ICC gets Malema genocide complaint

2010-06-17 21:44

Johannesburg - The International Criminal Court on Thursday confirmed receipt of a complaint by a Rustenburg farmer against ANC Youth League president Julius Malema.

It would now "receive attention", the farmer's lawyer Fanie van der Walt said in a statement.

"The office of the prosecutor of the ICC confirmed in writing the receipt of the complaints which will now receive attention."

Malema is facing a possible genocide charge at the ICC in The Hague for singing "shoot the boer", which the Rustenburg farmer interpreted as inciting the league's supporters to commit genocide against boers.

Shortly after being rebuked by the ANC, Malema changed the words to "kiss the boer".

Farmer left SA

The unidentified Rustenburg farmer and his family reportedly left South Africa two weeks ago, fearing for their safety after deciding to lay the charge against Malema.

The submission of information to the office of the prosecutor did not automatically trigger an investigation, said Van der Walt.

"In accordance with the Rome Statute, the office must analyse all information submitted in order to determine whether the rigorous criteria of the statute are satisfied."

"Once a decision is reached whether or not a reasonable basis to proceed with an investigation exists, the office of the prosecutor will promptly inform (us) thereof, along with reasons for the decision."

"We believe however that the ICC will decide to formally investigate the complaints because they comply with the very specific and defined jurisdiction and mandate of the (court) as defined by the Rome Statute."