around with that much cash, secondly, he told the SA police he was forced out of the car through (first the boot) then a window, and he said it happened forcefully, yet the Police said they want to question him because he didnt have a scratch on him.....mmm, not fishy?? well I for one would protect my wife with my life, I wont just jump out a car, I would fight for her, and probably in this situation get killed, not walk away without a scratch... Stephanie please now stop calling these people names, the fact is, everyone is speculating... EVEN YOU TWATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Retep_Tenneb - 2010-11-25 02:08

      Aaha! He is in financial ruin remember? Carrying these large sums of cash around with him may be one of the reasons for this. Perhaps he's not so bright when it comes to money? Just saying!

  • Thabz - 2010-11-23 16:37

    To all the ppl who keep on asking about the child locks, they(hijackers) were trying to get him out of the car while they were inside the car as well, so that is why he mentioned the child locks(DUH). Because the child locks were activated they couldnt which is why they pushed out the window, suprisingly enough, he wasnt hurt by this, I wonder how this could have been if he was pushed out of a moving car, unless if they stopped first and then pushed him out, resulting in him landing on the sandy ground, all so very convinient for him. But you know what ne, the poor guy's lost his wife, maybe he cant recall the details correctly. And we all know the media will sensationalise the story till its dry. I just hope they'll get to the bottom of it.

      henk - 2010-11-23 16:50

      It is a shuttle service, not a police car! Passengers should be free to exit from those doors at any time, meaning that the child lock should not be active on a shuttle veicle.

      Jacobus - 2010-11-23 18:47

      If he was pulled from a VW combi window, he would have been skinned. If he was pulled from a new Toyota Minibus, I will eat my hat...

      M - 2010-11-24 10:05

      Just another thought quickly. I drive a Sharan and the back windows only open half way. In fact there is a 32cm space. Surely if a grown man was pulled or pushed out of the window either the glass would have broken or he would have had some serious bruising down his body. My 12 year old can't even get through the space of the open window.

      Thabz - 2010-11-24 15:30

      @M, my pouint come he wasnt injured by this? pretty suspicious if you ask me...

  • tarryn.brandt - 2010-11-23 16:41

    The story changes to often and Shrien keeps contridicting himself.. Firstly, he was pushed out the car-(and never had a scratch on him) now he was pulled out the window because child lock was on..mmmm and if it was such a struggle he would have some bruise, but NO he is fine.Secondly why would they be looking for a resturant after they just had a great "sushi dinner" thirdly, in his one statement he said that his wife wanted to go experience the "real africa" but NOW the driver of the car suggested it?? None of this makes sense, and i hope that the truth comes out in the next couple day..i smell a big rat!

      tsheko.mashego - 2010-11-23 20:27

      very true.

  • Michelle - 2010-11-23 16:45

    hmmmm, seems the man has had some time to embelish his story, and seems to have forgotten some of the stuff he said in the beginning, almost like he has the need to over-explain! Don't know if I would remember the little details if I was in that situation - but you can't judge until you have I suppose. "It was late and we were hugging each other on the back seat and going through photographs from the safari trip we'd just been on" - how do you look through photos when you are travelling in the dark?? "We weren't really thinking of anything but each other and sort of said, 'Whatever'." First report was that she had asked to see the "real africa" Inconsistency causes doubt!

  • ksgjackrichard - 2010-11-23 17:06

    I'm in the UK and it happened a lot here when an Asian man/husband kills his wife.. I do not believe this guy. I think he is lying!

  • Tieneke - 2010-11-23 17:16

    Just one question, If this whole Gugulethu tour was a "spur of the moment" decision, how did the driver knew where to plan this "hi-jacking"? Unless this was planned before the time and Anni thought it was a spur of the moment thing....Sorry but this guy stinks of guilt!

      Anne - 2010-11-23 18:44

      The DRIVER asked them if they would like to see some African dancing. HE suggested it, NOT them, clearly exploiting their ignorance. He knew exactly where this hijacking was going to take place. Getting it now? He then probably made a call on his cellphone, speaking Xhosa, Zulu, Pedi, Sotho or whatever language he speaks that Shrien and Anni did not understand, to tip off his murderous partners in crime as to when they could be expected to arrive. To me this is a much more plausible scenario. That driver also knows full well of course that Mzoli's closes at seven in the evening. So why suggest to them to go there at eleven? No, he was in on this whole sick deal. I don't believe the husband has anything to do with it.

      cptdurango - 2010-11-23 19:45

      Anne, wake up. He is hiding something, and we need to find out what that is. Too many inconsistencies.

      Anne - 2010-11-23 23:35

      Cptdurango, you're entitled to your opinion. I am fully awake, thank you, but I still don't agree that the husband is responsible. I guess we'll see what happens, hey? Maybe I just don't have enough faith in my fellow South Africans.

      Dave - 2010-11-24 23:10

      I agree with Anne. The driver had plenty of time to contact the thugs via cellphone. The cops will be able to prove that by getting the phone call records (presumably they have the cell phones belonging to the driver and the other thugs). Mark my words, this was a carefully planned hijack and the husband is not involved at all.

      Retep_Tenneb - 2010-11-25 02:19

      Anne, personally I think you are right on the button. Well done! Good comment.

  • Andre - 2010-11-23 18:29


      ray.romans - 2010-11-24 10:58


      Thabz - 2010-11-24 15:33


      jacowium - 2010-11-24 17:48

      Hello Andre

  • Andre - 2010-11-23 18:35

    All i am saying is,let the cops do there job and the judges will do the judgements.LOL there is no flame throwers on our vehicles.South Africa is a great place(NOT FOR SISSIES THO)but great!!If the MR killed his wife then justice would be serve.Why did they not arrested him yet,I bet if he was involve the others 3 guys woul be sining like a bird by now with our methods of getting info LOL. I do feel very sorry for Anni and her Family she really looks like a awsome woman with great values.

      Wendy - 2010-11-24 07:55

      Cops do their job. LOL. Of the +-46 murders a day in SA, how many are solved?

      Jay - 2010-11-24 10:07

      She looked like a woman with values???? what the F$#@k does a woman with values look like!!!!!

      jacowium - 2010-11-24 17:53

      Yeah Jay, not that question that she was probably a highly decent person but I also wonder how anyone can judge another person's values so well from a couple of photographs and a handful of reports about her murder. I wish I was so gifted!

  • Enkay - 2010-11-23 19:20

    Shrien is busy making corrections to his story which is very good. They will get him.

      Haroun - 2010-11-23 21:37

      remember the sabadia case =-12 years ago.i suspected the husband from the word go.get him back here and check the life policies

  • V1ewfinder - 2010-11-23 22:06

    He couldn't kill Anni? is this why he went out the window and had others do it?

  • Anthony - 2010-11-23 22:48

    why did the 2 unknown robbers even bother & struggled to get him "Shrien" out of the car? why him alone? why not kill both? Ant

      stephanie.gaddin - 2010-11-24 05:39

      because robbers drive away with woman and rape them every day in South Africa - or is that fact a bit too inconvenient right now ?

      Jay - 2010-11-24 10:10

      She wasnt raped!!!!!!! this is why all the questions are being asked. although i originally thought she was, can someone confirm? And another thing if i dont want to go out a window, they are going to have to beat me black and blue before i finally get out. He didnt have any marks on him........

      jacowium - 2010-11-24 18:00

      Stephanie, my gut feel agrees that the man is innocent, but I find you comments here tasteless to the extreme. Judging by your inability to speak without a forked tongue, you'll do this country a favour by just staying in Australia.

      chrismtb007 - 2010-11-25 12:00

      @ Stephanie. Typical Ex pat..... Just negativity about SA. meanwhile You do not have the slightest idea what actually is happening in SA. remember, SA wasnt good enough for you, so keep your mouth shut. You dont live here anymore, so keep your mouth shut. Can you please show us where you found this information that everyday in Soyuth Africa women gets driven away in their cars and getting raped???? You do not know half this story, but just made up what you think... No one knows what happened here... and you are also just speculating like everyone else, and further more you keep giving everyone names.... let me guess, you picked that up in SA?!?!?! BULLSHIT... doesnt matter where in the world you are, you can get killed... you can get raped..... if im not mistaken, wasnt there a killing just the other day in Australia???? let me guess, you probably blamed SA for it... Stay in Australia, you are obviously to good for South Africa.

  • Anthony - 2010-11-23 22:54

    why did the 2 unknown hijackers take the trouble & struggle to get him "Shrien" out of the car?? why not kill or leave both? why leave the body to be found in the car, as if wanted to? too many Q's

  • Nick van der Leek - 2010-11-24 00:00

    him being pulled out of the window is fishy. maybe to prevent his wife from getting away and insuring he did get away. the price on his wife's head was that high.

  • bunjeedr - 2010-11-24 07:21

    Has anyone asked for how much his new wife was insured...70 million in debt....

      Fanie - 2010-11-25 14:51

      I wouldn't go on holiday eating sushi if I had a 70 million debt...

  • leeya212 - 2010-11-24 08:16

    What happend to innnocent until proven guilty? Do not judge the man until you have all the facts. This is africa after all and we all know that this happens, The people voted the ANC into power and they in turn abolished the DEATH PENALTY! If we had it reinstated, our crime rate will definately be reduced. But they will not bring it back because the ANC may probably lose the next election! Corruption, rape, murder, hijacking is nothing new in south africa. It has become a way of life. My sympathies to Shrien as he must be devasted. anni may her soul rest in peace!

      tarryn.brandt - 2010-11-24 09:41

      Yes Innocent until proven guilty- everyone here has a right to their own opinion and they have a right to voice it..People are just pointing out the facts of the case,and that the husband has changed his story a number of times,WHY is that..Because he is innocent,i think not..You cant just always jump up and accuse the people of south africa(as we have such high crime rates),and it only happened because OUR people are corrupt,etc.Please man, Crime is all over the world, and there are cold blooded people that murder,rape all over.So that is a pretty lame statement you just made..

      Jay - 2010-11-24 10:14

      Leeya you live in South Africa, here you are guilty until proven innocent. if i shoot an attacker in my home the police automatically open a murder docet on me, i have to prove it was self defence.

  • preshengovender69 - 2010-11-24 08:50

    oj simpson said the same thing

  • Candy - 2010-11-24 09:39

    Whatever the story is the poor woman did not deserve to die.

      mrsnicholson - 2010-11-24 10:42

      No, she didn't. And especially not in the way she died either - alone, probably terrified.

      Thabz - 2010-11-24 15:51

      you're right Candy, may her soul rest in peace.

  • AllHoliday - 2010-11-24 09:51

    Where do these jounalist get their info from? Did they actually speak to the man. First they reported that he said it was Anni's idea to see"the real Africa". Now it was the drivers idea? This is now gewtting boring.. will we ever know the truth? Someone is not telling the truth..

  • egmaarman - 2010-11-24 09:55

    YAWNNNNNNNNNN...... Najwa said that as well...