I don't believe in separate development: De Klerk

2012-05-17 12:36

Johannesburg - Former president FW de Klerk has said his comments justifying ethnically homogenous states were misinterpreted, a week after his remarks sparked a public uproar.

De Klerk, who shared a Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela in 1993, told CNN in an interview that apartheid was "morally reprehensible" but defended the notion of black independent states as not "repugnant".

"The remarks I made during my recent interview with Christiane Amanpour have been widely misunderstood and misinterpreted," De Klerk said in a statement issued by his foundation late on Wednesday.

"I have no residual belief in, or attachment to, separate development. Whatever the intentions may have been, I concluded many years ago that it had failed and that it had resulted in manifest injustice".

"During the 1980s I had come to accept that there was no possibility that separate development could lead to a just and acceptable solution to the problems of South Africa," he said.

The former homeland areas still lag behind in economic development compared to the rest of the country.

  • Julie - 2012-05-17 12:43

    Why try to defend what he said? Does it matter?

      Farmworker - 2012-05-17 12:48

      It does matter I think he must go back to the same program and clarify it there. I don't think De Klerk could survive HARD TALK, he is gonna loose it.

      Jack - 2012-05-17 13:13

      Some days one feels that two separate states isn't such a bad idea, horrible thought i know and very unfair to the honest good people out there, but the stories that make our news everyday just makes you sick at the brutality of our so called country men.

      James - 2012-05-17 13:25

      The BIG problem with democracy... Prof Dunning Cornell U in a recent study concluded that some people are too stupid to realize that they are stupid. IQ test is the answer. too dumb and you don't vote.

      Gieljam - 2012-05-17 13:46

      Not really he should rather get out of the limelight and let the History and facts ,that is now those that have not been twisted and rewritten do the talking .

      eugenedigter.terreblanche - 2012-05-17 15:23

      He does believe in committing high treason (and getting away with it). Just that a crime is still a crime, even if it remains unpunished.

  • Squeegee - 2012-05-17 12:43

    Open season for trolls...

      Peter - 2012-05-17 13:13

      Agreed, but still he really should stop trying to explain himself. In his case "any publicity is good publicity" does not hold true for him. But i really dont understand why people continue to attack an old man who no longer has any contribution to government. People really need to get off their high horses because some of these comments are no better than his. If your christian practice your beliefs of acceptance and forgiveness. If you arent treat it as a learning experience of what is right and wrong. Everyone is just lowering their own standards to take a pot shot at an old man who made mistakes. Let the person without fault cast the first stone, otherwise they must shut up and sit down

      eugenedigter.terreblanche - 2012-05-17 15:40

      The troll above had open season enough: "During the 1980s I had come to accept that there was no possibility that separate development could lead to a just and acceptable solution to the problems of South Africa," he said. Nice way of saying nothing and having an excuse to commit treason for personal gain.

  • Christopher - 2012-05-17 12:45

    De Klerk for president!

      Gigo - 2012-05-17 12:54


      Christopher - 2012-05-17 12:56

      De Klerk For president!

      Farmworker - 2012-05-17 13:01

      @Christopher President of What, Apartheid? Because we know it will never happen only in your dream

      Christopher - 2012-05-17 13:01

      @Jackie...No South Africa!

      eric.mwambene - 2012-05-17 13:11

      Is that enough to warrant presidency? Looks like your consideration are below par.

      Christopher - 2012-05-17 13:19

      He dismantled apartheid and brought about democracy in South Africa. Yes he came from the years of apartheid but so did many of us here. And a large majority of white South Africans agreed to abolish apartheid(the referendum) We are now in a situation where its apartheid in reverse for many white South Africans. With the whole BE thing. But I understand we needed to apply BE in order to get back on track, but it is not working for this economy anymore. Things need to change.

      Henry - 2012-05-17 13:57

      De Klerk is far more qualified then President standard 3. De Klerk for president

      Nyiks11 - 2012-05-17 14:08

      yes , he's alright cos he's all wh*te

      eugenedigter.terreblanche - 2012-05-17 15:47

      Christopher: "And a large majority of white South Africans agreed to abolish apartheid(the referendum)" If you look at the referendum question, that's not exactly true. They agreed to negotiate for a new political settlement. AND NOT to the Whites being submitted to Black despotism via the vote. The question was highly deceptive anyway. Assuming the vote figures were more or less correct, at least one third of the electorate was smart enough to look through that fraud.

  • Werner - 2012-05-17 12:46

    Flat Wheel....

  • Bonjo - 2012-05-17 12:46

    Good, he retracted the misunderstanding. Now can we move on and continue to build on our rainbow nation that he together with Tata envisaged for us as a nation. *singing Kumbaya*

  • Greg - 2012-05-17 12:47

    Those areas lag behind in economic development for pretty obvious reasons - the people there don't give a crap about the country and expect the ANC to hand over everything to them on a silver platter...

  • Lauden Kirk - 2012-05-17 12:50

    What if we had a white president and the country turned for the better. Then what?

      Christopher - 2012-05-17 12:52

      It cannot get any worse!

      Bonjo - 2012-05-17 12:56

      What if we just get a better president, it shouldn't matter what colour he or she is...

      Sematla - 2012-05-17 12:57

      The fact is we had a white president and we turned out to be a scam of the world,some of our fellow whites are not 100% accepted outside our borders because of the "WHITE" president.

      Nigel - 2012-05-17 13:08

      Black or White, any race - don't care. But please Dear God, let it be a real leader with integrity and who promotes a real democracy.

      Peter - 2012-05-17 13:16

      @Lebo Spot on! People compare the guy to Hitler and say hes a monster, no goes oh hes white as well. Simple hes a human being and he was wrong with what he did its that simple. Skin color doesn't make you a different species

      Karel - 2012-05-17 13:34

      This one is actually to you Jackie - show me one in the anc that "worked with succession?"

  • Vuyani - 2012-05-17 12:59

    The idea of Apartheid was not only based on seperate development but also on contempt for black South Africans....

      eugenedigter.terreblanche - 2012-05-17 15:25

      No it wasn't. Unless you think a realistic outlook would mean contempt.

  • clive.brink - 2012-05-17 13:02

    He has had too many mulfunctions in his life to date. If you didn't believe in the policies of the National party why did you belong to them. You are a liar and a fraud, a useful idiot! Now take your best friend's wife and bugger off. Please stop commenting on the bugger-up you were responsible for!

      Lebogang - 2012-05-17 13:14

      Inclined to agree with you Clive. He should not disown his beliefs to appease the public. It was good politics back then to abolish the entire apartheid system, and de Klerk is a good politian. It is possible to play politics without losing your beliefs and values.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-05-17 13:31

      @clive, spot on.

      Brett - 2012-05-17 14:28

      You are so ignorant. De Klerk dismantled apartheid.

      eugenedigter.terreblanche - 2012-05-17 15:28

      "If you didn't believe in the policies of the National party why did you belong to them. " Very good point Clive. But sneakiness my just be in his character. He could have joined an opposition group, but perhaps it won't have come that well socially with him. So he joined the NP, crept the asses of the Ooms there and then sold it out, suddenly when this meant more profit for him.

      cliverobert.jones - 2012-05-17 20:36

      are there ANY COMMY goverments that are honest or good to their people ,de klerk the commy sold S A to the anc commys , & the end sufferers will be the majority , black people ,SHAME ON the np & de klerk ? ¿

  • Sly4Lyf - 2012-05-17 13:02

    Once a racist always a need to keep on pretending...we know what you are...

  • George - 2012-05-17 13:02

    Well, I know there are still people who believe apartheid was and is ok. He represents the many minds still lingering around. He speaks for the voiceless. These are things some people still try and drum into their children’s heads. Point of note is the Jessica’s of this country. We understand, there is no way minds and believes are going to change overnight. Go on, beat yourself, scream or pull your hair off. Apartheid and homelands are gone, they’ll never come back.

      Nigel - 2012-05-17 13:11

      Don't want that rubbish back, but can we one day please in my lifetime have a real government that is not corrupt to the core, and also not racist like the present and previous NP government.

      Arthur - 2012-05-17 13:13

      Uhm please don't paint me with that racist brush.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-05-17 13:32

      @Nigel, how is the current government racist?

      Nigel - 2012-05-17 13:54

      @Siyadyosiba. I can name so many reasons why my friend, but you know that regardless of my reasons, you will never, never ever admit or agree. So, why ask the question? To draw me into an argument? I'm not taking the bait, too old too wise. But I'll mention one reason just as a taster: The loss of a 10 year career for which I was highly trained, highly successful, and my expertise was of direct benefit to all people of all races in SA. Why? Because I'm White. I won't engage you any further. Go well!!

      siyadyosiba - 2012-05-17 14:00

      @Nigel, seeing that you not ready to defend your assertion, let's drop it. One thing you probably need to know is that I always debate objectively, that's how I was taught. Cheers.

      Nigel - 2012-05-17 14:08

      @ Siyadyosiba: No need to defend facts, especially that which is abundantly clear to those who want to see. Just no desire to get into one of those boring little racial arguments.

      Bob - 2012-05-17 14:30

      siyad, Nigel has given you one good example, there are so many more, sport selection based on colour, job opportunities based on colour, the whole BEE idea is blatant racism, clearly the entire youth of this country have got a problem finding employment but the racist policies put in place make it imposible for the white kids to compete for positions, now don't you call that racist.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-05-17 14:46

      @Bob, thanks for that input. 1. I do not think BEE and AA are bad policies. Firstly, we need to agree that there is a huge econmic gap between whites and blacks, and there is no other way this gap can be bridged other than giving job and business opportunities to black people. I am aware that in the process there are individuals that are adversely affected but at least the majority of the country benefits and this policy is redressing ills of the past system. 2. Youth unemployment has nothing to do with racism or BEE and AA, i do not see how it fits in this. 3. Lastly, if we were to be truthful and selfless, we would agree that the BEE and AA systems are fair and indeed have done so much to assist blacks to access economic freedom.

  • Pieter Mulder - 2012-05-17 13:03

    Out of line. If we had a white president the people would have called him a racist if taxis are been pulled over and inspected. I know they are been terrorized for cho cho daily.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-05-17 13:28


      Pieter Mulder - 2012-05-17 13:47

      Where where I smell it too trolanshela

  • Bibi - 2012-05-17 13:10

    Yawn....yawn again..and then again

  • Paco - 2012-05-17 13:12

    De Klerk only embraced democracy when he knew the apartheid governments days were numbered

  • Luvo - 2012-05-17 13:17

    Trying to save face matey?? Give it up already!

  • Rodney Mashigo - 2012-05-17 13:22

    De Klerk he must just keep quite.

  • E=MC2 - 2012-05-17 13:22

    You listening ANC? BEE & AA are not going to work!! We either all grow together or we fall apart...

      siyadyosiba - 2012-05-17 13:39

      you are either suffering denialism syndrome or just a selfish white person. BEE & AA is designed to bridge the current gap in inequality. is that very hard to comprehend.

      Christopher - 2012-05-17 13:46

      @siya...for how many more years are we needing to bridge this gap? 50, 60, 1000... come on step up to the plate. Time waits for no one.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-05-17 13:51

      @chris, we cannot tell for how long but hey it has to be bridged.

      E=MC2 - 2012-05-17 14:17

      you have to actually WANT to WORK on bridging the gap, & not having everything given to you on a silver platter! To key words there: WANT - meaning "desire" that is followed immediately by an infinitive construction & WORK - Physical or mental effort or activity directed toward the production or accomplishment of something. You cant sit on your a$$ all day & demand, demand, demand... or in ANC's language strike strike strike.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-05-17 14:32

      @E=MC2, you are not making sense to me. AA & BEE is abou t giving prefference to the preveously disadvantaged group. These prefered individuals, to me, have made an effort, stood up and seeked opportunities and government is assisting in making sure they are given first preference. I don't see where your "sit on your a$$ all day and demand" fits. If you do not have facts to support your position, just keep quiet.

      Jack - 2012-05-17 14:44

      AA makes the country dumb, period. Why the hell would you want to employ someone whom actually cant do the job, because of inequality? Please man, it's survival of the fittest not the dumbest. How can we grow with retards leading us? By the way AA normally addresses the minority, funny how the majority still needs all these advantages.

      E=MC2 - 2012-05-17 14:52

      if you dont know what im talking about then you're suffering from your own "denialism syndrome". No gaps are being bridged other than a few elite blacks who are moving light years ahead of the rest...

      siyadyosiba - 2012-05-17 14:57

      @Jack, I think you have a very twisted understanding of how AA is working. AA does not say employ incompetent black people, it simply says...give a employment opportunity first to a "qualifying" individual whom was previously disadvantaged. In essence, AA does not force employers to hire incompetent people, it supports employment of qualified and competent people. You would agree with me that there are a lot of qualified and competent black people out there. If you employ incompetent people, its your problem as an employer not government's.

  • gcinile.mahlangu - 2012-05-17 13:24

    Petition to take the nobel peace prize from this old fool! Please..

      siyadyosiba - 2012-05-17 13:36

      I'm the first one to support the petition

      eugenedigter.terreblanche - 2012-05-17 15:29

      Yes, why did he and this genocidal maniac Mandela get it in the first place? (search 'Mandela kill Whites', if you don't believe me)

  • Bheki Nas - 2012-05-17 13:24

    2 weeks ago zille called blacks refugees...2 weeks later they got fooled 2 march to cosatu for F.W to little to late..u meant wat said..

      E=MC2 - 2012-05-17 14:53

      she wasnt calling blacks refugees you moron... talk about selective hearing!!

  • siyadyosiba - 2012-05-17 13:26

    Can this poor man die for once to save him fromhis apparent sorrows and deppresion. he is trying his best to reverse what he disclosed from his mind about black people. Just sleep and die quietly former President and RIP in advance.

  • Koos - 2012-05-17 13:30

    de Klerk - Just another typical politician. Low moral values, very little spine.

  • Motho - 2012-05-17 13:33

    Mr De Klerk, your statements were televised live on TV, you seem to be lazy to think!

      E=MC2 - 2012-05-17 14:18

      "too" ... you seem TOO lazy to add an extra 'o'

  • Louis - 2012-05-17 13:42

    FW is like the news every day, everyone enjoys commenting on his stories, but in the end no one cares. Keep this guy out of the news, he's done enough damage already. Most of us don't like FW for many different reasons.

  • Nyiks11 - 2012-05-17 14:04

    Yeah right , just like Julius you were quoted out of context ?

  • Johannes - 2012-05-17 14:05

    Who knows maybe in abotu 20 years when Zum ai beign interviewd. He will also say how the cANCer screwed South Africa in his time and so on.

  • louis.langenhoven - 2012-05-17 14:10

    old FW- no one is interested in what you have to say anymore - so as an old politician you should know that if anyone invites you for an interview it is ONLY to try and get something they can distort/misquote you on. Moral of the story- go and look at your greek wife and stop giving these newshound types the pleasure of f-in up whatever you may say.

  • vernon.samuel.7 - 2012-05-17 14:12

    Maybe it is a good idea for FW to keep his opinions to himself. Right or wrong, it does not matter. He is entitled to his view, but South Africans are overly sensitive to apartheid leaders giving their opinions on a public platform. Do it for the people FW.

      noxolo.fulani - 2012-05-17 14:52

      true but don't you think its the same as Julius's case here? I mean he said what he wanted but people ended up saying he's a racist. WHat happend to freedom of speech?

      vernon.samuel.7 - 2012-05-17 16:07

      Sad reality is that freedom of speech does not always end up in a rosy conclusion. Look at the DA march on Cosatu. Difference between FW and Juju is that one was a child of apartheid and the other a child of freedom. Anything FW says will always be scrutinised for expressions of evil white sentiment. Juju can do no wrong in the eyes of the poor and unemployed. I suggest that if FW falls in love with and marries a black woman tomorrow, the vast majority of this country will say that he did it to boost his publicity. When you reach that stage with South Africans, it is time to withdraw from the public platform.

  • Greg - 2012-05-17 14:12

    SA needs an Indian president.hardworking, innovative, abilty to make the make the most of what he has to work with.

  • simphiwe.tembe.16 - 2012-05-17 14:12

    De Klerk must shut his mouth

      E=MC2 - 2012-05-17 14:19

      as must Malema... guess what, not going to happen.

  • noxolo.fulani - 2012-05-17 14:18

    I don't understand why is he changinging his statement now... I mean really? After a week? This shows that he did mean what he was saying, this guy's Nobel Peace Price should be revoked immediatly! I honestly think him changing his statement was a publicity stunt because he saw how it made waves in the last week.

  • Pedrosa - 2012-05-17 14:22

    Now that you told the global village about your stance on apartheid south africa,you are now trying to change your tune,how could a man of your stature,tells us that you have been misinterpreted or misqouted,the truth is you still believe in racial segregation,the national party government ony accepted reforms or radical changes due to pressure from the international communities and the freedom movements.we can see that you still have a dream of 'volkstaat'which failed dismally during the Codesa negotiations, infact you have reached your sell-by-date,in this instance you should retire,because our country,which our forefathers who sacrifised with their own lives,will never be the same again.

  • chelene.stroebel - 2012-05-17 14:30

    FW de Klerk; jy is n slapgat loser!!!!

  • valcooperRSA - 2012-05-17 14:36

    why dont he just eat sh1t and die

  • mike1162 - 2012-05-17 15:25

    It is only fair now that former leaders are not comfotable when the political party governing has FAILED. For the most part there is no Quality or Ethics and the people that changed there minds about Apartheid know this is a reflection of African culture.

  • elkita.robbertse - 2012-05-17 15:45

    And we don't believe in you.So shut your big trap ....

  • Marriette - 2012-05-17 15:56

    De Klerk is an idiot, and we have the female version Zille!!! y cant they jst leave us alone.. they had their fun xploiting our mothers and fathers and now they see nothing rong with that... NEVER

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