ICD to probe shooting of French fugitives

2011-01-21 22:12

Bloemfontein - A team from the Independent Complaints Directorate was expected to arrive in Sutherland on Friday to investigate the death of a French couple during an apparent shootout with police on a farm.

"They will look into the allegation that people died due to police action," ICD spokesperson Tiyani Sambo said.

He said the directorate has to "probe" the incident because people were killed, allegedly by police officers.

Police were on Friday also looking for the family of the two, believed to be Philippe Menire, 60, and Agnes Jardel, 55.

Northern Cape police spokesperson Hendrik Swart said the investigating officer in the case would look for relatives over the weekend to try and positively identify the pair.

Failing this police would probably ask somebody that knew the couple well to identify them by Monday.

Swart said the matter was now in the hands of the case investigator.

The pair evaded police for nearly a week after they shot and killed a policeman and wounded another after they were called in by Gerhardus du Plessis, owner of the harm Hardie, to help evict the couple from his property.

They had lived on the farm for 12 years.

Police were called to help with the eviction after the farmer expressed concerns about a large number of firearms in the couple's possession.

It was not clear if Menire and Jardel died in the shootout with police, or if they committed suicide in a house less than a kilometre from their old dwelling.

  • - 2011-01-21 23:05

    Did you see the wannabe rambo cops in the newspaper picture? Where is the discipline? I know the couple were armed but they were late 50's and sixty. I hope this does not mean our police are getting whacky like the Texas cops at Wyco.

      4321 - 2011-01-22 03:02

      Bob - Marley's song plays in my mind - I shot the Sheriff, but i did not shoot the deputy...... Since when do we use police to evict people from properties - I did not know I could ? Can I? Or is there a legal process?

      Dan - 2011-01-22 04:04

      @ 4321. You should know by now that we have 2 seperate sets of law in SA. If you are light skinned, they can evict you immediately with any means of force and brutality. If you are not light skinned, then all law are there to protect you from any form of action and to severely punish the property owner for not giving the squatter more.

      Howzitekse - 2011-01-22 14:50

      Did'nt they choose violence? Who was it that said live and die by the sword? Just like you, I don't know all the details. It is tragic that 3 people died for not important reason. That said, I am happy if my tax money goes to a police force that eradicates violent behaviour.

  • thejohnsons - 2011-01-21 23:43

    These lunatics gunned down an innocent policeman in cold blood. That man's wife and children will never have another birthday, Christmas or family holiday with him. And we want to investigate?? Investigate what?!?!?!? I suppose the commission is going to recommend the SAPS apologise. It's laughable.

      wesleywt - 2011-01-22 15:53

      So if you were innocent and wrongly accused of killing a policeman they should just hunt you down and kill you? Without a trial? If we want to live in a civilized country we must be civilized. Even the monsters must be treated fairly, so that the innocent is protected from the state.

  • Ndlebekazizw - 2011-01-22 01:19

    WTF,What for? Saps was gunned down,they deserved it

  • Dan - 2011-01-22 04:00

    What the f@#k!!! I thought that was exactly why the police was called in - to shoot the 2 arseholes. I simply don't understand South African logic anymore. Thugs in parliament, gun laws to take guns from legal owners, laws that protect criminals from law abiding citizens, police officers more involved in crim than general criminals,and now police officers being investigated for shooting two demonic cop killers. What is wrong with this country?

  • rasmlilo9 - 2011-01-22 06:32

    whats wrong with u pple yes police dont do evictions however these pple were thought to be armed hence the property owners wanting them off the place,but as for killing a cop not only a cop but a father and human being .Hell yeah they deseved to die its high time we stop keeping killers though our tax money,kill the kiLlers,they dies so what then are you investigating,people please stop making money through stupid investigations when we loosing our families to these cop killers.

  • Ozymandios - 2011-01-22 06:46

    The couple killed a policeman. Enough said.Sure we do not do enough like this for a farm murder but no feelings of sympathy nor guilt should be shown in this case to these 2 people, whether they were 30,40 50 or 60 years of age. You shoot my buddy in cold blood and you'll know what hell is all baout no matter who you are! And I am sure I am not alone in that feeling

  • Colby - 2011-01-22 07:18

    How can Dan now turn this into a racist incident? They killed a policeman. Once, many years ago when I was forcibly removed from a rented flat by the landlord and his brothers for demanding that he fixed broken things, I called upon some policemen to help me clear my effects from the flat in case I was roughed up again. They helped a member of the community because it was the right thing to do, not because laws demanded it. Perhaps if we all regained a sense of community, the world would be a better and safer place to live. Imagine the farmer evicting people who had the means and desire to kill him. what do you want to wait for? Him to be murdered then the law can take over. Immature!

  • whatever007 - 2011-01-22 10:02

    just as said earlier the police will charge the policeman involved in the shooting indecent just like they are charging the other two for doing their job by pulling over a speeding car.... the police man and woman are trying their best to uphold the law in this country,but look at what the country is doing to protect the police members. yes there are corrupt police members out in the field!!!!! Why do they become corrupt????? firstly the @#$%^ salary they getting i am talking about the members that is actually doing the work on the ground not the big boys with all the stars and what what on their shoulders who is getting a hell of a salary. The criminals have more protection from the constitution than the public and the police members!!!!!! what do the government expect with the sad salaries they give to the police members!!!!!! Give them a better salary and they wont have to become corrupt,turn a blind eye or get a golden hand shake. i dare you to comment on this. I suppose most of you that is posting these negative remarks towards the police is getting a nice FAT paycheck every month and sleep well at night,unlike the police members that can hardly sleep because they worry about were the money will come from for school fees,food on the table and so i can carry on and on. To come back to this investigation.What a joke THEY WERE PROTECTING THE COMMUNITY for crying out loud.

      guy78036 - 2011-01-22 11:08

      I totally agree! If the police are paid good salaries and can begin to respect their jobs and feel appreciated for it, the corrupt ones will soon be sorted out by them. I'm glad they resolved this issue so effectively! I hope to see more issues taken care of so quickly without arrests and months of legal proceedings which lead to nothing. If I happen to be on the other end of this statement, well then I probably deserved it because there is no smoke without a fire. Darwin etc

      CITIZEN - 2011-01-22 13:09

      i agree im in a controlroom working for a security company and im getting more than the police men they must protect over 40million people and they get peanuts while cele can buy designer suits why investigate the police for doing there jobs they should get gold stars and a fat bonus criminals who shot at police must charge with treason

  • Anarchist - 2011-01-22 12:01

    Its not a question of if they should have done it, They are in their legal right to defend themselves if fired upon, no one at present can say if they were are not, there are many unanswered question about this whole saga, such as ... 1. During the first shooting incident on Friday January 14 2011, in which student-constable Jacob Boleme was shot dead, the police told the news-media that a search warrant was obtained to search the house for illegal weapons. When was this search warrant obtained at the Sutherland Magistrate’s Office. 2. And is it police-procedure to send out a student-constable on such a mission? 3. Is it police-procedure that two civilian complainants accompany the SAPS during such an operation? 4. Who spread the rumour that the Meniere/Jardel couple were members of a ‘cult’ and what proof was provided for this? 5. Who spread the rumour that the couple had been dressed in camouflage-uniforms? 6. Why was there a cellphone/media blackout in and out of the Sutherland region during and a day after the first shooting incident? During the second incident on Friday January 19 2011 and during which the couple had been shot dead, we require answers to the following questions: 1. Had the couple been put out of action by the two shock-grenades allegedly used by the SAPS? (If so… why were they shot dead?) 2. Who took the stylised photograph of the couple’s alleged ammo-reloading equipment – and has it been established where those new boxes were purchased, with a purchase-receipt and an invoice? 3. Please advise the exact number of bullet-injuries sustained by the couple during this operation? In the sake of the public interest and the public’s right to know

      nhla.prv - 2011-01-24 07:37

      They got what they deserved.In my view ,if you murder an innocent being don't expect kid gloves treatment? You must taste your own medicine no matter whether you are black or white.What about the cop who was killed? What would have happened if the police had gone to that farmhouse unarmedand trying to negotiate.These were fugitives on the run.I say well done to the police..Its time for the death penalty

      vincecheese - 2011-01-26 07:40

      Good questions, let's not condemn these two, before we have all the facts. People are quick to judge in this country, by just going on what the newspapers say. Look at things from both sides and keep an open mind.

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