'I won't become a racist'

2008-03-11 07:14

Johannesburg - Well-known singer, songwriter and foodie Lochner de Kock was attacked in his house in Melville on Sunday.

"I have suffered more damage to my mind than to my body," a shaking and tearful De Kock said to Beeld on Monday.

"I refuse to let this incident turn me into a racist."

De Kock moved into the house with his wife, Christine Pretorius, three weeks ago and said that they were still waiting for the alarm system to be installed.

He told how he woke up at 04:00 and saw "a very big man" right at his bed.

"He jumped on me and began strangling me. I kicked him with both feet. He bounced off me.

"He said that he was going to stab me and strangle me again.

"When I heard the click of a knife I shouldered him and he ran to the passage."

De Kock said he immediately locked the bedroom door and looked for his own knife which he had in the room.

However, he thought of his wife who slept in another room and went off, knife in hand.

The robber was already gone.

Pretorius had frozen and had managed to avoid a confrontation.

De Kock said that the man had said to him several times, "I can kill you."

De Kock has a sore oesophagus and a few bruises. He is receiving therapy.

The couple's daughter, Cara de Kock, and her musician boyfriend, Jahn Beukes, who live in another house on the property, were unscathed.

The robber got away with De Kock's cellphone and between R1 000 and R1 500 in cash, as well as bicycles belonging to the gardener and the gardener's uncle.