India miffed at SA's protocol chaos

2013-03-31 16:43

New Delhi - The Indian government is angry at President Jacob Zuma's failure to hold bilateral talks with its prime minister during last week's BRICS summit, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The Indian delegation headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was keen to have a meeting with President Zuma on the sidelines of the summit in Durban last week.

But according to the Sunday Express, the entire schedule drawn up by South Africa was in disarray and the two leaders were unable to hold talks.

Meanwhile Zuma did manage bilateral meetings with his Chinese and Russian counterparts.

Singh was scheduled to meet Zuma on 26 March but the plan had to be abandoned because the bilateral meeting between South Africa and Russia overshot by an hour, the paper said.

On 27 March, South Africa's foreign minister wanted Singh to meet Zuma quickly for 15-20 minutes, but by then, according to the Express, the Indians were livid at the lack of respect for protocol and refused to comply at such short notice.

The paper said the Indians were also upset by the accommodation arrangements.

Singh and Indian diplomats were allotted a resort at Zimbali, 40km from Durban, while the Brazilian, Russian and Chinese leaders were lodged in hotels within the city.

Singh had to travel into the city on both days of the summit and also suffer long delays in the programme, the Express said.

A foreign ministry spokesperson could not immediately be reached for comment on the newspaper report.

Last year Zuma vowed that trade between South Africa and India would reach $15bn per year before a self-imposed 2014 deadline, and both sides agreed to increase commercial exchanges.

  • Terence Wessels - 2013-03-31 16:51

    Wow, this useless ANC couldn't organise a party in a brewery. Embarassing really.

      RabbleRouser - 2013-03-31 17:00

      That is because they are too busy messing about with CAR guards. Damage control takes a lot of effort.

      Squeegee Pilot - 2013-03-31 17:19

      We have so few friends left in the world and then we disrespect those who are still willing to associate with us. ANC you constantly embarrass us...

      Phillys Winterbottom - 2013-03-31 17:37

      Danie, "C" also stands for "Cnut"

      Jack Frost - 2013-03-31 18:03

      Pity the Indian delegation did not see fit complain about the number of Indians slaughtered in this country, as with whites, since the 1994 ' black freedom'. Freedom to kill, rape and pillage. But then, rape seems to be an Indian 'thing' as well.

      Danie Theron - 2013-03-31 19:01

      Ha, ha, ha, ha.., They will quickly realise that according to the Spear of the Nation, the entire Indian government is spelled as follows, GUPTA. They will also realise that in the Spear's very limited alphabet, ie the one for illiterate cattle-herder presidents, BRICS is spelled with a single letter - i.e. "C". It is a damn dynamic letter though, as it is an acronym for China and/or Communism and/or Crony and/or Corruption and/or others, vital to the prezie's more primal instincts, that cannot be mentioned here. There are major Indian business people - ie the real kind, iow those in India (not the Durban mafia types) - who have refused to be part of the BRICS farce, openly calling it exactly what it is - little more than gaping ANC-crony pockets, salivating for cash.., aaaah, another "C"... I guess we will have get used to spelling bricks as BRCS... PS, The “talks” with the Russians over-shot likely due to the fact that they refused to sign the Bank-for-the personal-enrichment-of-ANC-cadres (aka BRICS Bank) thingy. Even the communist stalwart Putin said such a bank has to function on “free-market principles” – a code-word for keeping the ANC as far away as possible...

      freddy.vanwijk - 2013-03-31 19:19

      Yes and add this it sacrificed soldiers to fight against children in the CRA.

      Ushir Sahdao - 2013-03-31 19:43

      @ jack where do u get 'rape is an Indian thing' ? Look at the stats.... 65000 rapes(excluding a percentage of 1.7mil crimes not reported) in SA annually and 24000 rapes in India. Per capita SA has 127 rapes per 100k and India has 2 per 100k. Indias' rates are lower than the States and most European countries. Research your perceptions before you comment on a public platform.

      derek.francois.3 - 2013-03-31 20:03

      El Presidente and his party henchmen are in disarray.........................

  • Jackie Dee - 2013-03-31 16:58

    We as a so called democratic country feel the same about our corrupt, racist president

      Hein Huyser - 2013-03-31 23:07

      Getting tired of being embarrased by the anc on every platform they represent us. The time has come for a seperate state for us who wants decent government and governance. One ofvthese days our currency and passports wont be accepted anywhere in the world again. Eish, eish!

  • robin.harriram - 2013-03-31 17:00

    India must acknowledge the poor in the White, Coloured and Indian community as well before funding the expansion of Nkandla.....maybe with a maternity ward. Madiba I bow down to you.

      Jacques - 2013-03-31 17:33

      Be honest: LSD or Crack?

      Jenifer Johnstone - 2013-03-31 18:49

      now india must see how zuma treats indians in this country they get top matric marks are sidelined because of affirmative action

  • Roger Williams - 2013-03-31 17:13


  • Erich Goosen - 2013-03-31 17:33

    To expect an uneducated man, surrounded by a bunch of idiots, to observe protocol, is a tall order. Our man does not realise that a country like India can be a more than useful ally.

      SharonE - 2013-03-31 19:10

      If they can't spell it, they can't do it! Words mastered to date: I, take, from, and you.

  • deon.duplessis.144 - 2013-03-31 17:34

    Freaking incompetent @ss!! He is to busy trying to keep the CAR boat afloat so him and his chinas can continue enriching themselves.

  • Abner M. Mophethe - 2013-03-31 17:46

    the minister should have stayed with relatives in durban,no problem

  • Trust Nonoe - 2013-03-31 18:00

    _ venture yr time wher it pays most

  • Sbongiseni Ngcobo - 2013-03-31 18:01

    Didn't these things happen with the previous regime?

      john.morreira.9 - 2013-03-31 18:09

      "These things" happen with monotonous regularity under the present regime.

      Jenifer Johnstone - 2013-03-31 18:55

      i cant remember a time when they embaressed me they were educated intellectuals

      OrbitingTeapot - 2013-03-31 21:56


      Leslie Erasmus - 2013-03-31 22:48

      The NATS having talks with the Indian,Russian and Chinese goverments? I think not.

      Hein Huyser - 2013-03-31 23:13

      The Nats were supreme racists, but they observed protocol and mutual respect. Can not recall such an incident. But even if they did, does it make it ok for our "democratic" government to also do it? Or is this one of those, they did it so can we mentalities sticking out its nevk here? How about striving for something better, or an even more excellent way? Maybe its too much to ask for

      Zzolisa Mmandlana - 2013-04-01 02:30

      This article would not have been published in the previous regime.

  • Freddie Jones - 2013-03-31 18:13

    "the entire schedule drawn up by South Africa was in disarray" Doesn't the Indian Premier realise just what is 'normal' in Africa?

  • bongani.nsele.58 - 2013-03-31 18:16

    the useless ANC gave some of these unrepented racists freedom to spew their garbage in the guise of its my right which they found it hard to grant citizens when they were holding political power themselves.....

      Hein Huyser - 2013-03-31 23:27

      The anc gave me nothing you little racist. My rights have been afforded to my by the CONSTITUTION OF SOUTH AFRICA? And the sooner you wind your racist neck in and realize the this Constitution gives the anc credibility in the eyes of the world, the quicker you will lose your race tagg and insist with us that the anc must stop raping this Constitution before you lose everything, quicker than what you got it. Your little savings and your bee job that was given to you by a white you hate so much, the moment the world wise up to the racism in this country they helped instill here. Soon, very soon we will have less than the Zimbos if you do not start to demand the anc to start to respect the Constitution more than their racist freedom charter Never say you were not warned

  • Motlalepula Matshwe - 2013-03-31 18:31

    News24 u r an embarrassement u allow these racist a platform to vent their racist bile and block anyone who retalliate....real nation building

      Motlalepula Matshwe - 2013-03-31 19:31

      U can thumb me down as much as you like the truth is most whites who comment on this site are nothing but racists but i promise u all what you are doing is lobbying for the ANC since most of you also claim to be members of the DA or its supporters.

      Hein Huyser - 2013-03-31 23:34

      Clasdic deflection tactics. Play the race card and you do not address the issues of the article. You, I can still forgive for maybe be ignorant and not realising the potential harm your prezzie caused us, but they are supposed to know better than to embarrass one of the biggest economies of the world. The words ignorance and arrogance comes to mind, but then again, we had them all with us pre 94 and even today. Just so sad you will not realize your part in keeping these people intact while they are actually your enemy. What will it cost for you to wake up? Will you ever?

      Kadesh Barnea - 2013-04-01 05:06

      Regardless of your race, you are spouting things that a racist po3phol of note would. The fact that someone criticises the ANC does not make them racist. Are there then not whites in the ANC too? And blacks, coloureds and Indians in the DA? The ANC is a useless, corrupt organisation that is swiftly causing the demise of a once rich, powerful and educated country. The fact that the majority of members and leaders are black is just coincidence. The "black" people in SA have gained the vote but are using it to enslave themselves into the chains of poverty and regression. Suffer, or vote for change. It's really that simple.

  • Bongeka - 2013-03-31 18:31

    This article has nothing to do with Zuma's imbecility, ignorance or whatever that you see him as, but all about poor time management by those incharge. This shows how racially divided this country is.You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. So I'm telling you people, no one is entitled to be ignorant.

      Hein Huyser - 2013-03-31 23:37

      Not? The prezzie is handed his agenda for the day. He must stick to it. His aides just need to set it up.

      Kadesh Barnea - 2013-04-01 05:08

      No-one is bashing Zoomer because he's black. It's because he and his merry men are all incompetent, corrupt, and selfish sphincters.

  • ANASKA - 2013-03-31 18:38

    Zuma has NO respect for anybody - he is only interested in himself - he is selfish, arrogant and has no integrity - he and the anc is a constant embarresment - NOTHING WILL CHANGE AS LONG AS HE IS IN POWER!! ZUMA WILL REMAIN BEING A OPPRESIVE LEADER!!!

      Bongeka - 2013-03-31 20:15

      Who are you trying to please ANASKA? We all know how Zuma operates,and we also know that more and more people are not satisfied by his leadership skills. But let me tell you something. Anger is stupid, and stupidity will kill you more surely than your opponent's blade. So stop whinning and tell us something that we don't know and works.

      Kadesh Barnea - 2013-04-01 05:10

      Bongeka, just please vote for anybody else but the ANC.

  • Alan Street - 2013-03-31 18:41

    And Mac The Mouth Maharaj has lost his voice! Insult to his own roots. But if you don't have balls, maybe you don't have roots. In India they would whip him.

      Ushir Sahdao - 2013-03-31 19:58

      The South African Indians will whip this guy. He's a disgrace to the community.

  • Jenifer Johnstone - 2013-03-31 19:00

    Madiba was a man of honesty and integrity i hope they dont read the news to him about this zimzim we have as a president

  • Stinky Spice - 2013-03-31 19:01

    To the two comments above re racism , I agree wholeheartedly, in any of these articles it's just a matter of time before some nazi makes an outrageously racist and offensive comment in the guise of free speech. It shouldn't be tolerated.

      Hein Huyser - 2013-03-31 23:40

      Stinky, we had our share of Nazism under NP, and now we see all the signs all over again. Just a pity you don't

  • Andrew Worrall - 2013-03-31 19:15

    Come on guys if I made 1/20th of the blunders Zuma has made I would be fired!!!!

  • Hasani P - 2013-03-31 19:22

    If bilateral talks are so important between the two, let them come back

      Hein Huyser - 2013-03-31 23:46

      Hasani, we need India, they can do without us. See how we spend billions on correcting this blunder But thats ok. At least it was JZ Just a pity that we will have thousands in squater camps and jobbless for another couple of years whilst our money is well spent in correcting this little mistake Eish, small minds are holding us in poverty

  • Muffin_man_can - 2013-03-31 20:57

    Its clear that having talks with China and Russia were higher on zoom zuma's priority list, purely because of what he can gain from it. Mr. Greedy is his middle name.

      Hein Huyser - 2013-03-31 23:47

      He's got the Guptas, who needs India?

  • Pieter Pretorius - 2013-03-31 21:22

    1 2 3 blok myself

  • Colleen Erasmus - 2013-03-31 21:40

    Racism = skin colour, but most people that comment on here are opposed to the policies and what the anc stand for and what they believe in. I think any intellectual person can see right through what the anc are doing to this country. This has nothing to do with the fact that Zuma is a black person but his inability to lead a country properly.

  • jungleboy - 2013-03-31 22:54

    He couldn't. .. he was doing cash up at the Nkandla tuck shop. Sooory for u.

  • precious.yumyum - 2013-03-31 23:21

    Maybe there was nothing in it for Zuma.

  • Kadesh Barnea - 2013-04-01 05:19

    Why is it that to be a doctor, lawyer, dentist, electrician, plumber, estate agent.... an endless list could follow... one has to have certain recognised qualifications and training. But to be the president of a country and to guide a government that serves +/-50 million people, you only need to be popular among enough voters? Even though you are stupid, corrupt, selfish, arrogant, uneducated, can't speak properly, can't reason with intelligence, operate dishonestly and don't understand or observe internationally accepted protocol? Isn't it time that the political leaders were assigned positions on merit rather than by popularity? That's how successful businesses all function.

  • Will Oosthuizen - 2013-04-01 06:35

    Should we be surprised or shocked? This is the result of trying to compete in a league where you don't belong!

  • Phil Graham - 2013-04-01 08:13

    Well done Jacob!!! You and the boys have screwed up again. Mark you that's not so surprising is it?

  • Nomcebo Dlamini - 2013-04-01 08:36

    maybe what he was discussing with the other countries was for the good of our country. we reschedule meeting in our everyday lives, India is just throwing a temper tantrum. If you've been to Zimbali, you'll know it's better than the hotels in the CBD.

  • Brent Van de Stadt - 2013-04-01 11:32

    Ish! Zuma 2 plus 2 equals 5 ? Ish I'm clever man.

  • Siliziwe Mazilazila - 2013-04-01 15:05

    He met Shabir Schaik, so its settled!

  • rob.martin.94402343 - 2013-04-01 15:33

    Eish... we made a mistake.

  • deepchund.ramchurren - 2013-04-01 19:43

    Some comments on rape are not justified.India has a high number of rapes, finish and klaar.Trying to justify the number od rapes vis a vis the total population of India is ridiculous. Regarding the above article,the President overshot his meeting with Russia by one hour.Has the President a band of useless assistants / advisors who cannot plan his day and manage his time. Maybe the assistants were sitting and licking their fingers, while the boss was busy with the Russians.

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