'I wish this nightmare would end'

2009-11-06 11:51

Johannesburg - A third witness took to the stand as the third week of former police chief Jackie Selebi's corruption case drew to a close on Friday.

"I wish this nightmare would end," said Martin Flint as he took the stand in the South Gauteng High Court.

Flint was warned about possibly receiving indemnity for corruption, fraud, theft and money laundering charges if he is found to testify "honestly and frankly".

"At first I said I did not require the protection of the act," said Flint.

He eventually decided to take the indemnity offered under Section 204 of the Criminal Procedure Act to get closer to ending his involvement in the case.

Flint’s daughter Dianne Muller and her ex-fiancée Glenn Agliotti, who have both served as State witnesses in the case, were warned under the same act.

Testified standing

Speaking loudly and clearly, Flint - dressed in a camel coloured jacket and light blue shirt with his white hair skimming his collar - chose not to sit, despite invitations to do so.

Flint is the financial director of Muller’s events management company.

He dealt with an account for the company Spring Lights, from which payments from slain mining magnate Brett Kebble and his associate John Stratton were allegedly distributed to convicted drug trafficker and Kebble murder accused Glenn Agliotti.

Agliotti previously testified that he asked Kebble and Stratton for a $1m "consultancy fee" for access to Selebi.

Selebi faced a charge of corruption and another of defeating the ends of justice in connection with at least R1.2m he allegedly received from Agliotti and others in return for favours.