ICD probes police brutality report

2011-05-03 14:14

Johannesburg - The Independent Complaints Directorate is looking into a Daily Sun report on Tuesday that two teenage girls and their aunt were assaulted for five hours by police in Mpumalanga in February.

"I've contacted our provincial office," ICD spokesperson Moses Dlamini said on Tuesday morning.

He was still waiting for more information.

"We don't have anything concrete yet," said Dlamini.

The Daily Sun reported that police officers kicked and punched the two teenage girls and their aunt.

This resulted in one of the teenagers, who is 16-years-old, suffering a collapsed lung. She was now dependent on an oxygen tank to breathe, said the newspaper.

The aunt, Tina Vungande, 30, told the Daily Sun: "The cops forced their way into my house at Matsulu, near Mbombela in Mpumalanga and said they had come to search but wouldn't tell me what they were looking for.

"They turned the house upside down and when I asked if they had found what they were looking for, they called me a whore and began beating me up.

"That was when Cassandra and her 13-year-old sister Zinhle walked in and asked why they were beating me. Then the cops began beating her as well.

"They hurled all three of us into a police van and took us to the police station where the beating continued."

The three were later released by the police.

She said most of their clothes and cash were stolen by the police officers.

Mpumalanga police spokesperson Leonard Hlathi confirmed to the Daily Sun that Vungande had laid charges against the police.

  • Dr Filemon - 2011-05-03 14:24

    Thank Brig Cele for the cops shhot-to-kill arrigant attitude which is becoming cancerous in their treatment of law-abiding citizens

      Eric West - 2011-05-03 15:48

      Yup, thank the Fat Black Cat in the Pimp's Hat for this!

      Centronix - 2011-05-03 15:55

      learn how to spell doc

      Rover_ZA - 2011-05-03 16:56

      @Centronix Did you have difficulty understanding Dr Filemon?

  • Gatvol - 2011-05-03 14:24

    Just another isolated incident?

      Wernerkwane - 2011-05-03 15:40

      Just how many "Isolated Cases" does it take before you will concede that this is a trend Mr Cele?

  • twisky - 2011-05-03 14:27

    SAPS bunch of f@#KinG Pricks!!!

  • Stylin - 2011-05-03 14:50

    Im sure Shren Diwani and his family are sooooo happy for the extra evidence to support their claim that the SA justice system is a joke!

  • SSRat - 2011-05-03 15:00

    Very soon these SAPS thugs are going to cross paths with some Rambo type guy (and we have plenty of those around), blood will flow and all hell will break loose. - 2011-05-03 15:19

      It has already happened....remember Bees Roux

  • clark - 2011-05-03 15:08

    - Expect a lot more police brutality, from these Pig Thugs. The police service is out of control - to be expected under a govt. like the Anc and a head like Cele. And the reprecussions for these thugs - zip, nil, niks.

      FaxM8 Fax - 2011-05-03 15:21

      Ones a criminal always a criminal ,no matter how you dress it

  • shamus oconner - 2011-05-03 15:11

    This is enough. how many more do we have to have before the Bafoons in charge get the message

  • Rover_ZA - 2011-05-03 15:19

    Unfortunately, this seems to be a trend coming out of SAPS. If so, things will be getting worse before they get better.

  • FaxM8 Fax - 2011-05-03 15:19

    VivA ANC , Well tought by mugabe , starting to loose the peoples votes now you have to turn to this . Why am I not suprised ?

  • ETZ - 2011-05-03 15:21

    Geeez, quit a lot of isolated incidence these days? Wonder if thy aren't related after all?

  • brown_bread - 2011-05-03 15:27

    What the heck is wrong with some of our police (even ashamed to call them 'our' police) since they dont hesitate to shoot or beat you up for no apparent reason. Their boss is busy signing off millions to his friends while the loose morons harass citizens!

  • Monica - 2011-05-03 15:58

    Criminals are employed in the SAP; therefor they will continue to hurt people!

  • Slapper - 2011-05-03 16:04

    These "Isolated Incidents" seem to be becoming a daily event. Until The Clown Cele is removed, with all of the top Brass and a qualified, Honest Policeman is put in charge, the matter will just continue to deteriorate.

      Slapper - 2011-05-03 16:19

      And, when they eventually catch a real criminal, they either stuff up the case or "lose" the docket.

  • allie - 2011-05-03 16:16

    It`s once again the media that brings this out in the open,Let`a keep the ICD acountable for justice.Let`s demand progressrapports on this case.

  • John - 2011-05-03 20:14

    The police are out of control and above the law. There is nothing that Cele can do about it.

  • dghuisfsg - 2011-05-04 13:11

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  • Siphamandla Mkhize - 2011-05-04 13:40

    The rulling goverment is killing us

  • cavebat - 2011-05-09 22:54

    This is a typical insident again.How long will this continue?I think there are much,much more of these insidents,happening every day.For who should we be on the watchout:Uniformed criminal or civilian criminal.

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  • d.j.brits - 2011-05-15 00:55

    South Africa for what it really is what a rubbish dump this country's turning out to be!!!!!! Cele general, maybe that's what he calls himself, but a rookie police officer from overseas will do a better job that he can.....

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